Jidenna Talks New Music, African History, Polyamory + More


  1. Nicolas Especiosa Mata

    Nicolas Especiosa Mata3 일 전

    i cant believe you were here in MOZAMBIQUE and i didn't notice man ..Plz came back for a Tour

  2. RJH19

    RJH196 일 전

    Jidenna had a mixtape on datpiff. Can't find it now. Anyone have the name of it???

  3. Ayana H

    Ayana H7 일 전

    so interesting!

  4. Michael Travler

    Michael Travler10 일 전

    21:59 "I'm a transphobic man" I hurt myself laughing.

  5. Imhotep Genius

    Imhotep Genius10 일 전

    Polygamy absorbs leftover women. Gives them dignity...saves them from prostitution. Its not about happiness...but properly managing society where female outnumber males

  6. replicant

    replicant18 일 전

    can someone explain to me how anyone who is black could hate trump? I honestly don't understand if you are for black causes and black people doing well, how could you hate Trump, he has created more jobs for black people than anyone before him.

  7. replicant

    replicant17 일 전

    @WiiRFam what do you mean man?

  8. WiiRFam

    WiiRFam17 일 전

    The propaganda! You can't be serious. 🤣

  9. Jah ka

    Jah ka개월 전

    Jidenna does not feel like a minority.. That is deep!

  10. Anthonia Orji

    Anthonia Orji개월 전

    Omg his accent when he mimics his dad sounds just like my dads

  11. nunu _95

    nunu _95개월 전

    That was a GREAT! interview i love him! he the truth

  12. xoxoxoxoxo je t'aime

    xoxoxoxoxo je t'aime개월 전

    Beautiful man wit pride and brains.

  13. Truth2Power Millions

    Truth2Power Millions개월 전

    This generation is weak (PERIOD).

  14. Juan Palafox

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    East Palo Alto ,CA 💯

  15. Teju Williams

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  16. Quantez Smith

    Quantez Smith개월 전

    He sound like an upgraded Version of common when he talk and rap

  17. Bashir Solomon

    Bashir Solomon개월 전

    Polynesian relationship🤣🤣

  18. Yassine Djiwa

    Yassine Djiwa개월 전

    I wish he made it clear for everyone that “ the touching and people being excited isn’t in a sexual way” when Africans see singers, actors in movies they never expect to see them in real life so see people such as yourself is like a dream come true. They don’t chase you because they want you they’re more excited to meet someone who they see on tv that lives hundreds of miles away before them

  19. Jacqueline Shanklin

    Jacqueline Shanklin개월 전

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I fell in love after the 30 minute mark

  20. Hassan Thomas

    Hassan Thomas개월 전

    1555 slavery began

  21. Brad Clark

    Brad Clark개월 전

    Jidenna just educated, and opened my Third Eye. Definitely gonna check out more of his interviews.

  22. Daff Da'Mann

    Daff Da'Mann개월 전

    The Mayan language was closely related to Bantu a West African language only people didn't have a language is the people that mutated from the Africans that reside on the land mass known as Europe. But they got a helping hand from the Minoans at first and later on the Phoenicians

  23. Kufunya Ife

    Kufunya Ife개월 전

    The Western Mind is some What Narrow when it comes to various types of Relationships in the World - Like In one of the sacred Books called the Bible many of the prophets had more then one Wife - In Western culture they tend to have mistresses or the Other Woman on the Side - I have Learned that Some men are attracted to more then one 💃🏾 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾and other man are just Happy with just One 💃🏾 - and Same way with - Females also - Note : I am a Female and I would say be honest with what you can deal with both male and female - open relationships - non open Human Nature is not a One Size Fits All Just Saying- Great interview on the subject in that very small amount of time : Note : In some places polygamy was the About economic building and growing and Sharing and not Lust

  24. Kufunya Ife

    Kufunya Ife개월 전

    Maximum Respect to this interview 💗🔥💗

  25. asterisk userrocks123

    asterisk userrocks123개월 전

    I love how he said that about our spiritual dual sides . Bc it's true, I love how's he saying accept your yin and yang. Manage it, but don't try to banish it. Very wise words .

  26. EclecticFlavor.

    EclecticFlavor.개월 전

    Nothing more beautiful than an articulate, respectful man with a vision.

  27. Tee's World

    Tee's World개월 전

    Intelligence is extremely attractive!

  28. Tamar case dixon

    Tamar case dixon개월 전

    Nigeria and Jamaicans are very charismatic 😁

  29. Tamar case dixon

    Tamar case dixon개월 전

    If you have trust issues you have got to work in you. Then you have to be wary.

  30. Tamar case dixon

    Tamar case dixon개월 전

    I know where my darkness lives.😉

  31. Tamar case dixon

    Tamar case dixon개월 전

    Benchmarks then evolution.

  32. Tamar case dixon

    Tamar case dixon개월 전

    Pawns: New perspectives.

