Junk Food Lovers Try High Calorie Vs. Low-Calorie Items From Jack In The Box



    THE HANNI29 일 전

    Happy National Drive-Thru Day! 🌺 @



    Red head isn’t vegetarian I’ve seen her eat Canadian bacon lmao

  3. Rman Nayr

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  4. Kyle T

    Kyle T개월 전

    And why wasn’t I invited??

  5. Malane Qi

    Malane Qi개월 전

    Low calorie doesn’t mean healthy

  6. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast

    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast개월 전

    Trump: "As far as Buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, I think they're going to suffer the consequences. They already are.

  7. Monica C

    Monica C개월 전

    Lmao a whole video for this TF

  8. Mima Flaherty

    Mima Flaherty개월 전

    I know BuzzFeed can do better than this man....😑

  9. Rosek Shrestha

    Rosek Shrestha개월 전

    Buzzfeed : how many items should they try ? Production : 2

  10. Irrelevant Skillz

    Irrelevant Skillz개월 전

    buzzfeed is getting lazy

  11. Norsik

    Norsik개월 전

    Did they copy this video too or no

  12. John Secret Spirit

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  13. NocturnalState OfMind

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    junk food lovers - is a vegetarian . ok

  14. Devil FANTHEM.

    Devil FANTHEM.개월 전

    I think you mean "White junk food lovers." You forgot to specify their race.

  15. Justin Miller

    Justin Miller개월 전

    I actually like the chicken fajita pita with no cheese although the chicken is very salty and processed.

  16. Deonna Cruz

    Deonna Cruz개월 전

    Need a video with healthy option from multiple fast food restaurants Not Just Jack in the Box

  17. Taoufik Idrissi

    Taoufik Idrissi개월 전

    Going to a fast food restaurant and wanting diet food is like going to a nightclub and wanting to pray

  18. Ordr6Tsix

    Ordr6Tsix개월 전

    Vegetarian but eggs are ok to eat. Am I missing something?

  19. Cindy Nguyen

    Cindy Nguyen개월 전

    Ordr6Tsix vegetarians eat no meat (beef, chicken, pork, seafood). Vegans eat no animal products (eggs, milk).

  20. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales개월 전

    That’s sad asf there were two items smh

  21. hi there

    hi there개월 전

    Calories has nothing to do with health something can be 0 calories but still be unhealthy

  22. Hey Kylie

    Hey Kylie개월 전

    But their tacos tho 😋 That’s the grease game

  23. Meme Biologist

    Meme Biologist개월 전

    *Liberals are cancer*

  24. Kim Everett

    Kim Everett개월 전

    That was way too short, come on now !!!

  25. live.love.mellissa

    live.love.mellissa개월 전

    incredibly lame vid.

  26. ilker turkoz

    ilker turkoz개월 전

    Why andrew and steven not make vidoe anymore?

  27. Grace Hornby

    Grace Hornby개월 전

    they half assed this video like only 2 items wtf that was a pointless video

  28. [ Dying Cat ]

    [ Dying Cat ]개월 전

    That Fallout Shirt owo

  29. Sam Castello

    Sam Castello개월 전

    I was waiting for more. . .😅

  30. tatsu masa

    tatsu masa개월 전

    Is Jumbo Jack still 99 cent?

  31. Jess V

    Jess V개월 전

    try two food items* 🙄

  32. sebastian flores

    sebastian flores개월 전

    the breakfast jack isn't vegetarian lmao. it has ham

  33. Christina

    Christina개월 전

    Just don’t eat fast food

  34. EC DC

    EC DC19 일 전

    Everything in moderation. Even my 2 skinny health-nut dietitians might eat some fast food once a month. The problem a lot of people have is seeing fast food as replacement meals (and usually on a daily basis) instead of an occasional treat. It's not much of a treat if you eat it all the time.

  35. Ren Ulep

    Ren Ulep개월 전

    Anything thought the girl on the right looks like Sophie Turner with almost the accent?

  36. Akash Hebbi

    Akash Hebbi개월 전

    What is Jack in the box ??

  37. windycitycrew21

    windycitycrew21개월 전

    Ugh can i get a water with 1 ice thats low calorie for u

  38. Katie K

    Katie K개월 전

    Where’s the rest of the video??

  39. Tyzilla

    Tyzilla개월 전

    When he said mexican pita .. made me cringe

  40. Nat Adamson

    Nat Adamson개월 전

    Y’a t’il des français ici



    So they feel great knowing that Jack in the Box has TWO lower-calorie options?

  42. captainben hendi

    captainben hendi개월 전

    I blew on my screen thinking that was a little hair 😂😂

  43. SARAH Booth

    SARAH Booth개월 전

    I actually thought our profile pic was a hair, and I tried to wipe it off 😂

  44. Mia Lomotos

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    i like your profile pic gahhahaha I thought there was hair on my computer

  45. David Luevano

    David Luevano개월 전

    Next video is trying $10 of oxygen vs $1000 of oxygen

  46. Azri Akmal

    Azri Akmal개월 전

    Mayn I knew Buzzfeed was bad, but only 2 items for a taste test. Come onnnn.

  47. Nope

    Nope개월 전

    -_- 2 minutes and 30 seconds btw

  48. karenamanda1958

    karenamanda1958개월 전

    Better content please, Buzzfeed.

  49. Bryce L

    Bryce L개월 전

    Chicken fajita pita is really good with their ranch!

  50. Molly J

    Molly J개월 전

    This episode is "low calorie" need more content than just TWO items jeez people!

