Kevin Owens negotiates his fine with Shane McMahon: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019


  1. Darrell Zephier

    Darrell Zephier3 개월 전

    I want to smack down it was awesome

  2. akshay singh

    akshay singh5 개월 전

    I made the 10k likes

  3. Desean b balln

    Desean b balln5 개월 전

    Its elias fault kevin did the right Thing. Shane is a cheat

  4. TrueGamerXXV

    TrueGamerXXV5 개월 전


  5. Kumar Ramlakhan

    Kumar Ramlakhan5 개월 전

    Wrestling got lame now.. it's not like before

  6. Simphiwe Jali

    Simphiwe Jali5 개월 전

    I thought we have another CM Punk or Stone Cold.Guess i was wrong.Kevin Owens is not ready to fill these shoes.Punk & Stone Cold would have never stoop so low for a McMahon.

  7. Jay Raiden

    Jay Raiden5 개월 전

    Hey anyone remember when Stone Cold Steve Austin cried in front of Vince because he didn't want a fine? Yeah me neither.

  8. Naveen Dahiya

    Naveen Dahiya5 개월 전

    And people were talking about next Austin vs McMan family fued. Lol

  9. bob dillion

    bob dillion5 개월 전

    Wasn’t Kevin Owen supposed to be new stone cold?

  10. Faraan Babar

    Faraan Babar5 개월 전

    Can somebody help out Owens against Shade Crooked-eye strike McBang

  11. Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan5 개월 전

    Stone Cold vs Vince, this ain't. Give it up, WWE, nobody is enjoying this feud

  12. Daisy Counts

    Daisy Counts5 개월 전

    Shana man is a cheetah

  13. Vik Vegas

    Vik Vegas5 개월 전

    Would Stone Cold have cried if Vince had fined him 100,000?, hell no, he would have just beaten Vince up even more. Kevin Owens behaving like this over a fine he could easily afford just makes him look weak.

  14. Thomas Newell

    Thomas Newell5 개월 전

    Way to make Owens look like an idiot. Why would you trust the man who was trying to make you lose your job just a week ago. Please why do this to KO.

  15. Yaseenrehman Yaseenrehman

    Yaseenrehman Yaseenrehman5 개월 전

    You are a snake Shane I will knock you out and you will be the one fired not Kevin you idiot

  16. Gamer dude 98993

    Gamer dude 989935 개월 전

    1998 The Austin-mcmahon feud 2019 The Owens-mcmahon feud

  17. Brígido G. Andrade

    Brígido G. Andrade5 개월 전

    Shane McMahon hi is sick 💉

  18. Kris Sanders

    Kris Sanders5 개월 전

    Kevin Owens is a great actor.

  19. Rahat Chowdhury

    Rahat Chowdhury5 개월 전

    Lol! Some people say that KO is the next Stone Cold Steve Austin! What a joke 🤣🤣🤣 people who knows SCSA and witnessed the attitude era,have u ever seen Austin to portray weakness infront of a McMahon??? Now even WWE understands that no one ever will replace the rattlesnake!

  20. Ginger4JesusChrist MWW14

    Ginger4JesusChrist MWW145 개월 전

    Kevin owens is a puff compared to Stone cold.

  21. Trent Morrison

    Trent Morrison5 개월 전

    Why isnt ownens allowed to put a hand on a wwe official? Arent both owens and wwe officials both wresstlers?

  22. TheSSUltimateGoku

    TheSSUltimateGoku6 개월 전

    How many times did Stone Cold Steve Austin attack an official referee and not get fined for it????

  23. lamonte haven

    lamonte haven6 개월 전

    Shane McMahon get back at Kevin Owen because he win the match at last paper view with shane McMahon vs Kevin Owen . FACTS

  24. TheRealTonyStark

    TheRealTonyStark6 개월 전

    Everyone remember a couple of years ago, when KO head butted Vince and it said in his Contract that he could attack a McMahon whenever he wanted. Yeah either does WWE apparently.

  25. Tyrone G.

    Tyrone G.6 개월 전

    Nothing makes sense in WWE, Babyfaces attacking referees or officials, heels do it, they don't get fined. It's a grey area, because how do you know if the heel won't eventually turn out of this, a babyface or heel authority figure like Shane will let Elias attack a referee and it's somehow acceptable, but when Owens does it, he's suddenly fined? I.d.k., the rules are never clean in semantics, Maybe it's time for Shane's dad to make another return to clear things up once again, it's not like he takes up for Shane anyway. Well, except in real life, other than that, okay he does for officials, so maybe he will be u.n.-bias in the situation, so will Triple H and maybe Stephanie, okay new scenario it's time for the return of general managers, because Shane will permanently be off television, he sucks as Babyface and he sucks as a heel, he's outright annoying, he's that little weasel McMahon you love to stand up to, you can't have WWE wrestlers just attacking officials all foot-lose and fancy free, unless you bring back the attitude era, make some new era, because what if every superstar got fed up and stood up to Authority, even the female side, like Bayley, what are you going to do fire her too, what about Alexa Bliss, that's one of their high-paid superstars, you won't fine and then fire her, you lose you star power right there. So, another town hall meeting is in order with Vince McMahon running it and not Shane. Daddy riding to the rescue once again, it seems like.Him or Triple H. Bischoff for SD GM and Heyman for Raw GM.

