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Kash Doll - Ice Me Out


  1. shaffronp

    shaffronp33 분 전

    That bitch Bette get a job

  2. shaffronp

    shaffronp33 분 전


  3. SoloS _

    SoloS _시간 전

    ask me out

  4. therealcashsteph 30k

    therealcashsteph 30k2 시간 전

    this song is so cringy

  5. Anaija

    Anaija2 시간 전

    "You know diamonds make me feel so horny"

  6. Famous Nez

    Famous Nez3 시간 전


  7. Dakota Hampton

    Dakota Hampton3 시간 전

    Nicki Minaj has left the chat...

  8. Woke

    Woke5 시간 전

    She’s the next big thing

  9. kathia jako

    kathia jako6 시간 전

    hoe is life

  10. Kenny Synsmir

    Kenny Synsmir7 시간 전

    Hate this weak ass song

  11. Brandii Powers

    Brandii Powers7 시간 전

    Fuck me good...Fuck me good...Fuck me good Nigga..😂😂

  12. Ishan Ali

    Ishan Ali10 시간 전

    This song makes me want to rob my own wallet

  13. Jessika Nelson

    Jessika Nelson14 시간 전

    Fuckin garbage. Saying the same shit the whole song. 😂😂 And I keep hearing woman say bring other women up. I don't condone this hoe shit. Just wait cardi bout to have a new Bess friend

  14. Cindy Benjamin

    Cindy Benjamin18 시간 전

    *Isemeow* *isemeow* ayee

  15. Kimora Talley

    Kimora Talley19 시간 전

    its 2019 and im still listening to this

  16. Kamal Rasheed

    Kamal Rasheed23 시간 전

    Is it me or she saying "Ask me out" and "As Meow"

  17. iyana ross

    iyana ross23 시간 전


  18. urmum athot

    urmum athot일 전


  19. Akasha Freeman

    Akasha Freeman일 전

    This song lit

  20. Lillian Thorsky

    Lillian Thorsky일 전


  21. Brooklyn Slim

    Brooklyn Slim일 전

    The Bass line on this track Go Hard

  22. Woke

    Woke일 전

    I think she wants us to ice her out.

  23. lonnie junior

    lonnie junior일 전

    Simple Beat , old School 808,, And Its Fireeee ,,,

  24. Kyla Cumberbatch

    Kyla Cumberbatch일 전

    Thots: Eat me out Prisoners: Let me out Girls with a crush: Ask me out Cats: Ice meow R.Kelly: Age don't count Trump: America is better now

  25. xxlilsavagex DABS

    xxlilsavagex DABS일 전

    Ice me out 🥶😂

  26. Hayleigh Humphrey

    Hayleigh Humphrey일 전

    lmfaooo R. Kelley say sum “ age don’t count” 😭😭😭

  27. Topher Collins

    Topher Collins일 전

    Hayleigh Humphrey Factsssss lmao

  28. jacob gendron

    jacob gendron일 전

    Antarctica has left the chat

  29. Kristina Hoxha

    Kristina Hoxha일 전

    ice me out? ask me out?

  30. Kennari Chappell

    Kennari Chappell일 전

    I pledge allegiance to the thots of the united states

  31. A. L. A.

    A. L. A.일 전

    "She wear chains when she fuckin, get her charms cause she lucky"🙌👌🔥🔥🔥

  32. Anais Brent

    Anais Brent일 전

    The Beat😍Am i wrong??

  33. I Am Me

    I Am Me일 전

    Imagine a remix with City Girls👌

  34. Emmie Hoerig

    Emmie Hoerig일 전

    Winter has left the chat

  35. Lps Oreo Productions

    Lps Oreo Productions2 일 전

    Who use to think it was ask me out when it first got popular until they heard the song?

