Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


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    I wish my doctor was like this. But at the same time I don't.... Haha

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    4:13 I’m so dead 😂

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    7:06 - I'm pretty sure the dude was talking about alcohol lol

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    Jeong’s parents are so proud right now, he’s a doctor!!!!

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    The official answer is IDK..I cried.xF

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    My Mom told me that Doctors are the only People i shouldnt ever lie to lol Cant remember how often i had to answer thr question: what did you take? And than you should never lie ;)

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    Hi, I'm a pharmacy student, and I wanted to address the kombucha question. The exact opposite it actually true. Powerful broad spectrum antibiotics kill your native healthy gut bacteria which need to be replaced. These antibiotics are typically given with bacterial slurry drinks to replenish your gut flora. That being said, antibiotics for an ear infection are generally more targeted and mild enough not to cause problems with your gut, unless you have a multi-antibiotic resistant strain and have already been through several rounds of medication. So your medicine shouldn't really be killing off your kombucha. Feel free to drink up. You should experience the normal benefits.

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    Would be way funnier if you treated us like grownups and didn't hella bleep the heckin' crap out of these frackin' things. Hella annoying, dudes.

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    You CAN lie while filling out paperwork at a doctor's office... just like you CAN lie filling out paperwork for the government (i.e. getting passport, driver's license, etc.). Does that mean you SHOULD? Especially if the doctor's office means your HEALTH? Probably not. That was honestly the dumbest question.

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    Watch his comedy special on Netflix.

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    I literally had to pause to finish laughing when he said In most forms of walking pneumonia

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    my favorite person ever

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    Hes an actual doctor?!!

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    Subtle flex with the iPhone

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    Awww. He called his Ho for advice. (Watch his netflix special before you judge! )

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    7:54 he obviously was asking about drinking alcohol, dumdum

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    Lmfao if I had a doctor like this I would love going to visit while simultaneously hate going too. Go for a good laugh but a get good does of reality too 😂 #TruthHurts

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    Does anyone have to listen to the questions twice? He is so distracting I don't hear them lol

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    Who else is watching this video with headphones on

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    only 4 i's one was a j lol

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    *dr. Mike has left the chat*

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    70% of the time the flu shot gives you the flu.


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    Mi hermano le facina la pelicula donde sales creo que es la de QUE PASO AYER

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    Hey, my names Arthur, and I got tuberculosis beating a man. Will smoking help?

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    So he was the guy in Waste it on me music video.

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    if you have more than 3 questions in a tweet your an alchoholic - ken jeong

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    All the people that disliked it are anti vaxers..

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    I literally was in stitches less than 60 seconds into the video... he is 'hella' hilarious !!!

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    I've never drink but I'm a kid. Does that make me an alcoholic? Should I see a therapist? Should I see the label of my coke? Does it differ per person?

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    Johnny Sins has more than 4 jobs though

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    Yall may not know his this person is that im sayin but theres this docter that i used to go to and he looks just like you his name is Austin u.

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    Ken Jeong is amazing. He's a Doctor, he's a comedian and actor, and he's really down to Earth. You can actually see it when he gets a question he knows needs a real or important answer his face changes and - yeah he's awesome. I'm so glad he's back to do another one of these and I can't wait for Doc Support 3: Revenge of the Nurses Union.

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    Dr. Ken Jeong, how can I fix my finals record in the NBA playoffs?

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