Jorja Smith - Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)



    AiRMAC RAW시간 전

    check the old man 0:46 checking out jorja hes stupified no cap

  2. Ahmed Abdallah sureti

    Ahmed Abdallah sureti시간 전

    La protection de L'ylang-ylang de Comores est si importante

  3. King Chabin 97 Martinique

    King Chabin 97 Martinique2 시간 전

    I love the voice of jorja smith

  4. Team Death

    Team Death3 시간 전

    Rihanna is that you?

  5. wordgrrl71

    wordgrrl718 시간 전

    Having a little money sure took the depression away. LOLz.

  6. wordgrrl71

    wordgrrl718 시간 전

    Here we go again. Get a little money, a Grammy nomination, and all the sudden we sing about sex and drugs only. She used to write the most beautiful songs about emotion and feeling lost or in love. But now, I guess we have Megan Thee Stallion syndrome....pussy pussy dick dick blunt blunt party party, i'm hot. Meh, it's soooooooo old.

  7. Moustapha D

    Moustapha D10 시간 전

    Bro this woman is so gorgeous

  8. YIKES

    YIKES13 시간 전

    can i pipe

  9. W D-C

    W D-C13 시간 전

    Yo why is she acting like Rihanna

  10. Kharidar Kazhdom

    Kharidar Kazhdom14 시간 전

    Please help him

  11. Kamila Zaen

    Kamila Zaen15 시간 전

    Best song!

  12. Davey

    Davey16 시간 전 Original beat

  13. The Messiah

    The Messiah16 시간 전

    Best song of the year!

  14. Isi poblete

    Isi poblete18 시간 전


  15. chikennugets 07

    chikennugets 0718 시간 전

    Amazing clip

  16. okow tina

    okow tina18 시간 전

    the vibe and aesthetic of this video is just 😫😫😍😍

  17. MykeMooh Music

    MykeMooh Music19 시간 전

    this beat fireee! the delivery is hot too!

  18. Ifreke Edem-Enang

    Ifreke Edem-Enang19 시간 전

    {Cheers} 🇳🇬

  19. BB MALL

    BB MALL21 시간 전

    Wisco killeddd this remix tho

  20. okow tina

    okow tina18 시간 전

    Would rather Maya Jama if I'm honest

  21. SickLid

    SickLid22 시간 전

    There's no way is she riding that ped with all the moving of the handle bars, she'd be on the floor.

  22. Sêptëmbėr Jãį

    Sêptëmbėr Jãį22 시간 전

    Wow she actually sings with her British accent ✨

  23. Sêptëmbėr Jãį

    Sêptëmbėr Jãį22 시간 전

    2:03 I can’t STAND that phase, but the way my gurl sing _”no Caaaap”_ 😌 lol

  24. Danah M.

    Danah M.23 시간 전

    Why all these new singers sound like they singing with their nose plugged??

  25. aries claudio

    aries claudio일 전

    Seriously am in love with Jorja. the "flow" in her lyrics just like blue lights and the one is so addictive to listen to. plus her voice is so amazing and crisp dafook 🍒💓

  26. Rk Kr

    Rk Kr일 전

    They sing anything all of them sing the same and think they are doing great. Well it's all a fools perception. I gave an opinion. Anything make anything and stupids buy it.

  27. Jann Pulup

    Jann Pulup일 전


  28. Tiger Li

    Tiger Li일 전

    god... shes literally one of a kind

  29. ICO Mercenary

    ICO Mercenary일 전

    Why's no one talking about Burna?

  30. reallyellie

    reallyellie일 전

    Burna boys flow is 🔥

  31. Mariane Souza

    Mariane Souza일 전

    Eu amo tanto essa música

  32. Henbot

    Henbot일 전

    She so erotic my KOreporter player stuttered

  33. Bella Enama

    Bella Enama일 전

    Am'i hear bad or she's sound as Rihanna?🙄

  34. zinhle8

    zinhle8일 전

    Same whatapp I hear that to yo.......

  35. FaZe Wolfie69

    FaZe Wolfie69일 전

    Sexy and lit lmfao

  36. D R

    D R일 전

    Would rather Maya Jama if I'm honest

  37. Sequoia Torrez

    Sequoia Torrez일 전

    She sounds like a Riri and Sia baby

  38. mafiii yo

    mafiii yo일 전

    Be my main chick, yeah you can be...

  39. TM

    TM일 전

    Bmt It acc vexes me how peng she is, like no hate at all... fully cant describe the feeling fam like no cap shes just too peng😂😂

  40. Bruno De almeida

    Bruno De almeida일 전

    can't believe i already listened this absolute gem 14M times out of these 15M.

