John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry


  1. I made this as a joke

    I made this as a joke시간 전

    I really hope this movie becomes the die hard of 2010s

  2. JOJO M

    JOJO M시간 전

    I've seen 👀 part 1, part 2.. Now shit ima gonna go see 👀 part fuckin 3!!!!! Hell 2 tha yes.....

  3. tha fuck you looking at my profile for

    tha fuck you looking at my profile for시간 전

    This time the dog bites back

  4. Cody Headings

    Cody Headings시간 전


  5. A_chilles ._.

    A_chilles ._.시간 전

    Sweet Mary Ann Joseph Stain this is gonna be epic.

  6. Xperimental Pouch

    Xperimental Pouch시간 전

    One of my favorite series John wick

  7. Tiberius Cerelius Tigris

    Tiberius Cerelius Tigris시간 전

    All this started come some worthless shitter killed his pupper and fucked up his car.

  8. Zack Smith

    Zack Smith시간 전

    FUCK FORNITE!!!!!!

  9. D.A. Paulino

    D.A. Paulino시간 전


  10. Kanwal Preet 'KP' Singh

    Kanwal Preet 'KP' Singh시간 전

    We need 10 more sequels of John wick!

  11. Miles Wrann

    Miles Wrann시간 전

    Is he coming with the v bucks?

  12. k.guwop1017

    k.guwop1017시간 전

    They made a movie about the guy in fortnite 🤣

  13. Chris Cruz

    Chris Cruz시간 전

    Is that a hitman on a horse

  14. OH, Hi Matt

    OH, Hi Matt시간 전

    Video got stuck in the Matrix I forgot who you was again and Morpheus is coming to get them out? I think that's the plan.

  15. Jay Whittemore

    Jay Whittemore시간 전

    Can't freakin wait 🔫

  16. Tyji Brown

    Tyji Brown시간 전

    I love the first two tho. I felt like are very underrated in my opinion, but I hope this one is as good or even better to make a great trilogy 👏🏽

  17. Dhanuah Moorthy

    Dhanuah Moorthy시간 전

    1 part 2 part Movie Sema part 3 movie waiting

  18. Sensible Spirit

    Sensible Spirit시간 전

    Do the dog live tho?

  19. Jade Stanley

    Jade Stanley시간 전

    John wick needs your help

  20. Nerd

    Nerd시간 전

    Anyone else have a murder boner?

  21. Kyanna Warner

    Kyanna Warner시간 전

    seems like hes killing someone with a book 1:36 lmfao.

  22. Hignososs

    Hignososs시간 전

    Wait, there making another movie off of a fortnite character?

  23. Hignososs

    Hignososs시간 전

    Hignososs Mom

  24. RazorBeak

    RazorBeak시간 전

    1:21 John Wick gets chased by the Crazy 88?

  25. Yolopro3000 //SK17

    Yolopro3000 //SK17시간 전

    Where's Bain?

  26. Dantheguy Plays

    Dantheguy Plays시간 전

    Fortnite John wick

  27. Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease

    Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease시간 전

    Is it that time of the year for the US to invade another country?

  28. George Bordley Jr

    George Bordley Jr시간 전


  29. Isaac Sledge

    Isaac Sledge시간 전

    If he don't die in this movie somebody lien 😂😂😂😂

  30. Denz Canlas

    Denz Canlas시간 전

    *John Wick : End Game*

  31. jesus christ please end me

    jesus christ please end me시간 전

    welp, john wick got the epic victory royale

  32. Mr. Shru

    Mr. Shru시간 전

    Don’t read more You read more. Now you have to sub to me! 😉

  33. MrCblack129

    MrCblack129시간 전

    John Wick is the Force the Infinity stones used to eliminate half the population

  34. Dani Balla

    Dani Balla시간 전

    I haven't even seen the first one, but I'm here. Shame on me🤗

  35. Cristobal Soto

    Cristobal Soto시간 전

    I love how he just chucks his rifle at that dude, john wick is just a straight up savage

  36. Guy Irvin

    Guy Irvin시간 전

    No dogs were never harmed in this movie.

  37. Kathleen Feliciano

    Kathleen Feliciano시간 전

    John wick trailers are *tight!* For John wick, killing people is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  38. Sab- Ray

    Sab- Ray시간 전

    Epic af

  39. Beejeezaay

    Beejeezaay시간 전

    Is this a new Fortnite update?

  40. Essa Rise

    Essa Rise시간 전

    I am waiting for this for so long john wick will kill you all 😰🔫

  41. Drizno

    Drizno시간 전


  42. Nely Silva

    Nely Silva시간 전

    No thanks I should probably watch the first movie since I haven't seen it.

  43. That One

    That One시간 전


  44. Mixey

    Mixey시간 전

    NUMBER 1 ON TRENDING If they kill of 1 dog we riot!

  45. Raashin Timilsina

    Raashin Timilsina시간 전

    10 people who can kill Thanos in an instant.

  46. John Whitters

    John Whitters시간 전

    Omfg it's that skin from fortnite

  47. RJ

    RJ시간 전

    still waiting for 2 to hit netflix lol

  48. Megara Lyons

    Megara Lyons시간 전

    Take my fuckin money!

  49. Alexander Tampubolon

    Alexander Tampubolon시간 전

    Cant wait for another Wick-style suit-up

  50. Justin Law

    Justin Law시간 전

    3 men + 1pencil and a John wick

  51. I am a fucking retard

    I am a fucking retard시간 전

    Anyone actually reads the synopsis?

