1. Ali.16 H.

    Ali.16 H.11 일 전

    Yuna looks gorgeous😍😍😍😍

  2. Colyn Javelosa

    Colyn Javelosa12 일 전

    I'm very happy Lia really improved a lot. She can now sing comfortably and her voice is now stable. I'm so proud.❤❤😭

  3. Itzy Tea

    Itzy Tea19 일 전

    The introooooooooooo😍😍😍😍

  4. Itzy Tea

    Itzy Tea19 일 전


  5. Risna Pratiwi

    Risna Pratiwi26 일 전

    Chaeryeong beauty voiceee

  6. Dennise Jeon

    Dennise Jeon27 일 전

    1:29 am i the only one but that girl looks like hitomi😳

  7. midzyhere

    midzyhere29 일 전

    yeji stage presence killed me

  8. Christie Wungleng

    Christie Wungleng개월 전

    Yeji kinda looks like Jennie.

  9. Itz_GachaShadowGirl UwU

    Itz_GachaShadowGirl UwU개월 전

    Love the intro Itzy!

  10. Laura _Chanz

    Laura _Chanz개월 전


  11. Nadia MA

    Nadia MA개월 전

    I have to say that Yeji's charisma and stage present are undoubt I drawn in her magical eyes

  12. Choi is the new hyunsuk

    Choi is the new hyunsuk개월 전

    0:25 this dance reminds me of chaeyeon's dance on this one music award, I forgot the name.. But it looks like chaeyeon's dance

  13. Chae-lyeong Lee

    Chae-lyeong Lee2 개월 전

    Is it just me or was the intro an instrumental remix of Bishop Brigg’s ‘River’?

  14. RosieTheRabbit

    RosieTheRabbit2 개월 전

    ITZY is like the 2ne1 of JYP they’re just as good or even better and they only just started !

  15. Jela Santos

    Jela Santos2 개월 전

    RYUJIN looks so pretty!!

  16. Oanhhh Kim

    Oanhhh Kim2 개월 전


  17. _ b

    _ b2 개월 전

    2.11 that V?

  18. vandy vandy

    vandy vandy2 개월 전

    ITZY is so young but they so talent is that right MIDZY

  19. Abil Batman

    Abil Batman2 개월 전

    *2:11** lesbian*

  20. Angel margarrtt

    Angel margarrtt2 개월 전

    Perlu dilatih lagi vokal yg masih berantakan

  21. Hoang Dung

    Hoang Dung3 개월 전

    Trời ơi,yuna cười làm em muốn rớt tim ra ngoài lun ròi nè😍😍😍😍

  22. Amanda Karoline

    Amanda Karoline3 개월 전

    Lia & Yuna 😍😻❤️ !!! Muito fofa ahhh.

  23. andi akbar

    andi akbar3 개월 전

    Dang, it look like a senior gg

  24. rocket smile

    rocket smile3 개월 전

    I love itzy

  25. Woozical land

    Woozical land3 개월 전

    I mis ariel^-^

  26. JW

    JW3 개월 전

    Looks like they put just 30% of the energy on the dance compared to the dance practice video which I really admired on. Disappointed. It is the same as in LA KCON 2019. Maybe they are tired on traveling.

  27. Mei Maisyaroh

    Mei Maisyaroh3 개월 전

    But they have stage presents like they senior compare other 😊😊😊

  28. Mei Maisyaroh

    Mei Maisyaroh3 개월 전

    All korea group sing live was not very... Very strong as dance practice!!!!

  29. Mei Maisyaroh

    Mei Maisyaroh3 개월 전

    Itzy only gg sing live at kcon Japan btw 😏😏😏😏😏

  30. Petrissia Tris

    Petrissia Tris3 개월 전


  31. nzl gzr

    nzl gzr3 개월 전


  32. Carla Mae Abad

    Carla Mae Abad3 개월 전

    I can't find any yuna stans here pls don't say that I'm alone here plss?🙋‍♀️


    KPOP LOVERS3 개월 전

    Yyuuunnnaaa..... 😁 😁 😊 😊

  34. Bubbly_ Sky

    Bubbly_ Sky4 개월 전

    That intro thoo 💖🔥

  35. yumicchi

    yumicchi4 개월 전

    They're more like the next 2NE1 than BP. I really like Yeji's facial expression.

  36. Elfis cinta Elfis cinta

    Elfis cinta Elfis cinta4 개월 전


  37. Subay Goziah

    Subay Goziah4 개월 전

    Yeji beautiful

  38. Julius Zieto Ferrer

    Julius Zieto Ferrer4 개월 전

    Chaeryoung is so gorgeous .love thiss girl😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  39. asdfghjkl

    asdfghjkl4 개월 전

    i don't who my bias is on itzy :)

  40. Trisha Grace Gammad

    Trisha Grace Gammad4 개월 전


  41. Essi K.

    Essi K.4 개월 전

    At first I thought Lia was a badass pretty girl but daym.. She's such a cinnamon roll that makes me want to protect her somehow

  42. Shah Kim

    Shah Kim4 개월 전

    I like their outfit in this perf

  43. En En

    En En4 개월 전

    These rookies are monsters in putting great performances..