IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer [HD]


  1. the drawer!!!

    the drawer!!!11 시간 전


  2. Danny S

    Danny S12 시간 전

    I love that “hellooooo”

  3. BaJa 369

    BaJa 36913 시간 전

    2:20 black ops zombies

  4. KayBee Wooo

    KayBee Wooo13 시간 전

    Goddd why don't y'all just set his punk goofy ass on fire BBQ his ass😂😂😂

  5. Ancy Midhun

    Ancy Midhun13 시간 전


  6. Shawn Arm

    Shawn Arm13 시간 전

    Who really thinks Louie Anderson should have played adult Ben (Large kid)??!?!

  7. Lotus Greasy

    Lotus Greasy13 시간 전

    2:00 When you say ur going to charge a 4 squad in fortnite then just one guy goes

  8. Lotus Greasy

    Lotus Greasy13 시간 전

    That Forehead tho lol

  9. FocusX

    FocusX14 시간 전

    And it says "Final Trailer"

  10. Rehko Bpm

    Rehko Bpm14 시간 전


  11. RicardoMo

    RicardoMo15 시간 전

    Para pa pa pa “I’m Lovin’ It”.

  12. Alan Aspinall

    Alan Aspinall15 시간 전

    It is back!, you remember It, the monster from outside our realality. You mean It, The monster that got its arse handed to it by a bunch of 12 year olds!, errrr, Yes, that It lol

  13. Marcos Vinícius Barbosa Costa Lima

    Marcos Vinícius Barbosa Costa Lima16 시간 전

    Esse filme vai ser do caralho!

  14. AwsosomeToysTv 202011

    AwsosomeToysTv 20201116 시간 전

    I’m pennywise after I eat fast food

  15. IIPixel

    IIPixel16 시간 전

    Aweee Pennywise missed then. ;(

  16. cleopatrasleeps

    cleopatrasleeps16 시간 전

    They did an amazing job choosing the adults based off the kids!!! It's almost creepy.

  17. all about addison

    all about addison17 시간 전

    good God James McAvoy is such a glow up

  18. Ian Botello

    Ian Botello17 시간 전

    I'm pretty excited to see you it chapter 2 and this movie is coming out on my birthday when it comes out on September 6



    I didn’t really look at the cast before I saw the first chapter but now I know how sexy Bill Skarsgård is in real life and it’s seriously going to distract me when I see chapter 2

  20. Jaideep Grewal

    Jaideep Grewal19 시간 전

    i want to find the song at the end

  21. Redpenguin 555

    Redpenguin 55519 시간 전

    Can't wait for more clowns on the street

  22. JJThe G

    JJThe G18 시간 전

    Redpenguin 555 lmao u remember dat? Shit was crazy😭

  23. ImogenLC Clark

    ImogenLC Clark19 시간 전

    What about Stan????

  24. Griselda Silva

    Griselda Silva19 시간 전

    Me when I go crazy

  25. AbridgedGohan

    AbridgedGohan19 시간 전

    Its Georgie's Fault he didn't ask bill for another boat. So that means he was stupid enough to ask pennywise to ask for his boat back and now he blames it on bill Now Hes saying he lied and I died. BROTHER BETRAYAL.

  26. Dede Dare

    Dede Dare19 시간 전

    If any of them die in chapter two, especially Richie, I will cry until my tears reach the amount of grey water there is in the sewers in Derry

  27. Aldi Bachtiar

    Aldi Bachtiar20 시간 전

    The musical sounds like Billie Eilish - Bury a Friend.

  28. Travis schmid

    Travis schmid20 시간 전

    You’ll float to 👌

  29. Yx Luna097

    Yx Luna09720 시간 전

    The kids age but penny wise never... Later in 4019... Pennywise: Why am I still here?

  30. Suak YT

    Suak YT20 시간 전

    Penny wise: for 27 years... Me: FOR 27 YEARS MOTHERTRUCKERZ Pennywise: I dreamt of you.. Me: HE DREAMT OF YOU MOTHERTRUCKERZ Edit: Pennywise: I craved you... Me: HE CRAVED YOU MOTHERTRUCKERZ Pennywise: I missed you! Me: HE MISSED YOU MOTHERTRUCKERZ

  31. Ronell Toliver

    Ronell Toliver21 시간 전

    Virgo season is almost here the count down is on

  32. Arturo Garcia

    Arturo Garcia21 시간 전

    It is not real Hey it hold my beer

  33. paco cipriano

    paco cipriano21 시간 전

    When the man (Pennywise ) said “For 27 years..” it means years since the kids / grownups saw Pennywise. 27 years ago, the original IT was made in 1990. Your welcome for the explanation.

  34. eclipse mochi

    eclipse mochi22 시간 전

    Holy crap, they really outdid themselves with this.

