John Bercow: ‘I do not believe Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic’ | British GQ


  1. Keith Williams

    Keith Williams18 분 전

    two of yesterdays men..

  2. Kevin McLaughlin

    Kevin McLaughlin5 시간 전

    If there was any justice in the world Campbell would be struck by lightning for daring to speak about the truth. A person who served under Blair during the Iraq war and who's job was to lie shouldn't have the brass neck to speak about other people's lies, but Campbell is clearly a sociopath. Oh and if the Globalist boot licker Bercow got caught in the crossfire all the better.

  3. jnewman888

    jnewman8886 시간 전

    Alister knows a liar when he sees one that’s for sure.

  4. Husam GCD

    Husam GCD19 시간 전

    He probably just doesn't want to upset the antisemties. Just like he doesn't want to upset the Brexiteers or anyone

  5. Jimmy Drums

    Jimmy Drums일 전

    “Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite” is a smear as risible as “vegans run most of the abattoirs in the UK”. I’ve asked Corbyn’s accusers on innumerable occasions to substantiate their claims that he hates Jewish people. At this stage I’d be willing to consider him looking awkward next to a rabbi or something. But they never produce anything compelling. The fact is, Corbyn has never expressed any sort of hatred or even aversion to Jewish people. The fact this slander has grown legs, never mind been countenanced, is testament to the power and coordination behind it. If you can be convinced Corbyn is an antisemite you can be convinced of anything.

  6. oldskool

    oldskool2 일 전

    Working class boy done good.

  7. X4rrr

    X4rrr2 일 전

    make the memes happen

  8. James Jenkins

    James Jenkins2 일 전

    Such a funny situation, where is any evidence of direct anti-semitism from Corbyn? I wonder why the media is so desperate to stop him though.

  9. Mark Lawton

    Mark Lawton2 일 전

    Anyone who doesn’t think Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic is clearly antisemitic themselves. I’ve just discovered that I clearly am myself, given both the disturbing unconscious nuances of my own opening sentence, and my antisemitic pronunciation of the word “antisemitic”. Furthermore, this halibut is good enough for Jehovah.

  10. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez5 일 전

    Alistair Campbell is disgusting

  11. James Levitt

    James Levitt6 일 전

    The suggestion that Bercow could be a victim of racism because he is Jewish seems like a bad joke .... how could anyone tell he is Jewish unless he mentioned it ,because he looks like a regular white man unless we are saying Jews are part of the white race ,dislike of white people is not antisemitism or antisemitism is not racism.... ... to my knowledge race was an anthropological term used by Europeans to classify people by their traits or appearance ..... Bercow and most European Jews look like Europeans so how is dislike of them being call antisemitism..... ..... not all Jews are semites and not all semites are Jews .... indisputable fact !

  12. Adam Rose

    Adam Rose6 일 전

    I watched this from a sedentary position.

  13. musictomyears8

    musictomyears86 일 전

    But the ESTABLISHMENT who wants to destroy Corbyn puts guys like Andrew Neil to launch a smear campaign

  14. Beeble Brox

    Beeble Brox6 일 전

    I have great respect for Bercow. For his critics, I have nothing but laughter.

  15. everything_is_depressing_123

    everything_is_depressing_1237 일 전

    Bercow looking much younger since he stepped down

  16. James Brown

    James Brown7 일 전

    Alastair's belief about being able to label MPs liars in the house of commons didn't extend to Tony Blair unfortunately.

  17. Badda ification

    Badda ification8 일 전

    I do not believe the Labour Party will ever find those WMDs in Iraq.

  18. Adam Willmott

    Adam Willmott9 일 전

    Trying to work out which one is the bigger tool

  19. Stomm X

    Stomm X9 일 전

    It does not matter what this short upper class wankstain thinks. He will have to bend the knee to Identity politics and get it up his little arse from the never ending victim hood protected privileged class endlessly to the cost of society as a W HOLE

  20. Marilena Ganea

    Marilena Ganea10 일 전

    I love Bercow!

  21. keegan773

    keegan77311 일 전

    John who?

  22. Alex Pereira

    Alex Pereira11 일 전

    Pure sweetness

  23. s geldart

    s geldart11 일 전

    So Alistair Campbell is linked to Epstien, along with Prince Andrew and many more. Its time we all looked into this further.

  24. Philippe Demptos

    Philippe Demptos11 일 전

    We love you Mr. Bercow, thank you for your work!!

  25. Comments are turned off

    Comments are turned off11 일 전

    Well said, John.

  26. Travis who?

    Travis who?11 일 전

    I cringed

  27. Robin GSNR

    Robin GSNR11 일 전


  28. Gross Herman

    Gross Herman11 일 전

    This just adds to the reputation of utter incompetence exhibited by Mr Bercow, the biased, I am, who was the bent speaker of the house of undemocratic trough supping Parliament.

  29. PatRibsey

    PatRibsey11 일 전

    One question. Why do they have overhead mics and lapel mics?

  30. Richard J Chapman

    Richard J Chapman12 일 전

    My Hero ....

  31. PatchesRips

    PatchesRips12 일 전

    John Bercow is an ornament of democracy and if he comes to Toronto to speak, I really want to be there.

  32. Camcolito

    Camcolito12 일 전

    It's a smear, pure and simple. You repeat anything enough times people start to believe it.

  33. M Grey

    M Grey13 일 전

    Bercow is a slimy little traitor and liar. The whole world can see exactly what Steptoe Corbyn is. Idiot.

  34. BagofDreams

    BagofDreams13 일 전

    Really enjoyed that

  35. StraitKnopfler

    StraitKnopfler13 일 전


  36. Stevie Michelsen

    Stevie Michelsen14 일 전


  37. James Taylor

    James Taylor15 일 전

    Thank god bercow isn’t speaker any more his behaviour is biased and completely left.

  38. Lucy Anna De Maio

    Lucy Anna De Maio15 일 전

    What a great interview! I miss him very much as Speaker ....and I think Boris Johnson denying him a peerage is another example of Johnson's pettiness as well as being a vindicative, mediocre "leader".

  39. Andrea Marie DeMaio

    Andrea Marie DeMaio15 일 전

    Having very much respected and admired John Bercow as Speaker, I really enjoyed hearing his views and opinions during this interview. Parliament will not be the same without him!

  40. Alain William van Heerden

    Alain William van Heerden16 일 전

    37:00 I also think it says that parliament is theatre.