Jason Whitlock: I'm done doubting Lamar Jackson | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF


  1. Speak For Yourself

    Speak For Yourself2 개월 전

    Has Lamar Jackson permanently silenced his doubters?

  2. Pelom Pelon

    Pelom Pelon14 일 전

    @Jay Brown elite choker

  3. knees !!

    knees !!21 일 전

    Lavar is a coke head

  4. The Realest dude I know

    The Realest dude I know28 일 전

    NO ! He's BLACK! And a dark skin black. He will never get a fair shake. Us dark skin guys have to fight harder. But it makes you stronger. Pressure makes diamonds.

  5. andam s

    andam s14 일 전

    Super bowl you talking about super bowl ? you might confuse Lamarve looser/chocker with Jimmy G the Stallion that's who is SUPER BOWL BOUND YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. R Val

    R Val15 일 전

    Not permanently.......

  7. andam s

    andam s16 일 전


  8. andam s

    andam s16 일 전

    Anyone to board the chocker LA MAR VE LOSSS BAND WAGON VERY FEW SEATS LEFT LOL

  9. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac16 일 전

    Jackson is a playoff *BUST* 1 and out 2 times

  10. Alonzo J Neloms

    Alonzo J Neloms17 일 전

    Barry Sanders had the Heart of a Lion! The first time I saw Barry Sanders out of pads! I'm like that's Barry Sanders? Humble and calm. Poised. Like a cool breeze! OMG! When he put those pads on! The rest is history! I think you have the same thing with Mr.Jackson. Only he knows! We just have to wait and see!

  11. Saryn Drast

    Saryn Drast20 일 전

    Jackson is garbage. The only reason he's successful is because you can't hit him without a GD flag.

  12. Tony Jones

    Tony Jones20 일 전

    I never liked Lavar, b/c of that chit he did to Sean Taylor his own teammate. Now if Sean would've knocked him out... hmmm

  13. Tom Ross TV

    Tom Ross TV21 일 전

    Cam got hurt off field

  14. Tom Ross TV

    Tom Ross TV21 일 전

    It's crazy they never doubted Sam darrnold

  15. Chris Evans

    Chris Evans24 일 전

    Can’t love a young nic

  16. T Kihato

    T Kihato24 일 전

    14 and 2

  17. Venita Bolden

    Venita Bolden25 일 전

    Speak truth to power Vick

  18. Jackie Clark

    Jackie Clark26 일 전

    @ 4:15 Arrington’s comment is shot down 😂😂

  19. Mohamed Hassan

    Mohamed Hassan26 일 전

    Look at these claims are serious

  20. Camren

    Camren27 일 전

    22 years old wait till he masters the mental part of the game

  21. Camren

    Camren27 일 전

    He throws the ball 15 of 23 and 5 of them throws was TD I'll take that all day

  22. Alonzo J Neloms

    Alonzo J Neloms27 일 전

    In the Draft they over looked Mr. Jackson! Now they are paying for it! They are America's team for now to beat! Not Dallas Cowboys! Egos with a empty head is costly! I'm sure his Dad would be proud of Lamar Jackson! We out here Love you! And all the new Believers coming from the Hater zone! He's rewriting the Quarterback position! And there will be others after him! Raising the bar even higher! Let's enjoy the moment!

  23. Jenssy Romero

    Jenssy Romero27 일 전

    Patrick Mahomes is also an injury away. Just like any other athlete, stop hating it literally becomes contagious

  24. William Hicks

    William Hicks28 일 전


  25. toni black

    toni black28 일 전

    Lol, these two idots, talkn bout Lamar gone get hurt, keep wishing you losers...

  26. Clile Hall

    Clile Hall28 일 전

    Whitlock finally said something I like. Lavar is a hater. The kid can pass the ball. He doesn't have to run. Just avoid sacks and he can do that

  27. Celso Bernal

    Celso Bernal29 일 전

    Family is everything

  28. George ONeal

    George ONeal29 일 전

    If you doubted LJ then dont say anything else about him. You are qualified to talk about him. Sell girl scout cookies

  29. Stick It in

    Stick It in29 일 전

    Lavar ah hater 🙄da game has changed

  30. ridgebhouse

    ridgebhouse29 일 전

    That’s the only Achilles’ heel for this quarterback is his tendency for running. He cannot be a running quarterback and be in this league for a long time.


    ITZLILMANN29 일 전

    Don’t hop on the bandwagon now I’m a Seahawks fan who live in Baltimore and I can tell u we didn’t have this much fans

  32. Vansley Collins

    Vansley Collins개월 전

    Dude Why you had to go make me SUBSCRIBE like this ?

