1. Doll planet29

    Doll planet29일 전

    Seungkwan couldn’t do the jumping parts because of his ankle injury :(

  2. radiantTae’s tea

    radiantTae’s tea일 전

    Who’s the guy with the thicc eyebrows at 1:22? Ya the one at 2:49😁

  3. c h e r r y m a r.

    c h e r r y m a r.2 일 전

    2:45 mingyu my beby is smiling. ♡

  4. YOWYoona

    YOWYoona3 일 전


  5. Kartika Eka Putri Anjani

    Kartika Eka Putri Anjani3 일 전

    whaaaaa miss u seventeen

  6. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan3 일 전

    Their first ever messy performance 😂😂 i salute mingyu's straight face at the beginning tho

  7. Shin Kumiko

    Shin Kumiko3 일 전

    putting Junhui in the middle is the best decision of their main choreographer yes!!!!! I wish there are more official fancam versions. oh well learn from masternims and admins of their pages their fancams are even better than the official footage. Pls hire better Camera men next time XDD

  8. Lyskra

    Lyskra3 일 전

    do you know i love them

  9. betty

    betty6 일 전


  10. Alan cruz

    Alan cruz6 일 전

    I have post Concert/Convention depression

  11. Novy Cendian

    Novy Cendian7 일 전


  12. AllYeols Park

    AllYeols Park8 일 전

    jeonghan at he end tho ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Uri Sebeuntin

    Uri Sebeuntin8 일 전

    i laugh so hard when Dino bumps into Mingyu hahahaha but thumbs up for Mingyu for keeping that straight face ❤❤❤

  14. car7glass

    car7glass8 일 전

    seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen ho! seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen ho! seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen ho! seventeen bit! nae! jul! gae!

  15. faiznur anis

    faiznur anis9 일 전

    Did you guys see mingyu's smile there 2:45-2:47, he looks like he is having fun 😊

  16. Nhu Ha

    Nhu Ha10 일 전


  17. Park Jimin’s Wifeu

    Park Jimin’s Wifeu11 일 전

    Center Jun tho 😍

  18. 나야ᄏᄏ

    나야ᄏᄏ11 일 전

    vernon was sooo gooddd 😫💞💕💖💗💘💓💜

  19. S s

    S s12 일 전

    1:21 we're so hooooot 💙 Love hoshi

  20. Mr Doofus

    Mr Doofus14 일 전

    3:42 Dino going crazy with the brrrrrrrraaa

  21. namfon namfon

    namfon namfon14 일 전


  22. shadowqueen15 Atiny

    shadowqueen15 Atiny16 일 전

    I'm not a stan.. but I started to think about Seventeen too much.. does it mean I........ Oh fuck..

  23. Monica Ong

    Monica Ong17 일 전

    I'm hella proud of Minghao.

  24. Kei

    Kei18 일 전

    めっちゃカッコイイ😍 ダンスミテルトゾクゾクスル。

  25. Briana C

    Briana C19 일 전

    Their energy is INSANE

  26. Rex DC

    Rex DC19 일 전

    Im noy really fan of kpop but this group is amazing!

  27. elln zev

    elln zev19 일 전

    this will always be the hardest choreography of seventeen, well maybe at the moment cause they always surprise us


    ANA PAWALA20 일 전

    The8 seventeen i love you

  29. Douglas fir

    Douglas fir20 일 전

    2:06 The 8 and Jeonghan dance really cute together........💕💖❤💕🌹💕💖

  30. daeyon g

    daeyon g21 일 전

    the synchronisation is so scary THIS is what we call dancers

  31. Ahna Park

    Ahna Park21 일 전

    It reflects how serious they are regarding on how they perform. 😘😍💐💍👑

  32. Marie Chloe Bido

    Marie Chloe Bido21 일 전

    I can't find a biase? Because there are all visuals and each uniqueness!

  33. gordiono ungson

    gordiono ungson21 일 전

    SEVENTEEN is new okay just saw them there new band I just found them out so many of them. There cool off the hook SEVENTEEN off the hook in there own eays there off the hook amazing.

  34. Austin

    Austin22 일 전

    I saw this in person KCON LA 2019 it was liiiiit!

  35. k w

    k w22 일 전

    hi!! in case you are watching this as a new carat, here is seventeen’s 3rd full album that came out this month!! open.spotify.com/album/4btxaakgIaE1AkXqpReLwd?si=Czy_p76TT2OLKr7GOZoQFQ

  36. asyiqin aripin

    asyiqin aripin22 일 전

    Jun ❤ Joshua 💖

  37. pjm_wxlfie

    pjm_wxlfie23 일 전

    why did scoups looks so hippie in the intro when he was walking past mingyu? xD

  38. Leo 2000

    Leo 200023 일 전


  39. Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster23 일 전

    “ BRRR SSA! “ Me : okay, im died


    ANA PAWALA23 일 전

    The8 😭😭😭

  41. F A

    F A24 일 전


  42. Reza Mae Cadallo

    Reza Mae Cadallo24 일 전

    How can i breath!???😂😂💗💗💗

  43. Mila Tiardhan

    Mila Tiardhan24 일 전

    Jeonghan, Jun, and Joshua ♥️♥️♥️

  44. kim kim

    kim kim24 일 전

    you see, they are a true performer.

  45. Darkness Light

    Darkness Light25 일 전

    Bruhh, I have MAD respect for SEVENTEEN y'all. Like damn. Their choreography is beyond amazing, vocals, music...wow. & I'm a CARAT since day one & always amazed.

  46. Bright Sky

    Bright Sky25 일 전

    No doubt. This is Seventeen. No hard choreography for them

  47. Wan Mat Bin Sulaiman

    Wan Mat Bin Sulaiman25 일 전

    Wowwwww jeongha.n as thumbnail

  48. ArmyxMonbebexBabyz

    ArmyxMonbebexBabyz25 일 전

    As a Monbebe big respect! Really kings of choreos! 😍😍😍

  49. _.http.jaemin_

    _.http.jaemin_25 일 전

    now that was hot

  50. Nalo Life

    Nalo Life25 일 전

    WOW! 🥰

  51. The Life of Ash Tarts

    The Life of Ash Tarts26 일 전

    Ok but no matter what fandom you're from, you cannot deny Seventeen own every live performance they do. They are so intense, full of energy, stable and in sync, like just damn pure talent. How do you not stan a group full of 13 incredible, dedicated, hardworking, funny, kind human beings?? Moral of the story: stan Seventeen 🙌🙌😍💜💖❤️

  52. Princess 911

    Princess 91126 일 전

    They're crazilly HOT 🔥😍💖!

  53. Saskia Aulianissa

    Saskia Aulianissa26 일 전


  54. Eimon Thetkhine

    Eimon Thetkhine26 일 전

    My oppas!so energetic

  55. Atalya Roem

    Atalya Roem26 일 전

    Jeonghan agak kurusan :(

  56. Dessaa Stylinson

    Dessaa Stylinson26 일 전


  57. LavenderKnight 22

    LavenderKnight 2226 일 전

    I'm not getting tired of this song even when the fear was released. I mean, who gets tired of SEVENTEEN'S song?

  58. Jhy jy

    Jhy jy26 일 전

    Mingyu so handsome🔥🔥

  59. Ayesha Nadya

    Ayesha Nadya26 일 전

    the power...did you feel the power...their power is so scary

  60. Dana Aguirre

    Dana Aguirre26 일 전

    They own the stage! I scream like it's a seventeen concert🖤