1. John Mark D.

    John Mark D.36 초 전

    JYP please make them INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!!!

  2. Clémence Jeong-Guk

    Clémence Jeong-Guk38 초 전


  3. 김철호

    김철호2 분 전

    So nice💚💜

  4. Xenon Official

    Xenon Official4 분 전

    so for yall new stans ( basically all of us) here are some facts: Ryujin: *The good one* Lia: *The Awesome one* Yeji: *The Nice one* Yuna: *The Quality one* Chaeryong: *The Amusing one* Hope this helps you

  5. Jenny

    Jenny4 분 전

    Có VN 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 Xem hk nhỡ😊😊

  6. Didik Jung

    Didik Jung5 분 전

    Like and Subscrabe My Chanel i will Sub Back 😉

  7. You You

    You You5 분 전

    Идеально 🌚❤

  8. Skyblock 365

    Skyblock 3657 분 전


  9. 권지은

    권지은8 분 전

    1:10 초에 맨 오른쪽 빨간옷 입으신분 빨간색 긴양말 신고 있는데 1:12 에 안신고 있음 갑자기

  10. 시울

    시울8 분 전

    이게 jyp빨이란건가..ㅎㄷㄷ

  11. Agent Yuki

    Agent Yuki10 분 전

    Wow! Already 11M subs! Congrats Itzy

  12. 뭔-데

    뭔-데10 분 전

    있지 넘좋다😍

  13. lunar

    lunar10 분 전

    Okay but seriously, what a *bop*

  14. W MHWANG

    W MHWANG11 분 전

    I swear i watch everyday . I really like itzy 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️

  15. Asheraf

    Asheraf12 분 전

    *My Prediction : Itzy will win rookie award in Mnet Asian Music Awards, Asia Artist Awards, Melon Music Awarda, Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards and Gaon Chart Awards*

  16. Jaemin Jeno

    Jaemin Jeno12 분 전


  17. Keiko Sine

    Keiko Sine6 분 전

    they can't bcs they have no life

  18. thererainyx

    thererainyx13 분 전

    ITZY DALLA DALLA. BigHit Girl Group GLAM I Like That ❤️

  19. NTS_official

    NTS_official13 분 전

    1:44 is at the same place as bigbang bang bang bang

  20. nina hady

    nina hady14 분 전

    What a catchy song! Congrats to JYP and ITZY. DALLA DALLA is 5 on trending in Malaysia! And i listen to this song in 30 times coz I really love it

  21. Aleeza EXO-L

    Aleeza EXO-L17 분 전

    I love this song❤❤❤❤

  22. Thy Trần

    Thy Trần18 분 전

    #28 in Viet Nam

  23. グリーンエメラルド目指す

    グリーンエメラルド目指す18 분 전

    皆すごい綺麗❗ この歌大好きです😍😆😂

  24. S N F

    S N F18 분 전

    First Suzy, and then Tzuyu now Yuna. Wow most of the jyp girl group maknae are visuals!!

  25. dnaasripkachie. denia.achie

    dnaasripkachie. denia.achie19 분 전

    Trending #1st In My Heart💗

  26. 보라해

    보라해20 분 전

    중독성 개 쩔어❤ 벌써10번은 본듯

  27. BINNY비니

    BINNY비니20 분 전

    솔직히 채령이 파트좀 늘려줬으면...

  28. Veny Yoon

    Veny Yoon21 분 전

    ITZY be like: Dear antis, thanks for the views

  29. Sekai 'D' escapist Law

    Sekai 'D' escapist Law22 분 전

    i saw twice promote and saying congrats for itzy debut on twitter, but people claim to be itzy stans are bad mouthed twice alongside with other idols and their fandom here, well, shall we do campaign and stop viewing and supporting itzy now? don't made fun of us kid, other fandom like ONCE and their idol twice are the first one coming here to give support and view their first day debut MV even help promoting them on media, majority of the support they had now are from other fandom, dun get cocky too early, just say something good and positive words will ya?

