K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends


  1. nPhlames

    nPhlames4 분 전

    It's been weeks since this uploaded and I'm still listening to it daily.

  2. J L M D

    J L M D14 분 전

    I hate league but this smacks high key 🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿

  3. 드라군

    드라군20 분 전

    Heroes of the Storm!!!!!!!!! LOL

  4. Ecuadorable

    Ecuadorable26 분 전


  5. tdb1726

    tdb172631 분 전

    the 55k who Disliked this can get f#$#&

  6. Kei Ragdoll

    Kei Ragdoll32 분 전

    Ahri looks so gorgeus ❤﹆

  7. Kei Ragdoll

    Kei Ragdoll33 분 전

    1:47 So smooth~ ❤

  8. Invoker Kael

    Invoker Kael34 분 전

    Still watching this every day

  9. Vu Huynh

    Vu Huynh41 분 전

    LOL is the best game PC

  10. Mahazri

    Mahazri57 분 전

    New kurama looks cute hahahaha

  11. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez58 분 전

    I've been having trouble identifying Jaira Burns lines in the song. So many lyric videos that are not consistent identifying her voice and I don't blame them, is not easy. Can someone manage to identify which lines are hers? I have an idea of which lines but still not sure.

  12. Elias Samuel

    Elias Samuel시간 전

    Isso é K-pop ? :|

  13. Nadia Rguez

    Nadia Rguez시간 전

    Watching 2019??

  14. 심영

    심영시간 전

    Do you know gangnam style? Do you know kimchi? Do you know jisung park? . . Do you know K/DA?

  15. Israel T. da Gama

    Israel T. da Gama시간 전


  16. Qeen spiri

    Qeen spiri시간 전

    this was really good

  17. melon squad

    melon squad시간 전

    this was awesome! anyone else watching this in 2019?

  18. Angel Redox

    Angel Redox시간 전

    cuanto habra costado la anim?

  19. Rosanny Castillo

    Rosanny Castillo시간 전


  20. Trollkiller 69

    Trollkiller 69시간 전

    This should be the background for the last 3:22 of every ranked match just to pump everyone up to not ff!

  21. MaxFire

    MaxFire시간 전

    i love this song Uwu

  22. Ivan

    Ivan시간 전

    Like si juegas lol

  23. Emre Atasavun

    Emre Atasavun시간 전

    I mean, how you gonna shoot these babes in game? Have to ask since I'm not playing League of Moba

  24. _Itsme Haru

    _Itsme Haru시간 전

    What happen to league? O.O

  25. Triggered Kiwi

    Triggered Kiwi시간 전

    I can't stop listening this the beat is so good and that starting beat is amazing my fav part is the glow in the dark chicks verse

  26. Monica Minando

    Monica Minando시간 전

    the animation is soooo cool and the song is super catchy! Love it

  27. 김예찬

    김예찬시간 전

    K/DA popstar >k pop star

  28. 2000 shadows

    2000 shadows시간 전


  29. 정뚜또

    정뚜또시간 전

    일 하다 힘들어서 힐링하러 옴


    SLIMANI DZ시간 전

    0:38 i love ;3

  31. Daibe Mares San

    Daibe Mares San2 시간 전

    Amo está canción

  32. Justus Rogas

    Justus Rogas2 시간 전

    I wonder how much money Riot made with this!? I mean 150 million views, that's quite a bit.

  33. Matheus Godoy

    Matheus Godoy2 시간 전

    Me apaixonei pela lobinha

  34. DanteZk

    DanteZk2 시간 전

    only 50 million more ......

  35. Candy Candy

    Candy Candy2 시간 전

    Alguém br aqui? Quem quer ser meu amigo em League of Legends ?

  36. piece of garbage

    piece of garbage2 시간 전

    i only play overwatch but this song = ebic

  37. Archaic Bike207

    Archaic Bike2072 시간 전

    Me gusta mucho la canción de las kda

  38. Denilson Sousa Da Silva

    Denilson Sousa Da Silva2 시간 전

    A Animação Ficou Incrível

  39. Natalie Pena

    Natalie Pena2 시간 전


  40. King Cold

    King Cold2 시간 전

    Can this pass warriors?

  41. Fire-Droplets

    Fire-Droplets3 시간 전

    This felt like a blend of Kpop and Americas current obession with soprano pop

  42. Papa Ainz Ooal Gown

    Papa Ainz Ooal Gown3 시간 전

    I approve of this! And Papa Ainz knows what he approves!

  43. Beaverlii

    Beaverlii3 시간 전

    0:40 laundry detergent advertisement

  44. Diego Daza

    Diego Daza3 시간 전

    150 MILLON

  45. Andrzej Marjusz

    Andrzej Marjusz3 시간 전

    why kai'sa does not you sing?

  46. Letícia Orrú

    Letícia Orrú3 시간 전

    WOW 😮

  47. Rickozo

    Rickozo3 시간 전


  48. Shironity

    Shironity3 시간 전


  49. Brian Cpd

    Brian Cpd3 시간 전

    Genial, me encanta el ritmo ^^

  50. Passoka _

    Passoka _3 시간 전

    manda dms pai

  51. Wan wan

    Wan wan3 시간 전

    I didn't like League when I tried it. Dunno who those characters are. But the animation is pretty dope

  52. SaloxGamer

    SaloxGamer3 시간 전

    en ves de cocinar se ponen a cantar que falta de respeto :V


    GAME LAND3 시간 전

    i want lyrics for the japanese tiles!!!!

  54. Dallabrida Gameplays

    Dallabrida Gameplays3 시간 전

    Almost 150 mi of views!!!!!

  55. TheDoomxD

    TheDoomxD4 시간 전


  56. AlexTheNut11

    AlexTheNut114 시간 전

    I Almost Forgot To Listen To This Today.

