[KCON 2019 LA] IZ*ONE - Violeta|KCON 2019 LA × M COUNTDOWN


  1. Isabella Marquez

    Isabella Marquez16 시간 전

    the screens when chaeyeon came on screen at kcon was so loud . so glad she’s getting appreciated

  2. Kpop Finds

    Kpop Finds2 일 전

    Hitomi looks gorgeous with her long blond hair oml I almost couldn’t recognize her wowow

  3. Jso My love

    Jso My love3 일 전

    How many people r there ?audience

  4. Tomasz Cisoń

    Tomasz Cisoń5 일 전


  5. Tomasz Cisoń

    Tomasz Cisoń5 일 전

    Thsi Video👍🏽💯🎵✨🔝😍🤗🤣🙃😘💞

  6. Nelly Dahn

    Nelly Dahn5 일 전

    The screams for eunbi😭

  7. jiraeqi

    jiraeqi7 일 전

    the thing about iz*one is that they just look so fresh on stage and it's like when the music starts, they turn into fairies. you don't see talent like this in new rookie groups. stan iz*one!

  8. Sylvia Mansour

    Sylvia Mansour8 일 전

    0:21 is my mood when it’s 6am and I’m waiting for my mom too tell me I need to wake up

  9. John Swift

    John Swift10 일 전

    2:53 slay queen

  10. John Swift

    John Swift10 일 전

    ChaeYeon is so popular in LA

  11. Joaquin dcm

    Joaquin dcm11 일 전

    every time i see one of this k-pop groups, i can only think of how much they have suffered to become part of the ensemble...

  12. Mohariza Mala

    Mohariza Mala13 일 전

    Chaeyeon is everyone's pick.😍😍😍

  13. Ivan Shark

    Ivan Shark14 일 전

    The screams for Yujin 3:10 :3

  14. Nguyen Kim Chung

    Nguyen Kim Chung15 일 전

    Can you heard some girls are scream when yena part is come? Im so proud of yena oppa

  15. Martin Agassy

    Martin Agassy16 일 전

    Eunbi and Chaeyeon girl's crush 🔥🔥

  16. 尚先輩

    尚先輩17 일 전


  17. Mayehana Mae Juacalla

    Mayehana Mae Juacalla17 일 전


  18. happened? What

    happened? What17 일 전


  19. Keith Lund

    Keith Lund18 일 전

    Violeta is an amazing song. It's IZ*ONE's best song, and one of the best songs of 2019. It's a bop. This was an awesome performance. 😍

  20. Tyur Naomi

    Tyur Naomi20 일 전

    Everyone love chaeyeonnn ❤❤

  21. princess lia

    princess lia21 일 전

    oh how chaeyeon smiled when she received literally earsplitting screams 😭 💜

  22. princess lia

    princess lia21 일 전


  23. Insyirah Humaira

    Insyirah Humaira21 일 전

    My bias sakuraa😍

  24. — angela

    — angela21 일 전

    3:18 who taught you that yena? Wtfff

  25. Svfazul retos y tags

    Svfazul retos y tags22 일 전

    Its only me, or when Chaeyeon is singing and dancing the people go crazy!?

  26. 安里恵美

    安里恵美22 일 전

    아이즈원 사랑해요❤️

  27. Margaretha esr

    Margaretha esr23 일 전


  28. Francine Kim

    Francine Kim23 일 전

    Lee chaeyeon my feather dancing queen

  29. Lady X

    Lady X23 일 전

    That screams every time chaeyeons time make me so proud of herrr 😭.

  30. Sincerely Defiant

    Sincerely Defiant23 일 전

    Kinda sad chaeyeon is least popular in Japan and sk

  31. kang minhee the living meme

    kang minhee the living meme24 일 전

    no one's gonna talk about hitomi and her beatiful dress? how she looks so pretty? how i feel attacked? no one? it's okay

  32. Khaleda Yasmin

    Khaleda Yasmin24 일 전

    I'm crying after hearding those fancharts!!!!

