just a regular NBA 2K19 Draft


  1. Aldous Bendaña

    Aldous Bendaña시간 전

    The girl who picked Curry.. is.. super.. cute..


    TTV TEEDER4 시간 전

    I have never seen it beforw


    TTV TEEDER4 시간 전

    What’s the app he’s using?

  4. Brownrice

    Brownrice5 시간 전

    She said Tupac 😭😭😭

  5. Sam Zhao

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  6. Gabriel Brokenshire

    Gabriel Brokenshire8 시간 전

    Hahahaha I love you

  7. dayhtondoesstuff 114

    dayhtondoesstuff 1149 시간 전

    Do a part two

  8. BFG JoJo

    BFG JoJo9 시간 전

    I need sum names...

  9. Big Bot Vids

    Big Bot Vids17 시간 전

    High risk high reward

  10. CP Greenie

    CP Greenie19 시간 전

    what is this website

  11. BigBoi 77

    BigBoi 77일 전

    'Regular Draft'

  12. Anthony Shannon

    Anthony Shannon일 전

    Out here wearing a AEW shirt respect

  13. AG 123

    AG 123일 전

    This bitch just said tupac

  14. Ahad Khan

    Ahad Khan일 전

    Wanna see some tits too? 😂😂😂😂

  15. Targaryen Dynasty

    Targaryen Dynasty일 전

    That’s the real shit

  16. Merlin Parsons

    Merlin Parsons일 전

    The prophecy is true

  17. Playboi Carti!

    Playboi Carti!일 전

    Someone find out who the Asian girl is for my research

  18. Golifa Primo

    Golifa Primo일 전

    Where is the uncensored version

  19. FaZeDaKiDD

    FaZeDaKiDD일 전

    already knew you got demonetized for this video 😆😆🐐

  20. Shiro白猫

    Shiro白猫2 일 전

    i think his racist when he heard jeremy lin.... show some respect man....

  21. Playboi Carti!

    Playboi Carti!일 전

    Shiro白猫 no jeremy lin has a shitty card lmao

  22. SlimmGOAT

    SlimmGOAT2 일 전

    Make a part 2

  23. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    Btw the site he is on is rabbit cam, you can thank me later🙂🙂🙂

  24. Yung-ZIAH DTX

    Yung-ZIAH DTX일 전

    Bossgaming how do you work it? I don’t wanna pay it’s not worth it

  25. Yung-ZIAH DTX

    Yung-ZIAH DTX일 전

    Bossgaming you my Nigga

  26. CJ Byron

    CJ Byron2 일 전

    title - just a regular nba draft people drafting - wanna see tits lmao

  27. Jonathan Roxas

    Jonathan Roxas2 일 전

    What is this site

  28. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    Rabbit cam

  29. Joe P

    Joe P2 일 전

    you wanna see tits too? "NO I DON"T!" lol

  30. Boss 995511

    Boss 9955112 일 전

    She said tupac🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Boss 995511

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  32. Snazy Boy

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  33. ceeday ceeday

    ceeday ceeday3 일 전

    What is this site

  34. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    ceeday ceeday the site is rabbit cam

  35. Ultra Artlu

    Ultra Artlu3 일 전

    Yo what site are you on?!?!?! 😂😂🤣

  36. TLM_Bro9987 re

    TLM_Bro9987 re일 전

    He's on cornhub

  37. darren.

    darren.일 전

    Just a normal website where normal people stream

  38. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    Rabbit cam

  39. Anthony quadrino

    Anthony quadrino2 일 전

    Ultra Artlu a website

  40. kj 3865

    kj 38652 일 전


  41. YaBoy Rapid

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  42. Jamar Claiborne

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  43. black pharoh

    black pharoh3 일 전

    Best vid you've made tbh

  44. Liam Crawford

    Liam Crawford4 일 전

    Y u bler it

  45. Joey Fiore

    Joey Fiore4 일 전

    Does anyone know what site this is

  46. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    Joey Fiore the site is called rabbit cam

  47. Loly The Troll

    Loly The Troll4 일 전

    Whose it seems there’s a smudge on the screen

  48. Loly The Troll

    Loly The Troll4 일 전

    You wanna see tits too? NO!!!!

