Kayle and Morgana: The Righteous and the Fallen | Champion Gameplay Trailer - League of Legends


  1. Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

    Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra14 일 전

    This was more a redesign than a rework right?

  2. RRQ M E L L

    RRQ M E L L21 일 전

    es una campeona muy completa

  3. Moxie

    Moxie23 일 전


  4. Vlog Brothers 2019

    Vlog Brothers 2019개월 전

    0:50 is lings ultimate in mobile legends

  5. VaanWuGaming

    VaanWuGaming2 개월 전

    Nice they reunion in TFT.

  6. Jemarc Fontanilla

    Jemarc Fontanilla2 개월 전

    Who says mobile legend is better

  7. dinky doo

    dinky doo2 개월 전

    Sad morgana didn't even change just her looks

  8. Kayle, The Righteous

    Kayle, The Righteous2 개월 전

    Even before the rework, Morgana and Kayle were said to come from somewhere that wasn’t Runeterra but above it, meaning they would have come from Targon.

  9. Kayle, The Righteous

    Kayle, The Righteous2 개월 전

    Morgana got urged by three people and blocked it with an E.

  10. Ken lei

    Ken lei3 개월 전

    In all honesty, morgana and kayle are just 2 halves of the same coin afterall

  11. Tina 01

    Tina 013 개월 전

    Why do we have yasuo in our team if not to feed

  12. Mr. Cyan Cube

    Mr. Cyan Cube개월 전

    Why do we play, if not too carry the dirt

  13. Ahri Fox Lady

    Ahri Fox Lady3 개월 전

    I wanna see Kayle and Morgana fight Aatrox

  14. Elite499

    Elite4993 개월 전

    And the BUYERS of justice shall vanquish the darkness???? WTF!

  15. Elijah YM

    Elijah YM3 개월 전

    Just imagined if they had a Epic Battle in the future or a cinematic for them.

  16. E-0n [file.exe]

    E-0n [file.exe]3 개월 전

    1:01 A perfect summary of the characters and their opposing ideals.

  17. Refo Nico

    Refo Nico4 개월 전

    kayle is pahteon long lost sister

  18. Von Sakamoto

    Von Sakamoto4 개월 전

    "if evil grows so shall I" Me: How did leona became evil like seriously

  19. TristanaJanna

    TristanaJanna3 개월 전

    that is the point she is not


    YUNUS GEYİK4 개월 전

    Kayle : Don't turn your back on me, sis Morgana : I never came back Your favorite line. :)

  21. GNesiX

    GNesiX4 개월 전

    the latest champion that gets a pentakill just by autoattacking

  22. Dusk Sorrow

    Dusk Sorrow4 개월 전

    Kayle: as evil grows, so shall I *but kills Leona*

  23. Shabobo

    Shabobo4 개월 전

    I'm confused werent they released back in 2009 why are they dropping a "gameplay trailer" now?

  24. one God, The Father One Master, Jesus Christ

    one God, The Father One Master, Jesus Christ4 개월 전

    Haylel(Luficer) and Satan, Venus and Diana! Come out of them this is a Satanic and demonic game, which deceives you and bind you! Yahushua Hamashiach is your only hope to reconcile with the true and living God, which is our Father!❤️💕 YAHWEH Elohim loves you and come to Him and He will give you life, peace and abundantly through His Son Yahushua HaMassiach our Lord and only Mediator between God and us. Therefore turn to Him, my friends! May Elohim Our Father, and Adon Yahushua Hamashiach Peace, Truth, Love and Grace be with all of you!❤️💓💕

  25. pepe el loquillo:v

    pepe el loquillo:v5 개월 전

    Morgana beat than kayle

  26. BlitzWolf Tribal

    BlitzWolf Tribal5 개월 전

    why are morgana's hands so freakishly big....am i the only one that notices that?

  27. BlitzWolf Tribal

    BlitzWolf Tribal6 개월 전

    didnt notice that morgana doesnt wear shoes

  28. Chou Tzuyu

    Chou Tzuyu6 개월 전

    Why do i feel like new morg is like sg ahri who only looks is change

  29. Hakosoft The Eldritch

    Hakosoft The Eldritch6 개월 전

    writers of this deserve a rise

  30. Lhyann Cortez

    Lhyann Cortez6 개월 전

    Kayle: Why do we have wings sister if not to fly? Jesus Kayle is dumb, HOW IS MORGANA SUPPOSE TO FLY WITH HER WINGS ON HER BUTT?!?!!

  31. Ryu primeus

    Ryu primeus6 개월 전

    Those who choose evil over good well get the second death and become NOTHING and cease to exist no more.

  32. Hunter Hanes

    Hunter Hanes6 개월 전

    My name's Morgana, thousand year old- STUNNER, from the land where magic is illegal, Demacia!

  33. Random frog

    Random frog6 개월 전

    so kayle flies but still needs boots to move faster

  34. Lani Morada

    Lani Morada7 개월 전

    0:56 three Q?

  35. ase ventura

    ase ventura7 개월 전

    That's how freya from ml should've been, a GODESS!

  36. nikos vr

    nikos vr7 개월 전

    Revert akali

  37. OneVeigarShot

    OneVeigarShot7 개월 전

    I want a new skin for Veigar!

  38. Everss Games

    Everss Games7 개월 전

    I literally saw 0 difference with old and new morgana, expect ...nothing Same Stun Same Shield Same Aoe spell Same ultimate Is it real life?

