Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer


  1. Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program5 개월 전

    We are thrilled to see the positive response from our community! We know you’ve got questions and we’re happy to share more info! Check out our Kerbal Space Program 2 Master Post live on our forum

  2. Master John

    Master John2 개월 전

    @Endr Wigin probably not

  3. Master John

    Master John2 개월 전

    Will we be able to build space elevators?

  4. Daimian 11X

    Daimian 11X3 개월 전

    This is the last comment (sub to pewdiepie and Daimian11X )😎

  5. Jeremiah Sam

    Jeremiah Sam4 개월 전

    if anything, you chose the right music to go along with the trailer.

  6. Rick Harper

    Rick Harper4 개월 전

    Nick Nathanson yeah , they should add RSS/RO as an option when you start a new game, but if not, the modding community will probably move to ksp 2 anyway

  7. Jake Daganio

    Jake Daganio9 시간 전

    I can't wait.....

  8. San Andreas Player YOUTUBE

    San Andreas Player YOUTUBE10 시간 전


  9. Mr.CoolGuy5

    Mr.CoolGuy522 시간 전

    i havent even played the first one but i really want this now

  10. Arts911

    Arts91123 시간 전

    Your price will be mine !! but no micro transaction or dlc please !

  11. WarOn4Fun

    WarOn4Fun17 시간 전

    Not sure how they could even really do microtransactions besides maybe "WOW kerbal suit designs!" which I wouldn't even almost care enough about to buy.

  12. Bruno Pozzebon

    Bruno Pozzebon23 시간 전

    Take my money, bitch!!!

  13. Сергей Иванов

    Сергей Иванов일 전

    добавить диалоги и будет трейлер к фильму уже который я хочу посматреть

  14. Joshua Enelamah

    Joshua Enelamah일 전


  15. Ed Imholz

    Ed Imholz일 전

    Thank you for the endless hours on KSP. It will be hard to let it go but I'll welcome KSP2 with open arms. Private Division, you guys got this.

  16. Monika Muston

    Monika Muston일 전

    Dina looks like the moon but red orange

  17. Lunar astro

    Lunar astro일 전

    Now gonna wait 10 more years for the KSP 3 to come out because I love KSP

  18. Bond James

    Bond James일 전

    Brought me to tears, I fucking love this game.

  19. kenny mak

    kenny mak일 전

    M83 did everything !

  20. KETVA Channel

    KETVA Channel2 일 전

    W H E N

  21. Dead Joke

    Dead Joke2 일 전

    Is kerbal space Programm 2 heavy to modding ?❓

  22. WarOn4Fun

    WarOn4Fun17 시간 전

    Yes, they are giving KSP 2 full modding with many more features for the developers and built-in multiplayer support.

  23. SidShow TV

    SidShow TV2 일 전

    Это красиво It is beautiful

  24. The titchy gamer

    The titchy gamer2 일 전

    best birthday present i could have asked for

  25. ImperialツOverlordミ

    ImperialツOverlordミ2 일 전

    Me: Watching this on my PC My PC: Oh no... He had the idea

  26. Bear Grills

    Bear Grills2 일 전

    Let's fucking go, I can't wait!

  27. Leonard L Church

    Leonard L Church2 일 전

    literal goosebumbs.

  28. Deivid Rock DEV_TIDM

    Deivid Rock DEV_TIDM2 일 전

    Jebedaiah jovem nerd

  29. ً

    ً2 일 전

    1:03 poor ship

  30. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene2 일 전

    why are dislikes gay?

  31. Andy the gamer

    Andy the gamer2 일 전

    I am crying. Good job!

  32. Giarno van Zeijl

    Giarno van Zeijl3 일 전

    I absolutely adore how it shows such great spectecular failure without even batting an eye.

  33. Nebula

    Nebula3 일 전

    I get serious goosebumps every time I watch this trailer. So hyped.

  34. master shooter64

    master shooter643 일 전

    hey guys please make the engines more realistic please like in ksp the engines optimised for space had small nozzles while the engines optimized for the atmosphere had large nozzles its actually the other way around and im sure you guys will make the game as realistic as possible with at the same time keeping the funny and quirky kerbal gameplay

  35. WarOn4Fun

    WarOn4Fun16 시간 전

    Um... Rockets optimized for atmosphere are generally larger than space thrusters, but with all of the graphical enhancements, it will defiantly look better. When in space, the thrusters are smaller because a small amount of fuel goes much farther and also helps control the burn/temperature to a higher degree of control. You need larger thrusters to escape a planet's gravity well with your payload, and larger thrusters can expel more energy quicker.

