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  1. ÎśłåPøtåtøPłåÿż

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    Go Hermione Granger

  2. Nela Knezovic

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  3. Shinju Hatake

    Shinju Hatake21 시간 전

    She stole my heart.



    That girl is just wow Like if she impress you....☺☺☺



    I am amaze to this girl

  6. Lea Senic

    Lea Senic2 일 전

    Harry Potter music starts to play Me: Golden buzzer She likes books Me: A winner She knows her magic Me: A queen

  7. Luna Eggleston

    Luna Eggleston3 일 전

    At 1:52 Simon must think that she the daughter of the hulk

  8. Lilikuri

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  9. Anna Taufao

    Anna Taufao8 일 전

    Her 2nd 1 reminds me of Collins keys magic

  10. Anna Taufao

    Anna Taufao8 일 전

    On her first one. My subtitle said castles not kettle

  11. unicorn rainbow leanne

    unicorn rainbow leanne8 일 전

    What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow hahaha so nice

  12. Kitty KitKat

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  13. Kitty KitKat

    Kitty KitKat9 일 전

    ;0 she shouldve won

  14. Makayla Murray

    Makayla Murray9 일 전

    Simons reaction when Izzy picked up the box like a feather, I died of laughter, she should have won...

  15. Gracibel Gonzalez

    Gracibel Gonzalez10 일 전

    ella es issy simpson , ella es lisa simpson de los simpson .......

  16. Mickey The Cat

    Mickey The Cat10 일 전

    I always love the reaction face of Simon ❤️ He is so shocked 😂

  17. J. Caldera

    J. Caldera11 일 전

    I'm sorry but Little Miss Issy is much, much better than other magicians I've seen in any other "Got Talent" show. And yes, it includes magicians that have actually won "X" Got Talent shows. This little girl has personality, performs like a Pro and is an accomplished Magician!!! You go Miss Issy!!

  18. Raz3 MK

    Raz3 MK11 일 전

    it was all planned.. the judges were in on it.. I hate to break.. it's all illusions and tricks

  19. Sylvia Skoczolek

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  20. Anime&kpop fan Sophia

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  21. Lance Mallari

    Lance Mallari12 일 전

    I love at the end she just ripped paper onto her brother

  22. SpringyPlushBoi

    SpringyPlushBoi13 일 전

    decendant of Harry Potter

  23. OLivia

    OLivia13 일 전

    Shes Hermione, its true!!!!

  24. Crazy Jojo Siwa And Harry Potter Fan

    Crazy Jojo Siwa And Harry Potter Fan14 일 전

    She is literally from hogwarts

  25. Crazy Jojo Siwa And Harry Potter Fan

    Crazy Jojo Siwa And Harry Potter Fan14 일 전

    She is the best

  26. Tajhana Whyte

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  27. teddy estes

    teddy estes15 일 전

    Close your eyes and picture this. "You're all going to die down here."

  28. Brea Duckworth

    Brea Duckworth15 일 전

    Ahhhh me gosh the box hahahahaaaa

  29. Sahadya JewelzTV

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    omg she is just the cutest thing like if you agree

  30. Amouda Moonesawmy

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    ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttt great

  31. Oreo cookie girl

    Oreo cookie girl16 일 전

    Issy is awesome keep doing magic your you so good im your biggest fan


    LINK IVAN16 일 전

    I love her pronunciation lol it's cute.

  33. Oliver DKgamer

    Oliver DKgamer16 일 전

    9:48 am i the only one who freakin Also thinked of 7 diamonds? I can’t literally believe that i Also thinked that.. Its crazy!!

  34. Player PLAYZ Life

    Player PLAYZ Life17 일 전

    When she did the mind reading on Simon I guessed four of diamonds

  35. Dalia Aghmane

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  36. HDelly 26

    HDelly 2618 일 전

    Simpson? Simpson? SIMPSON? wait You been born from Marge Simpson??

