J. Cole Introduces Lil Cole (Part 2)


  1. Miyir Miyir

    Miyir Miyir26 일 전

    The bullshit line would've put me on the floor if I was there ONG LMAOOOOO

  2. Monique Bailey

    Monique Bailey개월 전


  3. A.I Gaming

    A.I Gaming2 개월 전

    2019 anyone? 😂😭

  4. しのりん

    しのりん2 개월 전


  5. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez2 개월 전

    Why is this lowkey fire tho🔥🔥

  6. Hayabustin .Y

    Hayabustin .Y2 개월 전

    Real fanz comeback

  7. SlothzZz

    SlothzZz3 개월 전

    0:45 Lil Cole invented skrrt skrrt

  8. Anthony Truman

    Anthony Truman4 개월 전

    I’m going to eat everyone in this studio right now lmaoooo

  9. Anthony Truman

    Anthony Truman4 개월 전


  10. Anthony Y

    Anthony Y4 개월 전

    This shit still kills me

  11. Ray Shepherd

    Ray Shepherd5 개월 전

    Imagine Jay walking in like "Aw, i see yall hard at wor-... wtf"

  12. Jovan Sahota

    Jovan Sahota6 개월 전

    3:17 The Birth of kiLL Edward

  13. 自助餐Allukenbeat

    自助餐Allukenbeat7 개월 전

    Thats a dream song sson hhhhh

  14. Omar Blaine

    Omar Blaine7 개월 전


  15. Marcell Hunt

    Marcell Hunt8 개월 전

    1:01 but u keep hitting me wit bull shit😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Elle Molina

    Elle Molina8 개월 전

    Every time I fucking watch I can't breathe its to fucking funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. SanityTheFnsKid

    SanityTheFnsKid9 개월 전

    You keep hitting BULLSHIT, strip you naked

  18. Wanderson075

    Wanderson07510 개월 전


  19. Volcomman

    Volcomman11 개월 전

    And this was how kill Edward was born maybe, this shit funny 😂 who else watching in 2018?

  20. Desirae Figueroa

    Desirae Figueroa년 전

    Lmao every time I hear lil cole in his songs I automatically think of this video and come back to watch it 😂

  21. Eran Boazy

    Eran Boazy년 전

    I want to see Lil Cole as a feature with KiLL Edward in J. Cole next album

  22. Traverse

    Traverse년 전

    That sip n slide joint could get big tbh

  23. Phil Seddon

    Phil Seddon년 전

    10 years late on this! Better late than never! Hilarious 😂😂😂

  24. Malcolm Bak

    Malcolm Bak년 전

    Im crying and im high asf rn

  25. yungtopaz

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  26. ScatBatman

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  27. Alex K

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  28. BAMss Audio

    BAMss Audio2 년 전

    Needed a camera in the booth 😂😂😂

  29. Dominik Kiss

    Dominik Kiss2 년 전

    still the funniest video on youtube!!!!

  30. Thomas

    Thomas2 년 전

    we need more cole

  31. Empress xX

    Empress xX2 년 전

    "but you keep hitting me with buuuulllshiiit" 😂

  32. Scruff Van

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  33. Elisa Villalta

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  34. Annada Suon

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  35. Athena Iverson

    Athena Iverson2 년 전

    skirt skirt skirt skirt sskkirrttt

  36. Zainab

    Zainab3 년 전


  37. KevoThaGod

    KevoThaGod3 년 전

    Lil Cole is the dude buying the platinum in the end of "forbidden fruit" on Born Sinner.

  38. Young Fu

    Young Fu8 개월 전

    he’s in hella songs prob at least 20+

  39. ZionTVBro

    ZionTVBro11 개월 전

    Dolla and a dream II too

  40. Tiana E

    Tiana E년 전

    He brought him back in KOD on the song brackets

  41. Breezy

    Breezy3 년 전

    "to the right...pull over, pull over, pull over, pull over...ima be like 20 minutes top" lmaoooo

  42. Felicia Benoit

    Felicia Benoit3 년 전

    +KevoThaGod LMAOOOOOOO dead ass !!!

