King of the Rock Wall! | Ninja Warrior Challenge


  1. Super Panda Sage

    Super Panda Sage일 전

    Lol were thos smash sound effects i hear during the elimination wall?

  2. Johnny der Pony _YT

    Johnny der Pony _YT4 일 전

    Fron where is Kylie?

  3. maya capps

    maya capps5 일 전

    Who's Kylie?

  4. Tyffanee Lavely

    Tyffanee Lavely5 일 전

    Teams were ridiculously unfair. They should have even it out better based on skills and weaknesses. Bryan's team had no chance. Could have at least not pitted Kylie against Marvin...for her size and strength, that's like putting her against a brick wall..

  5. Awkward Elf

    Awkward Elf6 일 전

    I've got the high ground, Jeff !

  6. Disk Drive

    Disk Drive6 일 전

    Should’ve played duel of the fates during jousting

  7. SingingWithRehya

    SingingWithRehya6 일 전

    Is it just me or does Marvin look like jafar

  8. Ciacciarello ciacciarello

    Ciacciarello ciacciarello6 일 전

    Where is bobby? 😭

  9. Maria Triana

    Maria Triana7 일 전


  10. Keira Charlton

    Keira Charlton9 일 전

    It looked like you guys were hitting each other with Purple mattresses XD

  11. Keira Charlton

    Keira Charlton9 일 전

    That looks like the flying circus place in WA... Like the mini American Ninja warrior course behind the foam pit; with the green pannels and the black round stools to the carpet boxes and the ramp

  12. shae

    shae9 일 전

    Who's Kylie? I can't say I've ever seen her on the channel before.

  13. Edon Ukaj

    Edon Ukaj10 일 전

    I remember when it was just Bryan, Joey, Matthias, a gameboard, and the edge games. I low key miss Matt but you guys still make awesome content

  14. J Awesome

    J Awesome11 일 전

    Whatever you were cheating I hate you. Jeff was supposed to win

  15. J Awesome

    J Awesome11 일 전

    Im kidding

  16. Iglesia Cristiana Emaus

    Iglesia Cristiana Emaus11 일 전

    I like. Your. Video

  17. Iglesia Cristiana Emaus

    Iglesia Cristiana Emaus11 일 전


  18. Caleb Nichols

    Caleb Nichols12 일 전

    Come on Jeffrey :(

  19. Snippskillツ

    Snippskillツ12 일 전

    What is Kylie’s at on insta

  20. miel joaquin castro

    miel joaquin castro12 일 전

    Is Bryan Filipino? Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!

  21. Alpha XNRZ

    Alpha XNRZ12 일 전

    Me explaning how duel on minecraft : 3:07 My brother 8 year old : 3:08

  22. The baby Nook

    The baby Nook13 일 전

    🦁=Joey 🐻=bran 🐸=bobby

  23. HeyyitzAlyssa

    HeyyitzAlyssa14 일 전

    Corbin’s back!

  24. Ciara

    Ciara14 일 전

    Dude.. The sound affects!

  25. tatayana loves bts

    tatayana loves bts15 일 전

    Bryan is always getting hurt I swear 😂

  26. Kitty Awesomeness

    Kitty Awesomeness17 일 전

    On round 4 the thing they walked across I’ve walked across it I took so many tries but I did it I’m 12 owo

  27. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet17 일 전

    We'll see who asvances to the city finals

  28. Capitate Cab

    Capitate Cab18 일 전

    I can't believe how much Kylie sucked I mean, at least Bryan tried,Kylie did absolutely nothing

  29. Danika Jayde

    Danika Jayde15 일 전

    Capitate Cab was frustrating to watch

  30. Crazy Nuts

    Crazy Nuts18 일 전


  31. Crazy Nuts

    Crazy Nuts18 일 전

    Gd bbui

  32. Ryan Young

    Ryan Young19 일 전

    this video was awesome

  33. Audrey Piehl

    Audrey Piehl19 일 전

    For the intro news thind of when the new round of the game starts my school uses that same thing for the announcements lmaooo

  34. Rajhni Cole

    Rajhni Cole19 일 전

    Where's bobby

  35. Yogi Prayogo

    Yogi Prayogo20 일 전

    You a bully steppin on my ant hill you a bully!!!!!!!!