  49. Willyman 344

    Willyman 3444 일 전

    Wat website is this 😭

  50. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    Willyman 344 the site is rabbit cam

  51. Datboi RayyGaming

    Datboi RayyGaming4 일 전

    Lmao troydan 7:28" bitch you want sum gold" 😂😂

  52. T Koomen

    T Koomen4 일 전

    What did he use for that

  53. King markus34

    King markus344 일 전

    You have a ph account is that your spare time

  54. Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller5 일 전

    At 18:25 what is that beat

  55. LakerFan '

    LakerFan '5 일 전

    5:06 who is that

  56. PaoPaoTooFresh 13

    PaoPaoTooFresh 135 일 전

    What is the website

  57. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    PaoPaoTooFresh 13 the website is called rabbit cam

  58. tmartin3 martin

    tmartin3 martin5 일 전

    What did he use for chatting with people

  59. supremegamez23

    supremegamez235 일 전

    Shes having a secizer 100 times spelled secizer wrong

  60. Mister Aero

    Mister Aero5 일 전

    Is there a way to know their name tho? For example miss 4:25 👀

  61. Mister Aero

    Mister Aero4 일 전

    @MoneyMakinMitch yeah name* sorry for the typo lol

  62. MoneyMakinMitch

    MoneyMakinMitch4 일 전

    Mister Aero her name ?

  63. Ferny Garcia

    Ferny Garcia6 일 전

    Anyone who can tell me the name of the website?😂😂

  64. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    Ferny Garcia the name of the website is rabbit cam

  65. Spektrum HD

    Spektrum HD6 일 전

    4:23 who is that?

  66. PPopS -_

    PPopS -_6 일 전

    what app?

  67. rahmel smith

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  68. LilBubble27

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    whats the site

  69. Dudu_SCP 02

    Dudu_SCP 026 일 전

    Whats the website

  70. Dustin Wade

    Dustin Wade6 일 전

    What that website called 🤔

  71. HugeoT 118

    HugeoT 1186 일 전

    you wnna see some teets

  72. Simpletrons

    Simpletrons7 일 전

    Where's the thumbnail inspiration from?

  73. slsh b

    slsh b7 일 전

    What is he on

  74. Rheza Chandra

    Rheza Chandra7 일 전

    What is the website bruh? Someone tell me hahaha

  75. Branden The great

    Branden The great7 일 전

    What app is this

  76. Armando Velez

    Armando Velez7 일 전

    Troy was spending only $68 but he spend $400 cause he did some draftin off camera 📷

  77. Armando Velez

    Armando Velez7 일 전

    I was supposed to tweet this 3 weeks ago

  78. Suit Guy

    Suit Guy7 일 전

    Nice thumbnail wheres the website?

  79. _Depressed_ Tofu

    _Depressed_ Tofu7 일 전

    Wat is the website

  80. swishKicks30

    swishKicks307 일 전

    what is this website that he on

  81. D Allstar5

    D Allstar57 일 전

    What was the website that was too funny 😂

  82. Kaotic10k-

    Kaotic10k-7 일 전

    Can somebody actually give the name for the website I'm Getting tired of my cousin asking

  83. Bossgaming

    Bossgaming2 일 전

    The name of the website is rabbit com

  84. FoRtNiTe DeMiGoD-_

    FoRtNiTe DeMiGoD-_7 일 전

    What’s this chat source that Troy was using calledb

  85. Omar Bookal Jr.

    Omar Bookal Jr.7 일 전


  86. nedlohh

    nedlohh7 일 전

    1:50 peep the chat

  87. Juan Esteban Avila

    Juan Esteban Avila7 일 전

    This gotta be one of the best videos to watch with the live chat replay😂😂😂.

  88. Juice. toojay

    Juice. toojay7 일 전

    What is this website called?!?!?!?

  89. Mystic 2

    Mystic 27 일 전

    Whats the website tho

  90. Justin Meyer

    Justin Meyer7 일 전

    Troydan: can you name one nba player for me Lady: tupac

  91. BuggyRate

    BuggyRate8 일 전

    5:05 I think Troy forgot to Censor something...

  92. Tristin Johnson

    Tristin Johnson6 일 전

    BuggyRate she had armpit hair 😂😂😂

  93. 3 IQ Plays

    3 IQ Plays8 일 전

    Troy: *hears moaning* Also Troy: Oooooo she is excited

  94. Pillzo

    Pillzo8 일 전

    name a basketball player "tupac" 💀💀💀

  95. Bliss Clan

    Bliss Clan8 일 전

    What app was that

  96. Saucy J

    Saucy J8 일 전

    Wow how does this still have ads props to troydan

  97. Francis Ilada

    Francis Ilada8 일 전

    HAHAHAHA this was hilarious

  98. Cursive hand Writing

    Cursive hand Writing9 일 전

    How is this monetized 😂

  99. Bahdjd Elele

    Bahdjd Elele9 일 전

    3:31 yoooooooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. DTA LIL J Summers

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