John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry


  1. syd lee

    syd lee35 분 전

    I can't fucking wait!! I got 1 and 2 collection

  2. x2j158

    x2j15836 분 전

    What would have happened if it was the equalizer who murdered his puppy? 🤔

  3. Dream Hakeem

    Dream Hakeem36 분 전

    Who can take on John Wick? The Big Show! One choke slam and he’s in Show’s Belly for breakfast

  4. Sonu Rana

    Sonu Rana37 분 전

    The movie is very Hard foxer man

  5. Saroj Thajali

    Saroj Thajali37 분 전

    Bodies are about to be dropped left, right, centre and back!

  6. Elsa Lee

    Elsa Lee37 분 전

    Well Samuel L Jackson is going to be great 👍

  7. Daicen Tops

    Daicen Tops37 분 전

    Después de avengers, es la que más espero

  8. Alam Velasco

    Alam Velasco38 분 전

    Can’t wait to see him pop some minis then double ramp rush in IMAX

  9. sid assassin

    sid assassin40 분 전

    "Guns lots of guns and a pencil box" - *johnwick*

  10. Jhon Wick

    Jhon Wick40 분 전

    John ,youre working again ?

  11. Mellow Fellow

    Mellow Fellow40 분 전

    "How many guns do you need?" John Wick: " *Yes* "

  12. sahiel5

    sahiel541 분 전

    u know what?? this movie is not good nor bad its just ridiclious



    why does he need a partner tho?

  14. bren 70sss

    bren 70sss42 분 전

    The Boogeyman better get his affairs in order .

  15. David Richardson

    David Richardson42 분 전

    John Wick Chapter 4 ~ Wick vs Chuck Norris

  16. BLINGN

    BLINGN40 분 전


  17. Thomas Boland

    Thomas Boland42 분 전

    Mr. Wednesday meets John Wick

  18. Jay Huynh

    Jay Huynh42 분 전

    The dog better not die this time, or I will john wick the director and his crew.

  19. This is a Vacation

    This is a Vacation43 분 전

    Lovejoy still looking good!

  20. Shrek !

    Shrek !43 분 전

    This is my swamp!

  21. BLINGN

    BLINGN39 분 전


  22. Lana Jig-maker

    Lana Jig-maker43 분 전

    Yo, I hope I am wrong, but does anyone else think Berry in this movie might be kinda boring? From the trailer, it looks like it.

  23. Vincent Lim

    Vincent Lim43 분 전

    *This is why aliens never came to earth...*

  24. chris love

    chris love43 분 전

    ek .no



    Awesome wait for release 👌👍

  26. Jeetu Singh

    Jeetu Singh44 분 전

    When your bounty reaches 5 stars and you don't pay them off (take any game GTA, AC: Odyssey.

  27. Daicen Tops

    Daicen Tops44 분 전

    Alv matrix... ¡Ha llegado John Wick!

  28. Corvus Vigil

    Corvus Vigil44 분 전

    Oooh I’m interested

  29. Mar jul

    Mar jul44 분 전

    Fucking mad dog and karambit guy from the raid...this is gonna be fucking awesome!!

  30. 아아

    아아45 분 전


  31. Christin Lawrence

    Christin Lawrence45 분 전

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  32. Vasu Patel

    Vasu Patel46 분 전

    I hate the shades of purple ....but not Wick's purple!

  33. Yaraan Di Apni Sarkaar

    Yaraan Di Apni Sarkaar46 분 전

  34. Rizky Haryogi

    Rizky Haryogi46 분 전

    1:57 kang yayan dan kang cecep ada di trailer... 💪

  35. zoey hyuga

    zoey hyuga46 분 전

    Old lady: All of this because of what?bcoz of a puppy? John wick: its not all just a puppy..but all those bitches are trying to kill me😎

  36. rotterdam rockhoundz

    rotterdam rockhoundz46 분 전

    matrix 2.0

  37. Eric Shutter

    Eric Shutter47 분 전

    I have "some" idea what is coming ... SOON

  38. Anju Jolly

    Anju Jolly47 분 전

    Top Chef anyone??😅

  39. sAiX lol

    sAiX lol47 분 전

    Who came here because of fortnite

  40. Ej K

    Ej K48 분 전

    You know the movie franchise has turned to shit when Halle Berry is in it..Kingsman the golden circle anyone?

  41. rotterdam rockhoundz

    rotterdam rockhoundz48 분 전

    matrix trilogy

  42. Anonymous Account

    Anonymous Account48 분 전

    The fucking boogeyman

  43. Wahyu Widodo

    Wahyu Widodo48 분 전

    Yayan Ruhian Actor From My Country, Dangdut is the Music of my Country


    ELLY THYNA48 분 전


  45. Karl Lundblad

    Karl Lundblad48 분 전

    The perfect action trilogy.

  46. rayyan afridi

    rayyan afridi49 분 전


  47. iFelinka

    iFelinka50 분 전

    Let's get ant man crawling in his ass.

  48. m. urbaniak

    m. urbaniak50 분 전

    kind of motors pls

  49. TheNietchze

    TheNietchze50 분 전

    "....All of this, for just a puppy?"

  50. Guardian

    Guardian50 분 전

    0:18 Ashi Guruma. My favorite Judo move.

  51. Darksythe Lord of meme's

    Darksythe Lord of meme's50 분 전

    I hope they make 7 more

  52. RollingxBigshot

    RollingxBigshot51 분 전

    Soooo would the movie be over if he wasn’t wearing his bulletproof suit?

  53. Dieter Rust

    Dieter Rust51 분 전

    Taylor Mason is going to try and financially ruin John Wick... This should be interesting...

