Istanbul Fake Bazaar Spree!


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  2. Fahad Alhamammi

    Fahad Alhamammi28 일 전

    فيديوهاتك جميله بليز ترجمه

  3. Nikea

    Nikea개월 전

    I’m heading there in the morning for handbags. I have Lira, Cash, and Card. Lol I think Lira is better the haggle with right? Or is USD?

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  5. Cameron Conner

    Cameron Conner개월 전

    bring in the street foods to my friend the different cultures and countries the old history parts to look at great content keep up the work great videos

  6. Dhaval Brahmbhatt

    Dhaval Brahmbhatt56 분 전

    I m Indian Pls help for dil on turkey cloth market...

  7. ion vasile

    ion vasile6 시간 전

    Hi Collin ...where is the quality better ? China or Turkey ?

  8. Frenzy Boi

    Frenzy Boi11 시간 전

    12:15 dont buy the fake ones the material is cheap, they showed one of them to us in China the lady opened the bag and the material ripped it was shit and we didnt buy it cuz it wasnt worth it

  9. Charlie R

    Charlie R일 전

    Do stone island and cp company in Istanbul

  10. Luca Uk

    Luca Uk일 전

    14:29 hes the next lil tecca

  11. Riki Matisz

    Riki Matisz일 전

    Someone knows a online shop like these ( like designer shirts for 10 and like that)??

  12. Mert the games

    Mert the games일 전

    Fake life style turkey

  13. Jullian Placencia

    Jullian Placencia2 일 전

    They love them calculators lmao

  14. Christian Kovacs

    Christian Kovacs3 일 전

    Pleas to buy a supreme lv Hoodie vor me!? I give you 100€ with sending! I search for this Hoodie a long time but i can not be foand it! I love this Hoodie extreme!🥰

  15. FB333

    FB3333 일 전

    They hate americans next time better say Kanada Or somesthing like that

  16. Hüseyin the German Turk

    Hüseyin the German Turk3 일 전

    Evet Türkiye very nice

  17. naya nazimabad pro channel

    naya nazimabad pro channel4 일 전

    So polite and nice behavior of Turkish people

  18. Großkopf Larry

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  19. Goblin Bobin

    Goblin Bobin6 일 전

    I got black i got white what you want

  20. Der Wandervogel

    Der Wandervogel6 일 전

    Great Job Man !!! ı'm born'n rase in germany but i'm turkish. i work since 1996 in all over turkey . now İ'm working for a swıtzerland company in Jewelery Design in e-commerce and every month in İstanbul. it's agreat city sparkling like diamond . but so crowded. once in in 99-02 spend here 3 Years it was horrible.. but as'n turist it^s real fun. boat tours, grandbazar, all the different parts in the old city , good clubs [first research] cool DJ's Baars in beyoglu there' no city like İstanbul 25.000.000 people maaan ;-- ] it's real fun see ya , peace out


    EAZY PEAZY8 일 전

    I got black I got white watchu want

  22. GoonerKIRK

    GoonerKIRK8 일 전

    The 3rd seller or so in the video knows Arabs are taking over America. That's why he said America is Arabic .. after you answered your from America

  23. Roo Schlam

    Roo Schlam8 일 전

    1:30 omg i look like mon mona Lisa right now

  24. Randeep Sidhu

    Randeep Sidhu9 일 전

    I got black I got white what u want

  25. Eren can Donekli

    Eren can Donekli9 일 전

    Yo btw I am actually from turkey

  26. Olivia Wilson

    Olivia Wilson10 일 전

    I can recommend website. I myself buy replicas from them. They have a large selection of bags, clothes, belts and much more. If I need a certain thing, I write them in IG karttellnew and they find a replica for me. I like that you can pay for purchases through Pay Pal.

  27. Devinda Karunathilaka

    Devinda Karunathilaka10 일 전

    This fucking muslima are bitches dont go to them

  28. Devinda Karunathilaka

    Devinda Karunathilaka10 일 전

    Dont go for cheap places you are stupid 😂

  29. Collin Abroadcast

    Collin Abroadcast10 일 전

    I'm stupid because I'm making money off of your view?

