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Kash Doll - Ice Me Out


  1. _Dairita_

    _Dairita_5 시간 전


  2. Adam Rios

    Adam Rios6 시간 전

    Eat me out

  3. Konceited Kai

    Konceited Kai6 시간 전

    this was shit - and i dont mean "tha shit" or "my shit" i mean she has the shittest ryhmes ever!

  4. Shaniya Owens

    Shaniya Owens9 시간 전

    I thought it was “ask me out.”

  5. JOE peeer

    JOE peeer12 시간 전

    awesome song...but she sounds needy

  6. jayden gacha

    jayden gacha14 시간 전

    *turns on heat*

  7. Mira Ldiouw

    Mira Ldiouw20 시간 전


  8. Ziggy Vitalis

    Ziggy Vitalis일 전

    is it only me that searched "Ask me out nigga ask me out"

  9. Erica Gustavo2288

    Erica Gustavo2288일 전

    Nicki Manji Ha enters the chat

  10. Queen Javaun

    Queen Javaun일 전

    Kash basically killed this beat💀💀 idgaf what you say, this song is lit🔥🔥🔥

  11. Stephanie Rosales

    Stephanie Rosales일 전

    She says “ ask me out” or it it just me?

  12. Xyla Avakin

    Xyla Avakin일 전

    *0.75 sound like she already iced out*

  13. odell boomkum

    odell boomkum일 전

    Why my girl start playing this when I start eating her out

  14. zamanimoore

    zamanimoore일 전

    This song is gay

  15. lmtanderson

    lmtanderson일 전


  16. Boi wot

    Boi wot2 일 전

    *a s s m e o w*

  17. Yvonne Tall

    Yvonne Tall2 일 전

    Ice me out

  18. Mr Daniel Berry

    Mr Daniel Berry2 일 전

    Detroit is so proud of you, we love you! #icemethefuckouttttt 😂😂😂💯💯😘

  19. John Jhon

    John Jhon2 일 전

    Beat me up beat me up sis

  20. Julie Flowers

    Julie Flowers2 일 전

    hey this ariyanna my birthday was the same day as you I love your ice me out

  21. Christi Gilbert

    Christi Gilbert2 일 전


  22. Ceyda Zara

    Ceyda Zara2 일 전

    “beat me up, beat me up sis”

  23. jae goforth

    jae goforth일 전

    Ceyda Zara “beat me up. Bitch, beat me up. Periot! beat me up”

  24. Mahogany Fontaine

    Mahogany Fontaine2 일 전

    Scotty: Beam me up 🛸

  25. brii martinez

    brii martinez3 일 전

    I swear when i hear this song it reminds me of act up

  26. MekkahDaDon

    MekkahDaDon3 일 전

    Straight garbage🗑️😒💀

  27. Rihanna

    Rihanna3 일 전

    Elsa left the chat

  28. one big breadstick

    one big breadstick3 일 전


  29. Heaven Playz_roblox

    Heaven Playz_roblox3 일 전


  30. Amanda Arone

    Amanda Arone4 일 전

    I thought it was "asked me out" ... :( But this is better and funny

  31. Big Loli

    Big Loli4 일 전


  32. Full Fledge Connections

    Full Fledge Connections4 일 전

    Woo lawd Baby know she Sum Fine & Fatal!!

  33. Christina Sheppard

    Christina Sheppard4 일 전


  34. Jade Williams

    Jade Williams4 일 전

    Kash Doll: Ask me out Me: Will u go out with me? Kash Doll: Yes, now ICE ME OUT! 😂

  35. Cashmere Clown

    Cashmere Clown4 일 전

    this song is actually cheeks lmao

  36. jess

    jess4 일 전

    I always thought she said ask me out

  37. Corbin Dallas

    Corbin Dallas4 일 전

    Waaaaay better than blue face.

  38. Pickle_Straw

    Pickle_Straw4 일 전


  39. Diane Ford

    Diane Ford5 일 전

    ice me out

  40. sc yomamafine

    sc yomamafine5 일 전

    this sucks

  41. gay

    gay5 일 전

    definition of big dick energy

  42. Tank Amos

    Tank Amos5 일 전

    This song is why I don’t trust a banch now🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. 체리cherry

    체리cherry5 일 전

    Beat me up Sis.

  44. Boogie Pelzer

    Boogie Pelzer5 일 전

    Ice me out kash doll

  45. - stefi

    - stefi6 일 전

    This is a 'nicki minaj' but for the poor, or more like nicki minaj from aliexpress

  46. Official HunnaMete

    Official HunnaMete6 일 전

    Wish a bitch would. "Tammat Ice me out" throw a bucket of ice on her ahh call it a day.