  35. Austin Fahrenbrook

    Austin Fahrenbrook22 시간 전

    can you imagine if Chris Pratt, Andy Samberg and Brice Dales Howard played older versions of Ben, Richie and Beverly

  36. Axolotl Hamilton

    Axolotl Hamilton22 시간 전

    Older Richie isn’t played by Dan Avidan,0/10

  37. Emily Jarrell

    Emily Jarrell23 시간 전

    Where’s Stanley

  38. Ewan Whitford

    Ewan Whitford23 시간 전

    Whatever floats ya boat

  39. Allu the gamer 4015

    Allu the gamer 401523 시간 전

    I can't wait this movie :DDD

  40. Angel starr Vlogs

    Angel starr Vlogs23 시간 전

    Sss-swear ...i love bill he looked cute as a 13 or 14 year old or however old he was in chapter 1

  41. Movie Diverting

    Movie Diverting일 전

    เป็นหนังเรื่องแรกและเรื่องเดียวที่ไปดูในโรง3รอบ พากย์ไทย2รอบ ซับไทย1รอบ คิดถึงริชชี่ แฟนพันธ์แท้จ้า Is the first movie and the only story that I watched at the cinema for 3 rounds. Thai dub 2 and soundtrack 1 💗I'm a fan of this movie💗

  42. Jecykaaxo

    Jecykaaxo일 전

    Remember when we l thought this was a fake trailer



    1:20 When Pennywise sees a female Pennywise.

  44. Laughtill YouCry277

    Laughtill YouCry277일 전

    Never seen a better casting

  45. Mariah Lawton

    Mariah Lawton일 전

    so excited!!!!!!

  46. The Undaunted

    The Undaunted일 전

    Bon Bons & Jessica Chastain

  47. Miol Project

    Miol Project일 전

    the remake is overall good especially when it comes to it's CGI and other effects but, it would really be awesome if they cast Tim curry again for Pennywise

  48. Mike Seguin

    Mike Seguin일 전

    The blood. I did like

  49. Upen Handekar

    Upen Handekar일 전


  50. Sebastian Birch

    Sebastian Birch일 전

    1:15 who invited wenny the poo

  51. Jacob Dib

    Jacob Dib일 전

    Pennywise is soooooo adorable isn't he😂

  52. Melvin Shelton

    Melvin Shelton일 전

    This movie looks pretty gay. Deuces

  53. Boogey Woogey

    Boogey Woogey일 전

    Can you imagine how many adults would have shat a brick if the new remake replaced the old movie?

  54. M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews일 전

    You lied... And I died *YOU LIED.... AND I DIED*

  55. Despacito Cheeto

    Despacito Cheeto일 전

    I love that James mcavoy is in this. He’s my favorite actor ever

  56. Mhai Lugos

    Mhai Lugos일 전

    Pennywise trailer : scary af People : *M E M E S* Pennywise : well sheet

  57. PewSpy Fox

    PewSpy Fox일 전

    just because of 1:19 it should be called pennywise is bored so he’s just fucking with people

  58. Laurel Rasnick

    Laurel Rasnick일 전

    i can't to see this movie it's going be awesome

  59. Natalie G

    Natalie G일 전

    Leave those people alone pennywise... they grew up, their already dead.

  60. Pain

    Pain일 전

    Awww shit here we go again

  61. SlippinDeepArmy

    SlippinDeepArmy일 전

    This isn't James charles

  62. SlippinDeepArmy

    SlippinDeepArmy일 전

    This isn't the McDonald's I grew up to!

  63. SlippinDeepArmy

    SlippinDeepArmy일 전

    McDonald's trying out a new way to bring customer's in!

  64. SlippinDeepArmy

    SlippinDeepArmy일 전

    This is not the McDonald's burger commercial!

  65. SlippinDeepArmy

    SlippinDeepArmy일 전

    McDonald's have a new mascot.

  66. SlippinDeepArmy

    SlippinDeepArmy일 전

    Where's my happy meal's I am loving "IT"

  67. Evan Playz

    Evan Playz일 전

    Wow McDonalds needs to stop the scary commercials that makes us eat their food

  68. Excited Doggo

    Excited Doggo일 전

    Im guessing Pennywise said how at the end

  69. Burst211 Anims

    Burst211 Anims일 전




    What did they put in my McDouble

  71. DarkScarecrow

    DarkScarecrow일 전

    Love his yellow eyes .

  72. SpaceWolf

    SpaceWolf일 전

    2:17 OMG I died lol🤣🤣🤣 That noise tho

  73. Jessica C.

    Jessica C.일 전

    Welp now we know not to lie! #poorGeorgie

  74. cia092

    cia092일 전

    Guess the Jewish kid doesn't make it

  75. Linda Simpkins

    Linda Simpkins일 전

    Omg yes

  76. Evan M

    Evan M일 전

    Probably the most intense trailer I’ve ever seen.

  77. RacoonGaming4You

    RacoonGaming4You일 전


  78. Crypttion

    Crypttion일 전

    Awesome! Can't wait! 👍

  79. Mahki PlayzYT

    Mahki PlayzYT일 전

    YOU LIED AND I DIED! Me:imma just 😅 -adds dbz super Saiyan arua- there XD

  80. Keyly cruz

    Keyly cruz일 전

    people who are scared of pennywise:🤡

  81. Jazmin Ferrer

    Jazmin Ferrer일 전

    I wish I watch it