K/DA - POP/STARS (ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Music Video - League of Legends


  1. Kyllie Samantha

    Kyllie Samantha35 분 전

    I'm not a lol player (actually ml player) but I really love this song.

  2. p4r4d0x T0mMy

    p4r4d0x T0mMy시간 전

    AHRI AND AKALI is hot asf bruh

  3. Azam Azram

    Azam Azram시간 전

    bro this song is so super op but i just like the girl who use cap on his head

  4. thekarly 11

    thekarly 11시간 전

    you are so anoying whit all the ads, please, stop it, pleeeeeeease. TuT

  5. bird

    bird시간 전

    No hentai

  6. ꧁Ryo_ Gacha༻꧂

    ꧁Ryo_ Gacha༻꧂3 시간 전

    2019-2020 ????

  7. Elijah Trevino

    Elijah Trevino3 시간 전

    I love the art style of the video and how the costumes look

  8. COWBOY:서부소년

    COWBOY:서부소년3 시간 전

    *See that? This is korean*

  9. -Crescent Ashe-

    -Crescent Ashe-5 시간 전

    This song lured me into playing League (especially Ahri)

  10. SparkleChorus Maker

    SparkleChorus Maker6 시간 전

    Why does this song shook me when first watched this. Also who's watching this in December 2019?

  11. siva kirthy

    siva kirthy7 시간 전

    I love kpop and is the best

  12. clayisahottie

    clayisahottie7 시간 전

    Okay, I'm not into league of legends but 1:23-1:38 and 2:55-2:59 was pretty hot.

  13. Bab Lucky

    Bab Lucky7 시간 전

    Sắp đạt 300.000.000 rồi, chỉ còn 8.277.805 nữa thôi XD

  14. 박민수

    박민수8 시간 전

    당신 보수요? 당신 진보요?

  15. อาชูราม่า channel

    อาชูราม่า channel8 시간 전


  16. Jillicious Gaming

    Jillicious Gaming8 시간 전

    It’s been more than a year and this song is still stuck in my head

  17. No One

    No One9 시간 전

    all my waifu

  18. Julio Vanega

    Julio Vanega10 시간 전

    1:47 el zorro de las 9 cola Naruto xd

  19. Maui Millen

    Maui Millen10 시간 전

    This is pretty hot ngl 🤤

  20. Maui Millen

    Maui Millen10 시간 전

    I would tap the blonde one she’s fine and my girlfriend left me cause I wanted her to dress like that in bed

  21. Cristobal Cabral

    Cristobal Cabral11 시간 전

    My favorite music forever

  22. 짱구짱구

    짱구짱구11 시간 전

    한국사람 없나요

  23. reem

    reem11 시간 전

    can someone tell me the names of the champs in this song o.o i started playing league of legends recently and i can only name ahri and evelynn i think??

  24. mrscricketramos

    mrscricketramos11 시간 전

    Me: What are u listening to? Brother: K/DA. Me: Is that k-pop? Brother: Yas Me: GIMMIE

  25. Elucid

    Elucid12 시간 전

    akali better make a reappearance in the 2020 worlds music video

  26. Brooklyn Arendt

    Brooklyn Arendt12 시간 전

    I love it sooooooo much, I listen to this literally everyday! ❤️❤️ Evelynn is my favorite because she has a purple Lamborghini!! 🤗

  27. 성이름

    성이름12 시간 전

    진짜 좋은게 자막 안틀어도 한국어라 다들리는거 ㅋㅋ

  28. Tops Gameplays version android

    Tops Gameplays version android12 시간 전

    Like si eres de 2019 alguien español ¿?

  29. FairyDraws

    FairyDraws12 시간 전

    League of legends: makes a beautiful cat lady from another world* Also league of legends: *LETS PUT HER IN LAUNDROMAT*

  30. James Roman

    James Roman13 시간 전

    FYI I'm lonely like abandoned

  31. 마틸다

    마틸다13 시간 전

    3 billion view GO GO

  32. Hamza H

    Hamza H14 시간 전

    0:35 so keep your ryze on me now...

