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  1. Frieda

    Frieda일 전

    The last trick with Dex was a bit easy to see through. She actually took it from behind him. Check her hands when she throws the feathers. Its not the paper pieces anymore. But still, amazing performances overall.

  2. Roxanne Koen

    Roxanne Koen5 일 전


  3. Sarah Hayes

    Sarah Hayes8 일 전

    ¿Es ella secretamente de Hogwarts? oof

  4. Mike vuk

    Mike vuk9 일 전

    This is nothing. Best magic was done by my father. When I was 7 he went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes, and he disappeared completely till this day. Don't know how he did it.

  5. Brennen Oliver

    Brennen Oliver9 일 전

    They say that Collins key was the youngest magician?

  6. Thalia Itani

    Thalia Itani10 일 전

    I have the same daivid Williams book

  7. Laena Everwood

    Laena Everwood12 일 전

    Isnt this the same trick as the champions?

  8. Dayne Niel Gabriel CF

    Dayne Niel Gabriel CF14 일 전

    The same?

  9. Dayne Niel Gabriel CF

    Dayne Niel Gabriel CF10 일 전

    +Taylor Dawn But why??!

  10. Taylor Dawn

    Taylor Dawn10 일 전


  11. Alpstar85

    Alpstar8516 일 전

    She just performed the same trick on America’s got talent with Simon. Lol he acting all shocked 😆.

  12. Jamie Farr

    Jamie Farr17 일 전

    If I were a judge I would have done my Golden Buzzer on Issy she is one the best magicians on Britain’s got Talent

  13. Naomi

    Naomi17 일 전

    3:50-3:52 I'm begging someone to make this into a meme !

  14. purple unicorn

    purple unicorn17 일 전

    Loved it...till when she went to her brother she grabbed more paper ( 10:23 )

  15. Stephanie West

    Stephanie West일 전

    Yep behind his chair and you could see the snow or paper whatever it was supposed to be being shot up into the air. But she was too cute and still really talented for her age

  16. Natalia Jones

    Natalia Jones20 일 전

    She is the best magician I've ever seen 😲😀

  17. EL Archx

    EL Archx22 일 전

    she is cute and amazing!

  18. Ella Mikula

    Ella Mikula22 일 전

    Wow. Omg.

  19. Xx_Daily Cookie

    Xx_Daily Cookie23 일 전

    Omg I’m freakin out when Simon was thinking of 7 of diamonds I was thinking of that too !!!!!

  20. Leonardo Hernandez

    Leonardo Hernandez25 일 전

    But can she make a sammich tho

  21. jim jim

    jim jim25 일 전

    That feeling when an 8 year old is better than you

  22. wowvetcoolx

    wowvetcoolx26 일 전

    Am I allowed to say that I didn’t like Tokio Meyers? I didn’t like his attitude from the start and I found Issy much more entertaining

  23. Steven Brenner

    Steven Brenner27 일 전

    so wonderfull Issy so magic

  24. Udayveer

    Udayveer27 일 전

    Song at 3.39 . Anyone telk me

  25. Yasir Mahi

    Yasir Mahi19 일 전

    Black Magic by Little Mix

  26. Troller Boy

    Troller Boy27 일 전

    when she says watch i say me whip

  27. Bogan

    Bogan29 일 전

    this has to be staged.

  28. Lahiru Nuwan

    Lahiru Nuwan개월 전

    I can't imagine. Why people dislike this video?

  29. Wolfgang Trixl

    Wolfgang Trixl개월 전

    She wouldn‘t have come to the finals if she was a grown up

  30. andy c

    andy c개월 전

    Issy look so so much like luna lovegood feom harry potter

  31. Lele360

    Lele360개월 전

    No entendí nada pero igual me sorprendió

  32. Rhea Edwin

    Rhea Edwin개월 전

    I think all the cards were four of diamonds

  33. Kawaii Gaming

    Kawaii Gaming개월 전

    9:40 you can see two cards stuck together but still quite impressive

  34. ara xhiku

    ara xhiku개월 전

    if i went to got talent i would just put a bed there and show up in my pajamas

  35. elcispe boltz

    elcispe boltz개월 전

    Jesus is that u

  36. Sharifi Abdurrahin

    Sharifi Abdurrahin개월 전


  37. Jungkookie Texting Stories

    Jungkookie Texting Stories개월 전

    Janitor:OH MY GOSH MY JOB

  38. Cookie Biscuits

    Cookie Biscuits개월 전

    When Simon thought of a card, I thought 7 Of Diamonds because I like that card. Then he said that. And I was like, “OH MY GOD!”

