It is the first day of university


  1. Dominic Durant

    Dominic Durant4 시간 전

    I keep getting mental health related ads for this channel loll

  2. adri katzin

    adri katzin4 시간 전

    yew! I'm majoring in physics to and totally relate to people's reactions! goodluck sista

  3. Jose Carlos

    Jose Carlos5 시간 전

    Back to school shmooping? América explica

  4. Falling Beauty

    Falling Beauty5 시간 전

    Mom is turning into grandma

  5. Rattler

    Rattler5 시간 전

    OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE ADORABLE. How did I end up here

  6. *Call Me PB please*

    *Call Me PB please*7 시간 전


  7. Nicole G

    Nicole G7 시간 전

    Dude I legit saw u in the staples and I lowkey looked like a stalker. I'm pretter sure ur mom heard me say, "Holy shit, that's Joana ceddia's mom."

  8. lazyeye x

    lazyeye x8 시간 전

    WOW, did my comment really get booted... I guess you are into sencership.. so sad.

  9. Diana Cruz

    Diana Cruz9 시간 전

    I had a lockdown at school so yuh 💘

  10. gillian stingley

    gillian stingley9 시간 전

    when she said she was glad she wasn’t taking humanities... i didn’t feel that

  11. Andrea Araniva

    Andrea Araniva9 시간 전

    Ok I’ll buy ... the stuff

  12. Smooth

    Smooth10 시간 전

    When I clicked on this video I was hoping for one of those skit videos...but now I'm not even sure what this video is LOL, my first time ever seeing a video like this, just random babbling about whatever.

  13. cry bxby

    cry bxby10 시간 전

    *Joana tapes her tiny microphone to her water bottle* Me:*shows my friends* Them:SHE HAS MY RESPECT (Btw congratulations on going to University Joana)

  14. Ko_Toriii

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  15. sissyunicorn gal24

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    "I lost my sanity in the third grade, so if you find it, please mail it to me," -John Cena

  16. sudhanshu sharma

    sudhanshu sharma12 시간 전

    Try jee exam , I bet you would feel your life is better than mine , try attempting all sections


    NEOTICA13 시간 전

    stunning as always

  18. Ellie Demetriou

    Ellie Demetriou14 시간 전

    This is real art

  19. aras & hazel

    aras & hazel15 시간 전

    Why no one is talking about the Percy Jackson book? BECAUSE LIKE I WAS DYING YES MY GIRL WELCOME TO THE FANDOM

  20. pressed

    pressed15 시간 전

    ”DID YOU BREAK ITS NECK-” **staring intensifies**

  21. Moogs

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  22. Lily Cater

    Lily Cater16 시간 전

    When you were making ur lunch I wasn’t listening anything u were saying and I was contemplating why u were putting packaged grass in a jug

  23. Jalen Brown

    Jalen Brown16 시간 전

    Is the Emma chamberlains nerdy sister?

  24. Amy

    Amy20 시간 전

    Omg I just graduated from your university! I wish I could have seen you around campus

  25. Tom Jett

    Tom Jett20 시간 전

    whats the song in the beginning

  26. Acnili-chili

    Acnili-chili22 시간 전

    Grade 6 is easy, grade 7 was bad

  27. Giglipuff Darumaka

    Giglipuff Darumaka22 시간 전

    My Italian ass is shaking rn for what I had the misfortune to see at the end of the video omg pls DO NOT PUT RICOTTA ON A FUKIN STEAK

  28. kriti G

    kriti G일 전

    7:15 How... do physics without vectors????

