Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS


  1. Luke The Light Bringer

    Luke The Light Bringer11 시간 전

    truer words ahve never been spoken, "this is how you gte an american to like you bi giving me evythig you got," that's classic u.s foreign policy, let us occupy your counbtry then we will like you if not we declare ear and take evryhting anyway, american's narcistic psyhcopaths, or at least their governemnt and nayone who supportsa their governemnt, long live the rebeal laiiance the ture america.

  2. l DevilsDuckz l

    l DevilsDuckz l일 전


  3. Mystery box

    Mystery box일 전

    jordan is so creepy :( 7:30 i feel violated

  4. Jckaf Compagnie

    Jckaf Compagnie2 일 전

    You are the best!'

  5. lfn1016

    lfn10163 일 전

    6:11 who's that girl? She's got really beautiful eyes.

  6. Gizmoriderful Ye

    Gizmoriderful Ye4 일 전

    aww..Jordan is gotten so old in these 5ish years

  7. mu2thehotness

    mu2thehotness7 일 전

    Conan was so underused in that Soap Opera

  8. insolent bitch

    insolent bitch8 일 전

    2:40 my lungs hates me after this smh.

  9. anafbmad

    anafbmad8 일 전

    Conan is probably behaving like every other tourist coming from the US

  10. Matt Tyrrell

    Matt Tyrrell10 일 전

    That geezers face at 2:58 made me giggle a little too hard

  11. Guy Field London

    Guy Field London10 일 전

    I went for a couple of coffees there 2 days ago when visiting Naples and much enjoyed it!

  12. KillerBoots

    KillerBoots10 일 전

    How he acted after two espressos is how I am after some gfuel. Lol

  13. Gabriel Dunn

    Gabriel Dunn10 일 전

    anyone else spend15 minutes trying to figure out how to do the hand trick Conan did at 2:24

  14. Dite A.

    Dite A.10 일 전

    I have a burro

  15. Bunny Tsukino

    Bunny Tsukino11 일 전

    Conan is all of us. We don’t know when to stop lol

  16. Sacha Bolding

    Sacha Bolding12 일 전

    Dude!!! Conan can kinda sing for real LOL😅!!!

  17. Hal

    Hal13 일 전

    Damn! I'd give up a limb to be able to behave like that in public without being drunk

  18. laci green

    laci green14 일 전

    My god conan is a savage 😂

  19. Hoss Ironvein

    Hoss Ironvein15 일 전

    this is how logan paul acted in japan.....

  20. Yolo Swaggins

    Yolo Swaggins15 일 전

    Ha ha that dance with the italian dude, classic conan.

  21. RealMetalGaming

    RealMetalGaming16 일 전

    Notice how Italy loves Conan more than Shlansky. Almost like they prefer personality over expressionless robots.

  22. Paloma Lee

    Paloma Lee16 일 전


  23. Angel Angel

    Angel Angel17 일 전

    2:00 Me and my girl when we drink.. :V

  24. E R I C

    E R I C17 일 전


  25. Laura Caskey

    Laura Caskey17 일 전


  26. Krenar Hoxha

    Krenar Hoxha18 일 전

    Conan ruined the reputation Jordan built for him in Italy in just 7min.

  27. skarllix

    skarllix18 일 전

    The guy at 3:40 was having his best moments in life :D LOL

  28. Venom

    Venom19 일 전

    2:22 Anyone else remember that meme?

  29. IceMan jr.

    IceMan jr.19 일 전

    This video made me realized how embarrassing it is to have Conan as a friend lol

  30. Daimaō

    Daimaō20 일 전

    Love the dance with the i want it hot guy

  31. Aidan Lam

    Aidan Lam20 일 전

    And this is why the world hates Americans lmao

  32. Clipgamer 76

    Clipgamer 7620 일 전

    Stop at 2:29

  33. Alex Vazquez

    Alex Vazquez20 일 전

    0.38 had me dead

  34. Bilal Ayub

    Bilal Ayub21 일 전

    the coffee did its job

  35. matteo2211

    matteo221121 일 전

    This is the best Conan skit I have ever seen and I have not passed minute 4!!!

