John Legend and Kelly Clarkson Take on a Holiday Classic - The Voice Live Top 10 Eliminations 2019


  1. Chelsea Andelin

    Chelsea Andelin20 일 전

    I actually love the new lyrics

  2. Antanasia Coleman

    Antanasia Coleman22 일 전

    This was unique.

  3. Muji Bunong

    Muji Bunong22 일 전

    Beautiful Beautiful and Beautiful people are song

  4. Floyd Connerley

    Floyd Connerley개월 전

    This is a version of this classic

  5. Kierra Williams

    Kierra Williams개월 전

    This song is super cute and funny. Not to mention, it sounds freaking amazing!

  6. Wallace Brown

    Wallace Brown개월 전

    Play at 1.25 speed 👍🏼

  7. Kindle Perry

    Kindle Perry개월 전

    I like when sing together 😀😁😁😁😁

  8. Jay West

    Jay West개월 전

    Voted it down because they changed the lyrics to sound more p.c. I don't care how amazing they sounded.

  9. Patry Atry

    Patry Atry개월 전

    LOL notice how they avoided naming the song in the title of this video.... so they wouldn't get traffic from people who googled "Baby It's Cold Outside" by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson looking for controversy

  10. Butterfly Kisses

    Butterfly Kisses개월 전

    Goodness! I have it on repeat. The combination of Kelly's and John's voices are entertaining, unique, and beautiful.

  11. Jeffrey P

    Jeffrey P개월 전

    Voice is great but the new lyrics just really suck. Leave the classics alone please.

  12. mspepperfly1

    mspepperfly1개월 전

    This is Beautiful. I Love it. Thanks Kelly and John. I can't stop listening.

  13. bkwurm1

    bkwurm1개월 전

    I'd hesitated to listen to this version since I'd heard people complaining about the lyric changes but I LOVED them. It was so cheeky and humorous. I still love the old song too but I adored how the alterations set up the two parallel but different tracks. It makes the female side of the song completely different and I thought added a level of fun to the whole thing. She's making all these protests and he's at first not even hearing them, lol. And then when he seems to figure out what she's doing, he's all on board, lol.

  14. Ben Santoyo

    Ben Santoyo개월 전

    The new lyrics are terrible

  15. susan nigro

    susan nigro개월 전

    Beautiful voices.......but..leave the original lyrics as they were...It is a classic sung by many iconic singers before you.

  16. April E Salazar

    April E Salazar개월 전

    They DEFINITELY didn't kill Christmas. Quiet, Sharon. Chill out.

  17. Elisa Castro

    Elisa Castro21 일 전

    The only reason they didn't kill it was because people weren't dumb enough to accept this as a replacement to a widely misunderstood song.

  18. Mrfluffybeehive

    Mrfluffybeehive개월 전

    Future me this was one week ago

  19. Bubbles

    Bubbles개월 전

    KC: Say, lend me ur coat. JL: Oh keep it girl, idc. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Cheryl Wilcox

    Cheryl Wilcox개월 전

    My favorite Christmas song this season, Kelly can sing anything, her and John make beautiful music together, I just can't stop playing it

  21. Gwen the tattletail

    Gwen the tattletail개월 전

    They really should do a cristmas album

  22. Madeleine Mariani

    Madeleine Mariani개월 전

    Love the update …………….WOOOOOOOOOOOOW …………….both have such beautiful, beautiful voices.

  23. Lalee Biscarro-Urban

    Lalee Biscarro-Urban개월 전

    Hmmmmm.... Yet she sang the "original" version on her Christmas album "Wrapped in red" with Ronnie Dunn . Come on Kelly. Don't be a hypocrite!!!!!

  24. Lalee Biscarro-Urban

    Lalee Biscarro-Urban개월 전

    @Danny Voyes yeah. I know it was before the "me to" movement. I find nothing wrong with the original version .....

  25. Danny Voyes

    Danny Voyes개월 전

    Lalee Biscarro-Urban that was recorded before the #MeToo movement, and on her show she talked about how she didn't see anything wrong with the song, and John wanted to do a song with her on his Christmas album so they chose that one but decided to change it to fit with this era. To me the original is better and see nothing wrong with it.

  26. Wesley Baltimore

    Wesley Baltimore개월 전

    Two of the best singers in the world. ❤️🤩

  27. UrsTrulyKJ

    UrsTrulyKJ개월 전

    I remember when John was actually in love with Kelly... but she wasn't interested.

  28. Sophia Jarrett Bridge

    Sophia Jarrett Bridge개월 전

    @UrsTrulyKJ oh my...

  29. UrsTrulyKJ

    UrsTrulyKJ개월 전

    @Sophia Jarrett Bridge Yep. But she rejected him. And then Chrissy Teigen was his fallback plan.

  30. Sophia Jarrett Bridge

    Sophia Jarrett Bridge개월 전


  31. Gloria G

    Gloria G개월 전

    John's voice..😍😫

  32. R MCK

    R MCK개월 전


  33. BluejeanMermaid

    BluejeanMermaid개월 전

    They sounded amazing however the lyrics were so awful I couldn't finish listening to it. The only place the new lyrics would fit in would be Saturday night live.

