Key & Peele - Loco Gangsters - Uncensored


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  2. Yanni Xifaras

    Yanni Xifaras개월 전

    You guys should make a robot chicken channel

  3. Mateo Leoz

    Mateo Leoz4 개월 전

    STD loco

  4. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers4 개월 전

    Glocks are drop safe. Just saying lol

  5. tyber100

    tyber1007 시간 전

    This trash got 25 million views? Mediocre show for mediocre people ,....😬

  6. Chandra Anugrah Pratama

    Chandra Anugrah Pratama11 시간 전


  7. Apadjekk

    Apadjekk16 시간 전

    Not funny

  8. Jared Ramirez

    Jared Ramirez18 시간 전

    "My friend Mr. Basura Head"

  9. dave buster

    dave buster20 시간 전

    Ok, the force of the bullet should knock his teeth out, I don’t know why it didn’t?

  10. Václav Vlach

    Václav Vlach일 전

    Nechci Vás ponižovat, to není můj styl, jenom forma humoru. Neodpirám Vám Vaše zásluhy na Pražským "hřišti", ale to, co předvádíte v rámci mojí osoby, je naprostej úlet a tím si musíte být vědomi i Vy sami. Takže by jsme si asi všichni měli vytáhnout hlavy z prdele, Vy i já a dohodnout se a nebo to třeba vážně dopadne tak, že po sobě začneme jít bez všech těch šaškáren okolo a je otázka, jestli si to někdo přeje.

  11. Václav Vlach

    Václav Vlach일 전

    Kluci Vy jste sanitkovy a městskopolicejní gangsteři! Já už jsem to totiž dnes pochopil, Vy mi chcete ty deprese kompenzovat touhle zábavou :D Jestli chcete někoho opravdu děsit, tak běžte někam na dětský hřiště s tímhle přístupem. Ale jestli je to, jak říkám, tak děkuji za zpříjemnění mých nepříjemných stavů. Trochu mi to připomíná, když někdo vyrábí uměle krizi, aby jí pak mohl vítězně zažehnávat. Vím, že takhle daleko nejste, ale podobnost tam je.

  12. Light Lorraine

    Light Lorraine일 전

    @hikagaming91 ooooh look at mmmmme I’m soooo bad

  13. Light Lorraine

    Light Lorraine일 전


  14. Bettencourt13

    Bettencourt13일 전

    This is my favorite Key & Peele sketch

  15. Adarsh

    Adarsh일 전

    How did they convince carlito to get back into his body ?

  16. Luz Ortiz

    Luz Ortiz일 전

    What is the actor Eduardos real name pls whoever is the first to respond is not gay

  17. T.N Scrappy

    T.N Scrappy2 일 전

    When he banged his head😭

  18. Josean rodriguez

    Josean rodriguez2 일 전

    eduardo looks like the male version of Delilah from you

  19. Owen O'Driscoll

    Owen O'Driscoll3 일 전

    In fact I'm always loud, check it.. Ahh.. 😆😆

  20. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay3 일 전

    Why ? Who he ? What he did ? 🤣

  21. Grickery

    Grickery5 일 전

    Mr. Bascura- Mr. Trash


    LUDIRTY5 일 전

    Let's see if you can catch two!! LOL

  23. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay6 일 전

    I love this lol

  24. Nikolette Krissoff

    Nikolette Krissoff6 일 전

    “ LOCO “ - Key and Peele

  25. lokeymexican

    lokeymexican6 일 전

    Can't be more Loco than Coco.

  26. Petronus Myosous

    Petronus Myosous6 일 전

    I love key and peele's boke - tsukkomi routine 😁

  27. Thegoddamn Darkknight

    Thegoddamn Darkknight7 일 전

    RIP Carlito

  28. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay8 일 전

    This is the realest thug life shit . These eses are treal ass niggas.

  29. Andrew Arias

    Andrew Arias8 일 전

    Carlito no !!!

