Jail Cellmate - SNL


  1. Anthony Clark

    Anthony Clark4 시간 전

    A LOT of people will NEVER FORGIVE Keenan for doing this.

  2. Shaggy 207

    Shaggy 2074 시간 전

    Wow, SNL has gone so far downhill over the years... it's truly garbage now. Disappointing.

  3. Allison Anon

    Allison Anon15 시간 전

    "They put me in jail for loving salty food." The cleverest joke that no one laughed at.

  4. Nate Thomas

    Nate Thomas일 전

    I could watch from 0:26 to 0:40 for 100 years. Listening to the audience as they realize who he is portraying is the best part of this whole sketch! Well done Kennan!

  5. The Breakdown

    The Breakdown일 전

    Snl Is just not at all funny like it used to be

  6. keepinitnerd

    keepinitnerd일 전

    That was the best Kenan impression I think I've seen! Funny.

  7. quest 77051

    quest 770512 일 전


  8. semjaavria

    semjaavria2 일 전

    Seth ruins any otherwise good sketch

  9. Freddie Hankins

    Freddie Hankins2 일 전

    O gawd bill Cosby,lol!

  10. PersephoneRising333

    PersephoneRising3332 일 전


  11. lady xstasy

    lady xstasy2 일 전

    Bill Cosby dam thats cold and funny lmao

  12. Celo Best

    Celo Best2 일 전

    😂 TOO FUNNY!!!😂


    THE VOICE3 일 전

    When is that sexual predator Harvey Weinstein gonna join him?!!!

  14. BeReal Because the sun can't chill

    BeReal Because the sun can't chill13 시간 전

    When you slide a log out of your bum into my mouth

  15. Julian Martinez

    Julian Martinez일 전

    THE VOICE ok listen this is a JOKE channel, for JOKES it would be too controversial

  16. Julian Martinez

    Julian Martinez일 전

    THE VOICE ok listen this is a JOKE channel, for JOKES it would be too controversial

  17. Brian L

    Brian L4 일 전

    SNL sucks

  18. bluemonkey223

    bluemonkey2234 일 전

    That Cosby impersonation got him the job. Keenan is lucky Cosby's old age bacame so interesting.

  19. Sean Sartor

    Sean Sartor4 일 전

    OMG !!! This is STRAIGHT funny with NO chaser ! 😂😂😂😂 Surely a comedian such as Bill Cosby could appreciate this comic genius.

  20. Simon Peter

    Simon Peter4 일 전

    This is just awful..

  21. Peachs'nCreamPie

    Peachs'nCreamPie4 일 전

    This predicted well, cosby says he was having a good time in prison now

  22. Garry Love

    Garry Love5 일 전

    Ur one looks like Ryan Tubrety

  23. Meme Iselfaneye

    Meme Iselfaneye6 일 전

    Ah, Bill Cosby, one of the few characters Kenan can do that isn't basically just a different intensity of Kenan.

  24. Lily Steph

    Lily Steph6 일 전


  25. Swiss accounts

    Swiss accounts8 일 전

    5:13 😂

  26. Russell Mitchell

    Russell Mitchell8 일 전


  27. In Korea

    In Korea8 일 전

    Seth wasn't funny when he was on the show. Why the fuk is he hosting?

  28. hatednyc

    hatednyc9 일 전

    Referenced that episode where Theo says he wants to be a “regular “ guy. Priceless. If this were me I feel like I’d act as if all his raping was awesome just so he’d admit it eventually and spill his guts to me.

  29. leon thedon

    leon thedon9 일 전

    Even tho the skit is funny y in the hell they keep lookin at the audience n not to each other tho .........ain't it actin 101 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Salamento

    Salamento9 일 전

    What kind of turtle is that

  31. nirmaleva

    nirmaleva10 일 전

    Kenan rules!!!!

  32. Howie Diggler

    Howie Diggler12 일 전

    "That's right I got two spoons and I went skittledeedooboppledeedlebeepoopee.." 😂

  33. it's true

    it's true12 일 전

    it's so sad because The Cosby Show was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

  34. Xavier Fuller

    Xavier Fuller13 일 전

    He should stop this , all bill has done for him with allowing him to play fat Albert

  35. John Doe

    John Doe13 일 전

    Keenan can never leave SNL. He needs to make more Whats Up With That sketches.

