JYP New Girl Group & Rumoured Trainees + Presentations


  1. klent

    klent년 전


  2. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook2 일 전


  3. Rosier Rose

    Rosier Rose4 일 전


  4. yogurt con zucaritas

    yogurt con zucaritas10 일 전

    Ryujin babe

  5. Daniella Esquivel

    Daniella Esquivel22 일 전

    Yeji and Chaeryoung

  6. JaS minE

    JaS minE26 일 전

    Chaeryeong somi Yeji yuna for me only

  7. saori

    saori10 시간 전

    its itzy!!!!! :0

  8. Oo Oo

    Oo Oo일 전

    Oh Frick it's my first time seeing yejin but I say the girl deserves to debut 😳😳

  9. So__ YeMilk

    So__ YeMilk4 일 전

    somi changed with Yuna:v

  10. s u n s h i n e

    s u n s h i n e4 일 전

    i want to know where is MASHIRO now, she is very talented😳

  11. Infires Kpop

    Infires Kpop5 일 전

    Is this what we call . . . . Itzy?

  12. krychot

    krychot7 일 전

    wait what

  13. pudimzinha -shi

    pudimzinha -shi11 일 전

    First member : Somi Me in 2019 : Hahaha…

  14. Jennie;; Kim

    Jennie;; Kim11 일 전

    *Itzy* *Yuna* *Chaeryeong* *Jisoo(Lia)* *RyuJin* *Yeji*

  15. thik cha

    thik cha12 일 전

    what song is that on 0:48?? does anyone know??

  16. Olivia

    Olivia12 일 전

    8:56 girl, she's a FROMIS_9 member since 2017

  17. 찌릿찌짓

    찌릿찌짓12 일 전

    Itzyyyy!!! 💜🔥

  18. Cherry_ Pop

    Cherry_ Pop12 일 전

    9:08 omg that was Got7’s just right lol I was obsessed with that song

  19. Afzal

    Afzal15 일 전

    I mean she wasn't wrong..

  20. Polox

    Polox15 일 전

    So its Jan 2020 and this is the debuted trainess from the vid so far • Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna debuted with ITZY • Somi was supposed to debut with itzy but left to solo debut • Jiwon debuted with Fromis_9 Its good to see atleast a few debuting

  21. joonie noodle soup™

    joonie noodle soup™17 일 전

    everyone's talking about itzy here and i'm a midzy, too, but i also want to acknowledge those other girls' talent!!! i really hope they get to debut someday and be successful!!

  22. Stan Loona u cowards

    Stan Loona u cowards17 일 전

    I feel really bad for somi she never got to debut with a permanent group. Now she's in the blacklabel god knows when her next comeback will be. Probably in 3 years :(

  23. Tanyaporn Khumpetch

    Tanyaporn Khumpetch18 일 전

    4:00 what song?

  24. jaebum's broad shoulders

    jaebum's broad shoulders18 일 전

    Not that I dont love Yeji and lia. But JYP really had serious main vocalists on his hands and didnt even give one to Itzy. I guess we'll have to wait in case Lia and yeji have hidden potential to show

  25. ツliyah

    ツliyah19 일 전

    wait isnt park sieun an actress? i swear ive seen her somewhere

  26. Nicolle A

    Nicolle A20 일 전


  27. AccipiterMagna

    AccipiterMagna21 일 전

    7:30 dont let YG take her or he gonna make her career a very short one

  28. Hannie P

    Hannie P23 일 전

    Can I just say these trainees are literallY BABIES! I forgot how these guys are GOODNESS we are officially hitting the 2000s

  29. Yaaah Doooh

    Yaaah Doooh25 일 전

    Lily M let's debut 💗🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

  30. Nafa Nayara

    Nafa Nayara25 일 전

    I watch this after Somi's solo debut and Itzy's debut and i'm just realized that it was posted at 2018.

  31. Mono

    Mono26 일 전

    0:44 What's that song?

  32. T_G

    T_G23 일 전

    trey songz animal

  33. banana o5o

    banana o5o27 일 전

    is that j hope?

  34. louispriority

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  35. Angela Tuiza

    Angela Tuiza27 일 전

    nahhh there can't be because itzy is jyp's priority rn.. i dont think he has time to make another group?