  36. Yogi Prayogo

    Yogi Prayogo20 일 전

    Yes I will give you my best to see you and I am going to kick you out for a run now and you have time to do this for you and me I Yes you can see what you want me and you want it and yes I will see what I can do to help you and you want to do it and you want it to me.

  37. Courtney Case

    Courtney Case20 일 전

    The squeaky toy sound effect on impact with the foam cubes is exactly the thing I didn't know I needed

  38. Dj tolitz Villanueva

    Dj tolitz Villanueva21 일 전

    I miss Matthias

  39. HaghtyKiwi Gaming

    HaghtyKiwi Gaming21 일 전

    Corbin is my fav use him more

  40. Sceptilegreen 43

    Sceptilegreen 4321 일 전


  41. codethreebakery

    codethreebakery21 일 전

    I love your hair

  42. Alpha The Gamer

    Alpha The Gamer22 일 전

    I love how you guys just made Bryan’s photo the worst one

  43. Brian Dimas

    Brian Dimas22 일 전

    What is kylie's last name

  44. Soccer Yeah

    Soccer Yeah23 일 전

    Who’s Kylie just wondering?

  45. Rojin Khairul

    Rojin Khairul22 일 전

    Me too

  46. Emily K

    Emily K23 일 전

    6:42 is hilarious

  47. Charlotte Kemm-poynton

    Charlotte Kemm-poynton23 일 전

    I miss Matt in these types of videos 😢😂

  48. igotskills 878

    igotskills 87824 일 전

    What happened to matt he just disappeared 👻

  49. West Ridge Kids

    West Ridge Kids24 일 전

    It's great to see fellow Godly men making this amazing video content. We're a small group of kids pastors and volunteers, over here in Dallas Georgia, JUST getting started on our KOreporter channel and you guys are SUPER encouraging! THANKS!! - West Ridge Kids (Brent)

  50. Christian Michael Taylor

    Christian Michael Taylor24 일 전

    9:38 no one stands a chance against the high ground.

  51. Lane Wood

    Lane Wood24 일 전

    Y'all should do a hair wax challenge. Legs, Chest, Arms, Armpits, Face, Inside Nose. Sounds like a good Wheel of Hot Brazilian Wax Misfortune.

  52. Don Ready

    Don Ready24 일 전

    I can’t believe that Jeff is in team edge Like means team edge better Comment means dangle Boris beter

  53. Don Ready

    Don Ready24 일 전

    Dangle bros

  54. shayaan shahriar

    shayaan shahriar24 일 전

    Joey just take it serosly like bryan

  55. Spot Alarm

    Spot Alarm24 일 전

    Could someone tell me the song at 1:08?

  56. Sleepywolf -_-

    Sleepywolf -_-25 일 전

    Bobby... 😭😭😭😭😭 I miss him I bet he’s sick I hope

  57. NoOb KeViN

    NoOb KeViN25 일 전

    The beginninb music remind me of flood escape from roblox the old nemories

  58. UrbanDubbed

    UrbanDubbed26 일 전

    Who edits team edge videos? Does Kyle? I feel like the commentator edits sound like him haha

  59. Krisichia Chin

    Krisichia Chin26 일 전

    Everybody is so mean to Bryan

  60. puppy

    puppy26 일 전

    I like j fraed

  61. puppy

    puppy26 일 전


  62. Jarred Wise

    Jarred Wise26 일 전

    Wait you guys were actually doing this at 5am? That fact just hurts me. I know the military has it way worse but damn

  63. Alex Hipetinger

    Alex Hipetinger26 일 전

    Team Too Stronk? More like Team *stonks*

  64. John Weber

    John Weber26 일 전

    Imagina a rock wall that worked like an escalator, and was on a belt. Longest person to keep going wins