  47. Sierra Georges

    Sierra Georges6 일 전

    "These niggas is my Bitches i dont fucking careee"

  48. Life with Trin

    Life with Trin6 일 전


  49. Emily Monk

    Emily Monk6 일 전


  50. Misty Dawn

    Misty Dawn6 일 전

    I love her, Dreezy & Summerella too & btw, before anyone say shit, I know I may have spelled the last dime piece name wrong, lol🤣😍😋😎😘

  51. shakira oliver

    shakira oliver6 일 전

    I thought she said "ask me out" 😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Ricardo Danker Salazar

    Ricardo Danker Salazar6 일 전

    Shit knocc

  53. IIRunYEW Ev

    IIRunYEW Ev6 일 전

    I want to fuck her

  54. Foloni

    Foloni6 일 전

    Faz miau

  55. Nessa Hill

    Nessa Hill6 일 전

    my little nicee be singing this she be like ice me out

  56. Debora

    Debora6 일 전

    Everybody is trying to be nikkie minaaajjj bruuuuhhh

  57. Miranda Arnold

    Miranda Arnold7 일 전

    Ni**a ice meow

  58. þïfł häżïň

    þïfł häżïň7 일 전

    "ASK ME OUT"

  59. good brother

    good brother7 일 전

    I'll ice you if that ass is real and come with some stretch marks.....til then shush babe

  60. kiana kaslana

    kiana kaslana7 일 전

    *ask me out*

  61. Xoie Veck

    Xoie Veck7 일 전

    And all this time I thought it was "ask me out" as in I'm that BOMB BITCH what chu doin not asking me out yet boi

  62. Izzy

    Izzy7 일 전


  63. Unicorn Fan2819

    Unicorn Fan28197 일 전

    When I say this to ppl they r like eww no, so they say No ur nasty and I say I said Ice Me Out Dummy! 🙄 🙄. Nice song 🔥 ❤️💝🔥🤞🏾💗👻💝

  64. xGacha Bailsx

    xGacha Bailsx7 일 전

    ouuuu she thiccccccc

  65. Young Pookie

    Young Pookie7 일 전

    My mom was Friend With you hey name is Mary

  66. saucy god

    saucy god7 일 전

    Who else heard her say ask me out

  67. CuddleMeGucci

    CuddleMeGucci7 일 전

    Beat me up sis, Beat me up!

  68. Joli Coquei

    Joli Coquei7 일 전


  69. badvibez

    badvibez8 일 전

    0:15 - 0:27 is the pArt i came for

  70. DaTruth BeTold

    DaTruth BeTold8 일 전

    Same Ole Shit, The NI#@A Factory Pt. 1,

  71. Brownlittlegirl

    Brownlittlegirl8 일 전

    *ass meow*

  72. MaxLomas

    MaxLomas8 일 전

    Fuck sake women can’t rap😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  73. Sandra Ndongnyam

    Sandra Ndongnyam9 일 전

    Hey everyone, Laura T is a new Toronto female rapper ready to shake up the scene. Check out the brand new single . Thank you!

  74. badvibez

    badvibez9 일 전

    I thought it was ask me out 😂😂

  75. ▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped.

    ▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped.9 일 전

    The ice dog was droolin.

  76. Izuhbellaaahhh

    Izuhbellaaahhh9 일 전

    Remember “Ask me out”

  77. Culto.

    Culto.9 일 전

    nicki minaj's substitute has come.

  78. Brandon Stevens

    Brandon Stevens9 일 전

    She look better then Nicky and card I b 😍

  79. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson9 일 전

    Are you atshool

  80. Necole Bagley

    Necole Bagley9 일 전

    I love your music

  81. Rachel Orr

    Rachel Orr9 일 전

    Yeah, nah this was boring Kash doll.

  82. Chris Simmons

    Chris Simmons10 일 전


  83. kj _wasrockin

    kj _wasrockin10 일 전

    girl:*beat me up beat me up beat me up sus* me:*looks at girl saying it* me:*beats her up*

  84. ky carter

    ky carter10 일 전

    Elsa shookk

  85. Dimee

    Dimee10 일 전

    KashDoll is my inspiration to be a female artist check out my Ice Me Out Remix give honest opinion

  86. Carla Sanchez

    Carla Sanchez10 일 전

    2018 version of Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

  87. Regeane Banners

    Regeane Banners10 일 전

    my mama said "If you done turn that thot song off ima punch you tf out" LMAO

  88. madinoodles

    madinoodles일 전

    beat me up sis beat me up 😤😤

  89. P Tread87

    P Tread876 일 전


  90. Earleesa Daniel

    Earleesa Daniel8 일 전

    😂😂🤛🏾🤛🏾 knock me out

  91. Keira Rose

    Keira Rose10 일 전

    i get major nicki vibes from this video

  92. Katelyn Messer

    Katelyn Messer10 일 전

    this video makes me cold

  93. queen deravine03

    queen deravine0310 일 전

    ICE me out

  94. Cashmere Snith

    Cashmere Snith10 일 전

    I like this song

  95. patpat julee

    patpat julee11 일 전

    beat me up sis

  96. Linda Mukanga

    Linda Mukanga11 일 전

    Whoever recommended speeding it up to 1.25x thank you omg🙌🏾

  97. Larissa Devoe

    Larissa Devoe11 일 전


  98. Aleah loves dogs

    Aleah loves dogs11 일 전

    When you open the freezer...

  99. *TheAceFamily* StephanieAyala

    *TheAceFamily* StephanieAyala11 일 전


  100. Olivia Daniels

    Olivia Daniels11 일 전


  101. it's me maliyah it's me pretty Maliyah

    it's me maliyah it's me pretty Maliyah12 일 전

    Ice me out girl

  102. charmayne bain

    charmayne bain12 일 전

    Needs a buss down Rolex....has a buss down Patek

  103. Jaiona lofton

    Jaiona lofton12 일 전

    Girl ice me out

  104. Thomas Parker

    Thomas Parker12 일 전

    Ask me out