  36. Dacques Jackson

    Dacques Jackson9 일 전

    He have others projects he wants to do

  37. Sylvie Satie

    Sylvie Satie13 일 전

    I’m shitting myself with vindication. I’ve hated Bill Cosby since I was a child.

  38. kambermusic

    kambermusic14 일 전

    Is it me or is middle-aged Seth Meyers freaking hot

  39. Infamous J-H00ĶŻ

    Infamous J-H00ĶŻ15 일 전


  40. wilson rumph

    wilson rumph17 일 전

    How about Bill Cosby visits the village of the dam!!

  41. Erynn Laufeyson

    Erynn Laufeyson17 일 전

    That, my friends, is a very good impression on Bill Cosby. Kenan ue amazing!

  42. Stranger Danger

    Stranger Danger17 일 전

    At least Cosby stuck with adults unlike that Jew Woody Allen.

  43. Kinsey Madeline

    Kinsey Madeline15 일 전

    You seriously just validated rape by comparing it to different rape. FUCK you.

  44. Joshua Barron

    Joshua Barron18 일 전

    Kenan Thompson is a sketch goat

  45. Too Fast

    Too Fast20 일 전

    Dear Kenan, never leave SNL

  46. Jameel Buntley

    Jameel Buntley20 일 전

    I literally almost died @ 1:18

  47. Cableguy818

    Cableguy81821 일 전

    Keenan is an amazing actor!! He really makes the show!!

  48. SkinnyPaintbrush

    SkinnyPaintbrush23 일 전

    Bill Cosby plays Fat Albert and Kenan Thompson play the live action version of Fat Albert.

  49. Remi Markable

    Remi Markable23 일 전

    I hope SNL gets better again one day

  50. Crazando anonymous

    Crazando anonymous23 일 전

    Actually it's not countless lives It's 60

  51. jim panther driver vickers

    jim panther driver vickers24 일 전

    Keenan was part of the best snl cast...he will be missed

  52. Hollywood Stacks

    Hollywood Stacks25 일 전

    Dumb shit

  53. Daniel Carcano

    Daniel Carcano26 일 전

    Seth doesn't even try acting, he is fucken sucks. Keanan thou, all those years of acting, you can tell he has fun and does a great job. Seth killed that's 70 show

  54. Polydeuces

    Polydeuces18 일 전

    1. I think you mean his brother, Josh. 2. He wasn't horrible in That 70's Show and it wasn't the season anyone wanted. 3. Seth's delivery comes from being an update and talk show host now. If you go back to his old SNL clips, before he took on the writing, he was looser in his delivery.

  55. Terrence Harris-Hughes

    Terrence Harris-Hughes26 일 전

    They should do the sketch where Cosby gives his talk to the inmates

  56. Chasing A Murderer Murdered

    Chasing A Murderer Murdered26 일 전

    I love this guy idc

  57. Dean Summers

    Dean Summers28 일 전

    All those boxes of Jello on his Trophy self 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Dean Summers

    Dean Summers28 일 전

    Is the jello 😂😂😂😂

  59. Sam Shelton

    Sam Shelton28 일 전

    These guys don't know the difference between jail and prison which is honestly hilarious.

  60. Ruff Prophet Productions

    Ruff Prophet Productions28 일 전

    i think this has been said but to a lot of people bill cosby was seen as an old uncle or grandfather figure to many (especially those who marveled at the cosby show, a revolutionary program for its time) so that's why accepting the terrible things he's done is hard. i know some people will find this hard to picture because they had no "connection" to cosby but imagine if your uncle or grandfather had been found guilty of the same crimes. i would imagine it would take you a little bit of time to accept the news as truth as well. we are not sympathizing with cosby or saying what he did was ok, but rather just expressing shame that someone we looked up to (even if it was only a character of his) for a long time was doing something horrible in the shadows. all i can say is damn, smh.

  61. Terry Jack

    Terry Jack29 일 전

    Sorry y'all, I think that Kenan Thompson did the worst Cosby impersonation but will agree that he is the best comedian on SNL. Like him in All That and Kenan and Kel. After that he lost his touch. Aries Spears was the best Cosby impersonator in my opinion and Orlando Jones also did good as well. Both were cast on Mad TV

  62. Mr. Gandalf

    Mr. Gandalf29 일 전

    Bill Cosby has contributed more positive to the world than any of his accusers ever will.

  63. Noelia Gonzalez

    Noelia Gonzalez개월 전

    Kenan great bill cosby you did good job.Loved it funny.

