Jenna Dewan Reviews Vegan Fast Food | Food Fight | Women's Health


  1. Elensila2718

    Elensila2718일 전

    Yeah, I am only okay with certain vegan cheeses, and only the ones that don’t melt (or try to melt). I have had some good vegan nacho cheese sauce before, and good solid cheeses, but any sort of “melting” cheese for pizza is just gross. Don’t even try at that point.

  2. Nadia N

    Nadia N2 일 전

    She’s gorgeous!

  3. Aldrina Dacalanio

    Aldrina Dacalanio2 일 전

    I never compared jessie j and jenna because i love them both but they really look alike in this, like super

  4. kaytelyhn i guess

    kaytelyhn i guess2 일 전

    why is it so satisfying watching her eat ;-;

  5. Keven Munoz

    Keven Munoz2 일 전


  6. rias

    rias3 일 전

    Just because it's vegan it does not mean it's healthy.

  7. keishakaboom

    keishakaboom일 전

    Well it’s fast food... Typically not healthy

  8. Höher wertiger

    Höher wertiger3 일 전

    and if she eats she has to wear heavy make up? really?

  9. Catherine Nguyen

    Catherine Nguyen2 일 전

    Höher wertiger she’s at a video shoot. She’s obviously going to wear makeup.

  10. Natalie

    Natalie3 일 전

    loved this! she's sweet

  11. Natalie

    Natalie3 일 전

    el polo loco

  12. Madame Bovary

    Madame Bovary3 일 전

    Okay but pizza without cheese is just toast

  13. Bustedsan

    Bustedsan3 일 전

    Fucking bitch left Channing Tatum

  14. xhottestpink

    xhottestpink3 일 전

    I highly doubt the buns on all those burgers are vegan. Buns, aka bread has milk, eggs, yeast, sometimes butter

  15. SA PAX

    SA PAX4 일 전

    Damn you are hot.

  16. lordsith8319

    lordsith83194 일 전

    fun fact it was all meat

  17. Ahmad Khamash

    Ahmad Khamash4 일 전

    Vegans can fuck off with pleasure.

  18. Lina Leeann

    Lina Leeann4 일 전

    Ike’s Love and Sandwhiches shop offers delicious vegan and vegetation options. In case anyone else is from California lol

  19. Metro Mmdk

    Metro Mmdk4 일 전


  20. Siandra Reed

    Siandra Reed5 일 전

    What's wrong with her top lip dont zoom in on her mouth please lol

  21. Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha

    Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha6 일 전

    It's not jenna Dewan Tatum right??

  22. Sandra Winther

    Sandra Winther6 일 전

    Why was this in my recommended KOreporter?! I am literally eating checked nuggets right now...

  23. joshua hand

    joshua hand7 일 전

    My kids are Vegan every morning.

  24. Rachel Ybarra

    Rachel Ybarra7 일 전

    She so pretty 👩☺

  25. stargaze

    stargaze7 일 전

    in the thumbnail I thought it was a mixture of kim and khloe kardashian

  26. Sami Jo

    Sami Jo7 일 전

    I don’t understand why women with her lip shape don’t understand that lip fillers look atrocious

  27. mikebxrst

    mikebxrst7 일 전

    I’m confused. Don’t most things have eggs like the bread and the French toast to make them?? I’m not familiar with this stuff so that’s why I’m asking :)

  28. mikebxrst

    mikebxrst5 일 전

    Sarah M thanks! I always thought you needed eggs to make bread

  29. Sarah M

    Sarah M6 일 전

    Bread dough doesn't use eggs, so is typically vegan friendly x

  30. Lex Forever

    Lex Forever8 일 전

    When you make a vegan publicly eat food that contains animal byproducts. Way to go women’s health- someone put a vegan on their staff please

  31. Honeybun

    Honeybun8 일 전

    Do y’all know what it is to be vegan...

  32. Nikica Nikolic

    Nikica Nikolic8 일 전

    I doubt she is vegan, she doesn't even look vegan. Probably just doing it for the money so all of you grass eaters can fell good about themselfs

  33. Lance G

    Lance G9 일 전

    She is too fine

  34. Colbert Massie

    Colbert Massie9 일 전

    I eat those French toast sticks for BK they are vegan?!?! You can’t tell

  35. Cameron Lyle

    Cameron Lyle9 일 전

    she looks like mj no cap

  36. isabel antolin

    isabel antolin9 일 전

    Vegan fast food doesn't mean it's healthier.

  37. shanu722

    shanu7229 일 전

    She looks soooooo good

  38. XxlovebabyxX Center xx

    XxlovebabyxX Center xx12 일 전

    I thought it was Kim k from the thumbnail phahah

  39. bugga boo

    bugga boo13 일 전

    Check her out too!!!!!!

  40. Hassy Smethe

    Hassy Smethe16 일 전

    Thought the thumbnail was kim kardashian

  41. Courtney T

    Courtney T20 일 전

    Um. I am a meat and potatoes eater hard core. But....damnnnn shes beautiful. And i love her input, so cute

  42. Courtney T

    Courtney T20 일 전


  43. Monica Ortiz

    Monica Ortiz개월 전

    Wow I would really like to try out some vegan fast food.😊

  44. Cephus Akeem

    Cephus Akeem개월 전

    I love watching beautiful women actually eat food.❤👌🏾

  45. Maia Tinsley

    Maia Tinsley개월 전

    Her bob is soooo cuteeee

  46. Alexa Smith

    Alexa Smith개월 전

    How can u not like the taste of burgers ? 🤣

  47. Marie Vaessen

    Marie Vaessen개월 전

    Is veggie food vegan or only vegetarian?

  48. Teo

    Teo개월 전

    Every time you see a pretty person, just remember that they fart,shit, (for women) most likely leave menstrual blood and shit all over the toilet bowls, don’t wash their hands, and have stank ass breath. So be happy.

  49. S H

    S H개월 전

    Her lips look painful

  50. vilvet hope

    vilvet hope개월 전

    since when does vegan eat food?

  51. Melany Ramos

    Melany Ramos개월 전

    She’s always so extra

  52. em john

    em john개월 전

    thought this was kim in the tuhumbnail

  53. Art Vandelay, Jr.

    Art Vandelay, Jr.개월 전

    Sodium and MSG (in disguise in some cases) up the ying yang folks. Stay far away.

  54. Robin Salem

    Robin Salem개월 전

    Am I the only one who finds her hella annoying? She seems so fake!

  55. Jasmine

    Jasmine개월 전

    She’s so cute awww

  56. hkgs_knight 42

    hkgs_knight 42개월 전

    All those good with one bite😭

  57. pinchuap canad

    pinchuap canad개월 전

    I love her top and lip shade...

  58. Bill Smith

    Bill Smith2 개월 전


  59. Britt B

    Britt B2 개월 전

    You knew dam well that was chiplote

  60. Maggie Ibarra

    Maggie Ibarra2 개월 전

    💕 she ages so beautifully

  61. Krystal Gonzales

    Krystal Gonzales2 개월 전

    “El polo loco”

  62. Gabrielle Cortorreal

    Gabrielle Cortorreal2 개월 전

    She does know that like bread and stuff has milk and eggs.

  63. Anthony Guthrie

    Anthony Guthrie2 개월 전

    I can offer you fast vegan sex Jenna

  64. HeyItsMel

    HeyItsMel2 개월 전

    most of that stuff isn't vegan so thats awks

  65. Dj Dahl

    Dj Dahl2 개월 전

    HAHAHAH dominions pizza crust is healthy lmaooo