Key & Peele - Loco Gangsters - Uncensored


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  2. Wiz157

    Wiz1576 일 전

    1st like

  3. Matt's gaming

    Matt's gaming2 개월 전

    He is from fucking let's be cops

  4. Robert Givens

    Robert Givens2 개월 전

    Were kinda gay

  5. สวัสดี

    สวัสดี4 개월 전

    Now mexs can make fun of the blacks..smh.

  6. Erica Ammons

    Erica Ammons5 개월 전

    How do they come up with so many skits...random ones at that...any sceniro...wonderful minds set...a great team

  7. Jorge Rivera

    Jorge Rivera6 시간 전

    Carlito is like my 3 year old when he needs to take a nap. Lol

  8. Rosie Jane

    Rosie Jane8 시간 전

    "That's not loco, that's just financially irresponsible" lol

  9. Cedar Poplar

    Cedar Poplar15 시간 전

    Stop that fool

  10. Joe Gray

    Joe Gray16 시간 전

    Garr field

  11. GodOf Gamers1000

    GodOf Gamers1000일 전


  12. Lisa Ingram

    Lisa Ingram일 전

    I’m naked and I don’t even cure 😭😭😩

  13. Ice Queen

    Ice Queen2 일 전

    “I’m in too deep”😂🤣

  14. Cookie

    Cookie2 일 전

    Carlito seems like Meegan brother.

  15. please subscribe get me to 1k

    please subscribe get me to 1k2 일 전

    "my friend Mr pasuda here" 🤣

  16. Richie Nickson

    Richie Nickson2 일 전

    Carlito is like i bet he cant do that shit again

  17. Brian Monge

    Brian Monge2 일 전


  18. bluebill Hundo

    bluebill Hundo2 일 전

    "No don't you fear the crazy crazy man here"

  19. Vivalesi Ralifo

    Vivalesi Ralifo2 일 전

    By process of elimination 😂😂😂

  20. Wes Johnson

    Wes Johnson2 일 전


  21. John Poole

    John Poole2 일 전

    We need a new Pulitzer Prize for humor. I nominate this sketch. We owe the director and editor for this hilarious production.

  22. Johnathan Allen

    Johnathan Allen2 일 전

    Who he? What he did?

  23. Captain Deadpool

    Captain Deadpool2 일 전

    He looks like Mexican Wolverine

  24. dParis

    dParis3 일 전

    Mr. Basura Head's shoe fell off? 🤣 That's some next level, Sol Rosenberg shit right there, homes. 😂

  25. The King

    The King3 일 전

    He is not the loco one in the gang, he is the retarded one!! LOL

  26. Brometheouss

    Brometheouss3 일 전


  27. Elloy Alarcon

    Elloy Alarcon3 일 전

    Don't get mad when u see a Mexican in black face

  28. Nicholas Hernandez

    Nicholas Hernandez3 일 전

    Lmfaoooo priceless

  29. Freebird John

    Freebird John3 일 전

    This is the funniest one ever. Laughing brought my tears out. haha

  30. Dee Ess

    Dee Ess3 일 전

    Is that the homie from that SoA runoff show

  31. TheDudimus

    TheDudimus3 일 전

    "I'm in too deep..."

  32. Master of code 101

    Master of code 1013 일 전

    No, I’m loco dan

  33. i5alodi 15

    i5alodi 153 일 전

    0:39 is this guy one of the twin brothers from Breaking bad

  34. Marxelo World

    Marxelo World4 일 전

    This is racist😂😂😂😂

  35. Daniel Conner

    Daniel Conner4 일 전

    When he picks the gun back up, best ending.

  36. Kevin Yu

    Kevin Yu4 일 전

    *Financially irresponsible* lmao

  37. Chapin10fc

    Chapin10fc4 일 전


  38. Philip Holmes

    Philip Holmes4 일 전

    I'm a crazy duck !!! These guys are funnnny !!!

  39. riccccccardo

    riccccccardo5 일 전

    The high white socks 🤣

  40. Chris Drzal

    Chris Drzal5 일 전


  41. Cloudless Studio

    Cloudless Studio5 일 전

    Is that coco from Mayans 😳

  42. krrrruptidsoless

    krrrruptidsoless5 일 전

    Scientific fish

  43. Corey Hughes

    Corey Hughes5 일 전

    "Ahhhh, my staple hand. Shouldn't have done that"

  44. 4Hunnid Murk

    4Hunnid Murk5 일 전

    “Ooooh u shouldn’t have done that” 🤣🤣🤣

  45. rudy torres

    rudy torres5 일 전

    Eduardo is an ex drug addict. Became a successful actor. God bless him.

  46. rudy torres

    rudy torres2 일 전

    @TDK2K yeah man I think I watched a KOreporter video about it or short doc somewhere. Idk his name can't rememeber but yeah man.

  47. TDK2K

    TDK2K2 일 전

    srs? if that's true mad respect to him.

  48. Jaz Najiyaah

    Jaz Najiyaah5 일 전

    “Ohhh, on my stapled hand.” as he’s spinning the gun. 😂😂

  49. Salty Mind

    Salty Mind3 일 전

    "I shouldn't have done thaaat, uuuhhh..." 🤣

  50. Big Fella

    Big Fella5 일 전

    Financially irresponsible

  51. Michael Conway

    Michael Conway6 일 전

    God these guys are horrible.

  52. Laleamfakzual chhangte

    Laleamfakzual chhangte6 일 전

    acting loco the wrong way is one problem and not breaking a bottle actually hurts more, did it again

  53. darkprince56

    darkprince566 일 전

    Damn Peele does an excellent Chicano valluco accent

  54. Anand Darang

    Anand Darang6 일 전

    Dress code spot on

  55. DaOG Gamer

    DaOG Gamer6 일 전


  56. Adrian CT

    Adrian CT6 일 전

    That was fucking brilliant

  57. Orlando Wells

    Orlando Wells6 일 전

    Orale homes loco in the cabeza vato homes Lil Carlitos from the Varrio😎!!!😁

  58. Bintu MetBintulinas

    Bintu MetBintulinas6 일 전

    "why ? who he? Wha he did?😂

  59. Jamaal Sq

    Jamaal Sq6 일 전

    I thought Carlito would said, Nah I don’t need to be loco, being loco is for pussies.

  60. Queen of the Llamacorns

    Queen of the Llamacorns6 일 전


  61. Fadeg alami

    Fadeg alami6 일 전

    Don’t come near kalitto

  62. DailyWalk365

    DailyWalk3657 일 전

    What's crazy is he came back up with the brass cartridge in his mouth. Now that's funny.

  63. George Hebert

    George Hebert7 일 전

    I know people like this 🤦‍♂️

  64. Ragnar LodBrok

    Ragnar LodBrok7 일 전

    Hey its one of the cartel brothers from breaking bad!!! awesome

  65. The GOAT

    The GOAT7 일 전

    Mayan mc too

  66. ANDroid GAMER

    ANDroid GAMER7 일 전

    Do gangsters really have this conversation..??😂 lol

  67. Kevin Cordova

    Kevin Cordova7 일 전

    If i saw Eduardo looking at me like that id deck the shit out of him

  68. Leonardo di parma

    Leonardo di parma7 일 전

    Kyle and pelee Mexican accent on point yo 🤣😂🤣



    Fucking Wolverine and shit 😂😂😂