  39. Lillian Gray

    Lillian Gray개월 전

    I am SHOCKED

  40. hord stream

    hord stream개월 전

    Wow i knew it magic is real if it not why is there a word call magic

  41. gg gg

    gg gg개월 전

    rubbish, propped by elders.

  42. Debra de Roos

    Debra de Roos개월 전

    Just read some comments about Issy and how she does some of her tricks, like using an electronic device that someone else is operating from a distance and writing the word on the chalkboard that supposedly she predicted before the word was given. Kyle Tomlinson was my favorite. No magic tricks, just his own hard work. No devices used to enhance his performances.

  43. iMxtuidi14

    iMxtuidi14개월 전

    DISCLAIMER: This comment contains a reveal to a magic trick of one of the 3 auditions, Press read more to continue.. The first audition when simon picked a card, she guessed it at the end. How? Well, all the cards had the same number and shape. Which is the 4 of diamonds

  44. Brooke Chadburn

    Brooke Chadburn개월 전

    Where’s my Slytherin squad at? #slytherin

  45. CraftySmarty

    CraftySmarty개월 전


  46. Dead Shot

    Dead Shot개월 전

    In the last one she was holding two cards to it could say simon

  47. Win Min Htwe

    Win Min Htwe개월 전

    Time travel gg

  48. Reda Bash

    Reda Bash개월 전

    What sorcery is this

  49. Priyanga Ravi

    Priyanga Ravi개월 전

    Omg I read simons mind when the little girl say pick a card

  50. Kath Pada

    Kath Pada개월 전

    She is so cute when she was smiling and her voice is so cute

  51. 失恋 mi sun

    失恋 mi sun개월 전

    didn’t she like turn 8 at the age of 40?

  52. Sabreen Abdulla

    Sabreen Abdulla개월 전

    She is the cutest little magician EVER!!! LIKE IF U AGREE!

  53. King Breezy Gaming

    King Breezy Gaming2 개월 전

    Wtf, i cant even look simon cowell in the eye! Damn.

  54. ÎśłåPøtåtøPłåÿż

    ÎśłåPøtåtøPłåÿż2 개월 전

    Go Hermione Granger

  55. Nela Knezovic

    Nela Knezovic2 개월 전


  56. Shinju Hatake

    Shinju Hatake2 개월 전

    She stole my heart.

  57. BTS Fans

    BTS Fans2 개월 전

    That girl is just wow Like if she impress you....☺☺☺



    I am amaze to this girl

  59. Lea Senic

    Lea Senic2 개월 전

    Harry Potter music starts to play Me: Golden buzzer She likes books Me: A winner She knows her magic Me: A queen

  60. Luna Eggleston

    Luna Eggleston2 개월 전

    At 1:52 Simon must think that she the daughter of the hulk

  61. Lilikuri

    Lilikuri2 개월 전


  62. Anna Taufao

    Anna Taufao2 개월 전

    Her 2nd 1 reminds me of Collins keys magic

  63. Anna Taufao

    Anna Taufao2 개월 전

    On her first one. My subtitle said castles not kettle

  64. unicorn rainbow leanne

    unicorn rainbow leanne2 개월 전

    What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow hahaha so nice

  65. Kitty KitKat

    Kitty KitKat2 개월 전


  66. Kitty KitKat

    Kitty KitKat2 개월 전

    ;0 she shouldve won

  67. MoonDaPotato

    MoonDaPotato2 개월 전

    Simons reaction when Izzy picked up the box like a feather, I died of laughter, she should have won...

  68. Gracibel Gonzalez

    Gracibel Gonzalez2 개월 전

    ella es issy simpson , ella es lisa simpson de los simpson .......

  69. Mickey The Cat

    Mickey The Cat2 개월 전

    I always love the reaction face of Simon ❤️ He is so shocked 😂

  70. J. Caldera

    J. Caldera2 개월 전

    I'm sorry but Little Miss Issy is much, much better than other magicians I've seen in any other "Got Talent" show. And yes, it includes magicians that have actually won "X" Got Talent shows. This little girl has personality, performs like a Pro and is an accomplished Magician!!! You go Miss Issy!!

  71. Raz3 MK

    Raz3 MK2 개월 전

    it was all planned.. the judges were in on it.. I hate to break.. it's all illusions and tricks

  72. Sylvia Skoczolek

    Sylvia Skoczolek2 개월 전


  73. Anime&kpop fan Sophia

    Anime&kpop fan Sophia2 개월 전


  74. Lance Mallari

    Lance Mallari2 개월 전

    I love at the end she just ripped paper onto her brother

  75. WeeklyNightcore

    WeeklyNightcore2 개월 전

    decendant of Harry Potter

  76. OLivia

    OLivia2 개월 전

    Shes Hermione, its true!!!!