  36. Olivia Wall

    Olivia Wall2 일 전

    I cant tell if I love this or not.. but I don't not like it

  37. Sara M

    Sara M2 일 전

    Ask me out 😭😂

  38. Aaliyah Walker

    Aaliyah Walker2 일 전

    sound like she said ask me out :/

  39. Aaliyah Walker

    Aaliyah Walker2 일 전


  40. mareah wallace

    mareah wallace2 일 전

    She just said ice her out then gone say if you ice her out she gone put you in a jrow

  41. rodthagod9

    rodthagod92 일 전

    Frozone has left the chat



    Its cold as a MF in Massachusetts 😩😂

  43. Najela Touh

    Najela Touh2 일 전

    Kash: Ice me out Ex: hear me out

  44. tea

    tea2 일 전

    *iCe me out.*

  45. Rico x

    Rico x2 일 전

    sound like she sayin ask me out krazy song tho

  46. Draggitarius

    Draggitarius2 일 전

    Elsa has left the chat

  47. Dark Blood

    Dark Blood3 일 전

    She looks like the adult version of my friend

  48. swissbeats2k

    swissbeats2k3 일 전

    BET uncut video's are what's hot these days I see. SMH

  49. ME᙭ICᎯN BxTcHEs

    ME᙭ICᎯN BxTcHEs3 일 전

    dubsmash has entered the chat

  50. Roxy Richardson

    Roxy Richardson3 일 전

    This song is stupid😕😛😣😞😒😭😭🙍 im praying for her🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 She need all the Jesus * throws holy water *

  51. f y

    f y3 일 전

    Bad queen better than cardi ayee ice me out

  52. Nanah Dae

    Nanah Dae3 일 전

    ask me out .. ask me out ... ask me out

  53. Shakiko Santiago

    Shakiko Santiago3 일 전

    The last part sounded like she drunk

  54. HIT OR MISS I guess she took the kids

    HIT OR MISS I guess she took the kids3 일 전

    2:40 windex

  55. Shaunise Russell

    Shaunise Russell3 일 전

    Ice me out

  56. Brooklyn Slim

    Brooklyn Slim3 일 전

    New Era Rap Bitch Format Nikki=LiL Kim Cardi B=Foxy Brown Cash Doll=Trina...ijs

  57. Samii Blair

    Samii Blair3 일 전

    This is horrible 😂😂😂but yet I hear it everywhere

  58. J Hardwick

    J Hardwick3 일 전

    Samii Blair it’s making music for the masses. Nothing horrible about it

  59. Trayton Lamone

    Trayton Lamone3 일 전

    I see meow

  60. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle3 일 전


  61. truenewlove t

    truenewlove t3 일 전

    Ice me out niggaaaaaaaaaa

  62. Aly Maas

    Aly Maas3 일 전


  63. Ev in

    Ev in3 일 전


  64. sorrowsuperstar10

    sorrowsuperstar103 일 전

    she thicker than a snicker

  65. insertweirdname

    insertweirdname3 일 전

    2:30 when that one bitch says she wanna fight you

  66. Beautiful

    Beautiful4 일 전


  67. Francesca Jones

    Francesca Jones4 일 전

    She bad b*tch I love you 😍😍😘

  68. Joshua Guillen

    Joshua Guillen4 일 전

    Niki minaj left the chat.

  69. Kiana Shaylen

    Kiana Shaylen4 일 전

    I thought it said ask me out

  70. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle3 일 전


  71. prank family

    prank family4 일 전

    Molly Brazy or kash doll

  72. Awesomefletty

    Awesomefletty4 일 전

    Jack Frost has left the chat

  73. galerinha da geovanna

    galerinha da geovanna4 일 전

    Lindaa ela! 🌼

  74. kermit っっTriggered っ

    kermit っっTriggered っ4 일 전

    ask me out.

