JayDaYoungan "Taking Over" (Official Music Video)


  1. NbaT 33

    NbaT 333 일 전


  2. Crystal Young

    Crystal Young3 일 전

    This song hits different when u going through pain

  3. D'Qwaylon Rose

    D'Qwaylon Rose6 일 전


  4. wayup mar

    wayup mar9 일 전

    Nigga sad asf

  5. Nick Herrera

    Nick Herrera10 일 전

    Jaydayoungan ain’t make no bad song Eva on gang, no Otha rapper can do dis shit like him. No cap, flow just full of pain. I wanna see him n Derez on a song 💔

  6. Kaylin Braxton

    Kaylin Braxton14 일 전


  7. Kodah Shakur KS

    Kodah Shakur KS18 일 전

    His hardest video💯💯💯💯💯

  8. Nino Smith

    Nino Smith19 일 전


  9. Twenty3 Snippets

    Twenty3 Snippets23 일 전

    Ima die real nigga😓.

  10. Twenty3 Snippets

    Twenty3 Snippets23 일 전

    Better then YB💯

  11. Big jr Ynog

    Big jr Ynog23 일 전


  12. wxrm 2x

    wxrm 2x24 일 전

    1:57 💯

  13. Jawon White

    Jawon White27 일 전


  14. Mando Gucci

    Mando Gucci개월 전

    Hope he don’t die cause of dumb ass shit like lean 🙏🏾

  15. Alexis Hudson

    Alexis Hudson개월 전

    2020‼💲💜💙💜💙💜💙 I FELT THIS SONG

  16. Skylar Woodard

    Skylar Woodard개월 전

    My daily anthem

  17. HBMG Youngn

    HBMG Youngn개월 전

    I bet nobody didnt catch the message of the song

  18. Shaniyah's World

    Shaniyah's World개월 전

    If y'all don't like his songs don't listen to them then PERIOD

  19. FwThe Kid

    FwThe Kid개월 전

    Ima let my pain talk to em😓

  20. Ivan Kershner

    Ivan Kershner개월 전

    I felt that I wish I was there to help

  21. Real Capo

    Real Capo2 개월 전

    Just lost my bestfriend #FuckPerks

  22. asap xdnvsty

    asap xdnvsty2 개월 전

    These bots quick for likes

  23. Markita Bonner

    Markita Bonner2 개월 전


  24. Lemay Neal

    Lemay Neal2 개월 전

    This a real ass nigga i can hear it in his voice

  25. Olivia Clark

    Olivia Clark2 개월 전

    This Nigga Crying For Help If Y'all Really Listen To Him

  26. Olivia Clark

    Olivia Clark2 개월 전

    Am I The Only One That Notice Yungeen Ace Is In The Video??

  27. Olivia Clark

    Olivia Clark2 개월 전

    2:00 and another time you just have to pay attention he's on the right side

  28. James Vaughn

    James Vaughn2 개월 전


  29. Ruffwayy Ajayy

    Ruffwayy Ajayy2 개월 전

    On my soul imma like this Ong 😇

  30. Mario Reyes

    Mario Reyes2 개월 전

    I'm a let my pain talk to em 💔😔

  31. Fari Boss

    Fari Boss2 개월 전


  32. Baby Jugg

    Baby Jugg2 개월 전


  33. X_NO-_-SMOKE_X

    X_NO-_-SMOKE_X2 개월 전

    This song make me cry sum times when I think of sad shit:(

  34. Lil A Tv

    Lil A Tv2 개월 전

    He can’t really rap 💯

  35. Lil A Tv

    Lil A Tv2 개월 전

    sssssss 💀💀 to bad I typed that huh 🤔

  36. sssssss

    sssssss2 개월 전

    Lil A Tv u can’t really type

  37. IS0 X MARR

    IS0 X MARR2 개월 전

    They tryna take over his souls and his mind idk if he sold his soul or they tricked him into doing tht

  38. 2k G.O.A.T

    2k G.O.A.T2 개월 전

    Did you hear the NBA Youngboy diss

  39. Turn Up Stacy

    Turn Up Stacy2 개월 전

    2k G.O.A.T nope! U just being messy

  40. Guapo Y Rico

    Guapo Y Rico3 개월 전

    How much a feature? I bet it be a hit

  41. Colin Xiong

    Colin Xiong3 개월 전

    “I just sit back and reminisce” this song tho

  42. Key GGardenz

    Key GGardenz3 개월 전

    He sold his soul?🤔

  43. Teezy Teflon

    Teezy Teflon3 개월 전

    He shouldn't save dis song 4 misunderstood

  44. Dev

    Dev3 개월 전

    I felt those crys 😔

  45. Danreael

    Danreael3 개월 전


  46. Ivan Kershner

    Ivan Kershner3 개월 전

    Feel his pain 😕😢

  47. XvIbEs

    XvIbEs4 개월 전

    If yur going thru pain god puts his strongest soldiers in the strongest battles dont stress on it 💯🙏🏻

  48. Julian Marciano

    Julian Marciano4 개월 전

    This slaps hard why does so many people sleep on this kid 🤦🏽‍♂️💯💯

  49. Fari Boss

    Fari Boss4 개월 전


  50. Ashley L

    Ashley L4 개월 전


  51. kid buu

    kid buu4 개월 전

    I listen to this song alot and i heard it in my dreams literally someone was blasting this in my dreams lol



    Dis yung boi jaydayoungan music is🔥🔥💯💯👀👀 he telling yall bout pills alcoholism and depression take heat

  53. Xzavier Smith

    Xzavier Smith4 개월 전

    You feel this if you been in and out the system

  54. Nehemiah McCallum

    Nehemiah McCallum4 개월 전

    SOUNDS like u killed someone buddy

  55. Gabriel Garcia

    Gabriel Garcia4 개월 전

    They don't know

  56. 400 Baby

    400 Baby4 개월 전

    He shoulda had his self look bacc in the cell at his self while he was walking out

  57. 400 Baby

    400 Baby4 개월 전

    He shoulda had his self look bacc in the cell at his self while he was walking out

  58. 400 Baby

    400 Baby4 개월 전

    Whole video gave me chills #relatable

  59. sha M

    sha M4 개월 전

    I'ma let my pain talk too em❤️❤️💯

  60. Riot Trappin

    Riot Trappin4 개월 전


  61. Tracy Thompson

    Tracy Thompson5 개월 전


  62. Luciano German

    Luciano German5 개월 전

    Nobody else on beat like this or even have the vocals keep it 100, you all say blue face on beat u lame fr, I fuk wit this artist all the way, been vibin with this for a minute, especially when I lose the people I love.

  63. anime world Mubarak

    anime world Mubarak5 개월 전

    Who here 2001 ?

  64. daniel Sauer

    daniel Sauer5 개월 전

    My mind has been takin over my soul has been takin over

  65. daniel Sauer

    daniel Sauer5 개월 전

    I know that somebody creep they right next to me