Kellyanne Conway touts Trump admin after Bolton's departure


  1. Terry Vm

    Terry Vm9 일 전

    Kellyanne, leave your husband and marry me. At least i am in my (right) mind😍

  2. p8ently obvious

    p8ently obvious13 일 전

    Kelly is just an automaton .

  3. p8ently obvious

    p8ently obvious13 일 전

    Kelly gets stressed out . She is worried that Trump will sack her for not performing.

  4. new new

    new new14 일 전

    Kellyanne is a *BOSS*

  5. Joyce Garza

    Joyce Garza15 일 전

    you "republicans" or what ever you like to call yourselves are living in Utopia

  6. Utie Schwenke

    Utie Schwenke17 일 전

    Fox is turning to the left is there a true conservative network with balls

  7. 265petsar

    265petsar17 일 전

    CONWAY looks tired must have been up all night writing lies for the next days interviews. This mouthpiece of a woman has nothing but hate towards people.....god help her poor husband. She just talks over everyone and never listens, this will be her downfall after Trump has finished with her. She's hanging onto Trump by the nails, so it will be interesting to see if that continues when things go pear shaped. She seems to have forgotten all the accusations she made against Trump before he employed her...... it's all on video. This woman is a Chameleon and will change to whichever employer pays the integrity at all.

  8. Chris Leaver

    Chris Leaver19 일 전

    I can only imagine the horribly disgusting things Kellyanne has to do for Trump to keep her job, and I don't mean just lying for him.

  9. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard21 일 전

    From outside of the US, this USMCA she talks about is not much different than NAFTA, and if you want, go ahead and ask Kelly Anne if USMCA has been ratified. Neither the M part or the CA part has signed it into law. Scream about how good a deal your Trump has brokered, but the deal is yet to be a deal, so your Trump has done nothing.

  10. curb scout

    curb scout23 일 전


  11. anna manning

    anna manning24 일 전

    My God could this woman be any more like Donald Trump? If I didn't know better I'd swear they were one person

  12. Brandon  Montoya

    Brandon Montoya25 일 전

    Bevis in drag

  13. george le

    george le26 일 전

    Our President always makes very good decisions and the best

  14. Andy Slater

    Andy Slater26 일 전

    Are we going to fight the Saud war because they buy trump condos?

  15. John Becker

    John Becker27 일 전

    What a cow

  16. Bad Corvette

    Bad Corvette27 일 전

    Look like she had some fresh work done..... she's not as unattractive as she look in the past.... ... .lies hasn't stopped

  17. LightQuest

    LightQuest29 일 전

    What is the matter with you bill??

  18. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor

    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor29 일 전


  19. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor

    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor29 일 전


  20. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor

    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor29 일 전


  21. Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor

    Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor29 일 전




    she isa con artist sly talker juts like her boss that is why he hired her



    once again wars based on lies,,where is your proof iran did this? sauds are embarrassed by there yemen failure not being able to stop these attacks from peasants with there bilion dollar patriot batteries and yanks look for any excuse to bash iran ,they have been on this campaign for a while

  24. stoeger 2

    stoeger 2개월 전

    Trump is better because he doesn't study facts lol

  25. Terence Winters

    Terence Winters개월 전

    Or read panic at the pump by Jacob's for a detailed history of how we let ourselves become oil dependent beginning with Nixon's lifting the 10% limit on oil imports.

  26. Terence Winters

    Terence Winters개월 전

    Short term it helps domestic frackers and increases self reliance in energy. Long term in M. E. It is a delinkage from the America held hostage campaign started by Iran's Khomeini. OPEC of which iran was a member formed a cartel whose members continually cheated on their own quotas and tried to hold up the western world and the U S. With inflated oil prices . And whose output was a huge part of our world trade deficit. Shias and Sunnis will have their differences regardless of our own desire for a peaceful world .

  27. RedneckSpaceMan

    RedneckSpaceMan개월 전

    Any guy who says that Kellyanne is not attractive is f**king stupid. They call her ugly just because she's Repub-Con. So she's not a nubile 23-year old! There is nothing wrong with her looks. She is charming and pretty. She's also got a brilliant mind!

  28. stoeger 2

    stoeger 2개월 전

    Who cares if she is attractive or not, well maybe her husband?

  29. Robert Kinholt

    Robert Kinholt개월 전

    When are we gonna stop slapping there hand's when Iran keeps boosting there bad habits, it's gotta stop some where or there gonna do something worse, there just testing us to see how far they can get away Crap there doing, that just letting these other idiots out there having ideas, we won't do anything about it,, 🤔



    All in rubbish

  31. Steven Williams

    Steven Williams개월 전

    Trump has accomplished not one deal. So he pulled out of the iran nuclear deal, he didnt like the deal because it was Obama's, with no plan despite being advised not to. KAC will spin everything with no real substance. She said nothing that amounted to anything, but she knows she can get away with it. No trade deal. No North Korea deal. No Iran Nuclear Deal. Not one deal. Not one.