  30. carmellala

    carmellala23 분 전

    can someone please make a mashup of 'me too' of meghan trainor and this sooongggg. it's because they have the same beaaaat aaaaa

  31. Multifandom Is Me Gurl

    Multifandom Is Me Gurl23 분 전

    Road to 60 million!

  32. HEY I'M EXO-L so back off

    HEY I'M EXO-L so back off23 분 전

    soooo nice😍

  33. Zyla Jeon

    Zyla Jeon25 분 전

    After 1 week still #21 trending here in the Philippines💜

  34. wantutri46 keyanogi

    wantutri46 keyanogi25 분 전

    Finally 2009 kpop vibe arrived. Hope they keep this kind of song, not the songs nowadays where only background music u can hear and everybody going crazy. Like wtf, what's so fucking good in that song? Hope they continue this! 👉

  35. Wulan Bintang

    Wulan Bintang26 분 전

    "People look at me"

  36. Momo Queen

    Momo Queen27 분 전

    They are all sisters WELL THEY ALL LOOK LIKE SISTERS im preeeeeeeetty sure 2 of em are sisters idk

  37. 박도연 Park Do-Yeon

    박도연 Park Do-Yeon28 분 전

    괴물 신인 등장!!

  38. MyLadyMarijn

    MyLadyMarijn28 분 전

    I like it, but to me, the outfits and set were pretty tacky tbh... like srsly, Panther print? Hot pink suède? Red patent leather?? :/

  39. عاشقة EXO بجنون

    عاشقة EXO بجنون28 분 전

    🍒DDA DDA LA DDALDDA 🍒 🍒people look at me and they tell me🍒 🍒عندما ينظرون الي وحدي يقولون انه لا فائدة مني🍒 🍒وماذا في ذالك؟ لا اكثر البتة أنا آسفة لذالك🍒 🍒ldon't care don't care really don't care because🍒 🍒لا اهتم ما دمت احب🍒 🍒هناك العديد من المباهج في العالم 🍒 🍒يخبرني اخواتي بانه لا يزال طريقي طويل حتى تصبح ناضجة🍒 🍒انا آسفة آسفة لا اريد ان تصبح ناضجة لا!🍒 🍒جميلة فقط ولكني لست جذابة على الاطلاق🍒 🍒اني مختلفة عن الصغار انا مختلفة 🍒 🍒لاتقم بالحكم علي بواسطة معاييرك وحدها 🍒 🍒احب ان تكون نفسي لا احد غيري 🍒 🍒DDA DDA LA DDA DDA🍒 🍒l Love myself🍒

  40. Vera Sousma

    Vera Sousma28 분 전

    3:25 стиль 😂👌🏾

  41. 영민

    영민29 분 전

    She is very beautifull!!

  42. Akai Ringo

    Akai Ringo29 분 전

    Yeji destroyed all of my previous kpop girl crushes in like 5 seconds *underbreath* I love her



    I love myself tho😜...

  44. Shakhawat Dihan

    Shakhawat Dihan30 분 전

    I really hate their don't care don't care because part 😐

  45. Jaemin Jeno

    Jaemin Jeno11 분 전

    terrible grammar

  46. Ade Krisnanto Ofc#

    Ade Krisnanto Ofc#30 분 전

    Next, in this week must reach 100M ? Fighting!🙌 go

  47. Ana G

    Ana G31 분 전

    Thought she's chaeyeon at first😂😂

  48. Neville Chan

    Neville Chan33 분 전

    HELP! This bass line reminds me of an EDM song from around late 2014... I know it's a stretch and basically nothing to go on, but anyone know what I'm talking about? Wracking my brain over this... edit: nvm think I found it... Didnt sound so close after all...