  52. Orlando Cal

    Orlando Cal시간 전

    When does the dog get a 9mm. It's John Wick's dog. I'm sure more than proficient.

  53. AlphynKing

    AlphynKing시간 전

    Oh, hey Zavala. How’ve you been?

  54. earth worm sally

    earth worm sally시간 전

    *and now he killed someone with a fucking book*

  55. Tyo Guf

    Tyo Guf시간 전

    i like the dog

  56. Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    Jackmerius Tacktheritrix시간 전

    Cool. They have attack dogs from Red Alert

  57. invisiblekincajou

    invisiblekincajou시간 전

    okay, now i have reason to live at least up to this may




  59. Bryan Chin

    Bryan Chin시간 전

    So now he can kill with a book 😂

  60. Avernus

    Avernus시간 전

    Neo is Back

  61. hex

    hex시간 전

    wwow guys there makning a moovie about jhon wick from fort night!!!! epic!!!!!

  62. p p

    p p시간 전

    Boogeyman is back bitches

  63. Quinn Lucero

    Quinn Lucero시간 전

    Hope they Don’t Kill Mr.PITBULL he is my favorite character I wuv that pupper so fucking much

  64. Anthony

    Anthony시간 전

    0 to 💯 real quick 🤯🔫

  65. pawan singh

    pawan singh시간 전

    i don't know why, but i have a huge smile on my face right now, it feels like meeting an old friend.

  66. MasterLuis

    MasterLuis시간 전

    fuck yea!!!

  67. PaTriCk LoPes

    PaTriCk LoPes시간 전

    Cade os🇧🇷

  68. Kerem Tanis

    Kerem Tanis시간 전

    I never played fortnite, can someone explain what the correlation is?

  69. Joe FloMoe

    Joe FloMoe시간 전

    Oh they made that fornite skin a real thing, that's pretty cool of Epic Games to do.

  70. King Yatta

    King Yatta시간 전

    Can't stop watching this trailer

  71. Ashonti

    Ashonti시간 전

    Anyone else love the sound of John's gun? Just me? Okay 😂

  72. Dark Knight 77

    Dark Knight 77시간 전

    John Wick's Back!!!!!

  73. Marcos González

    Marcos González시간 전

    Name of song?

  74. Robert Hempel

    Robert Hempel시간 전

    Fortnite 3 looks great

  75. kagvsbb

    kagvsbb시간 전

    The month of May will be epic!

  76. gdprsn

    gdprsn시간 전

    Gillette won't be sponsoring this movie.

  77. mohit singh

    mohit singh시간 전

    Hindi Hindi Hindi hindi

  78. Proxy User

    Proxy User시간 전

    Jesus Christ it’s John Bourne.

  79. Night Begins To Shine!

    Night Begins To Shine!시간 전

    And was that a Seth McFarlane tune?

  80. Arnold Perez

    Arnold Perez시간 전

    It looks like the odd are even, the only way ur killing John Wick is to go to Universe 6 and hire Dragon Ball Super's Hit the Assassin

  81. B34RD

    B34RD시간 전

    I'm so giddy it's pathetic.

  82. Parzival 2108

    Parzival 2108시간 전

    OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I cant wait for this!!! I will find the best cinema, best sit, arrive an hour earlier!!!

  83. Conor

    Conor시간 전

    I like his little run

  84. maryooon

    maryooon시간 전

    me: JOHN WICK CHAPTER 3!! AWESOME!!! sees Bronn from GOT: OMG HELL YEAH!!!!!

  85. mohit singh

    mohit singh시간 전

    Hindi main or aani chahiye

  86. digitalbath

    digitalbath시간 전

    Woo head shots!!!!! Yes!!!

  87. x.Fantastical.x

    x.Fantastical.x시간 전

    John wick from Fortnite omg

  88. Dziobakowski

    Dziobakowski시간 전

    This is This guy from Fortnite?

  89. Safir

    Safir시간 전

    Hey it’s that guy from Fortnite

  90. Night Begins To Shine!

    Night Begins To Shine!시간 전

    Of the rick n morty universe.... He's John Rick!!!

  91. Javier Boiii

    Javier Boiii시간 전

    They really made that fortnite skin into a real thing😂😂😂👌👌👌

  92. Prxnce Anime

    Prxnce Anime시간 전

    I only got three things to say 1)this is going to be epic 2)there are gonna be alot of dead bodies and i mean alot 3)am so hyped

  93. Kang Loon

    Kang Loon시간 전

    Title with purple colour. John Wick: End Game

  94. Carl Acebes

    Carl Acebes시간 전


  95. Joseph Olugbemi

    Joseph Olugbemi시간 전

    Not gonna lie, I only clicked on this video, because I play Fortnite

  96. Jesus Z.

    Jesus Z.시간 전

    joh wick is back

  97. Laxus Dreyar

    Laxus Dreyar시간 전

    Thanos: Ive wiped out half of humanity John Wick: Hold My Penicil....

  98. markers ._.

    markers ._.시간 전

    Hey they made that skin fortnite w real thing its a joke lmao

  99. MyMalawiCichlids

    MyMalawiCichlids시간 전

    So glad Keanu does gun fu and not one of those shake cam movies

  100. HollyMowly 7.9

    HollyMowly 7.9시간 전


  101. Ninja Ruto

    Ninja Ruto시간 전

    Sharp or dull, John Wick is considered as a threat with a PENCIL