KINGDOM HEARTS III - Big Hero 6 Trailer (Closed Captions)


  1. Spooky

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  2. Tristan Teasdale

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    Dc Comics And Marvel


    VOLAIRE6 개월 전

    I did a Kingdom Hearts video singing if you'd like to check it out. I can't wait to play this!

  4. DanDoesYoutube

    DanDoesYoutube6 개월 전

    0:22 - Bokua Hero. That honestly sounds like Deku's voice actor in the Sub version. (It's not, but just that phrase, to me just sounds like him) {I still watch the Dub, but let's not have that argument!} Besides that, I'm a huge fan of Big Hero 6, so I'm really excited for this world! And with the power of UE4, this honestly looks like it's still the Disney movie, they did such an amazing job with the visuals of this game. I'm so hyped for this game!!

  5. The beauty Life

    The beauty Life6 개월 전

    I want it sooo bad

  6. Utopic Mania

    Utopic Mania7 개월 전

    Y. Xehanort: I have more to *observe* . I can't let you leave yet. Me: *fffffffffffffffff*

  7. one for all full cowling

    one for all full cowling7 개월 전

    The big hero six one looks Awesome

  8. essuptenjin

    essuptenjin7 개월 전

    1:06 Yoooo thats Einhander!

  9. zaqareemalcolm

    zaqareemalcolm8 개월 전

    Most KH fans: Re:coded isn't important to the story! Tetsuya "Hat Zippers" Nomura: weird flex, but okay **drops Big Hero 6 trailer**

  10. AyaneOfDeath

    AyaneOfDeath8 개월 전

    Oh my God Randall its Randall! I Love Randall.

  11. Nakayla Williams

    Nakayla Williams8 개월 전

    Yasssss I am hype

  12. Jon the Misunderstood

    Jon the Misunderstood8 개월 전

    can't Disney characters see that he(sora)can make a big sharp ass key appear in his hands Disney characters has no reactions whatsoever

  13. metagross9092

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    With Big Hero 6 being in this game we can say that a Marvel property is a part of the Kingdom Hearts games

  14. Isteal UrWaifu

    Isteal UrWaifu8 개월 전

    I think Flynn will be my favorite party member I can be him being so sarcaatic in combat

  15. Jacob F

    Jacob F8 개월 전

    1:06 That gummy ship with the wings is Einhander from the Squaresoft game Einhander on PS1. Probably the first reference I've seen of it in another Square game. SO COOL Nomura has said some members of the team that developed Einhander are handling the Gummi Ship portion of the game, including Director Tatsuo Fujii.

  16. ChrisPlays

    ChrisPlays8 개월 전

    The photos, will Roxas really return?

  17. Splorpop

    Splorpop8 개월 전

    these trailers are so poorly put together lmao

  18. Nintendorak Yamato

    Nintendorak Yamato8 개월 전

    I'm sure there will be a Switch version in the futur. SquareEnix also want this on Switch soon

  19. Info Chan

    Info Chan8 개월 전

    Am I the only one who care about Randall He is my favorite!!!

  20. Cinnabar

    Cinnabar8 개월 전

    I can't wait till I can buy that new theme song! I have the Japanese version, but I still need the English one!

  21. 2005zhane

    2005zhane8 개월 전

    The more I watch this video, the more I'm starting to think that Vanitas is the main villain of this saga over Xehanort. Namely because of how the last few sentences he says in this clip would seem like something Xehanort would say.

  22. small MIGHT DG

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  23. Alessandro Cristantielli

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    I love that fucking song!!!

  24. Fandi Perdana

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    Gilaaa, ini gilaaaa sih kerennya!!! 👍👍👍👍

  25. Firstname Lastname

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    holy shit this is fucking kino

  26. Sam Coley

    Sam Coley9 개월 전

    Who here believes Sony's gonna pay cash to make sure this game is PS4 exclusive and not ported to Switch?

  27. Patrick Mahoney

    Patrick Mahoney9 개월 전

    It's already not PS4 exclusive. It's releasing for the Xbox One as well.

  28. Shaheer Chowdhury

    Shaheer Chowdhury9 개월 전

    Anyone watch the season 1 finale for Big Hero 6?

  29. DoDo

    DoDo9 개월 전

    J'veux le jeuxxxx

  30. The Waiter At Applebees

    The Waiter At Applebees9 개월 전

    cant wait for the muppets trailer

  31. ImSoR

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    January 29th can’t get here fast enough

  32. Puddi Panda

    Puddi Panda9 개월 전

    Oooo, wooow :o

  33. This Is A Good Username

    This Is A Good Username9 개월 전

    0:21 m8 i would help your friend first than interact with Sora kid..

  34. I'm a weeb, but

    I'm a weeb, but9 개월 전

    This is not daijoubu

  35. Free Majestic Bird

    Free Majestic Bird9 개월 전

    1:07 Ultros from Final Fantasy 6!

  36. Flash Dashy Beat

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    cool voice awesome :)

  37. Saltyman

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    My favourite anime.

  38. Saltyman

    Saltyman9 개월 전

    I'm glad to see some Gummi action. And 14 health bars on that heartless on the bridge..

  39. Curiosità Videogiochi

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    Guarda il nostro ultimo video "CURIOSITA' KINGDOM HEARTS PARTE 1" !!

  40. LizzyAnnArt

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    Can the key to kingdom hearts be claimed?

  41. Kawaii Kat

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    Why is it that Everytime I hear this song I get depressed?

  42. Kawaii Kat

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    @Reverof Enola awww! Don't be depressed!!!

  43. Reverof Enola

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    If it helps...I'm always depressed. Whether this song is on or not.

  44. Mr. POROZIT

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  45. Turwenius HD

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    Aragatte Aragatte. Aragatta sakiniz kano kagineyote

  46. NFU Black

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    I can't wait! It comes out after my 18th bday!!!

  47. abortion survivor_PR

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    Aragate aragate

  48. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez9 개월 전

    1:07 would be the first time we see something Final Fantasy related in this game for about 5 years

  49. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez9 개월 전

    @MrInuhanyou123 I'm ok with a few Final Fantasy icons making an appearance, just as long we get to see the original gang that helped them from the start.

  50. MrInuhanyou123

    MrInuhanyou1239 개월 전

    maybe if we go to radiant garden we'll see the gang. otherwise, nomura said the lack of FF characters now is intentional, since the OG characters are more popular and basically take the place of FF in the story for SE's part

  51. Andy Mage

    Andy Mage9 개월 전

    sugoi desu

  52. Samual Dempsey

    Samual Dempsey9 개월 전

    hype overload like if same

  53. Kaoru Pangilan

    Kaoru Pangilan9 개월 전

    1:06 EINHANDER, YOOOOO theyre still aware that einhander is still a thing so why cant you make a hd remaster or something ;n; Square, why do you tease us so

  54. Rix Cambridge

    Rix Cambridge9 개월 전

    Does anyone know the kanji for what Vanitas is saying at 1:15?

  55. Boss Jadzyy

    Boss Jadzyy9 개월 전

    he sounds like KORO SENSEI

  56. swag wolf

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    look everyone my idea came true i said they should have big hero 6 and they did

  57. Jvhmal_ x

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    They announced BH6 all the way back in 2015 too