  49. Christian Malate

    Christian Malate36 분 전

    I’m loving the beat already and they got swag! 😍🔥

  50. 益輝 鄔

    益輝 鄔36 분 전


  51. jungshook

    jungshook37 분 전

    this has been on repeat for hours. no joke

  52. Harmony Leads

    Harmony Leads40 분 전

    There is "hindi" in caption 😳 ..Love from India #itzy❤️

  53. Max Ong

    Max Ong40 분 전

    Who else think that ITZY will be the rookie of the year?

  54. Maud_BTS_army _blink Cooky

    Maud_BTS_army _blink Cooky41 분 전

    i don't like

  55. Jaemin Jeno

    Jaemin Jeno11 분 전

    who cares idiot

  56. Hoai Thu

    Hoai Thu41 분 전

    Ahuhu Yuna xinh vch càng ngắm càng thấy xinh :(((

  57. Ballooney

    Ballooney43 분 전

    Wait i remember not liking this song like a week ago wtf now im turnt *DALLA DALLA BITCHES!*

  58. 김채연

    김채연43 분 전

    다 좋은데 노래가 아쉽.....,ㅠㅜ

  59. pineee a

    pineee a43 분 전

    Their visuals and personalities fit the group's concept. Ryujin : the tomboy. Yeji, chaeryoung : look badass Lia: she looks mysterious and cute at the same time. Yuna: in the mv, she is lively, cute and the visual. But when i first saw her in bts's song and in predebut shows , she looks strong and badass.

  60. Jiro Cayabyab

    Jiro Cayabyab44 분 전

    I realy love it!!!

  61. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華45 분 전

    *ITZY"DALLA DALLA"* *_VIEWS Number Makes it up to +5M above_* *52,316,513 PM16 : 53* *_IN TAIWAN NOW 2019/2/18_* *I'm ONCE* 🍭 *_Views:52.3M💜 ->>>>>>>>> 100M_* ❤️ *_Likes:1.38M🎉❤️ ->>>>>>>>> 2.0M_* 💜 *_Keep going_*

  62. Anis Pinky

    Anis Pinky45 분 전


  63. won hari

    won hari45 분 전

    yeji is the best

  64. فــړَنسيـههۂٓ †

    فــړَنسيـههۂٓ †45 분 전

    *I LIKE IT*

  65. เมธาพัฒน์ รังษีธนาวรรักษ์

    เมธาพัฒน์ รังษีธนาวรรักษ์46 분 전

    สุดจัดปลัดบอก เชียร์สุดใจ ของเค้าดีจริง

  66. Dayana Saparalieva

    Dayana Saparalieva47 분 전

    Who remembers Ryu Jin from BTS? (I mean with J-Hop)❤️

  67. Jaemin Jeno

    Jaemin Jeno10 분 전


  68. livin' monster

    livin' monster47 분 전

    Hands up if you see yeji's earing fly xD lmao




  70. Windi Kharisma

    Windi Kharisma47 분 전

    kaya twice

  71. killer of thots

    killer of thots47 분 전

    I feel like they can do so much better



    So Pretty 💜♡♡ I purple them 💜💜

  73. Dayana Saparalieva

    Dayana Saparalieva49 분 전



    KING X-RIDER51 분 전

    1:03 Who is she ?

  75. Wild Flower

    Wild Flower13 분 전


  76. BLΛƆKPIИK Supremacist Reemario Lisa Oppa

    BLΛƆKPIИK Supremacist Reemario Lisa Oppa52 분 전

    So overrated. 😂😂😂😂

  77. Jaemin Jeno

    Jaemin Jeno10 분 전

    another idiot BLINK

  78. 원스 *

    원스 *52 분 전

    안 본 사람은 있어도 한 번 본 사람은 없다...👍🏻

  79. ᄎᆢ코멜론{초콜라 분들 팬}

    ᄎᆢ코멜론{초콜라 분들 팬}52 분 전

    오 한국인

  80. 飛鳥唯は多忙

    飛鳥唯は多忙54 분 전

    The intro is like trndsttr.

