Jidenna Talks New Music, African History, Polyamory + More


  1. isaac2243able

    isaac2243able일 전

    what's the book he was talking about?

  2. MsCocoaRain

    MsCocoaRain일 전

    If I could like it twice 24:27 yes!!!

  3. Dawn Duckson

    Dawn Duckson일 전

    I think he would be Rihanna’s match. Come to Columbus we’re packed with Caribbean, Somalian, Ethiopian and everything else.

  4. ghostt21

    ghostt212 일 전

    What book did he recommend ? I can't track it down.

  5. Nextman916

    Nextman9162 일 전

    Light skin Jon Jones

  6. Haddy Gaye

    Haddy Gaye2 일 전

    34:34 Chic in the back looking at him like he crazy lol

  7. Keep it Real tv

    Keep it Real tv4 일 전

    He looks like a mixture of the game and common

  8. Mentor Arash

    Mentor Arash4 일 전

    Jidenna is such an Int resting guy. The album was awesome too. Hope to keep hearing from him.

  9. JustREKT

    JustREKT4 일 전

    Guy sounds so pretentious and lost tbh

  10. Malamute

    Malamute4 일 전

    Does anyone know what brand of shirt is that ? Cool shirt...

  11. JOHN DOE

    JOHN DOE5 일 전

    Jidenna is a half caste agent & whack as hell “artist”. He won’t go around Nigeria or wherever he’s allegedly from in Africa & preach that gay shit. He knows better, that’s why he’s over here talking that shit.

  12. chenika taylor

    chenika taylor5 일 전

    He can sit and talk to me all day and night long..not only sexy but very intelligent...I love a man that can teach me things I may not know....😉

  13. Cynthia G.

    Cynthia G.5 일 전

    I’m officially pressed

  14. Floziq

    Floziq5 일 전

    Cultural appropriation

  15. vincent conway

    vincent conway5 일 전

    Dude look like bird from the five heart beats. "Now when are my office hours " lol.

  16. DJ JYung

    DJ JYung6 일 전

    The MESSAGE @24:00 !!

  17. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnis6 일 전

    Women will share a man no problem. But they will never respect a man who is willing to share them.

  18. Lila L

    Lila L6 일 전

    He's fine I’ll be lurking too

  19. rohlehr

    rohlehr6 일 전

    Revealing interview 🤔

  20. Sara Gaddis

    Sara Gaddis6 일 전

    Phewwwwww this man gives me hot flashes, I can barely stand it. So suave, talented, gorgeous. Phew. Kills me.

  21. JewishPapi

    JewishPapi7 일 전

    Ugh!!!! He is soooo FINE!!!!!

  22. 106 4

    106 48 일 전

    Thing about polygamy. Yes it's for the strong men to love one women and only one women but it's for the strong women to be a subordinate to the men. Women don't have such a problem being monogamous as men do. So both have their growth area definitly

  23. Mojalefa Thobane

    Mojalefa Thobane8 일 전

    Shout to Jidenna. Open minded brother. 85 to Africa is a JAM... A MOOD... A VIBE.

  24. Jean Francois

    Jean Francois8 일 전

    He reminds me of common

  25. AnnaMarie  Pavlovski

    AnnaMarie Pavlovski8 일 전

    Did a review on his album! Check it!!! koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-oIjGeDnMpnU.html

  26. Andu May

    Andu May8 일 전

    Why is his body language and everything else ignoring Angie???

  27. Sadora Savvy

    Sadora Savvy8 일 전

    I’m attracted to his mind 😍 Never mind the fact that he is beautiful!! Lawd I would have all of his Nigerian babies!!

  28. ghostt21

    ghostt218 일 전

    Best interview after Nip

  29. oatmealbrownie09

    oatmealbrownie099 일 전

    Good interview.

  30. Joel Rodriguez

    Joel Rodriguez9 일 전

    Guys I'm Canadian!

  31. Nicole Samuel

    Nicole Samuel9 일 전

    HE SO FINE !!!

  32. ddmckoy113

    ddmckoy11310 일 전

    He fucked up his build towards the end really

  33. jordache141

    jordache14110 일 전

    I love his sleeve. It makes me itch cause I’m weird like that but it’s really nice and detailed 😂😂

  34. ThePsyche Speaks

    ThePsyche Speaks10 일 전

    I like how he broke down the “New Jack City” school of thought for us boogie folk.

  35. Monique Langston

    Monique Langston10 일 전

    Angela Yee is dumb as dirt. Respectfully..... I wish Breakfast Club had real journalists. Just dumb question after dumb statement.