  36. MrSuperrajab

    MrSuperrajab21 일 전


  37. Adam Inglis

    Adam Inglis22 일 전

    There is no self validation from tv. Grow up!! His doing "remotes? because he wants to reach out to a broader audience. Conan is Fing hilarious compared to (Leno)Letterman) etc my viewing has ended since colbert and others so respect for only a few from me.

  38. Truther Inc

    Truther Inc22 일 전

    Normally i don't use to correct broken Italian, I try to understand and help the person instead if he is asking an important question. We have immigrant in Italy when they talk to us we are not there to correct or if we do it's to help. However Mr. Jordan here is correct (i don't know now if the correction is a joke, but it is wrong), espresso mean fast, it refer to the kind of machine used to make coffee which was invented to get in, have your coffee and get out (it's not a rule, if you stay no one is going to shoot you, it's more of a crowd issue, as you can see in the video there is Conan and Jordan having a coffee but behind them there are people). Don't get fooled, not every italian knows those things about Italian use and means, which as an Italian myself i think they are BS.

  39. Adam G

    Adam G22 일 전

    3:55 Talpon\aino777???

  40. TheGodEmperorofMankind

    TheGodEmperorofMankind22 일 전

    If Conon was brought into HR and the HR woman had to read out all the things he does to his workers, it would be hilarious. When you were at a coffee place with Mr Schlansky you made fun of him in front of everyone and told him to shut up and then you licked his forehead lol

  41. Johann Delgado

    Johann Delgado23 일 전

    Had to watch this twice ! Haha

  42. GriPhone

    GriPhone24 일 전

    That escalated really quickly

  43. Joseph Gonzales

    Joseph Gonzales25 일 전

    I love Jordan

  44. stan 23

    stan 2325 일 전

    6:06 so who is she?

  45. Jason Cravens

    Jason Cravens25 일 전

    I commend the absolute resilience and patience from Jordan Schlansky. I might have not be able to keep my cool a couple times... Hats off to that one brother, lol!

  46. Jake

    Jake25 일 전

    Conan’s funny af

  47. rodrigo hernandez

    rodrigo hernandez26 일 전

    0:58 sly lady takes picture

  48. Tghooker

    Tghooker26 일 전

    i wonder what cocos bpm was after doing espresso shots and jumping jacks.

  49. Christopher Lewis

    Christopher Lewis26 일 전

    Conan on espresso. We’re all doomed😂

  50. chad

    chad26 일 전

    If this is real I wonder if Conan ever feels bad for saying these things 😂

  51. M Allegra

    M Allegra26 일 전


  52. don't care

    don't care26 일 전

    You just had an experience enjoy it 😂

  53. Moistest 1430

    Moistest 143027 일 전

    This just reminds me of Logan Paul in Japan

  54. Erwin Rommel

    Erwin Rommel27 일 전

    Ha fatto pure la comparsa in un Posto al Sole!😂😂😂😂

  55. bara siddiq

    bara siddiq개월 전

    I think Conan's CIS (Cringe Immune System) is on POINT lol.

  56. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας개월 전

    1:09 That man is a machine and he does even know it. But then again it takes one to recognize one( Schlansky is either a machine or an alien).

  57. Jack Lawrence

    Jack Lawrence개월 전

    Kimmel and fallon should take notes

  58. a a

    a a개월 전

    i laughed so much omg ti amo conan 😻😹😹😹

  59. Manifesto

    Manifesto개월 전

    if conan starts a religion, i will follow :)

  60. Mae Raich

    Mae Raich개월 전

    I still can't tell whether Jordan is a real person or not

  61. Random Comment

    Random Comment개월 전

    That song was the most epic thing in the whole world.

  62. Chris Lombardi

    Chris Lombardi개월 전

    Mustachioed Jordan in the background of the Italian Soap Opera at 7:16 might just be my new favorite Schlansky moment 🤣



    That rhyming was actually Dope



    CONAN ONLY= Alfa male

  65. abhi47

    abhi47개월 전

    Me!?!?! Stuff in ma pant! NO!!!! God!! Conan's impressions are spot on...😂😂😂

  66. 98Kaian

    98Kaian개월 전

    This is so american. I think the italians in this video are fulfilling typical german stereotypes. Very buttoned up people.

