Joe Rogan | Mexico Cartel Power Goes Beyond Drugs w/Ed Calderon


  1. Alberto Hdz

    Alberto Hdz4 일 전

    This guy is full of it! no cartel is bigger or more powerful than the army. I was in the Mexican army he don't know shit, there was obviously misinformation about this, even the Mexican president was fooled by his own intelligence. Someone on the inside let him go. Are you kidding las time the took the cartel del golfo boss with 600 soldiers, No matter what they did they took him down. Stop fucking glorifying uneducated idiots with guns. Mexico is not at the mercy of this fucking idiots but the media gives them free PR presenting them as big and powerful The mafia is the Mexican government Not uneducated people with guns. Wake up people specially this ignorant young dumb ass. Anyone that glorify ignorant uneducated idiots with guns and feel significant about it its obviously ignorant as well, because they murder families and innocents. Where is the good in that?

  2. Smokey ghee

    Smokey ghee14 일 전

    White people dont know shit about cultures

  3. Christian Kurek

    Christian Kurek27 일 전

    You should have this guy on ur show a lot more

  4. Guy

    Guy29 일 전

    I live in Tijuana, and yes the death toll in this city alone is tremendously fucking high, but in the area where I live there is rarely any crime to common citizens, but if you want to open up a business, a cartel affiliated person will come to you and demand an amount of money every month, but besides that, most zones in tj are safe, the unsafest zone by far is one called “Mariano Matamoros”. If any Americans want to go to tj, just bring the essential and don’t bring too much money and stay in the tourist areas lol

  5. Guy

    Guy29 일 전

    I live in Tijuana, and yes the death toll in this city alone is tremendously fucking high, but in the area where I live there is rarely any crime to common citizens, but if you want to open up a business, a cartel affiliated person will come to you and demand an amount of money every month, but besides that, most zones in tj are safe, the unsafest zone by far is one called “Mariano Matamoros”. If any Americans want to go to tj, just bring the essential and don’t bring too much money and stay in the tourist areas lol

  6. Kele Beck

    Kele Beck개월 전

    When Mexico is scarier than Syria 😳

  7. Phillip Patterson

    Phillip Patterson개월 전

    Johnson and Johnson is a cartel...

  8. Dan Lightsaber

    Dan Lightsaber개월 전

    Chicago vs Tijuana. Round 1. Fight!

  9. ken seymour

    ken seymour개월 전

    Most heroin addicts don’t want fentynal they want heroin it lasts longer you don’t have to dose as much without being dope sick

  10. Kzplays Roblox

    Kzplays Roblox개월 전

    Columbia produces more cocaine then ever we been there for forty years u can't stop it

  11. Mr Perpetual

    Mr Perpetual개월 전

    ISIS beheading roots come from Saudi Arabia not drug cartels.

  12. Travis Rowe

    Travis Rowe개월 전

    Ppl will disagree but it’s time to let the marines loose on these scumbags. Mexico’s government has proven inept and corrupt. Let our boys get em. They won’t know what hit em.

  13. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan개월 전

    Travis Rowe um...we already do that. You know how many drug labs have been raided by special forces?

  14. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan개월 전

    The number of comments bemoaning “open borders” reflects why it really is hopeless. Nothing about changing drug laws and focusing on treating drug addiction to stop feeding these cartels. Nothing about the commonality of drug smuggling through 100% legal channels such as airports and sea ports. Nothing about overhauling US foreign policy to stop propping up corrupt regimes that are either powerless against the cartels, or actively involved in them. And I’ll be the one to go there and suggest even changing our gun laws to stop arming the cartels; it’s an open secret in the state of a Texas that their loose gun laws have made it easy for the cartels to acquire weapons en masse. Naw, no e of that matters-a wall will fix everything.