  81. 예나

    예나54 분 전

    노래 조음

  82. Ashleen Santos

    Ashleen Santos56 분 전

    This has drugs

  83. Sabdy Tomlinson

    Sabdy Tomlinson57 분 전

    No puedo creer que tengan entre 15 y 18 años se ven demasiado grandes. Son lindas✨

  84. From Bangladesh to Kpop

    From Bangladesh to Kpop59 분 전

    *50m in 1 week!* *Let's reach 100m in 1 Month....fighting iTZY stans!*

  85. 김보람

    김보람59 분 전

    정말 예쁜애들 모았는데 JYP걸그룹치고는 역대급으로 멤버 개성없음. 원더걸스, 미쓰에이, 트와이스 전부 예쁘지만 그냥 있어도 각자의 개성이 딱 느껴지는 그런 그룹인데, 얘네는 뮤비 끝까지봐도 사람보다 옷과 헤어만 튀고 끝. 노래는 "예쁘지만 매력없는 애들과 달라"라고 하지만 예쁘지만 개성없는 그룹.

  86. Bollycock woo

    Bollycock woo8 분 전

    그건 님 생각이고요..딱봐도 각자 개성 있구만요..그리고 애들의 외모가 옷보다 더 튀는구만.뭔..ㅋㅋㅋ

  87. Aditiya gozal

    Aditiya gozal시간 전

    Anjjirrrrr 15 tahunnn, yuna

  88. nt

    nt시간 전

    If you don't like it because there is too many beat changing? Well... how about BohemianRhapsody? People love it~♡

  89. Linda N

    Linda N시간 전

    They’ll take over the biggest girl group, i know it. They actually have talent and dance amazing

  90. Areiz Putu

    Areiz Putu시간 전

    I love this song 💜💜💜

  91. 성이름

    성이름시간 전

    멤버들은 하나같이 노래잘하고 춤잘추고 개성뿜뿜 매력뿜뿜한데 솔직히 노래는 별로...

  92. Ishii Hannah

    Ishii Hannah시간 전

    60M? Guys we can do it.🌹

  93. iheworld134

    iheworld13457 분 전

    Ishii Hannah we can do it this week..10 M per week n we can get them 100 M in march

  94. Awatif ain sofea Zulfikar

    Awatif ain sofea Zulfikar시간 전

    Love it!❤️😍

  95. Syaff Eka

    Syaff Eka시간 전

    Indo sub dongg

  96. Naufal Iqbal

    Naufal Iqbal시간 전

    the hell is this!!!!

  97. [ 버디 ]혠지*

    [ 버디 ]혠지*시간 전

    3:25얼굴 바뀔 때 순간 트와이스 지효인줄..이름이 뭔가요??

  98. proev3

    proev3시간 전

    Ryujin is life

  99. Nab.

    Nab.시간 전

    first debut: trending #1 in Indonesia now trend: #28

  100. mihawk lots of love

    mihawk lots of love시간 전

    I really freakin love this song😍. And I finally found a song that totally fits my description.

  101. Free Yuju's Bangs

    Free Yuju's Bangs시간 전

    52,250,585 ➡️ 7,8 million 🔜60 million

  102. naruto 11

    naruto 11시간 전

    tak sedap

  103. Pinkkan Mhr

    Pinkkan Mhr시간 전

    Buset dah betah amat trending . Gak kebayang blackpink tar berapa hari trending 😂

  104. Kira Kuran

    Kira Kuran시간 전

    Why does this have so many dislikes? Wuuut did these girls do???? According to my memories, they didn't do anything???

  105. TheNine AreMine

    TheNine AreMine시간 전

    Kira Kuran The only thing wrong, is that YG made blackpink. The female Kpop world would be so peaceful without their fandom.

  106. Jatim Cell

    Jatim Cell시간 전


  107. Aazaad

    Aazaad시간 전

    I totally thought I am gonna dislike this as well since I really can't take those "hook is nice everything is just there" music anymore but at least this is not like that totally. It's better than that.

  108. vevo rin

    vevo rin시간 전

    #5 in Malaysia,