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  1. want wolfhard

    want wolfhard10 일 전

    Is this Harry Potter Daughter?

  2. Ever

    Ever11 일 전

    pk but where is her wand?

  3. Evan Rose

    Evan Rose13 일 전

    Her laugh at 0:47 was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard

  4. Alexa Ho

    Alexa Ho14 일 전


  5. Marky Boy Official

    Marky Boy Official15 일 전

    Move over Emma. Here come Issy!

  6. simon meehan

    simon meehan16 일 전


  7. W3lol 1010111 110011 1101100 1101111 1101100

    W3lol 1010111 110011 1101100 1101111 110110017 일 전

    Well the janitors will have a hard time

  8. amazing Princess

    amazing Princess25 일 전

    I love you issy

  9. keira barron

    keira barron25 일 전

    i saw izzy simpson on the park at the saleriam

  10. Quoc An Nguyen

    Quoc An Nguyen개월 전

    Issy’s agent is Daniel Radcliffe agent too. I hope that she reapplies when she gets older so that she can do her own magic tricks. Adult magic tricks of her own.

  11. Juliette Schmitz

    Juliette Schmitz개월 전

    30th of may is my brother’s birthday!! Cooool

  12. Layla Campbell

    Layla Campbell개월 전

    did any one notice the card that said Rowling and she had my fav character

  13. Erica Moyle

    Erica Moyle개월 전

    She is an Amazing

  14. Jess Mccall

    Jess Mccall개월 전

    When she said think of a card, any card I thought in my head... imagine if I could read his mind and it was the seven of diamonds and then she said, name the card you were thinking off... he said 7 of diamonds and I died

  15. Vortex Jezzsy

    Vortex Jezzsy개월 전

    Was it just me that saw the bunch of little papers behind Derek's chair? 10:20

  16. Liu Jeff

    Liu Jeff개월 전


  17. tea is lit

    tea is lit개월 전

    She is amazing!

  18. Uxue Aranburu

    Uxue Aranburu개월 전

    She is awesome! I loved it!

  19. Xxlets play minecraftxX hh

    Xxlets play minecraftxX hh개월 전

    This girl is a genius

  20. Alexis Hayley-Thomas

    Alexis Hayley-Thomas개월 전

    I am not surprised that Alisha got her number wrong. This is amazing!!!!!!🤗😵

  21. Lucy Stokes

    Lucy Stokes개월 전

    She is a great magician but it isn’t hard to guess simons card cause he always goes with that one

  22. craigtraceycaitlin

    craigtraceycaitlin개월 전

    izzy you are able xxxxxxxx

  23. craigtraceycaitlin

    craigtraceycaitlin개월 전

    Amazing xxxxx

  24. Lisa Pipkin

    Lisa Pipkin개월 전


  25. Kermet De thug

    Kermet De thug개월 전

    She didn't deserve to win

  26. TawneePlayz

    TawneePlayz개월 전

    7:09 hair whip

  27. Wolfie

    Wolfie개월 전

    Her first one was the best. I love her first one.

  28. Sophie D

    Sophie D개월 전

    1% of comments: the act 99% of comments: harry potter

  29. Zi Matthew Bonales

    Zi Matthew Bonales개월 전

    1:16 Wow! Simon and David can't lift a box with just a pack of cards in it

  30. Quoc An Nguyen

    Quoc An Nguyen개월 전

    I think that she should reapply again when she gets older where she can do adult magic. You can’t do so much with magic when you are little and are limited. Personally, I think that she should reapply again when she gets older. Her showmanship is very professional even at a young age. Her parents taught her well. What does everybody think?

  31. Levi Rocks

    Levi Rocks개월 전

    she whips her hair back and forward XD

  32. Shashikant Mhetre

    Shashikant Mhetre개월 전

    I just love her.. Dam talented 😍

  33. Ridho Ramdhan

    Ridho Ramdhan개월 전

    That kid so cute

  34. tim dorame

    tim dorame2 개월 전

    i have a personal question that i need answer do or its going to haunt me please i dont want any backlashed but i heard a rumore online that this little girl parents were arrested for abusing her and doing other stuff can anyone tell me if it true my heart breaks for her

  35. fαкє _ѕмιlє

    fαкє _ѕмιlє2 개월 전

    Is she from Hogwarts?

