Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored


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  2. JinHit INC.

    JinHit INC.28 일 전

    ENDER1477 o

  3. JoeyB@tz33

    JoeyB@tz33개월 전

    Where are the damn bloopers for this!

  4. ENDER1477

    ENDER14774 개월 전

    Google sucks

  5. Marvin Tran

    Marvin Tran4 개월 전

    4:21 His “fly” is down.

  6. Adriana Sparkles

    Adriana Sparkles5 개월 전

    Comedy Central this is the best duo. Their faces say more then when they talk. So perfect.

  7. Anthony hulknandez

    Anthony hulknandez24 분 전

    Turns on light in the back of the car your dad in the front

  8. Morgan Parker

    Morgan Parker시간 전

    Key and Peele ASMR 1:52

  9. Denkichu-Senpai

    Denkichu-Senpai4 시간 전

    this is why i don't travel by plane anymore

  10. Ryth Bane

    Ryth Bane9 시간 전

    I'm watching this to cope with Kobe Bryant's death right now

  11. Jay75Euro

    Jay75Euro16 시간 전

    Got what he deserved 😂😂😂

  12. Radhika Vij

    Radhika Vij16 시간 전

    The woman caught in between at 1:22 and 2:20. *Collateral Damage*

  13. Иван Старостенко

    Иван Старостенко19 시간 전

    1:16 me when I got drunk on my job and started arguing with the management

  14. Leroy L. Bates

    Leroy L. Bates일 전

    Its impossible to watch only one episode of key and peele

  15. hkjjb

    hkjjb일 전

    He sounds like meagan

  16. Dirt

    Dirt일 전

    just realized this is the sequel to the boarding order skit....but before the ending crash scene of that skit

  17. ZeePeed

    ZeePeed일 전

    Airplane without gyroscope

  18. Homeskol

    Homeskol일 전

    It became not funny when it became clearly unrealistic

  19. Vishnu Sagar

    Vishnu Sagar일 전

    Peele's expression: take that mothafucka

  20. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody일 전

    Butisitagainstthelaw law law lawwwwwwww lawful

  21. Salam Waddah

    Salam Waddah일 전

    Mark with a K is Kark

  22. Akhil M

    Akhil M2 일 전

    Thank god it was only a little turbulence

  23. Reinaldo Enrrique Casanova

    Reinaldo Enrrique Casanova2 일 전

    Pon las canciones rancheras de Uril

  24. Michel Lima

    Michel Lima2 일 전

    Is has to be in law to be careful?

  25. Byron Montesflores

    Byron Montesflores3 일 전

    Okay lower your intensity 😂

  26. Ya Girl

    Ya Girl3 일 전

    Teachers in school be like

  27. Joseph Baker

    Joseph Baker3 일 전

    just push the damd flight attendant


    UPTOPVSXC3 일 전

    Gotta stop watchin these

  29. jotaro kujo

    jotaro kujo3 일 전

    The captain was kinda ww2 plane bomber who escaping 88mm AA batteries

  30. Karimah Love

    Karimah Love3 일 전

    I’m on a plane right now, and i couldn’t help myself

  31. a z

    a z3 일 전

    How did the piss and shit stay in the toilet instead of being thrown around up and to the sides and making the inside of the bathroom a Jackson Pollock painting

  32. Caroline Lee

    Caroline Lee3 일 전

    If the attendant let him go at the start he would've made it back in time before the turbulence started

  33. Stephen King

    Stephen King4 일 전

    1:06 Inhales😬 “Is it against the law?”😁

  34. imagina20748

    imagina207484 일 전


  35. Brandon A. English

    Brandon A. English4 일 전

    I was half expecting the captain to be doing that on purpose

  36. Brandon A. English

    Brandon A. English4 일 전

    Getting bashed over the head repeatedly with the fasten seat belts sign. Priceless.

  37. Gary Mitchell

    Gary Mitchell4 일 전

    These guys and Shappelle no better!

  38. Lina Mendoza

    Lina Mendoza4 일 전

    I have to 💦 and I have to 💩

  39. eCouchPotatoe

    eCouchPotatoe4 일 전

    My first time experiencing turbulence while flying and seeing the host face us, I thought of this video! EDIT: Also my first time flying. Figured that was implied.


    OK SHORDIE4 일 전

    Llllllllllleagal...... i just chooked on a gushers


    OK SHORDIE4 일 전

    Yaaah! Mushapprecated😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Young Bix-0

    Young Bix-04 일 전

    “I have to piss, and I have to shit.”

  43. Tony Trilex

    Tony Trilex4 일 전

    That's not a work that's a tongue trick

  44. Hawk Cyber gear

    Hawk Cyber gear4 일 전

    Game over

  45. Hawk Cyber gear

    Hawk Cyber gear4 일 전


  46. luatmyalvin

    luatmyalvin4 일 전

    4:27 the seatbelt sign was off.

  47. Hawk Cyber gear

    Hawk Cyber gear5 일 전

    4:19 ow =_= it's not over

  48. Hawk Cyber gear

    Hawk Cyber gear5 일 전

    That poor women between them

  49. Dandielli Soares

    Dandielli Soares5 일 전

    "And your captain has turned on the no seatbelts sign, feel free to move around the cabin." Crying with laughter!!!!! 😂

  50. BIG TEX

    BIG TEX5 일 전

    This is by far the best skit they’ve made. So damn hilarious I was dying 😂😂😂

  51. Old man Goat

    Old man Goat5 일 전

    Sure hope the toilet has a seat belt

  52. Old man Goat

    Old man Goat5 일 전

    I ju it glad this is on black on black

  53. Old man Goat

    Old man Goat5 일 전

    Pee in your pants You heard the man😩😜😀😇✅

  54. Jessy Avila

    Jessy Avila5 일 전


  55. Frank McGovern

    Frank McGovern5 일 전

    "A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence." That's the description for this video. I feel like the flight attendant is a dude.

  56. Frank McGovern

    Frank McGovern5 일 전

    Yep. Mark with a K.

  57. মুনতাসিফ সুসমিত

    মুনতাসিফ সুসমিত5 일 전

    He is Megan's brother Mark with the K

  58. Addison Smith

    Addison Smith5 일 전

    Seatbelt sign.

  59. Faiz Ali

    Faiz Ali5 일 전

    This was 100% Spirit Airlines, and if it wasn’t I don’t wanna know what airline this is

  60. Abhishek Srivastava

    Abhishek Srivastava5 일 전

    What if Mark is psychic and he is causing the turbulence?

  61. T U G I

    T U G I5 일 전

    I love these two, dwane and tyler😂😂

  62. TheOneAndOnly

    TheOneAndOnly5 일 전


  63. Nathanael Hahn

    Nathanael Hahn5 일 전

    Is it legal?

  64. Joshua Lee

    Joshua Lee5 일 전

    Plot twist; the cabin is actually a giant simulator and the flight attendant had the joystick

  65. 22KPAR1X Cyberdyne

    22KPAR1X Cyberdyne6 일 전

    Oh my gawd 😂🤣these 2 m'fers give solid gold performances. I hope they are paid every ounce of gold that they are worth.

  66. mzzzyy

    mzzzyy6 일 전

    I also have to piss and shit tooooo no way