Knowing Bros 124 - Lee Seung Gi's humiliating moment


  1. czeherazade eight

    czeherazade eight8 일 전

    Lee Seung Gi.. you are human and that is true.. but to be responsible is another thing to watch out.. Keep up the good works and learn life along the way.. Excited to watch Vagabond soon.. Aja!!!

  2. gerbelle90

    gerbelle90개월 전

    Jang Hoon is the king of correct answers 😄

  3. arif hakim

    arif hakim4 개월 전

    According to statistics girls most watched AV than boys

  4. paramita wulandari

    paramita wulandari7 개월 전

    Seunggi is just doing his study omg 😂

  5. Nick Paparoba

    Nick Paparoba7 개월 전

    Wow!!! Jang hoon...! DAEBAAAAKKK.....!!!😄😄😄

  6. Hadnila Lin

    Hadnila Lin7 개월 전

    Can i ask you where can i watch the full episode with eng sub?

  7. Widya Peu

    Widya Peu5 개월 전

    VIU app

  8. Andreas Naga Mas

    Andreas Naga Mas5 개월 전

    On viu

  9. Seher Celtikoglu

    Seher Celtikoglu6 개월 전


  10. Hadnila Lin

    Hadnila Lin7 개월 전

    noorul aien ok thanks😊

  11. noorul aien

    noorul aien7 개월 전

    Hadnila Lin try