  15. Jab Left Hook

    Jab Left Hook개월 전

    Read the books Los Senores Del Narco and El Traidor by Anabel Hernandez. Its the real story from the horses mouth. Mexican presidents are the real narcos and the cartels are the mere muscle. The federales and mexican marines are there to eliminate any rival cartels attempting to hijack government drug loads. DEA is also involved in making deals for targets. Theres a reason why a recent individual was gag ordered in his federal trial to speak about any American politicians or agencies involved. The fence is dirty on both sides.

  16. Marco Rodriguez

    Marco Rodriguez2 개월 전

    The thumbnail image for this video is hilarious to me, Ed is like "bitch, you think I'm lying?"

  17. Marco Rodriguez

    Marco Rodriguez2 개월 전

    Saludos! And sending good vibes to Mexico'

  18. Marco Rodriguez

    Marco Rodriguez2 개월 전

    Love you guys. Learning history is one of my favorite topics to learn.

  19. FatMac

    FatMac2 개월 전

    Just drone ‘em.

  20. Mex Luger

    Mex Luger3 개월 전

    Joe must have cringed inside when he heard that Ed burned 2 acres of weed lol

  21. Blake Taters

    Blake Taters3 개월 전

    Go to best gore and feast your eyes on what these savages are capable of doing to a living human being

  22. Alvarez

    Alvarez3 개월 전

    Gun control ? Many of the guns are coming from the USA

  23. Jack Fahy

    Jack Fahy3 개월 전

    The money that’s seized from the cartels, where does that go ?

  24. PAPIMONDO510

    PAPIMONDO5103 개월 전

    @Jack Fahy the evidence is the dead bodies who have all attempted to fight the corruption and/or seize the assets. they can be using aliases, or useful idiots(against their will or with bribes) to launder their dirty money.

  25. Jack Fahy

    Jack Fahy3 개월 전

    PAPIMONDO510 once again, where’s the evidence ??

  26. PAPIMONDO510

    PAPIMONDO5103 개월 전

    Legitimate businesses. Hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, lawyers, judges

  27. Jack Fahy

    Jack Fahy3 개월 전

    Opeion Gaming I’m 70% sure that the military funding comes from somewhere completely different

  28. Austin Mac

    Austin Mac3 개월 전

    Military funding and judicial branch

  29. C S S

    C S S3 개월 전

    Pretty bleak, wow can you please explain these Gringos

  30. Brandon Springer

    Brandon Springer개월 전

    Not much cartel activity in Oaxaca

  31. Edward RE

    Edward RE4 개월 전

    It's certain parts of Mexico.

  32. Omar Gee

    Omar Gee4 개월 전

    I hate when they call corridos folk songs, la neta

  33. Sweet sience Boxing OC

    Sweet sience Boxing OC4 개월 전

    Maan Ed Calderon is UGLY AS SHIT! 😂

  34. Edgardo M Pacheco

    Edgardo M Pacheco4 개월 전

    USA has drones, why not shot drone rockets at them like we do afghan. groups are heavily armed in youtube videos, i don't think ill be hard to tell were they located. the reality is that its all part of a large corporation that USA is a part of, chemical warfare.

  35. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan개월 전

    Edgardo M Pacheco you realize they smuggle their drugs in through already legal channels, right?

  36. Casper L

    Casper L5 개월 전

    The end of this is so stupid. There has been so man right wing presidents who has made this problem worse and he is blaiming it on the left...



    IF you can STOP the "CIA" Working with Drug Cartels supplying them Thousands of weapons and USA 🇺🇸 BANKS and BRITISH BANKS LAUNDERING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in their financial systems 🤔and IF you can reduce the amount of drug addicts , 👍then the DRUG CARTELS could be DEFEATED but instead the CIA is not only working with them but basically with anyone even with the Venezuelan GOVERMNET trafficking tons of COCAINE in collaboration with Maduros GOVERNMENT, HERE IS THE EVIDENCE 🔜🔜content://

  38. Tiberius Zann

    Tiberius Zann5 개월 전

    Send in those marines, rangers, us special forces and kill anyone connected. Anyone. Even if its the kids of cartel members. Wipe the slate clean.

