Istanbul Fake Bazaar Spree!


  1. Ties Booij

    Ties Booij년 전

    “You want wallet?” “No” “Okay, nice wallet i show you”

  2. The Reis Siblings

    The Reis Siblings25 일 전

    A ha ha ha

  3. love one

    love one2 개월 전


  4. LT Onyx

    LT Onyx2 개월 전

    Ophiax lmfao

  5. winehousted90

    winehousted902 개월 전

    Ties Booij LMFAOOO


    BIRDY ASMR7 분 전

    the julerry is in turkey real ok and how can u know that its fake it is real ok

  7. MiraculousDream

    MiraculousDream5 시간 전

    i have been to turkey 4 times and i can speak turkish normally those tshirts are 15 liras .-.

  8. Ömer ÖZDURAK

    Ömer ÖZDURAK일 전

    Adam esnaf olarak doğmuş / He born as a trader :)

  9. Elian Perrin

    Elian Perrin일 전

    Cok guzel

  10. BOKO

    BOKO2 일 전

    What do you do with the stuff you buy from these fake bazars?

  11. Gamer Palace

    Gamer Palace2 일 전

    He in Asia 50usd for a pair of fake balenciagas ok well why not. And then fakes in Europe be like :

  12. vikash nyt

    vikash nyt2 일 전

    If it was me I'd break his teeth

  13. vikash nyt

    vikash nyt2 일 전

    This guy should get kicked out

  14. Kaci Musial

    Kaci Musial3 일 전

    Real life aliexpress

  15. Jawad Arif

    Jawad Arif3 일 전

    The quailty of these fake are way better then the original. I still have shirt from 4 year and hardly sign of wear

  16. Kadircan Aydın

    Kadircan Aydın3 일 전

    Bulmuşlar yabancıyı iyi sikmişler

  17. Win Tutorials

    Win Tutorials4 일 전

    I’ve been there! The same place as the intro!!!! This is so cool. I live in the Netherlands and I go every 3/4 years to Istanbul with my family! I also went to the great bazaar, I still have candy and tea from there!

  18. ThePomPals

    ThePomPals4 일 전

    going there soon 👍👍👍👍🥳

  19. Madame Sagesse

    Madame Sagesse5 일 전

    Nice video thank you so much. When they know you are a touriste, they push the prices too high, I liked the way you burgained..

  20. Nicole Doney

    Nicole Doney5 일 전

    I can take my time shit

  21. adamuce

    adamuce8 일 전

    Thanks for the video. Were the belts long lasting?

  22. Saliou Faye

    Saliou Faye10 일 전


  23. MR. YSL

    MR. YSL10 일 전

    I wonder if they have shops like this in Venice Italy or Greece

  24. Snoopy Bollox

    Snoopy Bollox11 일 전

    I love Turkish need to go to the watch shops they're crazy gud and cheap as chips bro...

  25. Arthur NL

    Arthur NL12 일 전

    im there rihgt now

  26. Basso Rango

    Basso Rango13 일 전

    Hello, im visiting turkey this summer. Will i find any big sizes ? 2-3 xl or jeans 42 number? Any local can tell me? Thanks

  27. Arkado Productions

    Arkado Productions13 일 전

    Colin how much for the tshirt Seller its 1 dollar Colin the best i can do is 10 cent Seller ok 11 cent Colin walks away

  28. Dzimiec

    Dzimiec13 일 전

    Ja pierdolę o 5 dolarów się kłuci,jebnął bym mu i pogonił hamburgera zasranego.

  29. fahad Yaldo

    fahad Yaldo14 일 전

    That face tho in 11:21 lol

  30. stoiculescu gaby [holione]

    stoiculescu gaby [holione]15 일 전

    The bazar it s very cool 🤒🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Birand A. Hashem

    Birand A. Hashem15 일 전

    Love the music!