  30. Artis Bunkis

    Artis Bunkis11 일 전

    Does anyone of them ever say anything else than "for you good price"? Like they telling someone "bad price for you"

  31. Mema's Vlog

    Mema's Vlog2 일 전

    Omg hhhahahahah

  32. Hamda Almazrouei

    Hamda Almazrouei11 일 전

    Dont tell them ur from america because thier boss or whoever tells them ppl from ameirca, dubai or anywhere that has money they would scam and do double the money

  33. 1-800-000 -LOVE U

    1-800-000 -LOVE U12 일 전

    9:53 he's learning ladies and gents 😂 as a Turk, i can say bluffing is the best technique out there if you're trying to buy something in Turkey they really fall for it every time lmao (especially if you're a tourist because they don't want to lose a tourist customer)

  34. Pidgey Stardust

    Pidgey Stardust12 일 전

    I just realised that no matter what he has to make the price cheaper even if it’s already cheap

  35. Samkk Kk

    Samkk Kk13 일 전

    I don’t understand you get better deal than I do😳I’m fluent in Turkish 😂😂😂

  36. ibrahim jobran

    ibrahim jobran13 일 전

    Good job on not getting scammed

  37. Filthy Frankk

    Filthy Frankk14 일 전

    As a Turkish that was embarrassing the guy with wallet esspecially if you come here again make a Turkish friend And other guys find a friend here and then go wherever you want nobody can try to fuck you like that 100 for a fucking brand off wallet ahhaahha that was really bad

  38. My Name Is In Use

    My Name Is In Use14 일 전

    5:09 I'll take him for 100. 🤣🤣🤣 Cuteee

  39. edgarsoccer6

    edgarsoccer614 일 전

    He is such a deap ass already trying to one up On people !!!

  40. SAS Productions

    SAS Productions14 일 전

    that was funny that guy saying hes lying as u was talking to the camera walking past him lol. good sense of humour that guy had. i would like to go instabul and try kabab meat

  41. Manyak Genç

    Manyak Genç15 일 전

    Adamı kaziklamislar aq 😂

  42. Wantonn

    Wantonn16 일 전

    Collin: what colors you got Seller: I got black I got white wachu want

  43. ML C

    ML C17 일 전

    what is the loacation? 18:00

  44. Qwerz TV

    Qwerz TV18 일 전

    Kac Turk Isliyor Bu Videoyu 🔥 +1 Belli Edelim

  45. AcRo Clapzy

    AcRo Clapzy18 일 전

    14:30 RANSOM by random dude

  46. Kazim Temiz

    Kazim Temiz19 일 전

    The 2 belts are 30lira bro

  47. Deli

    Deli19 일 전

    Why is it that prices in China are more expensive for the same product?

  48. Danny Pronk

    Danny Pronk19 일 전

    Show us your wardrobe

  49. Nicholas Aguilar

    Nicholas Aguilar19 일 전

    Seller : for you my friend free Collin:thats to much how about you give me 10 dollars and the shirt Seller: shit this guys good

  50. Danny Pronk

    Danny Pronk19 일 전

    I hate shopping in turkey they dont respect you

  51. Danny Feuermann

    Danny Feuermann19 일 전

    dude it's a shirt why bargain?

  52. Josh Budak

    Josh Budak20 일 전

    My home toen

  53. Swayam Tech

    Swayam Tech21 일 전

    What's the song at 15.10

  54. Sessiz Dj

    Sessiz Dj21 일 전

    To see best places in istanbul from drone shooting visit my channel;

  55. Buffed Aza

    Buffed Aza21 일 전

    What's the name of this bazaar?

  56. Corrupted gamer

    Corrupted gamer21 일 전

    There offers were good but you had to mess them about

  57. Gabs

    Gabs20 일 전

    Corrupted gamer their

  58. Corrupted gamer

    Corrupted gamer21 일 전

    You are so poor

  59. jimmz

    jimmz22 일 전

    This guy has the biggest collection of fake stuff

  60. PaulMagnet

    PaulMagnet22 일 전

    You get what you pay 🤷‍♂️ poor Quality

  61. Chris epic

    Chris epic22 일 전

    Do it in Plaka Athens Greece, its mostly clothing & shoes there but you can get tons of cool stuff for cheap

  62. Myen

    Myen22 일 전

    Arabi means arabs

  63. Z K

    Z K22 일 전

    Turkey is cheaper than china, Malaysia, Indonesia and dubai

  64. Zevs Odin

    Zevs Odin22 일 전

    sounds like ransom lyrics lol 14:29

  65. WatchMeGlowUp

    WatchMeGlowUp23 일 전

    So they prefer euros

  66. yung kairox

    yung kairox23 일 전

    Guys im from turkey and i just felt myself guilty cuz this mf sellers tryna sell him for like expensive costs but when a turkish goes there we can buy something for like 20 liras=5 bucks so our sellers are becomes scammers when they see a foreigner buyer you should take yourself a good friend in turkey to buy things for cheaper

  67. Rafi Seferian

    Rafi Seferian23 일 전

    Girls want you with them when they shop 😂