  54. Elysia Moore

    Elysia Moore51 분 전


  55. Murat Şakar

    Murat Şakar51 분 전

    süper bir film 👍👍


    SIMPLY VANU51 분 전

    This bitch is gonna loose her whole pmc to John wick

  57. iFelinka

    iFelinka52 분 전

    John wick vs Maximilianmus Chapter 4?

  58. rajat katiyar

    rajat katiyar52 분 전

    Love that man 😘😘😘

  59. Malcolm Merlyn

    Malcolm Merlyn52 분 전

    Wait where's Bronn

  60. Andrian Maulana

    Andrian Maulana53 분 전

    mad dog

  61. Tania Touna

    Tania Touna53 분 전

    هجوم 😂

  62. vvbfans

    vvbfans53 분 전

    Mana maddog?

  63. KSM_ Yeet

    KSM_ Yeet54 분 전

    He forgot his *T-Pencil* weapon

  64. Somesh Mehra

    Somesh Mehra54 분 전

    May 17 its too long for my patient

  65. Hussain s

    Hussain s54 분 전

    I once saw him kill 3 men in a bar with a pencil......a fuckin pencil

  66. Aaron V

    Aaron V55 분 전

    *Thanos kills puppy* John Wick: Where's my dog Thanos: *oh Shit*

  67. tucci06

    tucci0655 분 전

    That Matrix line!

  68. Kennan Singh

    Kennan Singh55 분 전

    I know all boys felt that at 1:45

  69. TheMerch

    TheMerch55 분 전

    "This will only end one way" Yeah, with John putting the high table down.


    DAYASHII57 분 전

    John wick is making a surprise appearance in end game, I’m calling it

  71. Shah Nezza

    Shah Nezza57 분 전

    WTF! Bloody Combo, Did he threw the knife & at the same time he shoot that guy?

  72. Robert Nasution

    Robert Nasution57 분 전

    John wick chapter 3, Nice Soundtrack Antonio Vivaldi

  73. Lil Pold

    Lil Pold58 분 전


  74. Phantom Lancers

    Phantom Lancers58 분 전

    1:57 yayan ruhian & cecep arif rahman from THE RAID

  75. Martian

    Martian시간 전

    John wick is neo from an alternate reality.

  76. Jennifer Cheviron

    Jennifer Cheviron시간 전


  77. Pin Case

    Pin Case시간 전

    Why’d they steal this John Wick character from Fortnite?

  78. jlord Cruz

    jlord Cruz시간 전

    Those k9s are the real stars whaaaaaat,

  79. Agung Pratama

    Agung Pratama시간 전

    1:57 indonesian proud

  80. Officially JerryCans

    Officially JerryCans시간 전

    Markiplier 3

  81. Weef Bellington

    Weef Bellington시간 전

    The way he speaks. Its like No fucks given, but fucks given at the same time.

  82. Whyte Foxx

    Whyte Foxx시간 전



    I hate fortnite they put one of the coolest characters in cinema in one of the crapyest games ever

  84. Kurtismetzger3

    Kurtismetzger3시간 전

    Good Movieeee

  85. star maker studio

    star maker studio시간 전

    I love John wick... I am eagerly waiting for part 3😁😁😁😁

  86. Adam Wolff

    Adam Wolff시간 전

    i swear i saw the guy in the raid 2..or it just me

  87. Mar jul

    Mar jul38 분 전

    Yes you right..fucking mad dog and karambit guy...this is gonne be crazy!

  88. maddison farr

    maddison farr시간 전

    This is going to be such a fantastic fucking movie I swear.

  89. Design Studio

    Design Studio시간 전

    You think you can take johnnnnnnnn wick........... You got a nasty surprise coming

  90. Ramadhan Budyanto

    Ramadhan Budyanto시간 전

    Finally, a new movie that isn't superhero one. Love it

  91. Lee

    Lee시간 전

    Probably going to sound so mean but i laugh so hard at the knife throws 0:52

  92. jimmi hendrix

    jimmi hendrix시간 전

    Cecep arif rahman The raid assassin 1:57

  93. K-Choi

    K-Choi시간 전

    All we need now is Hugo Weaving

  94. Luca Dorsay

    Luca Dorsay시간 전

    Holy dix, the bike scene looks epic!!

  95. Mintoure

    Mintoure시간 전

    john wick once killed a man with condom

  96. maddison farr

    maddison farr시간 전


  97. garyth williams

    garyth williams시간 전

    what do you need?-guns lots of guns and a pencil

  98. Gifari Algi

    Gifari Algi시간 전




    Love from India big fan John

  100. Zandhata 2

    Zandhata 2시간 전

    Winston : You stabbed the devil in the back and forced him back into the life that he had just left. You incinerated the priest's temple. Burned it to the ground. Now he's free of the marker, what do you think he'll do? He had a glimpse of the other side and he embraced it. But you, Signor D'Antonio... took it away from him.

  101. Anand Nidamanuru

    Anand Nidamanuru시간 전

    The machines broke the contract and attacked zion again... Oracle to Architect: Aaaah! what's really going to bake your noodles later on is when you watch this trailer Machines are leaving zion in peace...

  102. Rand0m411

    Rand0m411시간 전

    Hope he kills the entire high table.

  103. Sunny Gogna

    Sunny Gogna시간 전

    I am seriously pumped for this movie. As a movie fanatic, I am this Franchise is by far the best Action Franchise equalling to Tom's Cruise Mission Impossible some of the stunts Tom Did is just insane though I never get it why Ethan Hunt and John Wick didn't work together.