Issy Simpson | ALL Performances | Britain's Got Talent


  1. Blue Berry Sans

    Blue Berry Sans11 시간 전

    I also hear harry potter music at the start of the video

  2. Michael Poyntz

    Michael Poyntz13 시간 전

    He does know how to play to and charm an audience! Clearly, a very intelligent and charismatic artist....did she win?

  3. Phanit Langsanam

    Phanit Langsanam22 시간 전

    She’s a literally the kid version of Hermione Granger! #GRIFFINDOR

  4. tesorohun1

    tesorohun1일 전

    they judges must be the part of the rip off

  5. Colleen Moran

    Colleen Moran일 전

    The captions said coffee

  6. socially awkward ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    socially awkward ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ일 전

    At 1:12 I swear that PewDiePie!

  7. Moataz for gaming

    Moataz for gaming2 일 전

    She is so cute

  8. oli Daboomboy

    oli Daboomboy2 일 전


  9. Enzothegamer Pro

    Enzothegamer Pro2 일 전

    Wait wut is she from hogwarts


    HELEN FANG LI2 일 전

    She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No Subs

    No Subs2 일 전

    Harry Potter at the start fangirling

  12. Team Uni

    Team Uni3 일 전

    How did you make that shirt

  13. Pupu Productions

    Pupu Productions3 일 전

    Did she win?

  14. Caitlin Xx

    Caitlin Xx3 일 전

    Next thing she's gonna be accepted into hogwarts

  15. Bsbsh Bvsg

    Bsbsh Bvsg3 일 전


  16. Funny Bunny

    Funny Bunny3 일 전

    I love Harry Potter and Hogwarts and she did amazing like if you agree

  17. monique b

    monique b3 일 전

    *still waiting for my donut*

  18. Georgina Vizcaino

    Georgina Vizcaino4 일 전

    I love this girl. She is so right it doesn't matter how old u are you can do anything as long as u believe. My favourite magic part was how she made the card turn like into snow, its incedible. I love u Issy Simpson

  19. Amazing Mia UnicornPuppy

    Amazing Mia UnicornPuppy4 일 전


  20. Nada Alshameri

    Nada Alshameri4 일 전

    Issy please answer me. People have been saying that you don't show Simon all the cards and most of the cards that are in the middle are the same

  21. Nada Alshameri

    Nada Alshameri4 일 전

    And is this true that you have an unusual chalk board your parents in the audience connect it to there phone and write

  22. kevin lopeez

    kevin lopeez4 일 전

    staged asf

  23. Usman jan

    Usman jan4 일 전

    Omg I also thought that Simon would say 7 of diamonds

  24. Jessica Long

    Jessica Long4 일 전

    I’m a machishon # not 😱🛴

  25. G C

    G C5 일 전

    I love her accent!

  26. Elena Jenkins

    Elena Jenkins5 일 전

    Is it weird that I also thought of the 7of Diamonds. 9:30

  27. GachaB Studio

    GachaB Studio5 일 전

    Bossy ass child I like it

  28. Gracie Lorenzo

    Gracie Lorenzo5 일 전


  29. Gracie Lorenzo

    Gracie Lorenzo5 일 전


  30. CircusFoxy

    CircusFoxy5 일 전

    Well done issue you are a person from Hogwarts! When you said Dexter it made me think and think. My cousin was called Dexter and the 17 of February he died of cancer he was 8 when he died and he's 9 now we let of some balloons to the sky for his birthday in heaven

  31. Caitlin Edwards

    Caitlin Edwards5 일 전

    She's so cute and talented

  32. Abbie Beats

    Abbie Beats5 일 전

    OMG she likes Harry potter it's my life and my favourite character is Ginny Weasley

  33. Kailan Plays Roblox

    Kailan Plays Roblox5 일 전

    she's the next witch in Harry Potter

  34. Abhijit Rahate

    Abhijit Rahate5 일 전

    She is hermoine

  35. GurlyGamerLollipop

    GurlyGamerLollipop5 일 전


  36. xXDark BearxX

    xXDark BearxX6 일 전

    *This girl is me I love to read and do magic*

  37. Creative Wizz

    Creative Wizz6 일 전

    Just one question... *HOW?*

  38. Jason Head

    Jason Head6 일 전

    Is she secretly like hermione’s daughter?

