Key & Peele - Office Homophobe


  1. sano2000

    sano20008 시간 전

    Ex-tetera and ex-tetera

  2. Ryan Akwar

    Ryan Akwar13 시간 전

    Can you please listen to some other gay music like Barbra Streisand

  3. Alexander Supertramp

    Alexander Supertramp16 시간 전

    That whistle thing had me dying

  4. Quibs

    Quibs일 전

    That fucking whistle gets me every time lol. Whoever makes wigs for them is set for life.

  5. * *

    * *2 일 전

    Oh my God, I'm literally crying right now! xD

  6. Carl Lazarraga

    Carl Lazarraga3 일 전

    This sketch is such an important cultural message. There are so many gay people who think they're persecuted for being gay when really, it's just because they're stupid assholes lol

  7. Robert Thurman

    Robert Thurman3 일 전

    Damn they really do commit to their characters

  8. un known

    un known4 일 전

    Does anyone know the name of the song that Latrell’s playing? Or the artist? Or the lyrics? I searched Google for “Ohh! Ahh!” but couldn't find it :-(

  9. Giokyo

    Giokyo4 일 전

    gay people in a nutshell

  10. Jas

    Jas4 일 전

    THE LAST SENTENCE 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. chloe mcqueen

    chloe mcqueen5 일 전


  12. Derek Boyt

    Derek Boyt5 일 전

    I expected him to say that he wasn’t persecuted BUT that he wasn’t white! Tomorrow he will hear how he is a racist instead of a homophobe. LOL. The levels of insanity. Great comedy!

  13. orange juice :?

    orange juice :?5 일 전

    He sounds exactly like my moms friend

  14. TheGreatest Quest

    TheGreatest Quest5 일 전

    Hey everyone playing a victim... Repeat that last line over and over and over and over etc. until it sticks in your brain.

  15. Nickbiz247

    Nickbiz2475 일 전

    That toupee over a bald spot has me in stitches. 😂

  16. d3af

    d3af5 일 전

    Well at least he has self-awareness.

  17. Marcus Yenir

    Marcus Yenir6 일 전

    LOL this is so accurate. Well... except for the realisation at the end. I doubt many gay 'activists' would have enough self-awareness to realise that...

  18. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ7 일 전

    Keegan was definitely sick in this skit he sounds so nasally

  19. Stephen Davis

    Stephen Davis7 일 전

    Who could have predicted that this would later become the actual attitude of LGBT millennials?

  20. C W

    C W4 시간 전

    @Stephen Davis your bitch mom

  21. Mr. J

    Mr. J7 일 전

    I’m from 2020 and can assure you this is something half of society believes now and it’s bullshit

  22. Warshaddow

    Warshaddow7 일 전

    I’ve had this video on mind lately and it’s brought up a topic of conversation in my head that is started by a question. Why do gays (not all of course, but a fair and very vocal amount) act so Inertly sexual? Key, the stereotypical gay, meaning not all but a very vocal and persistent amount, really do be acting this way. I’ve seen many gay parades. And sure there are a fair amount who dress casual and are just normal. But then there’s also a good amount who decide to wear ridiculous and outlandishly sexual clothing such as assless chaps or g strings. They act and dress very erotically out in public for everyone to see. My mind is has been stuck on the question of why do so many gay people act so erotic even though it’s (sad to say) so totally unnecessary and obnoxious most of the time? My mind is truly boggled and I’ve tried even researching it. But no one is asking themselves this question. No one is even addressing this question. And I think If we did have this discussion and addressed it. I feel like society would accept the lgbt agenda more. I feel like a good reason they don’t get accepted as much as they should is because of that very vocal subsection of gays who act so Innovertly sexual all the time. Especially parents of children who don’t want their kids exposed to the lgbt because they feel as if being lgbt is a sexual thing and it’s not appropriate for children. Which I mean looking at keys character in this, I can totally see the logic and rational behind that view point, even though kinda like Jordan’s character, those parents often get labeled as homophobes. I feel like if more gays acted like Jordan In society and were more vocal about it, I feel like society, especially for the lgbt agenda, would benefit 20 fold.

  23. Miss White

    Miss White8 일 전

    This is about gay people being overly sexual and extremely inappropriate anywhere and then claiming that those who do not like it are homophobic! They feel that their gayness is an excuse bbn to be overly vulgar even at work. I've seen it numerous times as a straight female and it is quite uncomfortable lmao.

  24. Miss White

    Miss White8 일 전

    Lmmfao wtf is he listening to? He has a penis on a string hanging from the desk goodness

  25. Tony Jove

    Tony Jove8 일 전

    Is it just me or does everyone know a gay guy like this?