  33. antonella rodriguez

    antonella rodriguez14 시간 전

    2:59 *a giant woman*

  34. BaD aPPle Samuels

    BaD aPPle Samuels14 시간 전

    the jojo version is..........Good👍

  35. Ember Jewels

    Ember Jewels15 시간 전

    This song was made for Saber Beat.

  36. Blood Lust

    Blood Lust16 시간 전

    Evelynn : Hold my lamborghini

  37. Talha Düzenli

    Talha Düzenli17 시간 전

    Thıs ıs Amazıng I lıke that

  38. BigFatParrot 45

    BigFatParrot 4517 시간 전


  39. Official Superficial

    Official Superficial19 시간 전

    Me: Looking for comments without this format Everyone: [insert format]

  40. Cara de pasa :v Espoderman Gomez

    Cara de pasa :v Espoderman Gomez19 시간 전

    No one: K/da:blackpink

  41. Alicialight Art

    Alicialight Art20 시간 전

    Love this song! Also from a 3D animators perspective this is gorgeous. The animation, effects, character models, all of this is just amazing!

  42. The New Baris Berat Balci

    The New Baris Berat Balci21 시간 전

    3:11 K/DA glowlights

  43. Kat J

    Kat J21 시간 전

    Yep it still gives me chills

  44. Hiei Drago

    Hiei Drago21 시간 전

    Poderiam entrar no meu canal tenho 2 videos 1 sobre o Aphelios no seu lançamento no PBE e outro sobre o Sett o audio não esta tão bom mas estou tentado comprar um microfone para gravar e pretendo fazer videos sobre o legends of runeterra assim que ele chegar

  45. Laggy Got Tripped

    Laggy Got Tripped21 시간 전

    Wtf KOreporter why is this in "Relaxing sleeping musics /Mix" I guess Sleeping isn't always an option

  46. arthur fortini

    arthur fortini22 시간 전

    lol is bad game

  47. Michał Słabiak

    Michał Słabiak22 시간 전


  48. lesley kaut

    lesley kaut22 시간 전

    1:50 Why are they only showing washing mashines?

  49. David Cañas

    David Cañas14 시간 전

    Female team

  50. ᴍᴀᴜɪ

    ᴍᴀᴜɪ22 시간 전

    When I play LoL they will be my favorite legends 😍

  51. 오민지

    오민지23 시간 전

    새로운곡 으로 ㄱㄱ

  52. golfy sm1tSs

    golfy sm1tSs23 시간 전

    Waiting for full film

  53. Aiden In

    Aiden In23 시간 전

    I want the music of K-pop concept.

  54. William Rose

    William Rose일 전

    Can't stop hearing it!

  55. jisoos christ

    jisoos christ일 전

    I came for G(Idle), now I come for LoL and G(Idle)

  56. ᄋᄋ

    ᄋᄋ일 전

    컴백해라 ㅜ

  57. Aimmo another One

    Aimmo another One일 전

    1:45 *eheheh pause fast*

  58. Kosem Sultan

    Kosem Sultan일 전


  59. Ich liebe Dich auch

    Ich liebe Dich auch일 전

    World's first religion that will actually bring us all together.

  60. trash

    trash일 전

    И снова в рекомендациях, хотя смотрел ещё год назад 🤠

  61. David Cañas

    David Cañas13 시간 전

    Yes i totally agree

  62. Залибобка

    Залибобка일 전

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  63. Raven DeCobray

    Raven DeCobray일 전

    Is it bad that Akali is my fav? Because my friends judge me heavily for liking her more that Evelynn

  64. Raven DeCobray

    Raven DeCobray3 시간 전

    Deaf Artist boy thanks :)

  65. Deaf Artist boy

    Deaf Artist boy20 시간 전

    It’s ok to like her! She is absolutely my favorite and love her rap!

  66. Raven DeCobray

    Raven DeCobray20 시간 전

    So it's okay to like her?

  67. Deaf Artist boy

    Deaf Artist boy20 시간 전

    Raven DeCobray Akali is my favorite too!