  39. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan개월 전

    Scar um...been tried

  40. MrCgraham89

    MrCgraham896 개월 전

    Laws don’t stop people from buying or using drugs-not the dealers or the drug users. According to doctors, prison time is not an effective cure for drug addiction, it’s actually a large producer of addicts. Any time there is a demand for a product, a supplier will appear if there’s money to be made, no matter how bloody the business. That’s basic supply/demand economics. So in addition to crushing the already nonexistent prospects of drug addicts, criminalizing any product or service just creates an untaxed, unregulated black-market, host to a slew of non-related criminal activity like slavery and murder. Fun fact: 90% of the cocaine produced by the cartels is sold to Americans. The huge profits the cartels are receiving pays for their guns, which has in turn created a mass exodus of people fleeing from those regions. The USA has interment camps (wtf is happening over there Americans??) full of destitute refugees, women and children with the same story: they will be murdered by gangs if they go back. So..Everyone is trying to figure out how to combat the cartels but the solution is staring us in the face: Destroy the supply/demand making them rich by legalizing cocaine. In one fell swoop, there’s no more coke dealers, no cartels, no refugee crises, and all the money Americans spend on cocaine is TAXED. That means addicts pay for the public assistance they use, and why break into your house when there’s free drugs at the clinic?? Before you disagree, I hope you take good look at the criminalization of cocaine and other drugs, and ask yourself if the bloody violence, broken families and empty-eyed children seems like an acceptable side-effect in the war against all the primarily non-habitual coke users you are unlikely to be personally harmed by, ever. Well aside from asking those stupid frat kids to turn down the music at 4am

  41. Jewel Ahmed

    Jewel Ahmed6 개월 전

    May God give the people of Mexico a way out of their oppression. No wonder why they are fleeing this insane violence.

  42. Upgrowth Revenue

    Upgrowth Revenue7 개월 전

    You guys think mexico is bad ? Look at Honduras 🇭🇳, right below mexico, 10 times worst, it's the murder capital of the world. Mexico is child's play compared to Honduras. Lmao

  43. allen thompson

    allen thompson7 개월 전

    At one point, they are all classifed as unlivable places. Anything worse than that is meaningless.

  44. Pancho Villa

    Pancho Villa7 개월 전

    rogan asking a pocho about mexico🤣 its not bad living in mexico, i have a second home there and never have any problems, cartels are rare and dont show themselves if you are not involved cartels dont bother you

  45. Jabs Jabs

    Jabs Jabs8 개월 전

    It's not Libya... It La Jolla ... Lmao 😂💀😂

  46. Mason Archer

    Mason Archer8 개월 전

    There’s no rangers in San Diego, joe.

  47. Cisco4kid1990

    Cisco4kid19908 개월 전

    the only thing is that they need to change the boarder agents from time to time like every 2 to 5 years don't allow them to be corrupt put a wall so they can't walk in put cameras on the wall have people watch them like Canada does have different leaders switch ever 5 years to 10 years as well so they can't get corrupt either stopping the drugs would be a billion dollars expense each year but yet Canada does it I mean come on you cant walk into Canada even as Americans they don't allow us in with out going through the board checks so why should we its that's simple you have to spend money to save your people but that's just it the gov doesn't care about its people they collect over a billion a year from the cartels look it up bro

  48. V XXIII

    V XXIII8 개월 전

    Until the US doesn't treat addicts not as criminals but as sick people that need treatment AND make assault weapons either harder to obtain or plain illegal to posses, the drug violence in Mexico is gonna keep spreading. There's people fighting against corruption and poverty (more than before) that are the main reason people join cartels and that's helping the good cause, but the main power of the drug gangs resides in their weapons and money. It's not just Mexican government that has let all of this happen, it's also because the US is full of guns and junkies and the Mexican criminals, being smartasses themselves, see a goldmine of oportunity to make profit out of it.

