just a regular NBA 2K Draft


  1. hat dawg

    hat dawg23 시간 전

    u asshole

  2. FNL _andrew

    FNL _andrew일 전

    What website

  3. Matt Barger

    Matt Barger2 일 전

    5:35 😅

  4. Duc _yt

    Duc _yt2 일 전

    Troy Dan u probably ganna go back to this site to watch girls pu**y

  5. The One

    The One3 일 전

    Yo how is this om KOreporter I freaking love it 😂😂

  6. DMC Edits

    DMC Edits3 일 전

    Wonder how many 12 year olds think he’s on twitch 2.0

  7. xp Carlos

    xp Carlos3 일 전

    huh that thumb nail reminds me of something...

  8. Camyreon187em

    Camyreon187em4 일 전

    were exactly he went to please tell me names links anything

  9. Joe Ricard

    Joe Ricard4 일 전

    What’s this app or website called

  10. Arsya Radiyya Abyasa

    Arsya Radiyya Abyasa4 일 전

    12:39 he said no but he still looking haha , thats mean troydan is not gay

  11. ReshaLoveyou

    ReshaLoveyou4 일 전

    Funny how when they show tits he keeps looking

  12. Stoodge54 Nation

    Stoodge54 Nation5 일 전

    This video alone is why I subscribed.

  13. ElasticWaistband

    ElasticWaistband5 일 전

    Troydan: "you have no idea how many hours i spent here" ooof

  14. Aiden Medinilla

    Aiden Medinilla5 일 전

    What is the website he is using

  15. Tyler Demuro

    Tyler Demuro5 일 전

    Jesus Christ, cougars need to calm done

  16. CAT BOY

    CAT BOY5 일 전

    Does anyone else know what he’s asking on

  17. Richard Daquis

    Richard Daquis5 일 전

    I love this video

  18. Schienerder Pierre Louis

    Schienerder Pierre Louis6 일 전

    what app Is that

  19. Krampusel

    Krampusel8 일 전

    Wait a second.....

  20. Charles Tolbert

    Charles Tolbert8 일 전

    20:42 most Kobe thing I see all day

  21. William Self

    William Self9 일 전

    Does anybody know what website this is

  22. FishermanJay

    FishermanJay9 일 전

    William Self I think it’s just Grinder but idk

  23. yuh boi david

    yuh boi david9 일 전

    "You wanna see my tits too😏"

  24. yuh boi david

    yuh boi david9 일 전

    Very excited

  25. UThorns4ever

    UThorns4ever9 일 전

    12:35 lmao holy shit

  26. SOUNDERORC gaming and vlogs

    SOUNDERORC gaming and vlogs10 일 전


  27. Pain Collinise

    Pain Collinise10 일 전

    That's porn

  28. fat king

    fat king10 일 전

    She’s really excited

  29. Godzilla

    Godzilla10 일 전

    Yes troy went to CornHub

  30. Ken Johns

    Ken Johns11 일 전

    “Bitch u want sum gold”🤣

  31. Oliver Mitchell

    Oliver Mitchell11 일 전

    What’s the app ?

  32. Stev 54

    Stev 5411 일 전

    Troy boner count during the video 👇🏽

  33. Michael Percy

    Michael Percy12 일 전

    Man really said i just scammed her

  34. Michael Percy

    Michael Percy12 일 전

    Lmao girl with pit hair was

  35. GR PhanTa

    GR PhanTa12 일 전

    Why didn’t he cut this part out of the video 3:29

  36. Lit Dabfam

    Lit Dabfam12 일 전


  37. Kyrie 33

    Kyrie 3312 일 전

    Oooooo she’s very happy

  38. The_RealGamer2002 Deal With It

    The_RealGamer2002 Deal With It13 일 전

    New low

  39. Ofelia Castillo

    Ofelia Castillo13 일 전

    She said Kevin Durant I’m pretty sure then started doing the dirty.....that was awkward as hell.


    ALEX PLAZ13 일 전

    what website is this

  41. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG13 일 전

    anyone know what this site is? just asking cause i wanna do my own draft..

  42. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG11 일 전

    @6ixx Dripp i was thinking the same thing tbh lol

  43. 6ixx Dripp

    6ixx Dripp11 일 전

    TwoFaced OG best website ever tbh.

  44. TwoFaced OG

    TwoFaced OG11 일 전

    @6ixx Dripp thats what im talking about

  45. 6ixx Dripp

    6ixx Dripp12 일 전

    TwoFaced OG Cool Math Games