  29. Leslys

    Leslys일 전

    ayye we’re both first year students taking calculus! lmao my calculus professor has a very THICCCC chinese/mandarin accent and it’s hard to understand him sometimes but he’s cool

  30. Sieg Nihil

    Sieg Nihil일 전

    Manic Pixie Dream Girl with a side dish of Reddit rhetoric and a considerable IQ boost that fails to negate the insufferable snowflake aura. GWS kek

  31. *meme master87*

    *meme master87*일 전

    Joana If you see this my sweet relish ~ Pin this

  32. V S C O

    V S C O일 전

    can’t believe you’re growing up so fast 😢 mother goose must be so very proud

  33. Saraf Wasima Siddique

    Saraf Wasima Siddique일 전

    Bruh I was watching your video randomly and realized we go to the same university :) is your calculus prof Igor or Emmanuel?

  34. Bianca Marchetti

    Bianca Marchetti일 전

    serena williams? what about our fellow canadian bianca andeesscu🇨🇦

  35. Camron Holdcroft

    Camron Holdcroft일 전

    *When u go to college knowing u make a bunch of money already on KOreporter so you’re just wasting your time*

  36. Timi Agiri

    Timi Agiri일 전

    rip joana for buying physical textbooks

  37. lovesins •

    lovesins •일 전

    sigh, :c

  38. Elijah Johnson

    Elijah Johnson일 전

    In the tennis and calculus demonstration u kinda forgot to wear a bra

  39. Ashley

    Ashley일 전

    How does a person end up enrolled in Calcus and Algebra simultaneously? Algebra is a prerequisite for Calculus on pretty much every campus, and I'm thinking that our heroine can probably waddle through the coursework blindfolded. So weird.

  40. Cass LuLu

    Cass LuLu일 전

    I wonder why her parents are thinking when she films the voiceovers and screams..lmao..they seriously need and award..and tbh i want a daughter like this when im older lol.

  41. I’m Peter

    I’m Peter일 전

    What university you go to?

  42. Kee Glanzmann

    Kee Glanzmann일 전


  43. Firelightdaisy

    Firelightdaisy일 전

    You are like a modern day Rory Gilmore

  44. Martin G

    Martin G일 전

    Why would they make you take algebra and calculus concurrently

  45. Spoiled Milk

    Spoiled Milk일 전

    If Josmoe central was ever a anonymous type of hacker thing aka 11:58 we would know it was her

  46. Macy Mclaren

    Macy Mclaren일 전

    Ok I’m sorry, but Socials/History is AMAZING, Science is FUN, English is OK, and Math is HORRIBLE

  47. Hiba Al-badarneh

    Hiba Al-badarneh일 전

    You're weird I like weird people God i really enjoy ur videos Keep going🌻

  48. CatsAreCool

    CatsAreCool일 전

    I'm good at math and get A's but your coarse load is way too much, I would be so overwhelmed taking those classes all in my first semester.

  49. Toga Himiko

    Toga Himiko일 전

    Joana : all funny throughout summer posting School : *Im gonna ruin this whole womans career*

  50. Erin Rae

    Erin Rae일 전

    where did you get those wonderful boots from 1:46?? i need to get me a pair of those!

  51. Karleigh V

    Karleigh V일 전

    So many cuts between each sentence 😭😭😭

  52. Haylee Moore

    Haylee Moore일 전

    As a third year university student, I cackled during the entirety of this video, especially when you got school supplies and talked about textbooks. (also I’m Canadian too!)

  53. Ruth Uday

    Ruth Uday일 전

    she needs a talk show.

  54. Myken Hassler

    Myken Hassler일 전

    PERCY JACKSON HELL YEAH.. the best book to reread

  55. Roy K

    Roy K일 전

    Doctor: can you tell me about your symptoms Me: I forget everything in a split second I’m suffering from high end memory loss Dementia: am I joke to you?

  56. Hannah C.

    Hannah C.일 전

    She lookin snazzy

  57. Zoincer_ Oo

    Zoincer_ Oo일 전

    Are you planning on doing KOreporter full time as a job

  58. cj

    cj일 전

    The bootleg mac n'cheese at 6:07 legit looks like a carpet my therapist has in her office

  59. Jessi Callahan

    Jessi Callahan일 전

    The Mac and cheese looks nasty but why do I want to try it so bad..

  60. mrbxrns

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