  37. Mehdi J

    Mehdi J18 일 전

    level 10 wizard

  38. Menino Fernandes

    Menino Fernandes20 일 전

    Omg 😲

  39. Harry Potter Lover 4 Life

    Harry Potter Lover 4 Life21 일 전

    8:31 It is my job to point out Harry potter things And Oh boy Ginny is a big part of Harry Potter She married the guy! Also am I the only who saw Rowling? Because J.K.Rowling is the author of my favourite book series .... ..... .... ... Harry potter Just like Issy Exept with a differnt type of magical talent The type you do with a wand The reason I have fell in love with this book series Is because of my best friend I would tell you all her name so you could Remeber her as the person who changed the course Of a young girls life forever And inspired her to read more often and be more creative But I wont (Because we all know about personal saftey here) And If I were to perform up on stage My performance would go to 1: The person who has been with me theough thick and thing *My little Sister* 2: My best friend in the whole world who changed the course of my life 3: The two people who gave birth to me and raised me *My loving mum and dad* And that is why one day I would love to enter britans got talent! It has always been my dream to go to London 1:Because of Harry potter and maybe being able to meet the cast 2:The queen 3:The scenery 4:Just a desire to travel the world when I grow up So if anyone who is depressed or upset is reading this long comment about me Just remember There is "Always" something, somewhere able to change your life Just like my best friend and best little sister in the world did for me. You are worth it Always give it a go Even the most pointless things can make a differnce You don't have to beg your parents for a brother or sister so they can bring you great joy Or find a perfect friend for you online Or find true love (IDK about that 1 but still) Anything could happen anytime and brighten up your life.

  40. Tsav Tsav

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  41. Andrea Brodie

    Andrea Brodie21 일 전

    Awww shes so cute :D

  42. Magnets & magic

    Magnets & magic22 일 전

    10:23 she took the pieces of paper from behind his chair

  43. Henry Bruins

    Henry Bruins22 일 전

    She’s cute

  44. 123 456Slime

    123 456Slime23 일 전

    She’s amazing

  45. Pao Yang

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    The last one was the awsomest one

  46. Thehungry Cow

    Thehungry Cow23 일 전

    The midnight gang is a good book

  47. Himari Productions. co

    Himari Productions. co23 일 전

    This kid is going places (LIKE HOGWARTS XDXDXD)

  48. Michael Chrisman

    Michael Chrisman23 일 전

    All 3 tricks are easy to explain but very well done.

  49. Theater Queen

    Theater Queen23 일 전

    But but I am already Tracer

  50. Aaeeshayang LO

    Aaeeshayang LO23 일 전

    Simon was like. 0_0

  51. Emily Jensen

    Emily Jensen23 일 전

    Anyone else's owl forget to bring their Hogwarts letter?

  52. Camila

    Camila24 일 전

    #gottalent #talent

  53. Blastoise Army

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  54. Jasper Force

    Jasper Force25 일 전

    Well problem is that all these pre-prepped tricks can be scripted by the show's producers. So there's the illusion broken ;)

  55. Jason O'Phee

    Jason O'Phee25 일 전

    how did she not win

  56. Snooci The MLG dorito

    Snooci The MLG dorito25 일 전

    H- Hermione is that you??

  57. Siobhan Allen -guy

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  58. Lauren Ramoth

    Lauren Ramoth26 일 전

    It’s so cute when she says, “I’m Izzy Simpson thank you goodnight! **takes bow**”

  59. gonots game

    gonots game26 일 전

    she is amazing

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  61. EarlyJonnyDavid 29

    EarlyJonnyDavid 2927 일 전

    How did she not win

  62. Kashvi Bansal

    Kashvi Bansal27 일 전

    I just love Issy Simpson... She is my favourite magician.... 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  63. Bars And Melody Edits

    Bars And Melody Edits27 일 전

    Didn't she say her brother was her best friend in the whole wide world, and now she is saying Marley is her best friend in the whole wide world?


    PRACHETA B27 일 전

    The best part of the end was black magic was played at the end of her audition.. (I'm a huge mixer). BTW lots if love to you girl. Keep going ..

  65. Nyirobi Ojulu

    Nyirobi Ojulu28 일 전

    Just truly amazing just wow it was great

  66. Rocketsk8r

    Rocketsk8r28 일 전

    This is why I think GT is staged

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    *h* *o* *w*

  68. Humaira Master

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    Hermione Granger irl

  69. Ibraheem Ch

    Ibraheem Ch개월 전

    Song name when he put off her upper

  70. Shruthi Sadhasivam

    Shruthi Sadhasivam개월 전

    his face at 9:41 has me dead

  71. James Williams

    James Williams개월 전

    I love Harry Potter

  72. Virginia best

    Virginia best개월 전

    I love her

  73. BenPlays 52

    BenPlays 52개월 전

    He are you friends with dexter and or the grandpas dog?