  26. Erhan Achmad

    Erhan Achmad8 일 전

    I burst out laughing when he blew that whistle 😂

  27. James L

    James L8 일 전

    Key's character, a gay person you can't get along with, Peeles character a gay person you could easily get along with.

  28. bilbo baggins

    bilbo baggins8 일 전

    I can't believe Peele plays the role of Meegan sometimes

  29. Taylor Jenkins

    Taylor Jenkins9 일 전

    The perfect representation of the chill gay and the hype gay.

  30. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne7 일 전

    Taylor Jenkins The word you’re looking for is flamboyant

  31. ad70preterist

    ad70preterist9 일 전

    🤢 I don’t understand how a guy would like another guys stuff?

  32. Jeremy Wright

    Jeremy Wright8 일 전

    Then that means you are straight. Simple.

  33. Meshach Nicholas

    Meshach Nicholas9 일 전

    Wow this was made in 2013 🤯 I could of sworn this was made in 2020

  34. Meshach Nicholas

    Meshach Nicholas9 일 전

    Sounds like sha nay nay brother 😂 😂

  35. Ivan Nierez

    Ivan Nierez10 일 전

    The only comon ground I have seen people share against homosexuals it's when they are like Keegan's character here.

  36. Astril Codex

    Astril Codex11 일 전

    I keep forgetting their actual identities, the characters they are portraying are so realistic

  37. Isa Salinas

    Isa Salinas11 일 전

    Key & Peele are so funny but truthful!!!

  38. Nostalgia Clan

    Nostalgia Clan11 일 전


  39. Jesper Jansen

    Jesper Jansen12 일 전

    Love these skits that turned out to be documentaries.

  40. Leon X

    Leon X12 일 전

    This shit speaks leagues on modern day society

  41. Eddie Ruiz

    Eddie Ruiz13 일 전

    Literally a avenge black gay man and you have to just accept it cause it’s apparently racist and homophobic that you’re not into being hit on or picturing their queerness

  42. bac3500

    bac350010 일 전

    ? English please.

  43. Lizzie Garcia

    Lizzie Garcia13 일 전

    This reminds me of Brian or stewie from family guy

  44. Chris King

    Chris King13 일 전

    Fucking legit. But somehow people are still being told off for this exact bullshit.

  45. Evan Flegler

    Evan Flegler13 일 전


  46. TJ Hageli

    TJ Hageli13 일 전

    I’m not persecuted I’m just an asshole😂lol

  47. gdvsevil09

    gdvsevil0913 일 전

    Okay, the end fucked my head up! Lmao😮🤣🤣🤣

  48. verified user

    verified user13 일 전

    The 27 piece mohawk tho.. .😫😫🤣🤣

  49. George Cai

    George Cai13 일 전

    That final moment was so sweet and it almost made me believe in humanity again.

  50. Radhika Vij

    Radhika Vij13 일 전

    That was a Billion Dollar Twist right there!

  51. Syakil Ahmed

    Syakil Ahmed14 일 전


  52. Syakil Ahmed

    Syakil Ahmed7 일 전

    @Jeremy Wright glad to have lgbtq friends cuz they ain't create any offspring. 😅

  53. Jeremy Wright

    Jeremy Wright8 일 전

    Well we know you can use emojis at least..


    TROLL KING15 일 전


  55. squishy 1

    squishy 115 일 전

    Peele's character is soooo much like oscar from the office

  56. Alexander mathi

    Alexander mathi15 일 전

    Peele leaving his system without locking. It's a violation

  57. Jon Dunmore

    Jon Dunmore16 일 전

    You know what? I want to see how Latrell acts AFTER his cubicle buddy gets BACK from lunch now...

  58. Mich Den

    Mich Den16 일 전

    Party training time!

  59. leeasia peterson

    leeasia peterson16 일 전

    This is the best acting in the world

  60. Quinton Onezine

    Quinton Onezine16 일 전

    LoL asshole indeed

  61. Astril Codex

    Astril Codex16 일 전

    They're too good

  62. burak ayan

    burak ayan17 일 전

    in what place on the earth does someone show somebody his/ her anus from a cell phone picture ?

  63. Lefter Mc

    Lefter Mc18 일 전

    When he blows on the whistle, and when he says “that’s my anus.” The face he makes has me laughing the duck out loud

  64. VZ Spartan

    VZ Spartan18 일 전

    “Ohhhh, I’m not persecuted I’m just an asshole”

  65. M M

    M M18 일 전


  66. martovu

    martovu19 일 전

    key accent is on point...most gay pple hv that