  39. ღGalaxy sprinkleღ

    ღGalaxy sprinkleღ6 일 전

    This girl is my life!

  40. C F

    C F6 일 전

    HORMINIES GRAND DAUGHTER im sorry, i had to

  41. Sarah kate Keaney

    Sarah kate Keaney7 일 전

    How is she not in Hogwarts like me NOPE I wish

  42. Harvey Farrar

    Harvey Farrar7 일 전

    The magic is cool

  43. Rattiegamer 6

    Rattiegamer 67 일 전

    I love her :)

  44. Komi Soliman

    Komi Soliman7 일 전

    I like that they play the song BLACK MAGIC

  45. Too Expensive to be Namjoon’s girl

    Too Expensive to be Namjoon’s girl7 일 전

    Ion play with demons

  46. Sana Sama

    Sana Sama8 일 전


  47. Nicole Chen

    Nicole Chen8 일 전

    I ❤️ this little girl!

  48. AdamCraftPC

    AdamCraftPC8 일 전

    Imagine if David had no change xD

  49. Els Verdyck

    Els Verdyck8 일 전

    That is the muzic of harry potter

  50. Midnight Cleasby

    Midnight Cleasby8 일 전

    She’s amazing she should of won!

  51. Sarah Grace Farrell

    Sarah Grace Farrell9 일 전

    I feel like she likes Harry Potter and that sound in the beginning was from Harry Potter 🤔

  52. Fuzzle drasy boy Gaming

    Fuzzle drasy boy Gaming9 일 전


  53. Zoe Dettmar

    Zoe Dettmar9 일 전

    Die kleine ist unglaublich 😄

  54. YouTubers LifeStyle!

    YouTubers LifeStyle!9 일 전

    Mini Hermione! ❤️

  55. TeeVee

    TeeVee10 일 전

    SHES AMAZING!!! I reckon she's just got to snap her fingers and in a few years she's gonna be confirmed the best magician in the world, cos she is so talented.

  56. Layla’s Life 2007

    Layla’s Life 200710 일 전

    i heard harry potter and i froze

  57. Dalton Snack

    Dalton Snack10 일 전

    shes so cute I LOVE IT

  58. BJ SOLDIER74

    BJ SOLDIER7410 일 전

    When you are watching a video and realize you got no talent 🤣😂🤣😂


    THUNDER CAT10 일 전

    Matt franco is better though

  60. Ruby Long

    Ruby Long10 일 전

    She's so cute!! 😃😆

  61. Kate Duncan-Hamilton

    Kate Duncan-Hamilton10 일 전

    she sounds like she could be a motivational speaker

  62. Hamster Boy

    Hamster Boy10 일 전

    Her brother looks Russian

  63. zama and za segal

    zama and za segal10 일 전

    This girl is sooo talented she is so amazing

  64. Rosa Putman

    Rosa Putman11 일 전

    She looks like hermoline

  65. Chunky Kitty

    Chunky Kitty13 일 전

    You probably won't believe me but she's my friend her grandad is friends and neighbors with my grandad and grandma

  66. Karen Carney

    Karen Carney13 일 전

    Notice around 4:00 , her act has so many hiccups, its truly disappointing..i will point them put to you. She begins (after an older woman version of herself under a cloth, then moments later she appears,which was truly magical)saying there was an envelope she wrote b4 the the lights dim& the focus is on the judges(the envelope is nowhere to be seen after the set changes and dimmed lights)she then presents another envelope w quote'random #'s' in it(they're all the same,&shs doesnt show the audience, otherwise).. She tells simon to think of a celebrity that EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE would know of, thats easy.. Himself.. Seeing as every1 in the audience would obv know simon. Aftee david picks out his change, the judge in the yellow dress picks out a 'random number from an envelope of random numbers'(which are obv all the same #'s), amanda picks her fav 'time of day, etc..she then stalls just for a moment, then the stage is alit, ahe grabs the quote 'envelope ahe wrote b4 the show', n if u pause it halfway thru, you will see, w your own eyes, the pre'written letter, w the word 'celebrity' after it, "Simon Cowell" wriiten differently, slightly above the normal sentences, written hastily, then after thr time '6:30' with the number '6' in MUCH lighter ink, written differently from the other sentences, etc.. U can see the pattern ,here, w ur own 2 eyes, seeing it was pre-written,& the answers ( AGAIN, WHY DID THR JUDGES ANNOUNCE THEIR ANSWERS BEFOREHAND, & GIVEN MORE THAN AMPLE TIME, for the young, *talented* magician, for her backstage help, to write in the answers), then when she reada it, the rehearsed lines of the time of day, the day, yr, show everyone it was random..*smh* too many hiccups, she is too smart for this..also, when one of the judges made a mistake, she IMMEDIATELY CORRECTED her, bc it was memorized,& outside her 'script'..