  36. Bytricia Bailey

    Bytricia Bailey10 일 전

    the whole song from the Lion King was stolen from an African musician and his family didn't get nothing. NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT

  37. Kori Hu

    Kori Hu10 일 전

    I just....love him. ;.; He's so intelligent, cultured, beautiful, forward thinking.

  38. Nikki Mualita

    Nikki Mualita11 일 전

    I love that he has a traditional Polynesian tattoo and is a fan of our tribal line art from the Polynesian diaspora. One love brother! Respect to the dope artist :) koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-XQOQYJcfHFU.html

  39. Robin Jade

    Robin Jade11 일 전

    Envy really going to sit here like he only been with his wife for 25 years. Erica had years in that relationship as well

  40. Jo

    Jo11 일 전

    wow jidenna is one enlightened ass artist. definitely gonna be following him closely after this

  41. Cam Bee

    Cam Bee11 일 전

    THIS IS COMMON!!! He is wearing a prosthetic mask! Hollywood does this to us with all types of different artists. At the end of the day they are just actors! Please check my vids

  42. hypnosquirrel

    hypnosquirrel11 일 전

    he is a good talker so will have broad appeal to black women.

  43. Kimaya Maya

    Kimaya Maya11 일 전

    Anybody know where I can get a flag made like this. African American Flag Shirt Pan-African UNIA Flag T Shirt www.amazon.com/dp/B07DG9C11J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_U1qDDb6P4ZGW0 This is the one he was talking about in the interview

  44. Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey

    Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey12 일 전

    Great Interview


    ABDUL SHARIF12 일 전

    Black Folks that are "On Code" will connect properly. (Being On Code ain't for every Black Person.)


    ABDUL SHARIF12 일 전

    The only tribe I vibe with is "The Afro Diaspora" (Black Folks)


    ABDUL SHARIF12 일 전

    Been rep Africa...way before the current "hype"


    ABDUL SHARIF12 일 전

    I plan on going to Ghana in 2020.

  49. Celtics Chick

    Celtics Chick12 일 전

    He was cute until he started talking bout the polyamory thing... :(

  50. Celtics Chick

    Celtics Chick11 일 전

    WiiRFam well unlike most woman it has never crossed my mind to date more than one man nor do I find that appealing that a man would want to give his temple to multiple woman so think what you want and I will think what I want. 👍🏾

  51. WiiRFam

    WiiRFam12 일 전

    Really? I thought it made him cuter because he realizes the double standard when it comes to dating. Men can date multiple women and no one bats an eye, but when a woman dates more than one man, it's a problem. It showed a maturity that's lacking with a lot of men these days.

  52. Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey

    Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey12 일 전

    Sad Charlemagne so far behind wish i could shed some light with him he comes off as very ignorant. Smh

  53. Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey

    Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey12 일 전

    Where is the Father's Land? Think about it! Ponder on it, it is America! The Red Black Green Flag was introduced to us by Marcus Garvey in 1914 who said that a negro needs a Nationality and we missed out on that we have a two Flags here and we have to seperate from European Psychology! Study Prophet Noble Drew Ali!

  54. Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey

    Durrell Javon Kinsey Bey12 일 전

    He demonstrated what his father was expressing really was on point. However it must be understood that Africa is Our Throne the earth is our Home! I am a Proud Moorish American Descedant of Ancient Moroccans and born in America, all of so called African Americans are of Moorish Descent and above all we are not negro black colored or ethiopian these are names given to us by slaveholders here in America and we have to raise our thoughts higher! You have any questions inbox me on Facebook Sheik Monteczuma Yakama Bey.

  55. Keyla Shanee'

    Keyla Shanee'12 일 전

    Why he so fine😍😍

  56. C N

    C N12 일 전

    Man.. this is more of the okey-doke. Man so dissapointed.. The music industry still controlling access to positive leaders for our children and youth.

  57. slantdwave

    slantdwave12 일 전

    Jay out here cutting dreads off chicago kids with a white woman's scissors. FFWD thru this part

  58. slantdwave

    slantdwave12 일 전

    Dozens of written languages from Africa

  59. Ivie Nkiruka

    Ivie Nkiruka12 일 전

    All I gotta say is, I have a dress made with that same print that Jidenna's shirt is made from. Obviously we have good taste😍

  60. Alexis Br

    Alexis Br12 일 전

    Yo I love Jidenna cause of how he put our continent on the map for black folks, his style I love it.

  61. YN 312

    YN 31212 일 전

    Jidenna has done some pimpin in his past ✌🏾

  62. Msboochie2

    Msboochie212 일 전

    Why does ha sound like Common? When I walked out of the room, coming back in, when I heard his voice I thought Common had joined the interview for a second until I looked at the screen.