  51. Jesse Rupert

    Jesse Rupert개월 전

    Blake 😍😍😍

  52. murcroadster

    murcroadster개월 전

    Well hello Rachel

  53. Safira Patel

    Safira Patel개월 전

    Lazy video.

  54. Yul Hidalgo

    Yul Hidalgo개월 전

    The problem with fast food places is that those so called low calorie items are packed with a lot of sodium.

  55. yellingkimber

    yellingkimber개월 전

    Barring proper hydration and no pre-existing health conditions, there's no problem with sodium.

  56. Tay Medina

    Tay Medina개월 전

    " Items " you mean ITEM

  57. Jake T

    Jake T개월 전

    How you have 19 Mill subs and struggle to get past 200k views on most of your videos?

  58. •Bias Wrecked•

    •Bias Wrecked•개월 전

    0:56 - She looks like Bella Thorne.

  59. Miss Saydee

    Miss Saydee개월 전

    That fajita pita comes with a tomato sauce on the side to make it taste better

  60. insomnibus

    insomnibus개월 전

    That was all they tried?? Just two things??

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    73 comment

  62. green giant

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    hay everybody

  63. Alyssa

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    Small youtuber here!

  64. OliAliNes3723

    OliAliNes3723개월 전

    i’m from Australia and i wish we had Jack in the box over there

  65. Tainted Life

    Tainted Life개월 전

    The guy in white is fuckin sexy🤟 he can eat me 😂

  66. Paige Crawford

    Paige Crawford개월 전

    Why only two options. Pointless video.

  67. C.Michelle Sparks

    C.Michelle Sparks개월 전

    Walk to a grocery store instead?

  68. Eric Lewis

    Eric Lewis개월 전

    Sadness Sandwiches.

  69. narek harutyunyan

    narek harutyunyan개월 전

    Seems like a lazy video

  70. chiccy

    chiccy개월 전

    Low calorie does not mean healthy 🙄

  71. EC DC

    EC DC19 일 전

    Yeah she was def wrong about that. That stuff is still LOADED with a lot of salt (and sugar).

  72. Melanie Rogers

    Melanie Rogers개월 전

    Chicken fajita pita all day long. Or teriyaki bowls. Yeah, baby!

  73. Melanie Rogers

    Melanie Rogers개월 전

    @lol oh I know this was a "healthy" Jack in the Box taste test but i don't care about that, they're just tasty 😂😂

  74. lol

    lol개월 전

    The teriyaki bowls actually arnt that healthy. 850 calories in a tiny bowl

  75. Pure Luck

    Pure Luck개월 전

    Melanie Rogers be sure to get salsa with fajita pita

  76. Sunil Sutar

    Sunil Sutar개월 전

    Just learn one thing, boys always share there food 😊

  77. Sunil Sutar

    Sunil Sutar개월 전

    YEAH She's Vegetarian, I'll Rewatch That Video.

  78. Zoey Yackel

    Zoey Yackel개월 전

    Sunil Sutar that one girl was a vegetarian, so they couldn’t trade

  79. Karlie G. Roe

    Karlie G. Roe개월 전

    Video was too short & only a few items? c’mon buzzfeed y’all are better than this 🙄

  80. 10k subscribers and no videos Challenge!!

    10k subscribers and no videos Challenge!!개월 전

    Those foods did not look low calorie at all tbh

  81. nina

    nina개월 전

    Doesn’t it all depend on the sodium for it to be a little bit healthier...?

  82. EC DC

    EC DC19 일 전

    It depends on a lot of things....the level of sodium (salt), carbs and sugar all matter. Those 3 aren't bad in themselves but the amounts of each can be.

  83. j

    j개월 전

    shooklol sodium actually isn’t that bad for you as long as you don’t have preexisting blood pressure issues and you drink a lot of water

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  85. Get Out Ariana

    Get Out Ariana개월 전

    Y’all should their spicy chicken sandwich, curly fries, tacos, and Oreo milkshakes... THANK ME LATER!!!

  86. Get Out Ariana

    Get Out Ariana개월 전

    jazmine torres their food is so underrated 😭

  87. jazmine torres

    jazmine torres개월 전


  88. TheInternetBoss

    TheInternetBoss개월 전

    this episode is stingy

  89. Bill Woo

    Bill Woo개월 전

    Waste of time. Poorly executed video. I clicked because I'm very interested in the topic. But I learned nothing. Were you out sick the day they taught video production?

  90. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez개월 전

    6 views 6 likes wow

  91. Joy Khanfour

    Joy Khanfour개월 전

    Fast food is actual life

  92. jzie

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    Im inlove with blake😍😍😍

  93. Jay Glance

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    200 like

  94. Scoop BOPP

    Scoop BOPP개월 전

    I always get breakfast jack && add lettuce & tomato

  95. Vekttap Kostholdsekspert

    Vekttap Kostholdsekspert개월 전

    If I subscribe and comment on my video, I will register again

  96. Pizza is Life!!!

    Pizza is Life!!!개월 전

    How is everyone so skinny after eating sooo much fast food... Meanwhile if i smell a burger I gain 10 pounds...! Edit:tysm for 20 likes!! That’s the most I’ve ever gotten 120 likes?? Wow tysmmm

  97. Amy Gregory

    Amy Gregory개월 전

    Maybe that’s all they might eat in a day

  98. Pizza is Life!!!

    Pizza is Life!!!개월 전

    Flashback Mary I know I was joking around 🙃

  99. hi there. :3

    hi there. :3개월 전

    They can be skinny and be unhealthy just how chubbier people can be bigger but can be healthy

  100. hi there. :3

    hi there. :3개월 전

    Hmm maybe they go to the gym :0