  36. mz 00956

    mz 009563 일 전

    Physics work different by the kerbals😂

  37. Stephen Donoghue

    Stephen Donoghue3 일 전


  38. GEOGUY2001

    GEOGUY20013 일 전


  39. Landon Lopez

    Landon Lopez3 일 전

    Robbaz has been called

  40. James Newman

    James Newman3 일 전

    Multiplayer would be cool

  41. Brute Logic

    Brute Logic3 일 전

    A missed opportunity to use "space oddity", but honestly a great trailer

  42. ItzzAdam

    ItzzAdam3 일 전

    I can already see everything blowing up, including my pc

  43. Asher Arya

    Asher Arya3 일 전

    i fucking adore you. if you, the pr guy, are reading this right now, i love you and your team and i am so fucking excited for this game

  44. Littlewizzle 05

    Littlewizzle 054 일 전

    B r u h im still shite at the first game

  45. Guaxi Santos

    Guaxi Santos4 일 전

    Mdsssss esse jogo é maravilhosooooo, esperanod muito já pelo o jogo

  46. Bill Paine

    Bill Paine4 일 전

    I cant wate!!!!

  47. Joh

    Joh4 일 전

    Just take my money already!

  48. Robert Dixon

    Robert Dixon4 일 전

    I'm still watching this trailer I need help or it's that good

  49. Михаил Сыжко

    Михаил Сыжко4 일 전

    "Поехали" Gagarin

  50. Finball X

    Finball X4 일 전

    I'm going to cry from all the nostalgia from the new game that i see in ksp 2

  51. bakugandenis2013

    bakugandenis20134 일 전

    Ah yes, the *MOTIVATIONAL LIZARD*.

  52. Odd1

    Odd14 일 전

    Can we still kill Jeb over and over?

  53. Vinicius Santana

    Vinicius Santana4 일 전

    Im waiting for Bob

  54. Rafael Cout

    Rafael Cout4 일 전

    LAMBDA LAMBDA LAMBDA NERDEEESS ! Tem que ter um reboot do nerdplayer no KSP 2 !

  55. DemonSlayer940

    DemonSlayer9404 일 전

    Let’s just hope that KSP 2 won’t be spyware this time.

  56. Lugnut

    Lugnut4 일 전

    I got honest chills. I mean, this is on the highest end of the gaming spectrum. Cash-out mobile devs will never hold anything close to the art that makes Kerbal Space Program great. Incredible job!

  57. superconnorgamer roblox

    superconnorgamer roblox4 일 전

    it is funny how youtube shows the game the video is about as ksp 2 but is is not actuly out yet

  58. Lunar astro

    Lunar astro4 일 전

    Hey KSP what do you think about all the others games that are coming 2020 like mars horizon

  59. Sean phillips

    Sean phillips4 일 전

    if there was a movie for ksp i would buy it

  60. Pedro Cabral

    Pedro Cabral4 일 전


  61. Crimson Scot

    Crimson Scot5 일 전

    Every time I watch this I get happy :)

  62. Dazley

    Dazley5 일 전

    Can't wait for EPIC to make it their exclusive as well! Not.

  63. Jakub Krzeminski

    Jakub Krzeminski5 일 전

    Gotta start mowing them lawns :)

  64. Tobias Brohl

    Tobias Brohl5 일 전

    Can we please introduce the death penalty for anyone uploading 21:9 content as 16:9 with black bars!

  65. Warror Studio

    Warror Studio5 일 전

    Shut the fuck up and take my money!

  66. New Fire 20 мультфильмы

    New Fire 20 мультфильмы5 일 전

    what is the release date?

  67. Itz Joseph

    Itz Joseph5 일 전


  68. Wallus

    Wallus5 일 전

    Add trains

  69. Ukrainian Mapper

    Ukrainian Mapper5 일 전

    oh no my pc will melt when i will play ksp 2