Jablinski Perfect


  1. Chazzy B

    Chazzy B15 시간 전

    YES boomerang boy

  2. Mindset Of The Motivated

    Mindset Of The Motivated19 시간 전

    Jack WE LOVE YOU

  3. Mindset Of The Motivated

    Mindset Of The Motivated19 시간 전

    Your boys are Friggin AWESOME

  4. Lia m ka

    Lia m ka22 시간 전

    I don't think they have pick of destiny Well that's where a little Studio engeneering comes in my hard rocking Amigo


    TRU BLU DRU일 전

    So down to earth...doesn't even care about his chin zit...love this man

  6. Ian Lundquist

    Ian Lundquist2 일 전

    Can I get a soder?

  7. Richard Friend

    Richard Friend2 일 전


  8. Striker Maximus

    Striker Maximus2 일 전

    Tommy helmet and knee pads and elbow pads.

  9. Striker Maximus

    Striker Maximus2 일 전

    Talk about shallow HaL

  10. Psychedelic Anxiety

    Psychedelic Anxiety3 일 전


  11. Fooks Lee Ho

    Fooks Lee Ho개월 전


  12. JaS

    JaS개월 전

    Korea bbq of the century?? Jack Wtf man! come to argentina to see what a really bbq (asado) means! i hope you can come with the foo fighters next year!

  13. Fuu Chan

    Fuu Chan개월 전

    gamer tip for ya, Jablinski, you're right handed. I saw you playing ball, did you know, it is easier for right handed people to jump and shoot and do dunks, if they jump off their left leg. Just a tip, from one gamer to another. And btw, I have been watching your channel since it started. I give you big props for being such a good father and spending so much time with your kids. PROPS to you Jablinski. WP, WP.

  14. JackFinley199

    JackFinley199개월 전

    9:15 why does he have a Celtics basketball? I thought he was a Lakers fan!

  15. Filipe Figuerôa

    Filipe Figuerôa개월 전

    I love this angle with ZOOOOM HAHAHAHHAAHHA

  16. Ben Raiter

    Ben Raiter개월 전

    we need another jablinski pewds colab

  17. PkmnProf Smitty

    PkmnProf Smitty개월 전

    Man those trick shots are insane! Must have took so many shots lolol

  18. Kevin Sauceda

    Kevin Sauceda2 개월 전

    5:52 "NO PERSONS UNDER 21 ALLOWED" 6:10 Jack's kid in the background lol

  19. Mr JME

    Mr JME2 개월 전

    What’s the song at 2:15 ?? Anyone

  20. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi2 개월 전

    at 2:24 you can spot the exact moment Tommy dies on the inside

  21. VERY p.c.

    VERY p.c.2 개월 전

    Food Chanel?

  22. Ken Hamrick

    Ken Hamrick3 개월 전

    Damn I wish you were my dad. Them kids don't know what they have!

  23. Victor Jasso

    Victor Jasso3 개월 전

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 the dancing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Blake Fletcher

    Blake Fletcher3 개월 전

    that dancing bruh at 1:00 ..... was he not on catfish at an arcade?

  25. Hooked On Chronics

    Hooked On Chronics3 개월 전

    *_Jablinski Perfect > Dude Perfect_*

  26. Michael Kaszynski

    Michael Kaszynski3 개월 전

    AYCE stands for "All You Can Eat". This is like the 5th time I have heard people call it "ay-see" like it's a Korean word. Makes me laugh every time.

  27. Hendi Wiedmann

    Hendi Wiedmann3 개월 전

    His mansion looks like a church :D

  28. Ivan Jakanov

    Ivan Jakanov3 개월 전

    REALLY? you're going to put a helmet on him when he's skateboarding in your yard. the main threat to pedestrians and skateboarders alike is cars.

  29. jack lantern

    jack lantern3 개월 전

    kumquats 9:08

  30. Grim

    Grim3 개월 전

    i would love it if he was my father

  31. Greg

    Greg3 개월 전

    Pigs do not sweat!

  32. Jessica Mayrides

    Jessica Mayrides3 개월 전

    jack black pretending he's famous for other things (his dance moves) instead of for being a famous actor is the FUNNIEST yet PUREST thing ever

  33. Branson Underwood

    Branson Underwood3 개월 전

    9:13 Jack looks like an emo

  34. Joe Marwil

    Joe Marwil3 개월 전

    So is it an L.A. requirement to look like you rolled out of bed at noon, threw on clothes from the dirty hamper, and head out unshaven with a dumb hat on? Cool. 😎

  35. Dennis C.

    Dennis C.3 개월 전

    I don’t think kid knows who he is

  36. Debb3rod

    Debb3rod3 개월 전

    I wish Jack Black was my dad! He's awesome!

  37. B-Man 123

    B-Man 1233 개월 전

    Jack - I love you on so many levels, but the amount of greasy food that you consume on a daily basis is a bit alarming!!! We want you around for a long time....gotta lay off of the double grease burgers and fries!!! Your "gut" screams "help me"!!!! Love ya man!

  38. Abhishek Banyal

    Abhishek Banyal3 개월 전

    12:42 Unexpected Leggy

  39. Yunus

    Yunus3 개월 전

    8:43 plot twist : kawhi went to Clippers

  40. Utav Takt

    Utav Takt3 개월 전

    I wanna pop that Jablinski pimple at 01:35