  36. Aubrie EvansK-pop

    Aubrie EvansK-pop2 개월 전

    I love the Harry Potter background music

  37. Breezy Jackie

    Breezy Jackie2 개월 전

    9:42 bro me when i know nobody in the class but my bsf and my teacher says we work in partners but my bsf absent

  38. David Abilash

    David Abilash2 개월 전

    3.36 which album is it please any one help find that music

  39. Noah Howey

    Noah Howey2 개월 전

    She's working in some deep magic

  40. rizna siraj

    rizna siraj2 개월 전


  41. *•* :P

    *•* :P2 개월 전

    That girl is INCREADIBLE

  42. Sara In Da HOUZ

    Sara In Da HOUZ2 개월 전

    Lol everyone is commenting about Hogwarts and i agree! 😹👌🏾👍🏽

  43. Isa tak

    Isa tak2 개월 전

    This is all fake watch the making of these videos

  44. leiren Kahika

    leiren Kahika2 개월 전

    When they tried to pick up the box they couldn't lift it because the cards were inside maybe giving weight to the box so they can't lift it

  45. Biorni Rabeta

    Biorni Rabeta2 개월 전

    But she picked up the cards...

  46. Divine Interruption

    Divine Interruption2 개월 전

    4:49 I’m surprised a judge on BGT has change in his pocket during the show... Is this stuff even close to being real?

  47. anony paws

    anony paws2 개월 전

    Oh but yes, sorry, forgot to add a lot of it is probably staged, def agree with that

  48. anony paws

    anony paws2 개월 전

    I think he took out a random amount from his wallet?

  49. BroHan667

    BroHan6672 개월 전

    Why isnt she yellow??!!??!?

  50. Wictor Lisowski

    Wictor Lisowski2 개월 전

    The last performance was rubbish

  51. Pat O Neill

    Pat O Neill2 개월 전

    Did u see at 10:23 pieces of paper on the ground which was like she rehearsed in that exact spot

  52. anna jochimsen

    anna jochimsen2 개월 전

    There was Harry potter music, I love her!

  53. Puuki Puiki

    Puuki Puiki2 개월 전

    10.21 She put the Snow from the chair 😂

  54. Gacha GIRL

    Gacha GIRL2 개월 전


  55. Maddy Love Cats

    Maddy Love Cats2 개월 전

    It makes my heart melt how nice she is to her little brother

  56. Tornado2D

    Tornado2D3 개월 전

    what the f happened to the captions tho

  57. Black Dagger

    Black Dagger3 개월 전

    Magician? Nope. No way. You're an illusionist.

  58. hipstersheep

    hipstersheep3 개월 전

    Hogwarts you've lost one of their students

  59. peypey -.-

    peypey -.-3 개월 전

    i know the one where u pull out one of 100 numbers, all the a hundred numbers were the same number

  60. Frieda

    Frieda3 개월 전

    The last trick with Dex was a bit easy to see through. She actually took it from behind him. Check her hands when she throws the feathers. Its not the paper pieces anymore. But still, amazing performances overall.

  61. Roxanne Lombrez

    Roxanne Lombrez3 개월 전


  62. Sarah Hayes

    Sarah Hayes3 개월 전

    ¿Es ella secretamente de Hogwarts? oof

  63. Mike vuk

    Mike vuk3 개월 전

    This is nothing. Best magic was done by my father. When I was 7 he went to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes, and he disappeared completely till this day. Don't know how he did it.

  64. Brennen Oliver

    Brennen Oliver3 개월 전

    They say that Collins key was the youngest magician?

  65. Thalia Itani

    Thalia Itani3 개월 전

    I have the same daivid Williams book

  66. Laena Everwood

    Laena Everwood3 개월 전

    Isnt this the same trick as the champions?

  67. Dayne Niel Gabriel CF

    Dayne Niel Gabriel CF3 개월 전

    The same?

  68. Dayne Niel Gabriel CF

    Dayne Niel Gabriel CF3 개월 전

    +Tay Dawn But why??!

  69. Tay Dawn

    Tay Dawn3 개월 전


  70. Alpstar85

    Alpstar853 개월 전

    She just performed the same trick on America’s got talent with Simon. Lol he acting all shocked 😆.

  71. Jamie Farr

    Jamie Farr3 개월 전

    If I were a judge I would have done my Golden Buzzer on Issy she is one the best magicians on Britain’s got Talent

  72. Naomi

    Naomi3 개월 전

    3:50-3:52 I'm begging someone to make this into a meme !