  74. Joxy -

    Joxy -개월 전

    The first perfomance is easy, She wrote kettle really quickly right before she showed it

  75. izaskun killer

    izaskun killer개월 전

    She so cute!!!!!!!!

  76. Harry Potter Fanatic

    Harry Potter Fanatic개월 전

    Ahhhhhhhh the references no one saw the Rowling?

  77. Harry Potter Fanatic

    Harry Potter Fanatic개월 전

    Ahhhh the theme I love it so much

  78. Unicorn World

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  79. Panic!AtTheMelinieFalloutRomance :[

    Panic!AtTheMelinieFalloutRomance :[개월 전

    She is the sweetest little thing she is SO FRIKEN ADORABLE

  80. Lois Bascon

    Lois Bascon개월 전

    anyway what i me is it just me or does issy have super hero strength?

  81. Lois Bascon

    Lois Bascon개월 전

    dont read that last comment

  82. Lois Bascon

    Lois Bascon개월 전

    hmm is it just me or does issy jave

  83. Lois Bascon

    Lois Bascon개월 전

    s-sh-she is the chosen one!

  84. Thalia Perales

    Thalia Perales개월 전

    Hermione in real life!!!

  85. Pink R3ap3r

    Pink R3ap3r개월 전

    Izzy pls let meh know where you went to hogwarts

  86. interesting avocado :3

    interesting avocado :3개월 전

    in the captions it keeps on saying Salmon instead of Simon well hello Salmon

  87. Graciela Martinez

    Graciela Martinez개월 전

    This little kid is amazing

  88. Dania Zuraiqi

    Dania Zuraiqi개월 전

    She has a god given talent like me

  89. Dania Zuraiqi

    Dania Zuraiqi개월 전

    30 may 2017 I turned 7

  90. Cara Playz

    Cara Playz개월 전

    is she secretly hermione’s descendents?

  91. Simon Sampolski

    Simon Sampolski개월 전

    Hermione 2.0

  92. game genius

    game genius개월 전

    Love the harry potter music. Fitting

  93. gbayesola grace

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  94. Lily Luna Potter Gacha studio

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  95. Pottinq L

    Pottinq L개월 전

    I'm going to explain the first trick for you guys. The Heavy Box: Complete gimmick all PAID for she had a remote in her hoody that she activates a magnet it's actually a box you can buy on many magic sites called this is heavy Card Trick: She uses a trick called card force where she had many cards in the middle of the pack are the same and she block moves all the cards so forcing Simon to pick the one he did Chalk Board Trick: Again quite an insult to the magic community where she got her parents to buy her a chalkboard called the Lynx Chalkboard look it up on KOreporter the creator showed it on Jimmy Fallon it's a self writing chalkboard controlled by your iPhone or Android that her assistant either her mum beside ant and Dec or her father in the audience Not saying she isn't extremely good however a lot of her magic is just paid for

  96. Newton Firefly

    Newton Firefly29 일 전

    @Pottnq L; sure, many tricks can be bought or learned or a combination, often. All Magic tricks, are just that, some trick which is learned. The performances of a Magician are the presentation, manner, drama, presence and in a large audience, needing to bring the entire crowd into the magic trick while being amazed. This is what her grandfather must be teaching Issy. She performs these exquisitely. She get the entire audience involved. And, in addition, she manages to do this at her young age of a child. Seems if she continues, she will go far with this, maybe into other forms of illusion, etc. Lovely young person, who will likely become a lovely young lady and woman. :-) She is delightful.

  97. H B

    H B개월 전

    she's really cute :)

  98. Mercedes Bergling

    Mercedes Bergling개월 전

    She is so good!

  99. Raelynn Kamp

    Raelynn Kamp개월 전

    Omg I new it was the 7 of demesnes so creaky

  100. Glen Johnson

    Glen Johnson개월 전

    In the results did you hear issy screaming when she won

  101. dante&janet Elupre

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