Jessie Reyez - Crazy (Audio)


  1. Areissa Hart

    Areissa Hart8 시간 전

    I can’t believe this was written by Willie Nelson ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ she’s so amazing and very talented

  2. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao2 일 전

    How do you uncultured fucks not know who Patsy Cline is? Tired of modern artists covering songs and people being like “omg this sounds like an oldie”

  3. Joe Turner

    Joe Turner3 일 전

    I love her voice

  4. Alexis Aguilar

    Alexis Aguilar4 일 전

    My favorite songggg 😍😍

  5. Laurenpugs

    Laurenpugs6 일 전

    My mom knows you as “that crazy bitch”

  6. Zik

    Zik6 일 전

    Welp, It Time To Remake GTA San Andreas

  7. AustinBlaine Retuyan

    AustinBlaine Retuyan6 일 전

    Waioooooo ❤️💯

  8. Juliet Capulet

    Juliet Capulet7 일 전

    Omg one of my favorite classics revived by one of my favorite artists!

  9. Andrew Guerrero

    Andrew Guerrero11 일 전

    It’s not original it’s Patsy cline’s song from 1961 called crazy same lyrics and beat but Jessie is a good vocalist

  10. Ivy

    Ivy11 일 전

    Not again.

  11. Billie eilish 1OVER

    Billie eilish 1OVER6 일 전

    Ivy yes again.

  12. Milagros Diaz

    Milagros Diaz12 일 전

    Patsy Cline orginally sang this but I live for both versions😍😍

  13. Saraonah 20

    Saraonah 2013 일 전

    This sounds like “love on the brain-by Rihanna “🌚💔

  14. zoe ramos

    zoe ramos15 일 전

    Anyone 2020?

  15. Bla bla Blood blob

    Bla bla Blood blob15 일 전

    This song would fit in the end of th fucking world so well

  16. Chuba Longkumer

    Chuba Longkumer16 일 전

    My boyfriend doesn't care about me anymore.

  17. Tanys Ahnassay

    Tanys Ahnassay17 일 전

    man i could just picture a duet with Ritchie Valens

  18. 조아영

    조아영18 일 전

    love your music😂 from 🇰🇷

  19. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao16 일 전

    This is not her song. It’s a cover of Patsy Cline

  20. Greg Gochanour

    Greg Gochanour18 일 전

    True it is Patsy Cline's song, yet this young lady's rendition was excellent. I'm a true old time Patsy Cline fan and she would be proud of the way Jessie sang this great song.

  21. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao16 일 전

    I doubt that but ok. The weird talking part is kinda gross and disrespectful

  22. Tiffany Garcia

    Tiffany Garcia18 일 전

    Dead pool vibes🎶🎵...Patsy Cline's song "Crazy"... Jessie sings it beutifully 💖✨

  23. SʅყSαႦ

    SʅყSαႦ19 일 전

    Love this song

  24. Va nja

    Va nja20 일 전

    this just reminds me of Crazy from K-Rose i cant unhear it lmao

  25. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao16 일 전

    The original is Crazy by Patsy Cline

  26. 8D VIBES

    8D VIBES21 일 전

    HEY! I made this in 8D 😀

  27. Aprilshowersandmayflowers

    Aprilshowersandmayflowers22 일 전

    I love patsy cline.

  28. Kyra Black

    Kyra Black22 일 전

    I played this on Christmas, just gives me holiday music vibes

  29. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao16 일 전

    Cuz the original is from the 60s

  30. AyJay Bros

    AyJay Bros23 일 전

    dayum, i was listening this with my headphone on and it sounds soooooooooooo......freakin goodddddd

  31. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao16 일 전

    The original is by Patsy Cline

  32. Walter Soto

    Walter Soto24 일 전

    It's all good get used to it

  33. Jorge Robles

    Jorge Robles24 일 전

    Uffff coshitaaa

  34. JeiDi Official

    JeiDi Official24 일 전

    I love you ❤️🌹😭

  35. D Web

    D Web24 일 전

    She is so amazing her voice is like the ☀️making my 🥶 ❤️ melt💯🤷‍♂️

  36. Tori Benson

    Tori Benson24 일 전


  37. Million

    Million24 일 전

    Love her songs but this one hits different I live the style of this one

  38. jose luna

    jose luna24 일 전

    2020 broo

  39. Yesenia Zamaguey

    Yesenia Zamaguey25 일 전

    Patsy Cline and Jessie both have very unique voices and although its the same song both give a very different vibe. Love both!!!!