  64. Hakim MacLuvin

    Hakim MacLuvin개월 전

    Love that Seth is back in SNL :-D

  65. Jackson Sparks

    Jackson Sparks개월 전

    Anyone else FUCKING HATTTTTEE the stupid song at the end of EVERY FUCKING SNL SKETCH VIDEO....😒

  66. K maz

    K maz개월 전

    I dont know need them to up ritalin free and accepted new york coty masonic lodge and yo word like nurse gonna turn doctor off and no more like me after years of work cos be with me avcabxabx little nemo on hbo..

  67. Curry God

    Curry God개월 전

    Tbh, I loved Litlle Bill the cartoon

  68. Hank Hall

    Hank Hall개월 전

    the white guy sucks hard

  69. Donovan Creamer

    Donovan Creamer개월 전

    What a bunch of shitbags. Bill Cosby isn’t the monster that people make him out to be. I guarantee that 90% of these fuck ass comedians have raped plenty of girls themselves.

  70. Akkie

    Akkie개월 전

    me in jail to my cellmate: do you know why they call me mitochondria?

  71. Jiren The Grey

    Jiren The Grey개월 전

    Kenan Thompson is the best

  72. Winged Freak Terrorizes

    Winged Freak Terrorizes개월 전

    Bill Cosby really does call his time in prison an "amazing experience. Yeah, he used the term 'amazing experience.' And he hasn't drank any coffee since he's been in there. Now the funny part about it (is) Mrs. Cosby's been trying to stop him from drinking coffee for 55 years and it took this to stop him from drinking coffee," his spokesman Andrew Wyatt explained, "Right now I'm his only visitor outside of his attorneys, and that's the way he wants it. He does not eat in the area with other residents, he does not have a cellmate, and he does not exercise with other residents." www.cnn.com/2019/02/12/us/bill-cosby-prison/index.html

  73. Mr Sig Sauer 45

    Mr Sig Sauer 45개월 전


  74. AquaticTuber

    AquaticTuber개월 전

    I will always love Bill Cosby. I don't believe he was guilty. 😔

  75. Hamish Ziegler

    Hamish Ziegler21 일 전

    +AquaticTuber Well that explains it. Heavy denial. Perhaps there's work for you in the Vatican.

  76. AquaticTuber

    AquaticTuber22 일 전

    +Hamish Ziegler and...?

  77. Hamish Ziegler

    Hamish Ziegler22 일 전

    No, he's an ardent Trump supporter

  78. Logan Huntley

    Logan Huntley24 일 전

    Then you’re a fucking idiot.

  79. Brittaney Garman

    Brittaney Garman개월 전

    This may be my fave Kenan sketch.

  80. Joel Brown

    Joel Brown개월 전

    Wasn't very funny.

  81. Finesse God

    Finesse God개월 전

    Kenan Thompson did what Eddie Murphy wouldn't do.

  82. Lil Robbie

    Lil Robbie개월 전

    Not funny 😡😡😡

  83. Macaroni Tree

    Macaroni Tree개월 전

    0:24 messenger notification

  84. C.K. Blackwood

    C.K. Blackwood개월 전

    Keenan was spot-on. 1:15, 2:47 and 3:38 had me dying

  85. Patrick Newman

    Patrick Newman개월 전

    Seth makes all the commenters question the que cards...he literally looks like a sheep out there

  86. Evan Hall

    Evan Hall개월 전

    Why does Seth have a show? He sucks. Oh, he sold his soul to sell leftist propaganda.

  87. Robert James George

    Robert James George개월 전

    I love Kenan and I love Bill Cosby. Can't wait till Cosby walks out a free man and has his first performance, would love to see him live. Wonder if he'll work his prison time into his routine?

  88. Amim Ulhaq

    Amim Ulhaq개월 전

    Ya know I Think Cosby is a good guy :)

  89. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    The Jeneral J.U.-ICE개월 전

    Lol😄 Keenan's always been a funny dude, since the day's of Nickelodeon.

  90. Jeremy Mettler

    Jeremy Mettler개월 전

    Funny not is all the sorry ass fake ass Americans that don't know why even they have the right to unbiased unoppinionated facted checked news is a right or when unconstitutional B's going on all over every day yet none say shit . City council and worms pissing on Constitution copsrape woman in Houston caught on Walmart camera got of guy says yeah next time get warrant or all the inocent people incarcerated for unconstitutional B's and not worms that Rob you blind pay them extra to big to not give more billions to them guys Americans were isn't one in first place without unbaised unoppinionated facted checked news you unamerican pricks learn it why it's a right or get out

  91. Robin Coulter

    Robin Coulter개월 전

    Shawshank referance🤔

  92. MaJieMao

    MaJieMao개월 전

    Wasn't really funny Cosby and his fall from grace as a pioneering Black icon in entertainment is nothing but a sad tale.