  39. Fleihr

    Fleihr7 개월 전

    My skin suggestion is: Dawnbringer Morgana Nightbringer Kayle Do it riot.



    nah this skinline is only for ionian champs

  41. Dauntless Vanguard

    Dauntless Vanguard2 개월 전

    @Flo Darkness with foolishness and light with extremist, they are the faces of the same coin, one would bring peace throught fear the other would fail at doing so because morgana believes any person that is evil can be reedemed thou meaning she would punish them lightly and the criminal would not learn making this an endless cicle of failure, Kayle is too harsh she would bring peace through fear and we all know how that ends.

  42. Duy Phát Nguyễn

    Duy Phát Nguyễn3 개월 전

    @Ninja Gaming Would be a cool idea for the next versus, I'm pretty sure Morgana would get a lot of attention and potentially even win the fight, making it the first time the light side remain victorious despite her being darkness :P

  43. Ninja Gaming

    Ninja Gaming3 개월 전

    @Von Sakamoto i think he mean reverse morgana and reverse kayle ☺☻☺

  44. Life Sucks

    Life Sucks3 개월 전

    Von Sakamoto morgana isn’t evil tho

  45. charles ong

    charles ong7 개월 전

    Now we need a guest character from other franchise and i think its good, like Virgil for example from DMC 5 or polish The DMC 3 version oh and also add Dante since they're siblings, Kayle and Morgana and Virgil and Dante could make an epic sibling joke

  46. felix freitag

    felix freitag7 개월 전

    I demand a REAL Trailer!

  47. Miguel Siapno

    Miguel Siapno8 개월 전

    How many wings morgana have?

  48. Carlos Hernandez Trujillo

    Carlos Hernandez Trujillo8 개월 전

    League of legends Is Fake

  49. Palmeirass

    Palmeirass8 개월 전

    Morgana Champion Gameplay

  50. miguel pare

    miguel pare8 개월 전


  51. Mark

    Mark8 개월 전

    Please have an Angel Skin for Morgana

  52. Cry Chicken

    Cry Chicken8 개월 전

    Nice! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  53. nickrackhead

    nickrackhead8 개월 전

    That Kayle one looks like Morgana from trollhunters lmao

  54. Meguneri

    Meguneri8 개월 전

    Music please

  55. aychexseee

    aychexseee8 개월 전

    This is gross. In the fight between Kayle and Lucian, its like Fortnite art vs Riot Games art. What are you doing Riot? Don't adopt that animation and art, please.

  56. CowAnd Chick

    CowAnd Chick8 개월 전

    Beatiful reworks morgana reminds me of a Disney character and kayle looks like one of those seraphs from an rpg game Give aatrox his second e back

  57. Jamie Clarke

    Jamie Clarke8 개월 전

    morgana = Morrigan from DA:O

  58. Yi Master

    Yi Master8 개월 전

    Looking forward to a song with lyrics for Master Yi! From fans of Master Yi!

  59. Shanty Town

    Shanty Town8 개월 전

    Epic montage of all of kayles abilities and passive Morgana: throws q twice, pool, shield, ult

  60. Mikhail The Greatest Dragon

    Mikhail The Greatest Dragon4 개월 전

    That's the point, given only one of them got a full rework

  61. Adria

    Adria8 개월 전

    Riot animations have lesser fps quality day by day... so sad.

  62. Alex A5ylum

    Alex A5ylum8 개월 전

    The Versus event was set and you prefered cats vs dogs... Come on, Riot!

  63. James Robles

    James Robles7 개월 전

    It wouldve been nice if it was justice vs mercy thing like these two have

  64. Andrea Calio

    Andrea Calio8 개월 전

    They made Kayle have the Aatrox rework

  65. nekochuu

    nekochuu8 개월 전

    kayle: as evil grows, so shall i kayle: *kills leona*

  66. truthseeker

    truthseeker3 일 전

    Jin the banana from the left Of course the moon shines... It's called moonlight...

  67. Jaden Quest

    Jaden Quest개월 전

    She was jealous of Leona

  68. Tidal Octoling

    Tidal Octoling2 개월 전

    @Lissandra, The Witch this^^^^^

  69. Lissandra, The Witch

    Lissandra, The Witch4 개월 전

    @meinnameuebersteigt diemaximale Well actually leona lore was updated and she learned the truth a sought out diana

  70. Jose Luis Mejia Villamizar

    Jose Luis Mejia Villamizar4 개월 전

    @Blazeest they are aspects of the same god btw

  71. Mr.Cheese Chick

    Mr.Cheese Chick8 개월 전

    imagine imprisoned for 15 years and after you breakthrough you're imprisoned again for 15 years on Morgana's Q

  72. Mark Owen

    Mark Owen6 개월 전

    Poor sylas

  73. Helion Zerx

    Helion Zerx8 개월 전

    Mr.Cheese Chick ”Urf”

  74. Miguel Ch

    Miguel Ch8 개월 전

    Just horrible, why they look so cartoonish, there's definitely no atention to detail. TERRIBLE REWORK

  75. szymon karaś

    szymon karaś8 개월 전

    so bad morgana, miss her poofy dress and wings , blackthorn, ghost bride and bewitching so awfull.. give it back

  76. Nixi z

    Nixi z8 개월 전

    yeah aight