Knowing Bros 124 - Lee Seung Gi builds a 'wall' between him and Kang Ho Dong


  1. ruwaa allaria

    ruwaa allaria년 전

    This hairstyle is sooo fitting and best for Lee Seung Gi 😍😍

  2. Jaejoong Bestie

    Jaejoong Bestie년 전

    Those two have been together that they known each other how to make it entertaining 😂😂

  3. Blackrose 9902

    Blackrose 9902년 전

    i think pd na waiting kyuhyun for njttw..i cant imagine njttw with complete member hodong+sugeun+jiwon+jaehyun+seungi+kyuhyun+mino..its booom!!!!!....😂😂