It's Time To Move On...


  1. Gaming W/ Gigi

    Gaming W/ Gigi6 시간 전

    I understand when they were talking about a parent I was 11 when my mom died

  2. Allison Arnold

    Allison Arnold6 시간 전

    You know I recently kind of got bored with this channel because I am a very long time viewer and I recognized how they weren’t in it anymore and I just watched this whole video without skipping or stopping it and I’m so excited for the future💕

  3. Bisan Amra

    Bisan Amra6 시간 전

    i cant stop crying

  4. Anna Reitsam

    Anna Reitsam6 시간 전

    Who dislikes this video I mean you should be supportive because they just told the truth about everything and they just want to change somethings ?

  5. chito basco

    chito basco6 시간 전

    I feel sorry and made me sad when i hear every words that comes to both of you guys, if there anything that i can help i think you need to look back and find your happiness and love to do when there's no need to fake the emotions/personality and when the times come that you found your happiness and love to do just grab it don't ever loose that chance. What ever your decision if want to quit of being a youtuber and live a life that you want to be. There's always a people around you would be happy when you achived what you want to be and some would not. Don't forget on your 10 million subscribers, there's a million of people that keeps inspiring in your videos and I'am one of them. God Bless guys 🙏☝

  6. ava rolen

    ava rolen6 시간 전

    when Ethan started to cry I did too :(

  7. Teagan_ S&C

    Teagan_ S&C6 시간 전

    I'm the same as Ethan I can't cry infront of people like no matter what I just can't I have to be alone otherwise it won't come out, and this has really touched me with the dad, I didn't loose my dad fully but I lost the dad I grew up knowing and having. Also everything they just say about how they feel about things in this video I relate to, I'm glad you where able to post this you've both come a long way and love you both, love you all reading this ❤❤xx

  8. Taina Fuentes

    Taina Fuentes6 시간 전

    Love this ❤️ recognize ✨

  9. No one

    No one6 시간 전

    Can someone do a summary I don’t have an hour to watch this

  10. WinterCamryn

    WinterCamryn6 시간 전

    Hearing comments from the twins like "realizing how many people I could've helped" and "sacrifice my own happiness just to cheer up somebody else" Baby BOYS... HELP YOURSELVES. Bless your hearts

  11. XxHawaiiKawaiiXx Gacha

    XxHawaiiKawaiiXx Gacha6 시간 전

    ethan and grayson i didn't know you had a triplet better watch it to see the grayson

  12. Doris Stevenson

    Doris Stevenson6 시간 전

    You two boys do you. Your channel will be fine. We all love you 🥰🤩💗😉💞

  13. Sally Girl

    Sally Girl6 시간 전

    This is my favourite video from you guys ❤️

  14. Tebbie _19

    Tebbie _196 시간 전

    Shane may be 31 but he has so much wisdom for that age.. ❤️❤️

  15. The Doll

    The Doll6 시간 전

    This is the first video I watch from the dolan twins and they seem so truthful and genuine people, this help me so much and I hope they feel better with this change

  16. Miranda Mican

    Miranda Mican6 시간 전

    Me for the first couple minutes *what the hell are they talking about??*

  17. Jade Thomas

    Jade Thomas6 시간 전

    Take a break if you guys need 💞 we are all here for you

  18. Ana G

    Ana G6 시간 전

    Good for you guys!!! Your mental health, growth, and stability is the only thing that matters! The only person highlighted in your obituary is you! So live for YOU!! Not KOreporter😘

  19. fatima khalifa

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  20. steph yo

    steph yo6 시간 전

    I know Shane means super well, but also people shouldn't feel pressured to tell every single soul about their most personal and difficult issues. You can make your problems public if you want to and that can be great, but you don't have to if they're more comfortable talking to each other and their friends and family about it that's okay too.

  21. H.

    H.6 시간 전

    It's not that much big deal you really dramatic. You can film tell us you wanna have some space for your life to live to give much time to figure out who you are. And no one will blame you. You don't have to justified for us. ”this is your life” Take it easy.

  22. Chloe Cowen

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  23. Alyssa Luna Jaime

    Alyssa Luna Jaime6 시간 전


  24. Holly Waight

    Holly Waight6 시간 전

    You guys are amazing, you guys are so right reach out if you need anything ppl never keep it inside❤️

  25. Minikaroli

    Minikaroli6 시간 전

    I have gained a huge respect for you 2 after watching this video. I wish i could talk to you about grief, i lost a parent at the same time as you and have learned soo much since then. You seem so genuine and pure hearted, and me and so many others wants to see you succeed.

  26. Vivien Miniburg

    Vivien Miniburg6 시간 전

    I cried like a baby at the end❤️❤️ I love you guys with all my heart, I can’t explain how much you mean to me❤️ thank you Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan for changing my life. Please take time for yourself and process everything. Once again I love you so, so much goodbye for now❤️😭

  27. AmericanMade

    AmericanMade7 시간 전

    Damn. Yall should've told buddy to fix his hair lol.

  28. Danielle Cisneros

    Danielle Cisneros7 시간 전

    They’re so young what 😂😂😂

  29. Susan Sanborn

    Susan Sanborn7 시간 전

    19:47 omg me with Brooklyn and Bailey lol

  30. Stefanie H

    Stefanie H7 시간 전

    this video was deep, every second of it was worth to watch! im sending you so much love because you deserve this, go take your time and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and this beautiful life, love you guys!