  73. purple unicorn

    purple unicorn3 개월 전

    Loved it...till when she went to her brother she grabbed more paper ( 10:23 )

  74. Stephanie West

    Stephanie West3 개월 전

    Yep behind his chair and you could see the snow or paper whatever it was supposed to be being shot up into the air. But she was too cute and still really talented for her age

  75. Natalia Jones

    Natalia Jones3 개월 전

    She is the best magician I've ever seen 😲😀

  76. EL Archx

    EL Archx3 개월 전

    she is cute and amazing!

  77. Ella Mikula

    Ella Mikula3 개월 전

    Wow. Omg.

  78. Xx_Daily Cookie

    Xx_Daily Cookie3 개월 전

    Omg I’m freakin out when Simon was thinking of 7 of diamonds I was thinking of that too !!!!!

  79. Leonardo Hernandez

    Leonardo Hernandez4 개월 전

    But can she make a sammich tho

  80. jim jim

    jim jim4 개월 전

    That feeling when an 8 year old is better than you

  81. wowvetcoolx

    wowvetcoolx4 개월 전

    Am I allowed to say that I didn’t like Tokio Meyers? I didn’t like his attitude from the start and I found Issy much more entertaining

  82. Steven Brenner

    Steven Brenner4 개월 전

    so wonderfull Issy so magic

  83. Udayveer

    Udayveer4 개월 전

    Song at 3.39 . Anyone telk me

  84. Yasir Mahi

    Yasir Mahi3 개월 전

    Black Magic by Little Mix

  85. Troller Boy

    Troller Boy4 개월 전

    when she says watch i say me whip

  86. Bogan

    Bogan4 개월 전

    this has to be staged.

  87. Lahiru Nuwan

    Lahiru Nuwan4 개월 전

    I can't imagine. Why people dislike this video?

  88. Wolfgang Trixl

    Wolfgang Trixl4 개월 전

    She wouldn‘t have come to the finals if she was a grown up

  89. andy c

    andy c4 개월 전

    Issy look so so much like luna lovegood feom harry potter

  90. Lele360

    Lele3604 개월 전

    No entendí nada pero igual me sorprendió

  91. Rhea Edwin

    Rhea Edwin4 개월 전

    I think all the cards were four of diamonds

  92. Kawaii Gaming

    Kawaii Gaming4 개월 전

    9:40 you can see two cards stuck together but still quite impressive

  93. ara xhiku

    ara xhiku4 개월 전

    if i went to got talent i would just put a bed there and show up in my pajamas

  94. elcispe boltz

    elcispe boltz4 개월 전

    Jesus is that u

  95. Sharifi Abdurrahin

    Sharifi Abdurrahin4 개월 전



    GACHAP0TATO4 개월 전

    Janitor:OH MY GOSH MY JOB

  97. notadumbname

    notadumbname4 개월 전

    When Simon thought of a card, I thought 7 Of Diamonds because I like that card. Then he said that. And I was like, “OH MY GOD!”

  98. Taryn McCartney

    Taryn McCartney2 개월 전

    3:33 it was 4 of diamonds

  99. Taryn McCartney

    Taryn McCartney2 개월 전

    It was 4 of diamonds...

  100. Lillian Gray

    Lillian Gray4 개월 전

    I am SHOCKED

  101. hord stream

    hord stream4 개월 전

    Wow i knew it magic is real if it not why is there a word call magic

  102. gg gg

    gg gg4 개월 전

    rubbish, propped by elders.

  103. Debra de Roos

    Debra de Roos4 개월 전

    Just read some comments about Issy and how she does some of her tricks, like using an electronic device that someone else is operating from a distance and writing the word on the chalkboard that supposedly she predicted before the word was given. Kyle Tomlinson was my favorite. No magic tricks, just his own hard work. No devices used to enhance his performances.

  104. iMxtuidi14

    iMxtuidi144 개월 전

    DISCLAIMER: This comment contains a reveal to a magic trick of one of the 3 auditions, Press read more to continue.. The first audition when simon picked a card, she guessed it at the end. How? Well, all the cards had the same number and shape. Which is the 4 of diamonds

  105. XoXBrooklynXoX

    XoXBrooklynXoX4 개월 전

    Where’s my Slytherin squad at? #slytherin

  106. CraftySmarty

    CraftySmarty4 개월 전


  107. Dead Shot

    Dead Shot4 개월 전

    In the last one she was holding two cards to it could say simon

  108. D A R K

    D A R K5 개월 전

    Time travel gg

  109. Reda Bash

    Reda Bash5 개월 전

    What sorcery is this

  110. Priyanga Ravi

    Priyanga Ravi5 개월 전

    Omg I read simons mind when the little girl say pick a card