Key & Peele - Continental Breakfast


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  2. April Simkins

    April Simkins일 전

    @mike LJR maybe. to me it is more like a " somewhere in time" situation. or another dimension like a twilight zone. i find this particular sketch quite beautiful.

  3. James Tcheng

    James Tcheng19 일 전

    Room 237

  4. DoctorBrute

    DoctorBrute개월 전

    Van PastorMan Indeed!! Pure genius!

  5. Van PastorMan

    Van PastorMan개월 전

    @DoctorBrute This was a very funny sketch. But it was also clever.

  6. DoctorBrute

    DoctorBrute개월 전

    “Well, La Dee Daah!”, with that muffin, almost killed me!

  7. Matt Grant

    Matt Grant12 분 전

    Way funnier than Chappelle

  8. Air Buddy

    Air Buddy31 분 전

    This is how I feel when eating a continental breakfast



    you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

  10. Tony James

    Tony James40 분 전

    I can't understand how people thought this was even slightly funny

  11. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach시간 전

    Bites the side of the bannana "Ah, baked to perfection"

  12. Déjà Siku

    Déjà Siku2 시간 전

    “I’ll have what I’m having.” Oh for fuck’s sake.

  13. Anthony Roach

    Anthony Roach2 시간 전

    Next time I am in McDonald's I will scream after my first bite "A delight to the senses, isn't it my friend!"

  14. Aly-Bocar Cisse

    Aly-Bocar Cisse2 시간 전

    Pure genius 🤣🤣🤣

  15. poor ridge

    poor ridge5 시간 전

    Who here had to see the original after seeing the new one? XD

  16. clarity

    clarity5 시간 전

    This was funny enough as a rip on cheap barebones breakfast that hotels try to make sound fancy and exotic by calling it "Continental." But then Jordan adds a whole other level of funny and creepy. Brilliant

  17. Lethal Timing

    Lethal Timing5 시간 전


  18. Jimothy Snooker

    Jimothy Snooker6 시간 전

    it's funny because continental breakfast has nothing to do with continents

  19. X Max

    X Max6 시간 전

    Your subscription to the channel benefits me and does not cost you anything "Thank you"

  20. Only Full Fights

    Only Full Fights7 시간 전

    What an ending! Just genius

  21. T Tag

    T Tag7 시간 전

    Hotel California, no one?!?

  22. Emeka Francis Uwazurike

    Emeka Francis Uwazurike7 시간 전

    Hello from 2020 to all my people in continent

  23. Severus Rogue

    Severus Rogue7 시간 전

    "The Danish. Clearly from Brussels." Wait what? Hahahaha

  24. Raymond M

    Raymond M7 시간 전


  25. Nikhil Verma

    Nikhil Verma8 시간 전

    eating that banana like that is disturbing

  26. Jessica Belcher

    Jessica Belcher10 시간 전

    LMAO Europine countries

  27. Zach Martin

    Zach Martin10 시간 전

    He loves being incontinent. He must have been so elated by the continental delectables, that be pissed/shit himself. Nice!

  28. Dana Gibbs

    Dana Gibbs10 시간 전

    It's like a Twilight Zone episode, but instead it ends up good for the main character, and just really akward for all the other guests.

  29. Mike Ford

    Mike Ford11 시간 전


  30. Rene Brown

    Rene Brown12 시간 전

    This is how my entire family acts during Continental

  31. Michael Hood

    Michael Hood12 시간 전

    People don’t realize what he meant by “European style” after the guy said just help your self lol. Helped them selves to free labor free islands and free land and resources.

  32. Bosco Odong

    Bosco Odong12 시간 전

    Fuck that breakfast trap

  33. CraZGuy Kwan

    CraZGuy Kwan12 시간 전

    0:27 it's not a hotel if there isn't muzak playing in the background

  34. Jo Kah

    Jo Kah15 시간 전

    Just realized the callback on the end. Shining is a definition of idiotic creepyness.

  35. Lorbor Thruthkear

    Lorbor Thruthkear17 시간 전

    Gives me a Twilight Zone vibe but a happy one and I love it.