  33. Vansley Collins

    Vansley Collins개월 전

    Who can bounce back from a hit faster Tom Brady or Lamar Jackson I mean who's tougher ?????? WE ALL KNOW🙎🏿‍♂️ Ask Giselle😳

  34. Jeffery Maina

    Jeffery Maina개월 전

    Questioning his brain though? Smh

  35. marman

    marman개월 전

    That every position in football you can get hurt any play.

  36. McDiamond

    McDiamond개월 전

    Anyone else think this aged well?

  37. Jacque Steal

    Jacque Steal개월 전

    what is wrong with fool he never ever have anything good to say about black players especially Lamar Jackson i

  38. Gary Bennett

    Gary Bennett개월 전

    Ok if he wins the superbowl what will any one say like no one can say he needs to get better like I cant name to many quarterbacks in my time that won that fast other then Brady

  39. Gary Bennett

    Gary Bennett개월 전

    Michael Vick done it Donovan McNabb Randell Cunningham as long Lamar dont try to always run 1st only run like he does after no ones open and pocket collapse he should play for years pocket passer get hurt everyone gets hurt just prey it's not so serious

  40. Pao Lee

    Pao Lee개월 전

    He's done doubting Lamar Jackson. That's cheesy. All these so called nfl experts should never doubt anyone. The players have a good week, then a not so good week. Wth.

  41. Anthony Wright

    Anthony Wright개월 전

    Finally JW said something right!!!!

  42. gamebred311

    gamebred311개월 전

    Your fatass need to doubt them donuts

  43. Knight B

    Knight B개월 전

    What about Alex Smith?

  44. Gilbert Washington

    Gilbert Washington개월 전

    Wow what ever happened to winning the game by any means necessary? Wow I need a drink🍺because I never thought Jason Whitlock would speak positive of a black man!!!

  45. henry naty

    henry naty개월 전

    dont compare how badly yous played back in the day into todays game...your play days were useless....what LJ did is historic...he did changed the game and now its more enjoying to watch football.

  46. Edwin Henry

    Edwin Henry개월 전

    I hate to agree with Whitlock but it is important to have that support. My mother told me I don’t care about a full scholarship it’s going to cost me something you are not going to college. So I entered the Army and did twenty years. Football talent thrown in the garbage.

  47. Celluler Sweller

    Celluler Sweller개월 전

    There's no doubt he is a great pocket passer, he was born for the position, it's his destiny. And current reality.run or no run. He has the decision making of a seasoned veteran. They're waiting for him to get injured😬

  48. Lamar Love

    Lamar Love개월 전

    Whitlock is A 2side it UNCLE TOM

  49. Skin EyemIn

    Skin EyemIn개월 전

    Wtf is Gonzales talking about? Did just say, ".."if he has that brain"? Really? After all of the TD passes Jackson has thrown? Really? Seriously?

  50. tigerpeti

    tigerpeti개월 전

    Why do they ALWAYS act like they want him to get injured 😡 That fool has said before that the defense should take him out🤬 Would they be saying that about Rogers or other quarterbacks 🤔 They should be FIRED 😡

  51. Frank Hill

    Frank Hill개월 전

    Lavar, you left the most important thing out about his passing stats. HE'S LEADING THE LEAGUE IN PASSING TD'S.

  52. Rhonda Gilliam

    Rhonda Gilliam개월 전

    The one thing to remember is your primary purpose.There will always be those who drink Hater Aid. They're always going to have negative comments ,No matter how great the man. GOD HAS this great man along with his mother. Who deserves all credit For not only having but raising a great man. As for the doubters why wast his time on them?

  53. Michael Harvey

    Michael Harvey개월 전

    Who's the ignorant white dude in the yellow jacket?

  54. ReGin'ALi YoNaH

    ReGin'ALi YoNaH개월 전

    These dudes all got the foot and mouth disease. Bitter stomach syndrome.

  55. Javier Hernandez

    Javier Hernandez개월 전

    all these critics sitting down while lamar is making his players scoring, it doesnt matter. right prime?

  56. A_Light N Da_Dark

    A_Light N Da_Dark개월 전

    Speak on it Mick Vick. These people have never played the position, they don't know jack.

  57. christianrapper

    christianrapper개월 전

    You can tell by the salty comments that a lot of people didn’t watch the full video.

  58. Marc The Robot

    Marc The Robot개월 전

    What black man doesn’t this guy doubt??

  59. kiyan west

    kiyan west개월 전

    Didnt Brady get hurt IN THE POCKET? freakin idiots

  60. christianrapper

    christianrapper개월 전

    Qb’s are allowed more protections in the pocket. It’s not about one hit but the accumulation of hits that he’s taking.

  61. kiyan west

    kiyan west개월 전

    Idiot 🤣🤣

  62. Karen Blackman

    Karen Blackman개월 전

    Tony.gonzales mike vick is sitting right across from you

  63. L V

    L V개월 전

    and stay away from the pale gold diggers



    By the way...all players are one injury away....so relax on the injury talk.