  32. Jerry Martinez

    Jerry Martinez개월 전

    I love Kelly ann

  33. azerovc

    azerovc개월 전

    The warmongering walrus is GONE!

  34. C J

    C J개월 전

    Kelly Anne has had so much work done on her face and even hair extensions. It’s just the mouth moving. She had her teeth worked on but she still needs to get her fangs fixed.

  35. Uncle Ren

    Uncle Ren개월 전

    The whicked witch of the West Wing is truly a piece of work. How much did she sell her soul for, new lipstick? The lying puppet lies as papa ga trump pulls her strings. Anyone who believes this wasted sperm cell, is a wasted sperm cell too!

  36. OutOfSight123

    OutOfSight123개월 전

    If we go to war with Iran, I'm not voting for Trump...

  37. Paul Regalado

    Paul Regalado개월 전

    With an attitude like would be a great opportunity for Iran to do WHATEVER IT WANTS TO DO. This would fall under good strategy to take an enemy down. Make sure your leaders can defend themselves. Don't tie their hands behind their backs. The Iranian leadership knows your thinking.

  38. Barbara  Tucker

    Barbara Tucker개월 전

    Kellyanne shout your mouth your husband dont wont to here your lies oh go suck a🍋 😭

  39. chuchi p

    chuchi p개월 전

    This President and Administration are a joke. God help us all

  40. Flat Horizons

    Flat Horizons개월 전

    I didn’t vote for this kind of crap.

  41. Jeff Brisson

    Jeff Brisson개월 전

    Sounds like the CIA been working hard to start the next war?

  42. Spin Apex

    Spin Apex개월 전

    My God Kellyanne is so great.

  43. David Fitch

    David Fitch개월 전

    Oh, Kellyanne - are you having (another) stroke or somethin' (?) : Ps - Reset the fuse, honey ..for ur own sake.

  44. POP

    POP개월 전

    Cant believe a word they say!!!!! Bernie Sanders 2020

  45. Steve Davis

    Steve Davis개월 전

    Big Bird running as a Democrat for President would have a better chance of winning

  46. M bryant

    M bryant개월 전

    If Trump & Conway say it's's true, if you are a brain dead moron like them. Good luck you ignorant morons.

  47. Jed Phykitt

    Jed Phykitt개월 전

    Hey Fox News how about upgrading your Internet connection. This conversation lag is killing me

  48. Wesley C.

    Wesley C.개월 전

    Kellyanne should be counseling the president, not preaching to the choir.

  49. Steve Davis

    Steve Davis개월 전

    Fox should fire Bill

  50. Westside Flyer

    Westside Flyer개월 전

    This woman has reached a new height of stupid.

  51. Jan Day

    Jan Day개월 전

    She's da bomb

  52. Wes McGee

    Wes McGee개월 전

    Tough, highly intelligent powerful women just turn me the heck on. Dadgummit. Sorry, I quit cussin.

  53. John Milton

    John Milton개월 전


  54. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez개월 전

    This Bill guy, is kind like C.W. lame. Can't stand him. Click.

  55. John Milton

    John Milton개월 전


  56. Max Alexander

    Max Alexander개월 전


  57. Max Alexander

    Max Alexander개월 전


  58. ronald olson

    ronald olson개월 전

    Mrs.Conway,u look fabulous.something about I like along with your beauty! Always look forward to seeing u.

  59. Washington Hoax

    Washington Hoax개월 전

    As soon as Bolton is gone - Boom! - start lobbing missiles - the War Hawk is gone from USA (Trump won't attack to save his weak old Hippies and Hispsters Voters with child like ideals). Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia all need Oil prices to increase in order to fund their government (including weapons). The Saudi's have been decreasing Oil output so a chokepoint attack will hurt extra.

  60. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith개월 전

    MARK MY WORDS: Iran didn't hit Saudi. Saudi and Russia have been desperately trying to get oil over $80.00 per barrel. Saudi's new IPO which is the largest oil company in the world needs oil over $80.00 per barrel so the IPO will translate to 2.5 trillion. At $60.00 per barrel as it is now because it fell today, the IPO is only worth 1.2 trillion and the Saudi economy can not transition away from oil as quickly as they will need for their future. LET THAT SINK IN!

  61. 1010Huey

    1010Huey개월 전

    President Bedbug donnie dum-dum's tapeworms are all amoral, immoral, and insane. Like this conway woman, they are devoid of anything good. Empty, hateful, disgusting.

  62. rick9021090210

    rick9021090210개월 전

    Fox, stop this lightning bullshite already... in my opinion, the lightning round is a cheap way to ask unfair trap questions... ask nicely and fairly... no need to go all democraty on your guests fox... cheers!