  93. Red Balloon

    Red Balloon개월 전

    Keenan is one of the funniest cast members ever along with being the longest tenured. It's interesting though, he has been good and would be good in movies. I don't know if he prefers SNL to movies. I say this because people like, Andy, Bill and Kirsten left purely to pursue a movie career. Obviously he must get a good pay packet

  94. TTV Capszach

    TTV Capszach개월 전

    Scooby got waves

  95. John V

    John V개월 전

    If he's in the same cell as Cosby. That means Seth is a Sex Offender too

  96. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell개월 전

    I stumbled upon a book Cosby wrote entitled, "Parenting" that I found at a church rummage sale. I gave it to my best friend as a present right after his baby was born and this was just after all the rape stuff came out about Cosby, and my friend unwrapped it and couldn't stop laughing, because he appreciates irony like that and I knew he would find it funny as did I, and his wife says, "yeah... you're going to be taking that book with you when you leave, right?"

  97. Moses Berkowitz

    Moses Berkowitz개월 전

    I read it a loooonng time ago, and its actually a good book; it was a best-seller. BTW, Tim Allen did nine years in prison for drug trafficking....and I'll still watch Home Improvment reruns.

  98. QueenMe Bey

    QueenMe Bey개월 전


  99. stargatefever

    stargatefever개월 전

    Nicest jail cell i have ever seen

  100. Thenotfunnyperson

    Thenotfunnyperson개월 전

    I wonder who they are going to get to play Weinstein when he joins Cosby in his cell. 100% going to happen. There is too much of a paper trail with his cover-up and pay offs. Just a matter of time. :)

  101. DankOverloadTV

    DankOverloadTV개월 전

    I always knew the vulture was a goddamn dirty cop

  102. Jackie C

    Jackie C개월 전

    I think Kenan is great. Hell I think Cosby is great!! He was hilarious, his show brought genuine, heart-felt guidance & life-lessons to countless millions of young ppl, especially young black men who consistently have a shortage of positive role-models in this country. (Which btw i dont believe is accidental, i believe that the media & the powers behind it promote negative, degrading, violent and criminal black 'leaders' in order to continue to encourage the breaking down of the family structure in that culture & inevitably, black society) Now I'm not saying he didn't do what he's accused of & I'm not defending it if he did do it...but I don't agree that all the positive & good he did for the world is completely negated by his failures. I also wouldn't be surprised if he was framed nor would i be shocked if he was forced, coursed, under mind control...literally nothing would surprise me when it comes to defaming a man like that & destroying his legacy. I will point out the hypocrisy that the black role-models of today openly engage in the most base behaviours imagined, all while paying homage to Baal/Molack/Satan/the illuminati..and society does not bat an eye. We readily mimick & praise those behaviors & sing right along while they glorify it. So idk ppl....pick a side of the fence. Show outrage across the board,, not just when yr being told to by Vanity Fair or CNN.

  103. Moses Berkowitz

    Moses Berkowitz개월 전

    In America, for some reason, we love to crucify our former heroes.

  104. shadow .priest

    shadow .priest개월 전


  105. Jeff Gilligan

    Jeff Gilligan개월 전

    Eat shit snl

  106. David R

    David R개월 전

    Aside from a few Cosby Show references, this sketch was terrible. That was the worst Cosby impersonation ever.

  107. Ryan Watson

    Ryan Watson개월 전

    I wish had a hoagie tunnel in my room, Lmao

  108. Anglo-American

    Anglo-American개월 전

    Bill Cosby did nothing wrong.

  109. hayley montgomery

    hayley montgomery개월 전

    Have you considered just dying

  110. Cherah Lindo

    Cherah Lindo개월 전

    These skits crack me up. I loved Bill Cosby as a kid. Fond memories 😌

  111. Nikki Movie Reviews

    Nikki Movie Reviews개월 전


  112. John Doe

    John Doe개월 전

    Keenan sucks. Look at all the mega stars that have come from SNL and this dude is still stuck there. Dude sucks and has never been funny