  41. katarzyna jones

    katarzyna jones2 일 전

    Please tell me what instrument is in on the back ground??.We have here little argument with my man lol .He saying is a guitar .And me kind of saxofon or similar instrument .Please for comment and anserw

  42. StrawberryBubblegum

    StrawberryBubblegum2 일 전

    I know you want me Every day, tell me when you're lonely, yeah You see, you think you know me But you don't even know nothing about me, yeah You see my thick thighs Lost when you look into my brown eyes See, my little waist can make you switch sides You never know the devil in the disguise So why don't you stand up, baby, and Tell me, tell me, tell me do you want me on top? So let me show you, show you, show you, I don't need to back it up Don't wanna hold ya, mold ya, stole ya Split you in half with my heart I just wanna love on you, trust in you, honour you Please do the same on your part Be honest (be honest) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience Be honest (be honest) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience Take time, you no say I'm wrong whenever I see bad vibes Before you come my way, make sure you think twice Look into my eyes but I can never see us I can point a gun, but you know I could never lie, yeah Come through I can show you somethin' you can run to When I finish, you'll be feelin' brand new Wanna be somebody you can run through I'm lookin' for that, I'm alive One time, no care, big vibes, slow back Catch feels, get high If you make your bed, then you can lie Just please don't waste my time Be honest (be honest) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience Be honest (be honest) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience People, they talk, they majesty Love the way your body twistin' Mek me lose control in the this ting, oh And it's all because I'm thinkin' of us Don't go throw me under di bus Under a spell, I'm under your love I don't know why nobody want me Listen, my baby could be, do me bad But your love inside my hoody bag If I do you back I better make you know, do me back Gimme one time, one try Be mine, this time Take time, same time But we never waste time Girl, I never lie, you already know that I'll be honest Be honest (be honest, ooh yeah) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience (ooh yeah) Be honest (be honest) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience Be honest (be honest) You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience Be honest You want this (you want this) But I can be heartless Regardless of my conscience

  43. King Leo

    King Leo2 일 전

    This video gate on repeat 🔃 🔃 love this video the best song ever #love king leo

  44. Squidward Tortellini

    Squidward Tortellini2 일 전

    Shes not even bad she nasty as fuck

  45. Shlomo Venezia

    Shlomo Venezia2 일 전

    be honest: 20 tennis balls and a room at Hampton Inn Suites = music video

  46. Michael Kings

    Michael Kings2 일 전

    I could drink her bath water. She's that fine.

  47. JaShawn Price

    JaShawn Price2 일 전

    Dang Jorja!

  48. Ac 1

    Ac 12 일 전

    I would

  49. Micaela Ajala

    Micaela Ajala2 일 전

    I soo cool

  50. Micaela Ajala

    Micaela Ajala2 일 전

    I like dis song

  51. Sipho Monyane

    Sipho Monyane2 일 전

    Jorja,I wish I was born ealier.

  52. Jillian .O

    Jillian .O2 일 전

    I literally have this song on replay Everytime on my playlist😭✨😍

  53. Italian Britt

    Italian Britt2 일 전

    wow!! first time listening to her, never heard of her b4,, im already in love

  54. chel ً

    chel ً18 시간 전

    Italian Britt listen to blue lights !

  55. stopreading myname

    stopreading myname2 일 전

    *_Jorja is not the next Rihanna, she is the next Jorja Smith! Yes sis._* 😍

  56. Bill brent

    Bill brent2 일 전

    Likes for them thicc thighs?

  57. Bheki Mashiloane

    Bheki Mashiloane2 일 전

    If jorja and dua lipa they would sound like rihanna then if 1 day she ritired they can songs for her☺☺😅☺😅😅😅😅😅

  58. Italian Britt

    Italian Britt19 시간 전

    ooouuu i love dua too!!

  59. Sohamsta

    Sohamsta2 일 전

    Petition for Jorja to collab with Rihanna

  60. BatleyRadio

    BatleyRadio2 일 전

    This is a Miraa may sound if you know you know

  61. Leonel Nova

    Leonel Nova2 일 전

    Shes riding a jetski on the highway


    WIJ ZIJN AJAX2 일 전

    Song stolen by Bokke8-Secure The Bag!

  63. Wida Darmayanti

    Wida Darmayanti2 일 전

    Finally I found this song I’ve been searching this song for 2 weeks

  64. Lisa Tui

    Lisa Tui2 일 전

    I'm so feeling this vibe 🙌🙌🙌🙌💕💕💕