  57. una chica normal

    una chica normal4 시간 전

    Yo solo vine por (g)-idle xD

  58. Rayo Pridestock

    Rayo Pridestock4 시간 전

    1:50 Shouldn’t the camera be moving closer to her instead ? *hacks*

  59. Rayo Pridestock

    Rayo Pridestock4 시간 전

    How could I not realize this Soyeon was the same that entered in UPR3 ? She was my favorite on that season 😂😅

  60. miranda cobb

    miranda cobb4 시간 전

    Please give this artist and singers a raise please😜😍there amazing

  61. EnderSlime 64

    EnderSlime 644 시간 전

    (make face of impression)

  62. Water Bear the Employee Mangler

    Water Bear the Employee Mangler4 시간 전

    Oddly enough, I heard the metal remix of this _first,_ but I'm loving both!

  63. Eeleni Margarwni

    Eeleni Margarwni4 시간 전

    Dat akali thoooooo

  64. piero fernanadez catongo

    piero fernanadez catongo4 시간 전

    me encanta esa musica hagan mas series de league of leguends

  65. scp edd

    scp edd4 시간 전

    .......... brain.exe has stopped working

  66. Mystical Llouma

    Mystical Llouma4 시간 전

    is this fortnite

  67. Willows Millow

    Willows Millow4 시간 전

    no ☺

  68. 21 V

    21 V4 시간 전

    So thicc @3@

  69. Mercyst

    Mercyst4 시간 전

    55K fortnite players

  70. dragonstar AJ

    dragonstar AJ4 시간 전

    should have a parody with the ddlc girls.

  71. Yuuki :v

    Yuuki :v5 시간 전

    The best Is akali rap v: (lo mejor fue el rap de akali :v)

  72. Edwin VanCleef

    Edwin VanCleef5 시간 전

    I'm don't like K/POP. But Neo-punk-girl - it's Neo-punk-girl!

  73. Ivan Ascencio

    Ivan Ascencio5 시간 전

    Gracias a este video conocí a (G)I-DLE ♥, saludos desde México.

  74. joao cesar

    joao cesar5 시간 전

    the worst part is im addicted lmao

  75. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger5 시간 전

    55k diss kesin Pentakill severler atmıştır

  76. Sean Liles

    Sean Liles5 시간 전

    I guess I'm a fan of there music starting today 💝🌹🏆🌟👍💯💘😊

  77. Baby3gems

    Baby3gems5 시간 전

    This is my fave song hahri

  78. homa KP

    homa KP5 시간 전

    Wait what? This was awesome why am I only seeing this now?!

  79. Deiwid ZERO

    Deiwid ZERO5 시간 전

    Rapaz já assisti esse vídeo umas 100 vezes e toda vez que venho aqui tem que colocar o lake pois ele sai.

  80. Army de carteirinha

    Army de carteirinha5 시간 전

    Sou a única que fala português BR

  81. Army de carteirinha

    Army de carteirinha2 시간 전

    +carmo, raíssa pse

  82. carmo, raíssa

    carmo, raíssa3 시간 전

    Kkkk sempre tem algum br

  83. Army de carteirinha

    Army de carteirinha4 시간 전

    +carmo, raíssa vei eu pensei que era a única

  84. carmo, raíssa

    carmo, raíssa4 시간 전

    Não é

  85. Micael Maya-Peinl

    Micael Maya-Peinl5 시간 전

    Comments Section: "I definitely don't like KPOP but I love this!!" Me: Ok, so you basically like KPOP...

  86. David Rowcliffe

    David Rowcliffe5 시간 전

    In the time it took me to watch this for the umpteenth time it got another 1137 views. So I think that means it'll be about 17 hours to get to 150m views

  87. Théo Buis

    Théo Buis5 시간 전

    Please, nerf Ahri’s charm !!!

  88. Song je Rim

    Song je Rim6 시간 전

    Lol xdxd

  89. Alfi_K

    Alfi_K6 시간 전

    150 M here we are :)

  90. Nixie

    Nixie6 시간 전

    Why do I feel that they will collaborate with Epic Games and make Kda skins on fortnite

  91. Kook¡e's.

    Kook¡e's.6 시간 전


  92. Woltret CZ

    Woltret CZ6 시간 전

    Kills Deaths and Assist

  93. 왕자님

    왕자님6 시간 전

    Sooo... When are they gonna release their first album?

  94. Owen Sheehan

    Owen Sheehan6 시간 전

    Who else has rewatched this masterpiece a every day since it was released? I know I have!

  95. Owen Sheehan

    Owen Sheehan6 시간 전


  96. Brody Will

    Brody Will6 시간 전

    Love the graffiti girl

  97. KokoTheBronzeGrill

    KokoTheBronzeGrill6 시간 전

    Pretty sure it was the video with the song. not the song alone itself. we wouldnt have the imagination to have it be this epic to us

  98. Grubas Gaming

    Grubas Gaming6 시간 전

    This is the best song on the world

  99. Tricus

    Tricus6 시간 전

    I don't even play the game but I feel like this would be a perfect fit for Just Dance.

  100. ahmed zweil

    ahmed zweil6 시간 전


  101. md amirash

    md amirash6 시간 전

    Im very positive that after the release of Prestige K/DA Ahri and Evelynn, they'll be another K/DA song with these prestige skins!!

  102. /\/\_Domčo_/\/\

    /\/\_Domčo_/\/\6 시간 전

    Ahri is best

  103. Tricus

    Tricus6 시간 전

    0:00 Pewdiepie VS Riot

  104. Crippiling Depression

    Crippiling Depression6 시간 전

    Simply amazing!

  105. kamel alhakimi

    kamel alhakimi6 시간 전

    can't stop listening to this song :(