  43. 4 Fake

    4 Fake3 년 전

    I would've probably died if I was high in there.

  44. 4 Fake

    4 Fake3 년 전

    This sounds like Peanut Live 215 lol

  45. simone alexander

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  46. MommamiaTV215

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  47. M

    M4 년 전

    I come back to this video once in a couple years, and I cry in laughter every time :D

  48. Hussain Altufaili

    Hussain Altufaili2 년 전

    M welcome back

  49. kokolatte825

    kokolatte8252 년 전

    +Mahi same. Like how do I laugh this hard after seeing it so many times! I wish he would do another lil cole session, for old times sake.

  50. M

    M2 년 전

    back again

  51. Ruwaida Hmz

    Ruwaida Hmz4 년 전

    SHIT MAAN IM DYING. I had to stop video like 5 times to wipe my tears and stop fucking coughing 😂💔

  52. Lindi S

    Lindi S4 년 전

    The part when he says "I'm gonna eat your fuckin kids" just kills me man lmfaoo

  53. Lizcantseewell

    Lizcantseewell4 년 전

    This had me dying 😭😂😂😂

  54. Deiyjuan Christie

    Deiyjuan Christie4 년 전

    I remember dying laughing with my bros about this a few years ago😂. As for today, we're still dying 😂😂😂

  55. ghost _

    ghost _3 년 전

    +Deiyjuan Christie carlton lookin ass...

  56. Brittany Griffin

    Brittany Griffin4 년 전

    😂😂😂😂 I wouldn't have survived in that studio

  57. Chauncy Harris

    Chauncy Harris8 개월 전


  58. MENAK

    MENAK4 년 전

  59. Shaahiyda C

    Shaahiyda C4 년 전

    Ohhhhhmygod I forgot all about this shit!

  60. Ilse Priscilla

    Ilse Priscilla4 년 전

    Man I remember watching this video back in 2010, 5 years later and he got lil COLE on his newest album. CRAAZY man

  61. Nicothagoat

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  62. Floza

    Floza11 개월 전

    @sToP bEiNg A fAgGitt when

  63. sToP bEiNg A fAgGitt

    sToP bEiNg A fAgGitt년 전

    he on KOD too

  64. Cam 816

    Cam 8163 년 전

    i think Lil Cole is his new album title....

  65. nancy reagan

    nancy reagan4 년 전

    +Priscilla Torres dont forget he used it on GOMD too

  66. Paradox

    Paradox4 년 전

    Aaahhh memories. I cried the first time i saw this lmao.

  67. ksif210

    ksif2104 년 전

    Lil Cole is back on fire squad😂😂

  68. Michele Clarke

    Michele Clarke5 년 전


  69. Joel Larios

    Joel Larios5 년 전

    God, I wish we could see a part 3, man!

  70. Austin

    Austin5 년 전

    Why havent I seen this video before? That last bit had me DYING of laughter.

  71. Mitri910

    Mitri9105 년 전

    I don't think I've laughed this hard before

  72. SweetLemonJuice123

    SweetLemonJuice1235 년 전

    I'm buried.

  73. lilatl24

    lilatl245 년 전

    987 6u i7

  74. Vanessa Reynolds

    Vanessa Reynolds5 년 전

    Think about it, some lame rappers actually sing shit like this with some crazy beat and it gets a lot of airplay, loool

  75. Jamal Chahine

    Jamal Chahine5 년 전

    Nigga went from "Lil Cole" to Satan.

  76. Calven SK

    Calven SK2 년 전

    Jamal Chahine lil satan

  77. Vapors

    Vapors5 년 전

    "I'm Gonna Fuckin Eat everybody in this fuckin studio right now, No Homo!"