  31. Valerie Sito-Legaspi

    Valerie Sito-Legaspi7 시간 전

    😭😭💖This made me cry so much.💯 Please don't be ashamed for being vulnerable about your feelings💕😖💞🤗💖. There is comfort with the truth which makes it real. Y'all deserve the happiness and the love that you give to others, and I hope that many more opportunities come y'all's way. Honestly, such a wholesome video💯 I love watching this side of y'all because it makes me feel like I'm not alone, so thank you. Thank you.💖 Have a great day/night and I hope better days come your way.🙏💕💯💖

  32. Hannah Paris

    Hannah Paris7 시간 전

    They sound like they have a lot of anxiety. I can relate so hard.

  33. Oí

    7 시간 전

    It's okay take your break post twice a week or three times even

  34. Maile Sierra

    Maile Sierra7 시간 전

    but couldnt they have kept the couch as regular furniture?

  35. Lena Pellot

    Lena Pellot7 시간 전

    Take a break. You two are only 19 you shouldn’t feel like the whole world is depending on you. Take time to get your mental health back in track.

  36. Madeline Kendrick

    Madeline Kendrick7 시간 전

    Imagine disliking this video, couldn’t be me😌. Also y’all better not post tmr 😤

  37. Rose Bennett

    Rose Bennett7 시간 전

    I never watched the Dolan twins for this exact reason because it felt so forced in the videos I’ve seen. If this really happens, I’m going to be so stoked because I really would enjoy the content if it felt real 😫💕

  38. Amber Perdue

    Amber Perdue7 시간 전

    i’m so excited for what the future holds. i can’t wait for this new beginnings your guys’. Tuesday for ever💜✌🏻

  39. Mary Cofield

    Mary Cofield7 시간 전

    I wish I could meet you guys and tell you that you’re doing everything right. you guys are the kinds of people i’d want to surround myself with.

  40. Mary Cofield

    Mary Cofield7 시간 전

    in regards to your dad: you put yourselves in survival mode. you bottled and and compartmentalized. I know what it feels like. listen, you need to take time to go memorialize you’re dad. light a candle and put his picture and his favorite snack next to it. sit there and literally talk to your dad. tell him you miss him and you love him and that you are going to make him proud. he is always with you. he has only transitioned from life to death, but his soul will always thrive in your heart.

  41. Phoenix Hunterz

    Phoenix Hunterz7 시간 전

    Ethan and Grayson: sniffling over their dad 😞 Me: balling my eyes out for a stranger I've never met. 😭 ... 😔

  42. Delaney McEneaney

    Delaney McEneaney7 시간 전

    It’s literally fine. No one expects you to be fake for our enjoyment

  43. Mary Cofield

    Mary Cofield7 시간 전

    forgive yourselves. YOU DID EVERYTHING RIGHT. you aren’t a failure. you are now growing and evolving. look in the mirror and tell the little boy inside both of you that feels trapped that it’s ok for him to cry. it’s ok for him to need his mom. it’s ok to be not ok.

  44. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith7 시간 전

    holy shit i love all these people and my god i’m 19 and i could never do the things that they went through AND STILL upload weekly like you guys are so incredibly strong and it’s amazing to see you guys take a step forward like i’m not even halfway through the video but i just am super happy to see you guys doing this for yourselves and your true fans will stick by your side through everything. you only have one life so you have to be “selfish” and put yourself and your mental first because that’s where the root of your content comes from! if you’re not good the content will reflect that. I LOVE YOU GUYS

  45. Nicole Cammans

    Nicole Cammans7 시간 전

    You have so much support here ♥️ I lost my dad last year and am still healing... Still when I look at his memorial, it doesn't feel real. I wish I could just talk to y'all about it. #IwantToBeShaneTheKOreporterMom 😂

  46. Mary Cofield

    Mary Cofield7 시간 전

    you guys are just learning your inner voice and finding your maturity and that’s something guys in college don’t do these days. you guys have so much to be proud of

  47. ginnyyy

    ginnyyy7 시간 전

    this video makes me so insanely happy

  48. BellaDiaries

    BellaDiaries7 시간 전

    I love how Shane is KOreporter dad and everyone goes to him for advice.

  49. Emma Mapel

    Emma Mapel7 시간 전

    they have been uploading for 5 years every tuesday’s. that’s 260 tuesdays.

  50. Mary Cofield

    Mary Cofield7 시간 전

    holy shit I havent related to something so deeply in my life

  51. That Guard Kid

    That Guard Kid7 시간 전

    can i get a tl:dr

  52. m

    m7 시간 전

    i havent really been able to bring myself to watch this video although its been uploaded 6 days ago. i only have one thing to say. i could live with the twins not posting a single video ever again if it meant that they would be fine physically and mentally. these past few years, theyve made my life so much better and it makes me feel terrible that i didnt notice anything they were going through. i truly hope, from the bottom of my heart, that their mental health will improve. i love them so much forever and always, not just on tuesdays

  53. Mary Cofield

    Mary Cofield7 시간 전

    i’m 20 years old and in the same shoes, i’m finally getting over my problems and I’m really glad that more people are getting help now rather than bottling and waiting until they’re 50-60 years old.

  54. Shelby Lynn

    Shelby Lynn8 시간 전

    Shane: I feel like your audience is younger than you even Me at 22: 😬

  55. Fayezus is Dood

    Fayezus is Dood8 시간 전

    i'm really confused by the 11k dislikes

  56. tgray42289

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  57. tgray42289

    tgray422898 시간 전

    Jefree Starr strikes again

  58. L J

    L J8 시간 전

    Omg there not going to post of Tuesdays anymore

  59. Keya Rawat

    Keya Rawat8 시간 전

    Take a shot every time Ethan says dramatic

  60. Juligrace Wallace

    Juligrace Wallace8 시간 전

    I lost my mom at 16 to cancer. It is really inspiring for me to see you guys showing strength by facing your emotions. The world needed this.

  61. Leah

    Leah8 시간 전

    Wish there wasnt so much editing, its like it keeps jumping...waaay to much