  33. Tamar case dixon

    Tamar case dixon개월 전

    As a Jamaican I have two homes to go to when I go to America or any other country. Black people the Caribbean and Africa is your home.

  34. Green Orchid

    Green Orchid개월 전

    AFRIKA MUST UNITE🎵🎶🎵📚😥⏰🌅🦁 you cannot inflate a balloon from inside a balloon⏰🔥code of ethics moves ...learn liberate and lead🌴

  35. Shawty

    Shawty개월 전

    He support Polyamory and some women comment how good boyfriend he can be lmao

  36. Isazi Sempi

    Isazi Sempi개월 전

    :I Was smoking with 21 african princesses." I don't think that phrase has been uttered in hundreds of years or ever at all.

  37. Morgan Roots

    Morgan Roots개월 전

    Why does he remind me of a younger Common??

  38. Ramadimetse Anna Debeila

    Ramadimetse Anna Debeila개월 전

    Dats true every black child belongs in Africa everywhere in Africa

  39. Star StarDonkey

    Star StarDonkey개월 전

    I love Jidenna's sound and I don't think his "look" has anything to do with his sound and how he writes great lyrics! I love 85 to Africa as much as his first album.

  40. Brave 85

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  41. Leel oo7

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    I might move to Africa 😂

  42. spacetape

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    jidenna's music is so damn good.

  43. Janelle Flagg

    Janelle Flagg2 개월 전

    Wow what's his name didn't know Polynesian people but I'm not surprised I mean he calls himself god with a big G how ignorant is that! He may think it's a empowering thing for being a black man but there's nothing more ignorant than to call yourself the Almighty. He also may say not the Creator but a god in me or whatever. No matter religiously God saids that is disrespect and abomination YOU DO NOT CALL YOURSELF GOD OR a god matter of fact that is the antitrust thinking! And he supposed to be part of nation of Islam which they don't like whites but whites are the main people who not only call themselves God and also demands to be treated like a god. So he was right when he said I feel really dumb right now, that's bcaz you are! Smh

  44. Lelise Tesfaye

    Lelise Tesfaye2 개월 전

    I see him when I was in Ethiopia very nice looking man am all ways happy that his proud to be African

  45. Lelise Tesfaye

    Lelise Tesfaye11 일 전

    Thank you 😊

  46. Dimitri Clark

    Dimitri Clark12 일 전

    You are quite beautiful young sister.

  47. Tyneshia Carter

    Tyneshia Carter2 개월 전

    Jidenna sounds like a secure man. Let women be the controllers of their destiny and just be a partner in the relationship.

  48. Kakkoifly

    Kakkoifly2 개월 전

    Thank you so much for acknowledging the East African misrepresentation on the Lion King album ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  49. hagos tewolde

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    Love my African artist 🇪🇷🇪🇹🏁🏁

  50. Keonny77

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    Polyamorous the next frontier...


    I AM ENOUGH2 개월 전

    Actually GHANA offers DUAL CITIZENSHIP to BLACK Americans

  52. Christina Mathis

    Christina Mathis2 개월 전

    I would love to hear more about this man.

  53. IamShadaeee

    IamShadaeee2 개월 전

    When he discusses religion and saying that were angel animals! Love love love

  54. merard christian

    merard christian2 개월 전

    I personaly hate it when the music industry make smart people like jidena has to sell Pretty over Smart! Jidenna is obviously a Highly intelligent person. He never stutter, he quickly respond to anything they ask. That's dope but in a way it is sad also.

  55. Jermen

    Jermen2 개월 전

    Today’s black Americans are too far behind to even understand what this man is saying. Smh

  56. Acacia Mack

    Acacia Mack2 개월 전

    Handsome, intelligent, well spoken and has chosen to enlighten himself, that will always be my type.

  57. Angel Nelson

    Angel Nelson2 개월 전

    I love charlemagne he said, "who is the big dipper?"

  58. Xcuze

    Xcuze2 개월 전

    If you use your smarts to scam people then YES you are bad people. and theres nothing smart about nigerian scammers they are hilariously obvious. hence why they have becoma a famous joke.

  59. Grinder Man

    Grinder Man2 개월 전

    jidenna's a real man! it goes way over the heads of these idiots what he's talking about!

  60. Letícia Fernanda

    Letícia Fernanda2 개월 전

    I could lick ur brain 🧠

  61. Letícia Fernanda

    Letícia Fernanda2 개월 전

    Hahahaha imite ur daddy accent again 😹🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  62. SH BT

    SH BT2 개월 전

    Very smart African king here..

  63. Tiara Grayson

    Tiara Grayson2 개월 전

    Please study the history of Jesus. He came for the Jews first which are the African Jews, not ashkenazi jews (German jews) which is what Israel is populated by.

  64. san mapholoba

    san mapholoba2 개월 전

    The way they are so scared to cross Jay-Z why let him have it.