  33. MAO M.

    MAO M.24 일 전

    口パクがわかりやすい笑 ある程度は実力があるってプデュでわかってるからちゃんと歌ってほしい 口パクが多すぎるから好きじゃなくなった…

  34. Hamham Love

    Hamham Love25 일 전

    IZ*ONE สวยระดับนางเอก ทุกคนครับ

  35. kiri

    kiri26 일 전


  36. angelic moondust

    angelic moondust26 일 전


  37. Marie Ann Dela Cruz

    Marie Ann Dela Cruz26 일 전

    Chaeyon is not underrated anymore😁😁😁😁

  38. 남자 이름

    남자 이름27 일 전


  39. I Munoz

    I Munoz28 일 전

    I'm not a K-Pop fan but this song, melodically speaking, is very interesting. You can extract the melody and arrange it into a killer jazz jam.

  40. way liv ok

    way liv ok28 일 전

    Chaeyeon is internacional all know she 💓💓💓💓💓🥇

  41. Baechu's #1 Stan

    Baechu's #1 Stan29 일 전

    minju’s visuals, wow.

  42. Alice slimeow

    Alice slimeow29 일 전

    Is BLACKPINK 'MIC (is same)

  43. miko corpuz

    miko corpuz29 일 전

    woah chaeyeon is famous on western

  44. I'm Dee

    I'm Dee29 일 전

    Kwon eunbi, Choi Yena, Chaeyeon, Chaewon, n Jo Yuri is real talent. ( 3:10 n this girl)

  45. Stan IZ*ONE for a HAPPIER life

    Stan IZ*ONE for a HAPPIER life29 일 전

    She is An Yujin 💙

  46. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob개월 전

    Can we just just agree Wonyoung, Minju, Chaeyeon, and Eunbi are the most popular members in america

  47. softnniel

    softnniel개월 전


  48. Dean Marky Pinpin

    Dean Marky Pinpin개월 전

    I feel bad for the other members especially hitomi, i mean she deserved to be loved and cheer too.. This 1 of the reasons why i don't want/ have a biases because i don't want others to be feel bad whenever i have a kpop group to be liked...

  49. ARMY m

    ARMY m개월 전

    유진 언니 느낌 위험

  50. Qhory Winiyar

    Qhory Winiyar개월 전

    intro song is good and izone performance is amazing

  51. Lucas Scheider

    Lucas Scheider개월 전

    I'm so proud of them! They got so much love and loud fanchants that proves they're also popular internationally!❤️ GO IZ*ONE!❤️👍

  52. Chun Li

    Chun Li개월 전

    Chaeyeon gave me goosebumps when they screamed for her

  53. Together We Can

    Together We Can개월 전

    Go go go WIZ*ONE keep streaming and support our baby IZ*ONE

  54. Anoop Sreedharan

    Anoop Sreedharan개월 전

    1:21 that transformation with the beat wonyong is cute af💖

  55. —xu young

    —xu young개월 전

    Sakura miyawaki 😘

  56. Film All Favorite Scenes

    Film All Favorite Scenes개월 전

    1:00 I love the intro so much

  57. MARJ

    MARJ개월 전

    Chaeyeon is really famous in US

  58. eunhyexi

    eunhyexi개월 전


  59. Rara Batara

    Rara Batara개월 전

    When will they have another korean comeback?

  60. The night of a Wiz*SONcE

    The night of a Wiz*SONcE개월 전

    @Rara Batara me too!

  61. Rara Batara

    Rara Batara개월 전

    @The night of a Wiz*SONcE can't wait 🥺

  62. The night of a Wiz*SONcE

    The night of a Wiz*SONcE개월 전

    In october/november

  63. haji sando

    haji sando개월 전


  64. Zhai MBg

    Zhai MBg개월 전

    they're all *LEGS*