Key & Peele - Sex Detective - Uncensored


  1. FrostyMystical _

    FrostyMystical _시간 전

    3 nuts in 3 minutes. *impressive.*




  3. Fabio Meta

    Fabio Meta19 시간 전

    This looks like a scene from lucifer😂

  4. Sk Jiya

    Sk Jiya22 시간 전

    He is so Blessed

  5. patrick marak

    patrick marak23 시간 전


  6. Norman George

    Norman George23 시간 전

    How was the sound effects made 😂😂😂😂

  7. Josiah Liggins

    Josiah Liggins일 전

    I was not expecting that mess! HHHA

  8. Charlotte's Web

    Charlotte's Web일 전

    Greatest sex crime detective and yet Samwell doesn’t know who he is?

  9. DMT Infinity

    DMT Infinity일 전

    *"Oh "cum" on!"*

  10. DMT Infinity

    DMT Infinity일 전

    Is this a Hannibal parody by any chance?

  11. DMT Infinity

    DMT Infinity일 전

    @Charles Oliver See, when I started watching Hannibal the other day, this skit kept coming to mind. So I was curious to know if in fact this was a parody of the show and/or something else.

  12. Charles Oliver

    Charles Oliver일 전

    Lol, totally Will Graham.

  13. Muriz Bosnjak

    Muriz Bosnjak일 전

    OMG Its Kathy from Friends. Why did you cheat on Joey and Chandler you bitch

  14. Dekho jalwa

    Dekho jalwa일 전

    😂 😂 😂

  15. Ainanshe Abdirazak

    Ainanshe Abdirazak일 전

    This shit was insanely Hilarious, I scrolled down cause the comments will be even more interesting....

  16. Wario Wuzo

    Wario Wuzo2 일 전

    So he’s like Will Graham but a sex detective version of him?

  17. yak martin

    yak martin2 일 전

    *In Your Face, Will Graham!* 🧸👌🏻🧠🍽

  18. Fancy Vizion

    Fancy Vizion2 일 전

    Hey, "he's the most brilliant got damn detective I know!" 🤣🤣🤣

  19. JECZ23

    JECZ233 일 전

    Keegan has the best/funniest WTF looks on his face.🤣😂🤣

  20. Dragovah

    Dragovah3 일 전

    Damn...this was suppose to be my last one

  21. Leisha Leish

    Leisha Leish4 일 전

    I like the facial hair on Keegan

  22. Ivoy Luo

    Ivoy Luo4 일 전

    Is this Mr mock

  23. HM does it

    HM does it5 일 전

    I like how they got the criminal minds girl

  24. E kamande

    E kamande6 일 전

    Its like watching Prodigal son 🤔

  25. Sheena O. Murray

    Sheena O. Murray6 일 전

    Disturbing eww

  26. LongLegs2HotLyps

    LongLegs2HotLyps7 일 전

    I Love, Love, LOVE Key!!!!! He is HILARIOUS!!!!

  27. Elisa Maza

    Elisa Maza7 일 전

    this jerking-off-sound though....

  28. JamesT

    JamesT8 일 전

    Did they have to add the fapping noise lololol

  29. Derrick Jones

    Derrick Jones8 일 전

    He busted a nut to have powers

  30. vijay surendran

    vijay surendran2 일 전

    Super powers ..

  31. WoWDSM420a

    WoWDSM420a8 일 전


  32. Iconic_Philosopher

    Iconic_Philosopher8 일 전

    3:43-3:58 This nigga solve the crime Jacking off 😂😂😂😂💀

  33. Exzillering

    Exzillering9 일 전

    When it is 1 day before no-nut November

  34. Butch Smith

    Butch Smith9 일 전


  35. Jay's Covers

    Jay's Covers9 일 전

    Isnt that the woman who wanted to fuck chandler

  36. LindtVibesOnly *LVO*

    LindtVibesOnly *LVO*10 일 전


  37. King Salazar

    King Salazar10 일 전

    She is kathy from "friends". She played both chandler and joey s girlfriend.

  38. aesざん

    aesざん10 일 전

    Plot Twist- "He is the criminal"

  39. Pinky Rani

    Pinky Rani10 일 전

    Plot twist: Bond is the killer

  40. Megami lloyd

    Megami lloyd10 일 전

    This is so stupid and funny at the same time... I’m left shook 😳

  41. knite_EL

    knite_EL10 일 전

    Watching Prodigal Son and it reminded me of this. Lmfao

  42. something really cool

    something really cool11 일 전

    Detective jack Omg what if this shit was real

  43. Son Phan

    Son Phan11 일 전

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life😂😂😂

  44. Kristen JustKristen

    Kristen JustKristen11 일 전

    "Captain pud-puller!" Hahahaha I can now die a happy woman. My life is complete.

  45. Karri Moongo

    Karri Moongo11 일 전

    Peele: Two bodies one naked My mind: Two girls one cup

  46. sowhat

    sowhat8 일 전

    Hi! Where are you from?

  47. Marc H.

    Marc H.11 일 전

    Just comedic masterminds on their peak

  48. Green Green

    Green Green11 일 전

    This should be a Movie.

  49. Aaron Drysdale

    Aaron Drysdale12 일 전

    "Sniff sniff sniff sniff. Threesome."

  50. Ramiro Vazquez

    Ramiro Vazquez12 일 전

    Wait, is she from criminal minds, no?

  51. NJ DarudeDovich

    NJ DarudeDovich13 일 전

    Unorthodox? 😆😆😆😆😆 WTF

  52. benjamin tyler manry

    benjamin tyler manry13 일 전

    Same guy who played in toy story

  53. cornelius allen

    cornelius allen13 일 전

    They are crazy, the music and all... Lol!! 🤣🤣

  54. Jonathan Fields

    Jonathan Fields13 일 전

    Why do kittens require milk? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. steve mitchell

    steve mitchell13 일 전

    That's one reason I do👊👊👊

  56. Piele 27

    Piele 2713 일 전

    So gets hard everytime someone dies

  57. stefan moniedafe

    stefan moniedafe13 일 전

    🤣🤣🤣 I cant believe they could actually finish filming that.

  58. Ambrose

    Ambrose13 일 전

    Where the fuck have i seen the woman detective before? EDIT: Kathy from friends.

  59. Kawaii Beauty

    Kawaii Beauty13 일 전

    Wasn’t she a man acting’ as woman cop in Ace Ventura ? And she is at it again lol

  60. jackpage2

    jackpage214 일 전

    wait lol is that kathy from friends

  61. Just Judah

    Just Judah14 일 전

    Yooo the lady from criminal minds was a great tiuch

  62. Hitesh Jindal

    Hitesh Jindal14 일 전

    This is my first Key & Peele video and then I saw 30 more episodes back to back. Came back to this video, just to comment this.

  63. Alexander Alvarez

    Alexander Alvarez14 일 전

    Who's writing this omg hahaha, whoever it's has a freaking imagination or might be high as fuck lol

  64. tamyra boo

    tamyra boo14 일 전

    OMFG 💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM DYIN