1. freefiree Girl

    freefiree Girl5 일 전

    What are the ods that the ace family has girls and ryan and leslie have a girl now l&S is going to have a girl

  2. Ben Elia Leilua

    Ben Elia Leilua14 일 전

    So we gonna act like no one saw fortnite in the background

  3. The Offical Egg

    The Offical Egg15 일 전

    I swear she looks gorgeous without makeup 👐🏾

  4. Vanessa Coronado

    Vanessa Coronado17 일 전

    Damn how many babies does catherine and austin want . 4 th baby

  5. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전

    She did a good job on your hair

  6. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전


  7. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전

    I love everything about the way you doing his hair and everything is coming on

  8. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전

    That's good that you know that she had a girl that's what's up

  9. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전

    I love the pranks and everything about you guys

  10. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전

    Love u guys

  11. Jennifer Huang

    Jennifer Huang19 일 전

    Whoever is here after shyla and landon announce that Shyla have a babygirl?

  12. Nativempirexo

    Nativempirexo20 일 전

    I thought it was gonna be a boy because she’s carrying so low

  13. Kangshee Yang

    Kangshee Yang26 일 전


  14. Natalia Lopez

    Natalia Lopez27 일 전

    Here after Shyla and Landon’s gender travels

  15. Savannah Gomez

    Savannah Gomez29 일 전

    Landon’s hair actually look really good! I kiss my blonde tips 😏😏

  16. Elizabeth Linafelter

    Elizabeth Linafelter개월 전

    Congratulations on the baby girl

  17. Lillian Gonzalez

    Lillian Gonzalez개월 전

    I thought it was ur baby I was like noo the gender reveal is ruined

  18. Kim Komaridis

    Kim Komaridis개월 전

    awesome job shyla on the color. Ladon you look dope.

  19. Renell Arrindell

    Renell Arrindell개월 전

    I think that Shyla did really good 100%

  20. Juana Moreno

    Juana Moreno개월 전

    is it a girl

  21. mary marcial

    mary marcial개월 전

    When did you say the gender u miss the video god bless you both I look to find out

  22. Nyla Fraser

    Nyla Fraser개월 전

    Y does this look like the ace fam?

  23. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Elizabeth Gonzalez개월 전

    “So what process are you doing right now?” “Idk I didn’t go to cosmetology school” Lmaoo

  24. abril chalas

    abril chalas개월 전

    Who else thought it was their baby’s gender. I almost cried looking at this cause I felt like such a fake a fan.

  25. Monika Świerczyńska

    Monika Świerczyńska개월 전

    In my opinio Landon looks better in this hair than in black

  26. Abby burr

    Abby burr개월 전

    you have to mix the color with a developer🤣❤️😭

  27. Peppa what are u doing In my profile picture?

    Peppa what are u doing In my profile picture?개월 전

    so is it triplets or just one baby?

  28. Anaya Walker

    Anaya Walker개월 전


  29. Makayla jackson's world

    Makayla jackson's world2 개월 전


  30. diya honnur

    diya honnur2 개월 전

    y did u in the title u spoilers

  31. Renee Akle

    Renee Akle2 개월 전

    Wait I’m rlly confused is Catherine pregnant now or was it alaia

  32. Renee Akle

    Renee Akle2 개월 전

    Never mind I thought they just posted it

  33. Yee haw Sis

    Yee haw Sis2 개월 전

    8:36 *is what your here for*

  34. Teresa Cruz Picó

    Teresa Cruz Picó2 개월 전

    Giro oboy?

  35. vanessa valle

    vanessa valle2 개월 전

    I was not thinking of a boy i Was thinking of a girl i think it Should be named daisy that a Awesome name what so you Think i think it pretty ☺😊😀 😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😉😌😌😏

  36. Chandini Gounder

    Chandini Gounder2 개월 전

    Who watching this after they found out Shyla and London r having a baby😘

  37. Nora Vargas

    Nora Vargas개월 전

    Chandini Gounder same and it’s Landon btw

  38. Emma Couchman

    Emma Couchman2 개월 전

    I ligit thought it was for there baby! 2019 anyone???

  39. JoeLissa Ortiz

    JoeLissa Ortiz2 개월 전

    Little did they know they were gonna have a kid L&S

  40. cake icing

    cake icing2 개월 전

    Who still wacthing now that shyla is pregnant ❤ Like ⬇️

  41. Jazmin Alcala

    Jazmin Alcala2 개월 전

    So the ace family is having another baby

  42. Haydee Garcia

    Haydee Garcia2 개월 전

    i miss that curly bush

  43. Maleeha Mumtaz

    Maleeha Mumtaz3 개월 전

    I love your videos happy

  44. Alejandra Suarez

    Alejandra Suarez3 개월 전

    Looks very cute on you so did very good job 👍 think 🤔 you one ☝️ Who have the boy 👦

  45. Lupita Rangel

    Lupita Rangel3 개월 전

    Omg I thought this was the gender reaval of you guys baby i got excited 😆 😞

  46. Blair Potatos

    Blair Potatos14 일 전


  47. marire valley

    marire valley17 일 전

    Lupita Rangel heyyy

  48. Izzy and Millie

    Izzy and Millie18 일 전

    It’s right tho

  49. Saloni More

    Saloni More22 일 전

    But they r also having a baby girl.

  50. Noa Martinez

    Noa Martinez개월 전


  51. Britney’s Life

    Britney’s Life3 개월 전

    Wait Cathey is Pregnant AGAIN..!!!???

  52. The Great 98

    The Great 983 개월 전

    omg i thought this was a new video but i clicked so damn fast i almost cracked my screen 😂😂😂

  53. Nonka Nxumalo

    Nonka Nxumalo3 개월 전

    The Great 98 lmal same here

  54. Morris Starks

    Morris Starks3 개월 전


  55. mia guidi

    mia guidi3 개월 전

    Oh nevermind. I thought it was yours haha 😆

  56. mia guidi

    mia guidi3 개월 전


  57. Boss Lady tiara

    Boss Lady tiara3 개월 전

    Yay it's a girl 😘😘😍😍🤗🤗

  58. Arya Arslan

    Arya Arslan3 개월 전

    Landon are u the big bro of Austin of little bro of Austin

  59. Wannaone Isgreat

    Wannaone Isgreat3 개월 전

    How did he not see his hair at the mirror at 7:23

  60. Raquel Navas

    Raquel Navas4 개월 전

    The McBroom brothers suck

  61. Jewel Miller Gonce

    Jewel Miller Gonce4 개월 전

    Good job shyla

  62. Jewel Miller Gonce

    Jewel Miller Gonce4 개월 전

    I love it

  63. The Lesko Fam

    The Lesko Fam4 개월 전


  64. The Lesko Fam

    The Lesko Fam4 개월 전


  65. Jazmine. serrano and Jennifer serrano Serrano

    Jazmine. serrano and Jennifer serrano Serrano4 개월 전


  66. Zerenidy Huch

    Zerenidy Huch4 개월 전

    Who's watching this when the baby was born 👇🏻

  67. Lilly Baird

    Lilly Baird4 개월 전

    Anyone see the fortnite on the tv in the background

  68. Khadijah Akhtar Leena

    Khadijah Akhtar Leena4 개월 전

    Any body here in 2019