  67. Theresa Tedesco

    Theresa Tedesco개월 전

    At 7:16 Jordan looks like an a assain for the Mario brothers lol he looks so creepy lmfao

  68. Tami Hayes

    Tami Hayes개월 전

    I did nothing but laugh... I don’t even know where to start!

  69. Elie Nehme

    Elie Nehme개월 전

    Conan just went full beavis and butthead

  70. Chris Hagen

    Chris Hagen개월 전

    2:24 what is that finger-snapping move conan does? I have seen it before on other shows

  71. Lee Dent

    Lee Dent개월 전

    Curly used to do it on the Three Stooges

  72. Vedran Matkov

    Vedran Matkov개월 전

    2:25 HAHAHA




  74. polanskyf

    polanskyf개월 전

    He want latte with *Z U C C* A

  75. Vasav Krishna

    Vasav Krishna개월 전

    they are dancing to "I want it fcking hot" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  76. Matt Bartlett

    Matt Bartlett개월 전

    Jordan reminds me of a third nipple


    NOAH 7 ANIMAL개월 전


  78. Chad Man

    Chad Man개월 전

    Conan’s a fool

  79. whitewolfen68

    whitewolfen68개월 전

    How Jordan don't laugh is Crazy, His facial expression is always Blank and shows no emotion at all. Are we sure he isn't a robot?? LoL

  80. Eric

    Eric개월 전

    I had my first ever expresso in Napoli in 1982.

  81. Alex B

    Alex B개월 전

    Naples Florida is better

  82. James Pruitt

    James Pruitt개월 전

    6:40 thompson with a "p"

  83. shafi amati

    shafi amati개월 전

    Jordan is the picture of a douchebag.

  84. T. L.

    T. L.개월 전

    Actually "Espresso" means - in contrast to how coffee was prepared prior to espresso - that the coffee is prepared for you because you expressly ordered that coffee (esprimere = express)

  85. lovepeople Hu

    lovepeople Hu개월 전

    6:37 Jordan "Italian Pornstar" Schlansky

  86. lovepeople Hu

    lovepeople Hu개월 전

    Americans will be banned in Italy.

  87. Mark Pointer

    Mark Pointer개월 전

    Oh boy, as a fluent bilingual English / Italian speaker, this is the funniest episode, by far. I’m cryin’, seriously 😂

  88. Zach Outly

    Zach Outly개월 전

    Can we take a sec to acknowledge how hot that actress is in the Spanish soap opera. Dont know who she is but...damn.

  89. Zach Outly

    Zach Outly24 일 전

    Renata Notni

  90. None of Your Business

    None of Your Business개월 전

    Zach Outly i am trying to find her too, with no luck. I cant even find any comments here who has the name of that actress at 6:06

  91. Pankaj Chaudhari

    Pankaj Chaudhari개월 전

    In some cafe in Paris, I had 3 espressos with dinner. 2 before eating and 1 while eating. But the waiter clearly did not like that I didn't order one more after I finished by dinner.

  92. King Lenny

    King Lenny개월 전

    *Satisfaction is your career*

  93. Veronica Cicconetti

    Veronica Cicconetti개월 전


  94. Why Me

    Why Me개월 전

    I Almost daid at 2:30 😂😂

  95. Biraj Lama

    Biraj Lama개월 전

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  96. Allison Croft

    Allison Croft개월 전

    Conan in Japan ...

  97. Ben Arehart

    Ben Arehart개월 전

    Conan is the funniest, Lightning quick wit.

  98. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are cool개월 전

    I can't tell if this made Italians hate Americans more or less.

  99. Bryant Avant

    Bryant Avant개월 전

    Conan is the funniest guy alive 😂

  100. Brian Phoenix

    Brian Phoenix개월 전

    1:59 Drinking with a friend who doesn't know their limits

  101. Bruce Achterberg

    Bruce Achterberg개월 전

    This is the second time Conan has licked Jordan's forehead on camera.

  102. Erika Croft

    Erika Croft개월 전

    OMG Jordan's creep have at the very end!!

  103. Big Boss

    Big Boss개월 전

    Ouch! .... 4:50