  30. Adi C

    Adi C8 일 전

    Wait is that the guy from breaking bad

  31. Sakaria Mohamed

    Sakaria Mohamed8 일 전


  32. Song Rename the same

    Song Rename the same8 일 전


  33. Hype School Beast

    Hype School Beast9 일 전

    The bald dude can speak in every accent!!

  34. Elisha So

    Elisha So9 일 전

    Eduardo: what Prison Mike wants to be Carlito: what Prison Mike is actually like

  35. NutshotBrawler

    NutshotBrawler9 일 전

    3:10 his face when the bottle breaks😂😂

  36. NutshotBrawler

    NutshotBrawler9 일 전

    2:58 *Please insert Sum 41 reference*

  37. Isaih Obrien

    Isaih Obrien9 일 전

    Nah the one who broke the bottle is really in a episode playing an actor who Left a Gang with Mexicans lmao

  38. ɱყɱųŋą ąƙɬɛཞ

    ɱყɱųŋą ąƙɬɛཞ10 일 전

    1:50 omg he said Tilikum 😂😂😂I’m dead

  39. Christopher Moltisanti

    Christopher Moltisanti12 일 전

    It sounds funny when Eduardo inhales through his broken nose.👃🔨

  40. VimVinyl 77

    VimVinyl 7712 일 전


  41. Java Rice

    Java Rice12 일 전

    Saw Edwardo on Peppermint movie doe 😂

  42. Julia Noble

    Julia Noble12 일 전


  43. Brandon Munoz

    Brandon Munoz13 일 전

    Key was so pissed he lost his accent

  44. grannywalter

    grannywalter13 일 전

    I think the guy on the right played one of the cartel hitman brothers in breaking bad and better call saul ))) Hector's nephews.

  45. Ana Mitchell

    Ana Mitchell13 일 전


  46. Legal Man

    Legal Man13 일 전

    Pelee showing his camel toe or the operation jarocha te cortan el pito y lo hacen panocha :)

  47. Cambodia

    Cambodia13 일 전

    I think each forgot to say, Loco

  48. A P

    A P13 일 전

    That’s how the vatos truly are in sur califas

  49. NewYorkKidd

    NewYorkKidd13 일 전

    Soon as they heard Carlito they knew it was gonna be an issue

  50. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn14 일 전

    "this is like watching the British version of The Office, like it's funny, awkward, but sad at the same time" YES DUDDEEEEE

  51. mrbunnylamakins

    mrbunnylamakins14 일 전

    I was that guy. My brother and I were cleaning up back behind our house after the the 4th of July.That is when my brother was like all "Watch This!", and he went and broke a bottle over his head. I was like, "I can do that too!" I grabbed a bottle *DOOT........ "No I got this.", I said. ....*Doot...... 😣 My brother was like, "You moron, I used a twist top, you grabbed a long neck returnable." >_

  52. Wazzlesmo

    Wazzlesmo14 일 전

    I love the comment on The Office

  53. Dimitra Papsanaki

    Dimitra Papsanaki14 일 전

    I am naked. And i dont even care.

  54. Mark

    Mark14 일 전

    Who he, wha he di,

  55. Si Ta

    Si Ta14 일 전

    I’m a duck lol 😂

  56. pandaEmpress

    pandaEmpress15 일 전

    Key & Peele...the gift that keeps on giving. I bet I'll be on my death bed and they will still be putting sketches on KOreporter. And I'm here for it.

  57. Jamie Eagle

    Jamie Eagle15 일 전

    I love when the camera pans over to that one guy and he just says “yea” lol

  58. Seymour Butts

    Seymour Butts15 일 전

    East Side Locos represent! Wheres Salazar?

  59. Kheldaur Garth

    Kheldaur Garth15 일 전

    This is sooo racist and cultural appropriation and everything you could be offended by.

  60. Dab Vitor

    Dab Vitor15 일 전

    Fuck the offended

  61. Sputz3

    Sputz315 일 전

    When the homie smoked too much Sherm and lost his mind

  62. Karen Lund

    Karen Lund15 일 전

    Loco sketch

  63. 🍠 sikistisik

    🍠 sikistisik15 일 전

    ESL Gang

  64. Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne Johnson15 일 전