  49. brrreakurself

    brrreakurself8 개월 전

    Casually plucks Karachi and Pakistan out of thin air for being violent when Karachi isn’t even in the top 50. And Pakistan is a country not a city. Bigoted Rogan strikes again.

  50. jc doneright

    jc doneright8 개월 전

    Legalize it all will help tremendously. Definitely would standardize purity which would curtail some od

  51. Chucky34k

    Chucky34k8 개월 전

    He was probably talking about valentin elizalde

  52. Bob

    Bob8 개월 전

    I've done dmt multiple times. I've broken threw. Hasnt changed the fact that one of the only things i am passionate about is getting away with profitable crimes.

  53. windinhishair10

    windinhishair108 개월 전

    Tijuana is NOWHERE NEAR being the most dangerous city in the world. I miss the days when joe actually formed intelligent sentences.

  54. sixty8 whiskey

    sixty8 whiskey7 개월 전

    windinhishair10 it’s made lists of being just that. So yea it actually is

  55. Gerry Garcia

    Gerry Garcia8 개월 전


  56. lacuevadelvampiro

    lacuevadelvampiro8 개월 전

    i can see Azteks cursing the land, or setting up some kind of witch craft parameter in various territories.

  57. Tomas Nofziger

    Tomas Nofziger8 개월 전

    When I lived in Guanajuato during 2013, about 12 musicians in a popular band were stopped on a highway and taken out of their tour bus by a cartel-then assassinated. Not just one singer/songwriter, but the entire band. Then you have the government-using Pegasus Software leased from a company in Zionist Israel-intimidating and killing journalists, spokespersons and political dissenters ...

  58. atotheg1991

    atotheg19918 개월 전

    There are plenty of solutions for this problem if the Mexican government really commits to a change.

  59. Twisted Muffin

    Twisted Muffin9 개월 전


  60. Joe Jones

    Joe Jones9 개월 전

    His nose is almost as shiny as Joe's head.

  61. Mitchell Cumsteen

    Mitchell Cumsteen9 개월 전

    Jamie, pull up some dmt.

  62. Carlos Vreal

    Carlos Vreal9 개월 전

    My brother was "secretario de seguridad publica" in Tijuana for a term, I was on leave from armed forces and he got multiple death threats and few bodyguards killed... Don't know who was in more danger me deployed to Iraq or him in Tj...

  63. Madrrrrrrrrrrr

    Madrrrrrrrrrrr9 개월 전

    Narco Cultura (2013)

  64. S. Hurd

    S. Hurd9 개월 전

    A favorite taxi driver here in Oaxaca has a Santa Muerte statue on his dashboard. And we're a long way from the known cartel area.

  65. Bob Patino

    Bob Patino8 개월 전

    Its a como religión in México to worship death Like heathens back in the day

  66. GoldenBoy

    GoldenBoy9 개월 전

    Visited northern Mexico in 2017. I once got arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, and Possession of coke. I was facing some real time, i was friends with the local cartel Leader and as soon as I mentioned his name all charges were changed to assault on a police officer which was a 500 peso (25 dollar ) fine. I paid it and I was out in like 1 hour

  67. Will Mcdade

    Will Mcdade9 개월 전

    20 k cash for his head message me for details no bullshit

  68. Will Mcdade

    Will Mcdade9 개월 전

    this maggot doesn't know shit 80% of Mexico supports amlo. he is attacking the root of the problem. this faggo* doesn't know shit.

  69. Arsalan Khan

    Arsalan Khan9 개월 전

    Bro Karachi and Pakistan is not that bad 😂😂😂😂 I'm from Pakistan and compared to Mexico there's nothing happening there. Honestly I think Compton is worse than most of Pakistan 😂😂

  70. Anthony S

    Anthony S9 개월 전

    Fn steel a dime these days

  71. Anthony S

    Anthony S9 개월 전

    Some these murders people steel 10k or more of drugs from the cartels

  72. Anthony S

    Anthony S9 개월 전

    I'm not dealer