  32. TSBeezie YT

    TSBeezie YT16 일 전

    15:10 www.ufukbaby huh?? Lol

  33. Simon PH

    Simon PH16 일 전

    My mr crab kyrie low 2 was onky 13 dollars

  34. Konnie Pan

    Konnie Pan18 일 전

    You are just asking too low their prices are very cheap for you and you want cheaper. You are such a cheapskate

  35. Barış Başar

    Barış Başar20 일 전

    they said lie to u normaly wallets are 30 liras at most

  36. ryu hadooken

    ryu hadooken20 일 전

    one thing i learned from collin 1st. he says one price than keeps going up why you gonna say 4 dollars and keep going on i would of just stick to what i say and not go up he pretty much gets punked by the seller but its all for clout i get it

  37. Hajar Bella

    Hajar Bella20 일 전

    Why don't you do that in ur country with the stores there? Simply u will get arrested for Insulting an employee while carrying out his work. And btw i bought the same fake shoes last year in LA with 29 USD. GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY AND PLAY A HERO THERE NOT IN TURKEY.

  38. Alec Alec

    Alec Alec21 일 전

    Marocco ist cheapper

  39. legend mincraft player mario

    legend mincraft player mario21 일 전

    Collin stop bargaining some people need money for there Famuly #imnotahater

  40. asequamor

    asequamor22 일 전

    America is not a country. Then you will ask yourself why "americans" are seen as totally idiots.

  41. roberto michieli

    roberto michieli22 일 전

    you are number one

  42. Frederik N

    Frederik N22 일 전

    "The Turkish are such nice people!" First seller being an absolute prick xD + The Turkish are redoing an old law so that raping 12-14 year old girls is legal as long as you marry them afterwards. Dont support this sick country of foolish fanatics

  43. chris litlavadog

    chris litlavadog23 일 전

    Have u got carona virus yet

  44. Youtube Algorithm

    Youtube Algorithm23 일 전

    These ppl r so fucking annyoing

  45. cream 76

    cream 7623 일 전

    Fuck fake stuff

  46. Efe Acar İznik

    Efe Acar İznik24 일 전

    I live in turkey and even with the bargain it is to expensive for turkey standarts

  47. Yerel Gezgin

    Yerel Gezgin24 일 전

    OMG ya 😅 07:04

  48. demir gökçen

    demir gökçen25 일 전

    Bro Turkey is so expensive like mclearn iş 19000000 mn lira

  49. Not My Problem Brah

    Not My Problem Brah25 일 전

    Man yea America nobody bargains at all. All we do is go to the store and pay full price smh. Only places to bargain is like flea markets

  50. OmerPlayz

    OmerPlayz29 일 전

    I'm turkish but I've never went to Turkey

  51. Living Alpujarras

    Living Alpujarras29 일 전

    Wil there be a Harold Baldr crossover?

  52. loucoo21 7

    loucoo21 729 일 전

    Can you covert it into £ for uk viewers aswell please

  53. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez개월 전

    You never, ever!......ask for the item that you want first, second or 3er!... after you ask for other items and bargain to get the price down then and only then ask for the item that you really want and bargain for this one again.

  54. SikeYouTought•-•

    SikeYouTought•-•개월 전

    Very nice

  55. E. Arslan

    E. Arslan개월 전

    should i be ashamed? i m turkish btw

  56. N A U F A L J

    N A U F A L J개월 전

    Go to malaysia the people there love to bargain!!!

  57. Johannes

    Johannes개월 전


  58. Mehmet Korhan

    Mehmet Korhan개월 전

    Bro... He ripped you a new asshole on the belts. Those cost him about 10 lira to make. I can’t get it for you for 30 lira each 😁

  59. qygt777

    qygt777개월 전

    5:10min 350 Lira and in Kadirköy for 50 Lira, this Guy is a Bastard

  60. Mehdi Hsein

    Mehdi Hsein개월 전

    Comme in moroco

  61. The Beaver

    The Beaver개월 전

    I love how people call these "fake" or "replicas" when in fact they're actually made in this country. All big brand companies do is to put like an "authenticity" sticker or something on it. Don't know about the shoes but belts, shirts, etc seem to have decent quality. From your videos the shoes like to be of fine quality as well.

  62. Muhammed Turan

    Muhammed Turan개월 전

    Adamlar yine sikmis amerikan kardasimizi hahhahahh

  63. TelevisionEnthusiast

    TelevisionEnthusiast개월 전

    This dude is funny 7:06 they keep exchanging replies haha

  64. Goodman Badman

    Goodman Badman개월 전

    Price of belts are normally 15 tl a piece rippppp