  40. jeremiha Moushoom

    jeremiha Moushoom25 일 전

    "You'll love me aslong you wanted,and then someday you'll leave me for somebody new" true

  41. Intan AC

    Intan AC27 일 전


  42. Claudia Becerra

    Claudia Becerra27 일 전

    Crazy for feeling so blue

  43. Swift Streak

    Swift Streak28 일 전

    Tbh I kind of prefer the Kidneythieves version

  44. Ashley Stevens

    Ashley Stevens29 일 전

    I'm crazy about her singing this song!

  45. Sherry Haynie

    Sherry Haynie29 일 전

    I'm obsessed with this new remake!!!!!

  46. Coolxcrack

    Coolxcrack개월 전

    This sounds like a movie of a serial killer going çràźÿ 🥺

  47. BIA

    BIA개월 전

    Omg 😍

  48. Lulu Garibay

    Lulu Garibay개월 전

    love how she modernized an oldie #julioiglesias

  49. Yasmin Rising

    Yasmin Rising개월 전

    I just listened to the original by Patsy Cline and I didn't realize it was a cover until now. She did a good job covering it but I honestly thought it was an original song by her.

  50. kristina collins

    kristina collins개월 전

    Such a wonderful beat. Great song

  51. Deserie Nickole

    Deserie Nickole개월 전

    Picture this: *Song playing through out entire **4:04** of the scene* " A woman who's been abused mentally, emotionally and physically, has finally broke free from this toxic relationship. When she attempts, her abuser attacks her and defending herself, she stabs him. She drops the knife, as he begins bleeding out, still trying to grab her, aggressively. She backs and turns to the door and walks, with no emotion on her face. As she takes step by step, the memories of her relationship flash, disappearing into the abyss. Each step, feeling more empowering as she reaches the garage door. Entering, she turns the light on, grabs the car keys that hung from the right side of the inner garage wall. She begins to walk torwards her Jeep, then pauses to turn to her Ex's car, a rebuilt 1964 Candy Red Drop Top Camaro. She takes the keys from the left side of the garage wall, opens the garage Door and drives away from a past she will never have to relive. Passing the highway she turns into an open road and drives off into her next venture in life, smiling as she is happy and truly free. And anxious and excited for what life has next.... "

  52. Joe jojo

    Joe jojo개월 전

    In a perfect universe.... Jessie Reyez and Elvis Presley would do a song together. It would be so beautiful.

  53. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao개월 전

    I really hope people here know this is a cover of the amazing Patsy Cline. Please listen to her music she is so important

  54. cwtss

    cwtss개월 전


  55. Daisy Nalls

    Daisy Nalls개월 전

    Lol why she got "text me" in the bio 🤣

  56. David Engle

    David Engle개월 전

    I need you :,)

  57. ghosttclubb

    ghosttclubb개월 전

    im in love with this song

  58. Northern Soul

    Northern Soul개월 전

    @JessieReyez you should cover "Walking After Midnight" by Patsy Cline

  59. ivan Juarez

    ivan Juarez개월 전


  60. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao개월 전

    That’s not the original artist it’s Patsy Cline

  61. Jenea Joel

    Jenea Joel개월 전

    This song is from assassin's creed

  62. Bonnie Nero

    Bonnie Nero개월 전

    Nope,emphasis in all the wrote g places! Loud at the wrong time! Perhaps if she sang something not so well known!

  63. Dani Stardoll

    Dani Stardoll개월 전

    comment section: iTs aCtUallY pAtsY cLinE's sOnG ..... ok go off but its actually willie nelson's song xD

  64. Laura Laura

    Laura Laura개월 전

    This isn’t a song, THIS IS A FEELING 💖💖💖

  65. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao개월 전

    Lookup Patsy Clines other songs

  66. Alex Dono

    Alex Dono개월 전

    We all need video to this

  67. shreya bayari

    shreya bayari개월 전

    This is similar to this love by camila

  68. Mira Sawao

    Mira Sawao개월 전

    It’s a cover of Patsy Cline... not close to anything modern

  69. Cal E.

    Cal E.개월 전

    GTA San Andreas days ♥️