  36. Sally Jenkins

    Sally Jenkins18 시간 전

    A. FAPOON.

  37. Maiya Hira

    Maiya Hira19 시간 전

    So he’s actually dead,but in heaven 😭😭 that plot twist was harsh

  38. Hyperz

    Hyperz19 시간 전

    Pulls put a turkey Mmm the forbidden fruit

  39. aldphillip2003

    aldphillip200319 시간 전

    I love the dance from Also Sprach Zarathustra in the background.

  40. Patrick Molina

    Patrick Molina19 시간 전

    A "FAPOON" what will you think of next Germany?! 😂😂💀

  41. All Mighty Ass

    All Mighty Ass20 시간 전

    He sounds like he’s having a foodgasm

  42. TheZoneRanger

    TheZoneRanger20 시간 전

    "Not a spoon, not a fork, but something in the middle, a fapoon"

  43. Eat Banana Peels

    Eat Banana Peels21 시간 전

    I want to find every video with this character in it😄

  44. Son EL

    Son EL21 시간 전

    Mmm mmm ohhhh! I love it too funny😂 *starts crying* it's so good😂

  45. William Grant

    William Grant21 시간 전

    Spiritual food Shepherdschapelcom Theseasonorg explains whole bible God Bless

  46. David T

    David T21 시간 전

    But he said, 'European style' after the guy told him to help himself... 2 funny!

  47. Rho

    Rho21 시간 전

    I like the part where he bites into the side of the banana a peel and all

  48. Rho

    Rho21 시간 전

    Him: Not a spoon not a fork but... Me: A SPORK Him: a fapoon Me: NO

  49. smnoy23

    smnoy2322 시간 전

    I think this is the Key & Peele sketch I think about the most.

  50. Magallanes 2540

    Magallanes 254022 시간 전

    Is Greek yogurt special? Because around the time of the sketch they launched a "Greek" yogurt in my corner as if it was awesome, but it's exactly like the average one.

  51. M Bizz

    M Bizz22 시간 전

    " The danish, clearly from Brussels!" The ignorance and innocence is what makes this gold😂

  52. King of Games

    King of Games22 시간 전

    I’ll have what I’m having. Lmao

  53. CM99501

    CM9950122 시간 전

    Honestly i act the same way when i get an order of 4lbs of crawfish. I devour that shit.

  54. A.J. Sosa

    A.J. Sosa22 시간 전

    Unreleased Ron Burgundy audition tape.

  55. Art Gamechanger

    Art Gamechanger23 시간 전

    EXACTLY how to appreciate life in America. Don't take it for granted.....

  56. Jet Conway

    Jet Conway23 시간 전


  57. Hosenda Likento

    Hosenda Likento23 시간 전

    1:20 "Trash".

  58. Hunned Proof Productions

    Hunned Proof Productions일 전

    After reading the comments, I’m not quite sure people get the satire of the joke. They’re clearly making fun of Hotels calling their free, cheap ass, generic “continental breakfasts” like it’s some great thing. Peele makes the character be exaggeratedly content with the low standards of the “continental breakfast” and how some people are always excited because they offer that shit.

  59. Vandal Savage

    Vandal Savage일 전

    The phrase I shall be utilizing from this video is...." A delight to the senses" and my friends and family shall curse the day I learned to speak.

  60. Royann Alexander

    Royann Alexander일 전

    Did anyone else came right back here after watching Continental guy on a plane lol😂😂

  61. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy일 전

    I was just like that while eating some addictive cinnabon breakfast muffins at a Holiday Inn Select.

  62. j o s h : /

    j o s h : /일 전

    The way he ate the banana, such power this man possesses.

  63. ZadnoleyaEdits

    ZadnoleyaEdits일 전

    “A fapoon” toystory 4 (2019) colorized

  64. Albert Martí

    Albert Martí일 전

    "I love being incontinent"

  65. Mc McBridE

    Mc McBridE일 전

    But sir, dont you know you've always been here? Until he gets on a plane..🤔😏