  34. Sunny RaeJ

    Sunny RaeJ개월 전

    The original song was a feminist song. But since we understand that time period so well, we have to rewrite it into a stupid sounding version

  35. DavidSantaCarla

    DavidSantaCarla개월 전

    Awwwwww..... she’s fat.

  36. FAM FIVE

    FAM FIVE개월 전

    Beautiful version love them both

  37. Emma Harper

    Emma Harper개월 전

    Why y'all gotta mess with a Dean Martin classic like that?? 🙄🙄🙄

  38. Abbas Karimi

    Abbas Karimi개월 전

    i really don't get it! what's the negative comments about? this song is classic and soooooo beautiful !

  39. Elisa Castro

    Elisa Castro개월 전

    The song is a rewrite of a classic because liberals can't understand the difference between romance and rape.

  40. mjw4000

    mjw4000개월 전

    Those lyrics are so cringe worthy. I’m so glad it’s 2019 and we are all so “woke”

  41. mjw4000

    mjw4000개월 전

    It’s my body my choice

  42. Gloria G

    Gloria G개월 전

    🙄🙄🙄 calm down.

  43. Tanya Portillo

    Tanya Portillo개월 전


  44. Chase M

    Chase M개월 전

    This new political correct version is crap.

  45. Susan Krol

    Susan Krol개월 전

    P E R F E C T I O N 🙌

  46. Francesco Pariti

    Francesco Pariti개월 전

    Love from Italy and Merry Christmas

  47. Connie Jackson

    Connie Jackson개월 전

    I loved it, however I think its pretty pathetic that people took classical song and misinterpreted its original meaning to the point it had to be modified to be played at the holiday season again.

  48. Lakshmi Ramnarine

    Lakshmi Ramnarine개월 전

    Oh my God amazing . John an Kelly .. I love u both

  49. MC Tutoring

    MC Tutoring개월 전

    John is anointed.

  50. Lyssa Amoroso

    Lyssa Amoroso개월 전

    She should sing, my grown up Christmas list

  51. jrbland18

    jrbland18개월 전

    You guys sounded GREAT.

  52. jrbland18

    jrbland18개월 전


  53. Kassie Wills

    Kassie Wills개월 전

    I’ll buy that album 😍

  54. Corey Cole

    Corey Cole개월 전

    Hey, this really shouldn't be about the original words or the changed lyrics. How about applauding the performance for the amazing vocal quality, harmonies, and counterpoint? It's beautiful!

  55. Elisa Castro

    Elisa Castro개월 전

    That's like forcing someone to eat cake with rocks in it because "the cake was made well."

  56. Sheila Eagy

    Sheila Eagy개월 전

    Can’t stop watching this. LOVE it!

  57. Ashton Lagleva

    Ashton Lagleva개월 전

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Sharon -6, John Chrissy and Kelly - 0

  58. Lydia Hall

    Lydia Hall개월 전

    God thank god they didn't do the original I was so scared they were going to sing about rape but THANK GOD

  59. Elisa Castro

    Elisa Castro21 일 전

    The first song wasn't about rape. It was about romance that morons today interpreted as rape.

  60. Stephanie Jones

    Stephanie Jones개월 전

    Simply great pure perfection both sound like crooners . John sounds like Dean Martin the similarities is there and Kelly sounds like Judy Garland. I'm amazed make an album.

  61. Anthony T

    Anthony T개월 전

    "It's your body and your choice"? WTF, when did abortion issues become part of Baby it's cold outside? What bad writing! Hard Pass.

  62. C D truth

    C D truth개월 전

    Beautiful voices!

  63. SoCali

    SoCali개월 전


  64. BklynBryan

    BklynBryan개월 전

    Steve Trevor - "It's All Art?" Diana Prince - "That's Just a Trashcan"

  65. Joyce Lasater

    Joyce Lasater개월 전


  66. YariRB

    YariRB개월 전

    That was just beautiful. I wish The seasons of The Voice that fall in the Holiday season has the contestants sing a Holiday song, like the top 10 Contestants, alone or with their Coach

  67. Dickie Blues

    Dickie Blues개월 전

    Their baby it's cold outside is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard!

  68. Skylars Cabin

    Skylars Cabin개월 전

    Are you kidding..... Good grief!!

  69. whatmyohmy

    whatmyohmy개월 전

    Give me the old fashion way it's sung any day. Some things are better left too if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

  70. joy fazzio

    joy fazzio개월 전

    It's simple if people doesn't like this version then listen it it's simple

  71. joy fazzio

    joy fazzio개월 전

    People don't need to listen to the song if they don't like the version of it is that simple.

  72. Maria Zamudio

    Maria Zamudio개월 전

    Their voices are beautiful, no disputing it. But really? Changing the lyrics to fit the new hysteric agenda? Then why not change the lyrics of rap songs that perpetuate violence against women or dealing drugs? They ruined a classic, sounds stupid.