  26. Cletus Juice

    Cletus Juice6 개월 전

    Stun him again. Referee or not, then quit and go to AEW. I’ll be there to watch.

  27. Cletus Juice

    Cletus Juice6 개월 전

    Hey Vince. Shane has ruined smack down. I now watch AEW to avoid this new soy boy show.

  28. devender dua

    devender dua6 개월 전

    That transition from stone cold to heath Slater just in a week

  29. Gustavo Lopez

    Gustavo Lopez6 개월 전

    how da hell did shane get so manu white hair???????.😀😀😀😀😜😂😂😂

  30. bone1997

    bone19976 개월 전

    Man up and pay it Kevin. Sheamus paid his 500k fine to Mr John Laurinaitis

  31. TheSSUltimateGoku

    TheSSUltimateGoku6 개월 전

    bone1997 you know that and this is the storyline right?

  32. NomadFury

    NomadFury6 개월 전

    Shane McMahon should be fined $1 million every time he appears on TV. Seriously!!! Shane: That's nothing to me too. I can afford that. 😊

  33. rrb rokc

    rrb rokc6 개월 전

    Why did you put your hand idot to staff

  34. Suman Nath

    Suman Nath6 개월 전

    Shane McMahon will continue to attack and ambush Kevin Owens, because McMahon's family is hypocrites, backstabber, & DEFINITELY untrustworthy..... Let's be clear on that.......

  35. Abel the Wise

    Abel the Wise6 개월 전

    Poor KO's just trying to feed his family

  36. Brandon Perreira

    Brandon Perreira6 개월 전

    So we gonna ignore that Elias also put his hands on a referee?! How he didn’t get fined Shane?!! 🤔🤔🤔

  37. SpikersButchers

    SpikersButchers6 개월 전

    What the hell are you morons talking about? You know this is all scripted right? No one is getting fined

  38. Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez6 개월 전

    Kevin Owens disserves a wwe title Run

  39. GamingWithCal

    GamingWithCal6 개월 전

    This storyline is WACKKKKK.

  40. Armando Gaming

    Armando Gaming6 개월 전

    PLEASE don't make Owens team up with shane.

  41. yung1kickrocks

    yung1kickrocks6 개월 전

    Wtf was that wwe

  42. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali6 개월 전

    -Come Shane, be a BIG MAN. You have Kevin where you want him. Ease up the man . Let us all who criticize you say with all humility that you have let DISCRETION BE THE BETTER PART OF VALOR. At least I can see how hard it is for KO to have such a huge fine hanging over his head . Many of us sympathize with him.

  43. Asia Badger

    Asia Badger6 개월 전

    We all know Shane McMahon is an a****** like he did that on purpose

  44. borderlands skag gang

    borderlands skag gang6 개월 전

    Windy City heel 2020 president Make America heel!

  45. ery luria

    ery luria6 개월 전


  46. ery luria

    ery luria6 개월 전

    These dudes dont care if you go broke where is Shane o mac when you go broke and homeless

  47. ery luria

    ery luria6 개월 전

    Fake they both win money

  48. anon hero

    anon hero6 개월 전

    I didn't expect this from stone cold Steve Austin 😂😂

  49. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet6 개월 전

    Am i dumb or i am the only one that likes shane

  50. MSJ

    MSJ6 개월 전

    God damn it.the owens pipe bomb and his win at summerslam meant jackshit cuz shane is still taking up lots of tv time.personally im sick of him

  51. FueldByIrony

    FueldByIrony6 개월 전

    So Shane's a babyface again?lol

  52. ryan

    ryan6 개월 전

    Shane is trash


    FUCK THE POLICE.6 개월 전

    They are making Kevin Owens looks weak as hell!

  54. dan meyer

    dan meyer6 개월 전

    Damn Shane McMahon is getting old,

  55. Wwe Tv

    Wwe Tv6 개월 전

    Am i the only one here that cant skip wwe adds

  56. ryan

    ryan6 개월 전

    I don't get adds Lol

  57. Russ Fox

    Russ Fox6 개월 전

    Stone cold was never given a fine he was arrested

  58. Qlf Cimo

    Qlf Cimo6 개월 전

    well can't wait for shane to turn face again

  59. Jihad Toom

    Jihad Toom6 개월 전

    Yo, Shane i saw you in Modells in Brooklyn last week wassup? 😆

  60. Gsthr33 Smith

    Gsthr33 Smith6 개월 전

    Who wrote this show Kevin should not be sucking up

  61. Calvestet Marks

    Calvestet Marks6 개월 전

    D.T.M Don't Trust Mcmahon KO. D.T.M .Don't Trust Mcmahon.

  62. JB All day

    JB All day6 개월 전

    Does anyone else notice that Kevin is still allowed to assault a McMahon bc if I remember correctly mr McMahon gave him his word