  36. louispriority

    louispriority27 일 전

    this videos was from a year ago 💀

  37. MintyMiku

    MintyMiku27 일 전

    I love Yeji's eyes and lips. She looks fierce

  38. Kyle Bordage

    Kyle Bordage28 일 전

    No idea why the Sixteen contestants that had left JYP in 2015-2016 were shown as possible ITZY members.

  39. Clara Santiago

    Clara Santiago28 일 전

    somi debuted solo under yg and ryujin, chaeryeong, jisu, yuna and yeji debuted in itzy

  40. Kuzovaj

    Kuzovaj28 일 전

    The one that caught my attention was lilly....like bruh her voice

  41. Kuzovaj

    Kuzovaj28 일 전

    Would you think somi would be a good fit in itzy?

  42. whitepeach

    whitepeach29 일 전

    Whats the music used in this Video?

  43. Luke Park

    Luke Park29 일 전

    wow Lia is not here but she debuted aaAaa so proud for my girl

  44. Miyuu

    Miyuu29 일 전

    I didn't check the dates that this was released and I was like OMG 3 gg to debut in 2019?

  45. lisi lalatat

    lisi lalatat29 일 전

    I miss somi



    Yeah jyp produced a monster rookie again~ ITZY

  47. kim taehyung infires me순희

    kim taehyung infires me순희개월 전

    Proud of ma bbies ITZY 💜💜💜💜💜

  48. maria

    maria개월 전

    OMG THIS WAS A YEAR AGO i was literally so confused i was like didn’t some of these girls debut alr HAHA

  49. Sayo Ginandi

    Sayo Ginandi개월 전

    Lili kemana skarang

  50. SMT0WN

    SMT0WN개월 전

    THIS PERSON LEGIT PREDICTED THE FUTURE HOLY- Can you please predict BLACKPINK’s next comeback? 🤣😫

  51. Catbug 850

    Catbug 850개월 전

    Ryujin Yeji Yuna Lia Chaeryoung

  52. Passions

    Passions개월 전

    Kind of sad because Itzy is not popular. Twice is still #1.

  53. Chris JL

    Chris JL개월 전

    Just because Twice is #1 doesn't mean itzy is not popular. For a rookie group they are doing pretty well.

  54. Leana Rein

    Leana Rein개월 전

    They are popular tho. Just give them a time because they are still rookies

  55. Xia BP

    Xia BP개월 전


  56. Loading Nickname

    Loading Nickname개월 전

    They all are pretty strong. I’m sure those didn’t debut as ITZY will also be very successful

  57. ; s o f t p e a c h y

    ; s o f t p e a c h y개월 전

    Well,they are itzy now but "YEJIN" would have definetly been my bias..

  58. Tropical Orange

    Tropical Orange개월 전

    I'm from the future. The group's name is ITZY. They are amazing.

  59. momo and heechul are adorable

    momo and heechul are adorable개월 전

    How many people wanted somi to be in itzy ↓

  60. momo and heechul are adorable

    momo and heechul are adorable개월 전

    I think some would of been good in itzy and she would of ended up being my bias

  61. hi im steve

    hi im steve개월 전

    *laughs in itzy*

  62. guchi taetae

    guchi taetae개월 전

    lol i love somi but her being lead vocalist doesn't sound about right

  63. shooters for sope

    shooters for sope개월 전

    omg yejin was so pretty

  64. Shayne

    Shayne개월 전

    Jiwon is a member of fromis_9 now, lets all support her^^

  65. Snsd ngg

    Snsd ngg개월 전




    Idk why but yejin kinda looks like a female version of jingling from got7

  67. Icce. Bear. _ ONEIT

    Icce. Bear. _ ONEIT개월 전

    I'm pretty sure Jia yu is Singaporean, I have a vocal coach which taught someone and she got into jyp, I'm Singaporean

  68. a jun ice

    a jun ice개월 전

    what happened to that yejin girl

  69. 嗯嗯

    嗯嗯개월 전


  70. T E M U K U N

    T E M U K U N개월 전

    where did Lia come from wtf.