  75. Kenya Amina

    Kenya Amina4 일 전

    a reject NIkki...great..just what we needed

  76. Lillian Thorsky

    Lillian Thorsky4 일 전

    Ask me out, Ask me out, Nikka ask me out

  77. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle3 일 전


  78. 27 Jon

    27 Jon4 일 전

    Yeah aht 👅💦

  79. Dana Ray

    Dana Ray4 일 전

    I love u bitch 😍😋😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗😆😗😙😙😚😚😚☺️☺️☺️☺️

  80. Dana Ray

    Dana Ray4 일 전

    rewind 😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😀 u sexy Kash Doll !

  81. MFR 1908

    MFR 19084 일 전

    They all sound the same... Suprise, Suprise!!



    She tryna act like nicki



    +Lamontae Rolle its true

  84. Lamontae Rolle

    Lamontae Rolle3 일 전


  85. Chris C

    Chris C4 일 전

    She looks so good....💎

  86. Aaliyah Massey

    Aaliyah Massey4 일 전

    i love doing the dance

  87. Yayo De La Cruz

    Yayo De La Cruz4 일 전

    I lost it at 2:25 cos of the horse meme, i just cant get past it XDDDD

  88. Sasha Lucy

    Sasha Lucy4 일 전

    Best Sugar babe song😋😋😋😏

  89. 『 Ꭺlyx 』

    『 Ꭺlyx 』4 일 전

    Ask me outt 😭

  90. IDreamOfZiggy

    IDreamOfZiggy4 일 전

    Kaka winning 😍💦

  91. Pryze Baker

    Pryze Baker4 일 전

    How she made those ice people 💎💎💎💎💴

  92. Egyptian_Thoth

    Egyptian_Thoth4 일 전

    Looks and sounds stupid as fuck

  93. tay lashay

    tay lashay5 일 전

    This would have been a good Nikki collab

  94. Nevaeh Dunigan

    Nevaeh Dunigan5 일 전

    Her laugh is cringey 😂 not to be rude

  95. Hope Gray Tv

    Hope Gray Tv5 일 전

    Ice me out nigga

  96. Kynnedy Bell

    Kynnedy Bell5 일 전

    *Elsa has entered the chat*

  97. YahYah Gäñg

    YahYah Gäñg5 일 전

    Eat me out😂😩

  98. Logan Joseph

    Logan Joseph5 일 전

    Is it me or do she sound like a dying bird chokin when she laugh🤔I’m jst being curious🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  99. Lagayle Robinson

    Lagayle Robinson5 일 전

    Men Has Left The Chat

  100. koren slay

    koren slay5 일 전

    Jack frost left the chat

  101. Sela Ash

    Sela Ash5 일 전

    No one is gonna ice you out if you’re begging for it hoe *(lol ik its just a song but it’s annoying as fuck)*

  102. Sela Ash

    Sela Ash5 일 전

    Manye Grey lol ppl do “ice” me out but what if they don’t? Lol idc 😂 and no I do what I want to

  103. Manye Grey

    Manye Grey5 일 전

    Stop Hating on people you mad because no one is Iceing u out just don’t listen to the damn song

  104. Lilly D. Rosa

    Lilly D. Rosa5 일 전

    Ice Me out. BoYYYYY

  105. Eid Fayiz

    Eid Fayiz5 일 전


  106. Miracle Luckett

    Miracle Luckett5 일 전

    That laugh at the end😂😂😂😂

  107. Angie Garcia

    Angie Garcia5 일 전

    Ghetto nicki minaj

  108. Ant Ham

    Ant Ham5 일 전

    This shit hella weak turning young gurls in to whores

  109. denaya talloway

    denaya talloway5 일 전

    kick me out

  110. rafael box sebastian

    rafael box sebastian5 일 전

    like si eres de españa

  111. Mel Amazen

    Mel Amazen5 일 전

    Ice a bad bitch out frfr bro #Loveyoukashdoll #Melamazen #Melamaze #icemeout #94Millionviews #Thankyou #Fastmoney

  112. sauceyyzo

    sauceyyzo5 일 전