Key & Peele - Office Homophobe


  1. Meer 48

    Meer 4810 시간 전

    Key is a extreme homosexual but peele is a normal homosexual

  2. Still Standing

    Still Standing일 전

    The hair was enough, but the penis whistle took me all the way out! 🤣

  3. Krad Links

    Krad Links일 전

    What happened to this K&P? You couldn't make this post 2016.

  4. the one momojombo

    the one momojombo일 전

    Even the whistle sound gay..

  5. John Pratt

    John Pratt일 전

    Fucking grossssssss

  6. Christobanistan

    Christobanistan일 전

    Christmas is coming up and there better be a scrotum cozy in my stocking. Just sayin.

  7. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Elizabeth Gonzalez2 일 전


  8. Jrg Vsqz

    Jrg Vsqz2 일 전

    Baby arm holding onto an apple.

  9. something really cool

    something really cool2 일 전

    You don't want see close up of my anus 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. That big one

    That big one2 일 전

    When he put his leg up, I died😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. 113OneOneThree113

    113OneOneThree1132 일 전

    The gentleman in the purple shirt's style was on point.

  12. Willie Green

    Willie Green3 일 전

    Peele was in violation... he didn’t lock his computer before he walked away. Security breach is real people!!! We need to advocate for full compliance in the workplace.

  13. Willie Green

    Willie Green3 일 전

    Peele was in violation... he didn’t lock his computer before he walked away. Security breach is real people!!! We need to advocate for full compliance in the workplace.

  14. Icecube88

    Icecube883 일 전

    that penis whistle is hilarious

  15. precious j

    precious j3 일 전

    This keeps giving

  16. FatKidWithFudge

    FatKidWithFudge4 일 전

    Date says 2013 but man is it relevant now.

  17. David Lendl

    David Lendl4 일 전


  18. Tiffany Kinsel

    Tiffany Kinsel4 일 전

    The look on his face when he sees them kiss.........all his color came out of his face

  19. Gary H

    Gary H4 일 전

    This is why I can never decide whether or not to pursue my flight attendant career because of how many of these asshats I’ll be encountering on layovers or overnights. No thanks!!! Thanks but no thanks!! Guess I’ll have to look for another way to get on into the aviation industry without being a flight attendant.

  20. Icy Uranus

    Icy Uranus4 일 전

    i see...

  21. Τηλε Κονκον

    Τηλε Κονκον5 일 전

    Can you at least alert us that is going to be a gay kiss ..

  22. Ronan Hernandez

    Ronan Hernandez5 일 전

    Key just literally fucking blew a penis whistle!!!!

  23. NJ DarudeDovich

    NJ DarudeDovich5 일 전


  24. Rell T

    Rell T5 일 전

    5.7k sensitive fags disliked this

  25. VAYNE_ GXD3

    VAYNE_ GXD35 일 전

  26. ninjaa22

    ninjaa225 일 전

    This is every Netflix show now. They make every main character lgbtxyz

  27. Connor Richardson

    Connor Richardson5 일 전

    I love the underlying meanings

  28. Viktor Hill

    Viktor Hill5 일 전

    Etc & Etc.

  29. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy6 일 전

    back in the day, gay people were just 'single', and didn't have to define themselves by telling everyone or openly displaying to everyone how much they enjoy sexual intercourse with the same gender.

  30. Abel Aldrete

    Abel Aldrete6 일 전

    This is like Chappell show if he sold out and didnt go to africa

  31. Daniel Landeros

    Daniel Landeros6 일 전

    2019 anyone

  32. DarkScorpionOmega

    DarkScorpionOmega7 일 전

    The word gets misused so often I wonder if people even know what it means

  33. Ramzi Rami

    Ramzi Rami7 일 전

    fk gay ppl

  34. Lamont Mccloud

    Lamont Mccloud7 일 전


  35. Costume Nitpicks

    Costume Nitpicks7 일 전

    H-how long did it take to gather up that much penis paraphernalia?

  36. _vertueux_ femme_

    _vertueux_ femme_7 일 전

    Exactly 😭😭😭

  37. jj a

    jj a7 일 전

    Is he knitting a nut sweater😂, I'm sure those would work great in cold climates, add a lil pocket😅shut up and take my money💸😂

  38. Vienna L

    Vienna L7 일 전

    lmao the ending is everything

  39. Mr. Walters

    Mr. Walters8 일 전

    Scrotum cozzies ahahahahahaha

  40. Dannielli Wolf

    Dannielli Wolf8 일 전

    It seems like the Gays left side here in Brazil😂

  41. King Super Saiyan

    King Super Saiyan8 일 전

    That techno music 😂

  42. Sleeping Cinderella

    Sleeping Cinderella8 일 전

    - I'm homophobic because I don't want a penis in my mouth? - exactly, that's exactly what homophobic means.

  43. Jem P

    Jem P8 일 전

    The fucker in Philippines who was complaining about him/her going to woman's CR must watch this. 😂😂😂😂

  44. KI YA

    KI YA8 일 전

    "Why? You'on like my muyusic?" 😂

  45. Leonardo di parma

    Leonardo di parma8 일 전

    That's how most gay people are nowadays and wants to shovel their agenda on everyone with their gay pride and shit , some gay people are more reserved and I respect that

  46. Daniel L

    Daniel L8 일 전

    Truth!! Fkn gays quit bitchin n judging you sexist assumers!

  47. Monk Kenyon

    Monk Kenyon8 일 전

    Almost 3000 haters lol.

  48. Peak4u Irfan

    Peak4u Irfan9 일 전

    You are shameless 😡😡

  49. Clif Keens

    Clif Keens9 일 전

    This sketch is awesome because it highlights the fact that the word homophobia doesn't mean anything.

  50. cuakhead the YouTube's

    cuakhead the YouTube's8 일 전

    It does mean something

  51. Cold Wasabi

    Cold Wasabi9 일 전


  52. kunal kumar

    kunal kumar9 일 전

    Persecuted what does it mean?

  53. gaysian

    gaysian9 일 전

    0:05 - 0:30 only Ayesha erotica stans will know.

  54. gloco620

    gloco6209 일 전

    The hairpiece though 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. Epic Terry

    Epic Terry9 일 전

    omg look at the water canteen in the back right of his desk

  56. Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty

    Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty10 일 전

    I got in trouble because i was beside my grandparents..... u know what i mean

  57. Dana Spielman

    Dana Spielman10 일 전

    Who would dislike this? Its hilarious.

  58. Aleasha Casarez

    Aleasha Casarez10 일 전

    The penis whistle, omg these guys are too much

  59. Mike D

    Mike D10 일 전

    Dave wouñdnt play that skit or half skits they do.idk

  60. Laleamfakzual chhangte

    Laleamfakzual chhangte10 일 전

    its like they were predicting the future and its so relevent to this present situation

  61. anthony beles

    anthony beles11 일 전

    This is comedy nobody really acts like that do they

  62. Da Bossman

    Da Bossman8 일 전

    anthony beles I Mean Yea they kinda do lol