  77. Ginny Potter

    Ginny Potter2 개월 전

    She is literally from hogwarts

  78. Ginny Potter

    Ginny Potter2 개월 전

    She is the best

  79. Tajhana Whyte

    Tajhana Whyte2 개월 전


  80. teddy estes

    teddy estes2 개월 전

    Close your eyes and picture this. "You're all going to die down here."

  81. Brea Duckworth

    Brea Duckworth2 개월 전

    Ahhhh me gosh the box hahahahaaaa

  82. Sahadya JewelzTV

    Sahadya JewelzTV2 개월 전

    omg she is just the cutest thing like if you agree

  83. Amouda Moonesawmy

    Amouda Moonesawmy2 개월 전

    ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt great

  84. family and friends

    family and friends2 개월 전

    Issy is awesome keep doing magic your you so good im your biggest fan


    LINK IVAN2 개월 전

    I love her pronunciation lol it's cute.

  86. Oliver DKgamer

    Oliver DKgamer2 개월 전

    9:48 am i the only one who freakin Also thinked of 7 diamonds? I can’t literally believe that i Also thinked that.. Its crazy!!

  87. Player PLAYZ Life

    Player PLAYZ Life2 개월 전

    When she did the mind reading on Simon I guessed four of diamonds

  88. Dalia Aghmane

    Dalia Aghmane2 개월 전


  89. HDelly 26

    HDelly 262 개월 전

    Simpson? Simpson? SIMPSON? wait You been born from Marge Simpson??

  90. Mehdi J

    Mehdi J2 개월 전

    level 10 wizard

  91. Calida Fernandes

    Calida Fernandes2 개월 전

    Omg 😲

  92. Luna draws and vlogs

    Luna draws and vlogs2 개월 전

    8:31 It is my job to point out Harry potter things And Oh boy Ginny is a big part of Harry Potter She married the guy! Also am I the only who saw Rowling? Because J.K.Rowling is the author of my favourite book series .... ..... .... ... Harry potter Just like Issy Exept with a differnt type of magical talent The type you do with a wand The reason I have fell in love with this book series Is because of my best friend I would tell you all her name so you could Remeber her as the person who changed the course Of a young girls life forever And inspired her to read more often and be more creative But I wont (Because we all know about personal saftey here) And If I were to perform up on stage My performance would go to 1: The person who has been with me theough thick and thing *My little Sister* 2: My best friend in the whole world who changed the course of my life 3: The two people who gave birth to me and raised me *My loving mum and dad* And that is why one day I would love to enter britans got talent! It has always been my dream to go to London 1:Because of Harry potter and maybe being able to meet the cast 2:The queen 3:The scenery 4:Just a desire to travel the world when I grow up So if anyone who is depressed or upset is reading this long comment about me Just remember There is "Always" something, somewhere able to change your life Just like my best friend and best little sister in the world did for me. You are worth it Always give it a go Even the most pointless things can make a differnce You don't have to beg your parents for a brother or sister so they can bring you great joy Or find a perfect friend for you online Or find true love (IDK about that 1 but still) Anything could happen anytime and brighten up your life.

  93. Tsav Tsav

    Tsav Tsav2 개월 전


  94. Andrea Brodie

    Andrea Brodie2 개월 전

    Awww shes so cute :D

  95. Magnets & magic

    Magnets & magic2 개월 전

    10:23 she took the pieces of paper from behind his chair

  96. Henry Bruins

    Henry Bruins2 개월 전

    She’s cute

  97. Sports_editor 16

    Sports_editor 162 개월 전

    She’s amazing

  98. Pao Yang

    Pao Yang2 개월 전

    The last one was the awsomest one

  99. Thehungry Cow

    Thehungry Cow2 개월 전

    The midnight gang is a good book

  100. Alight Rose

    Alight Rose2 개월 전

    This kid is going places (LIKE HOGWARTS XDXDXD)

  101. Michael Chrisman

    Michael Chrisman2 개월 전

    All 3 tricks are easy to explain but very well done.

  102. Theater Queen

    Theater Queen2 개월 전

    But but I am already Tracer

  103. aaeeshayang Lo

    aaeeshayang Lo2 개월 전

    Simon was like. 0_0

  104. Emily Jensen

    Emily Jensen2 개월 전

    Anyone else's owl forget to bring their Hogwarts letter?