  67. MVEProducties

    MVEProducties14 일 전

    Such a cute little girl that seems to be straight out of a Harry Potter movie 😄

  68. Potterhead Updates

    Potterhead Updates15 일 전

    Omggg Ginny is my favourite character

  69. Summer Sorn

    Summer Sorn16 일 전


  70. GachaGirl 56

    GachaGirl 5616 일 전


  71. GachaGirl 56

    GachaGirl 5616 일 전

    Simon said, 'how did that happen?' on the audition I said, 'Where did she get that shirt!?'

  72. ArtiVD

    ArtiVD16 일 전

    For the number 30517, they were all the same number in the bag, she just glued other numbers to the sides

  73. Alice Xoxo

    Alice Xoxo16 일 전

    Anyone have any idea how she did this?🤷🏼‍♀️🤨😂Its amazing!

  74. Naraya Ariyanto

    Naraya Ariyanto16 일 전


  75. grace o flynn

    grace o flynn16 일 전

    she's amazing xx 😘

  76. Mia Apa

    Mia Apa17 일 전


  77. Anime Lover

    Anime Lover17 일 전

    My last name is Simpson too!!!!! Simpson family!!l

  78. Genesis Harris

    Genesis Harris17 일 전


  79. Genesis Harris

    Genesis Harris17 일 전


  80. Sandini S N

    Sandini S N17 일 전

    OMG she is so incredible Her parents are so blessed

  81. Princess Unicorn

    Princess Unicorn17 일 전

    She should get the golden buZzer like if you agree

  82. Linda Hi

    Linda Hi17 일 전

    Hermione ? 😍😂🤔

  83. Derplisss

    Derplisss17 일 전

    Witches pretending to be muggles >.>

  84. Ashley K

    Ashley K17 일 전

    Her semi finals performance gave me chills and whenever she revealed something

  85. kukayann Chan

    kukayann Chan17 일 전

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  86. kukayann Chan

    kukayann Chan17 일 전

    we are going to have

  87. dittiestarXL funny

    dittiestarXL funny17 일 전

    omg so cute!!! shes sooooo good!

  88. Lps JJ

    Lps JJ18 일 전


  89. AugustFortnitez YT

    AugustFortnitez YT15 일 전

    Buddy, she's british

  90. Valerie Is great

    Valerie Is great18 일 전

    Dude how old is she I started reading books like those in like like 5-6 grade

  91. Mia Barnett

    Mia Barnett19 일 전


  92. Steven Ben

    Steven Ben19 일 전

    I love this girl

  93. Steven Ben

    Steven Ben19 일 전

    How come she didn't win the whole competition ?

  94. Asiamanson1

    Asiamanson119 일 전

    I was thinking of the same card of Simon 😂

  95. Purple print12

    Purple print1219 일 전

    She should be in a movie

  96. chlo grace kale bryce gav

    chlo grace kale bryce gav21 일 전

    Did anyone else get Remington ed of Nanny Mcphee when she made it snow like that?

  97. Joseph Michaeli

    Joseph Michaeli21 일 전

    did she win?

  98. TrueWarrior008

    TrueWarrior00822 일 전

    Talented in magic, likes Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley her favorite character, Dumbledore WTF are you waiting for? Give this girl access to Hogwarts!

  99. Shruti Ghosh

    Shruti Ghosh22 일 전 was absolutely MINDBLOWING! She reminds me of _Hermione Granger_ from Harry Potter!!! ;)

  100. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie22 일 전

    Dang..... 😨😨😨

  101. GoodGachaGamer37

    GoodGachaGamer3722 일 전

    She needs to come to my house Where I live it doesn’t snow 😢

  102. Suzanne Poole

    Suzanne Poole23 일 전

    Omg so cute :)

  103. Anna Brice

    Anna Brice23 일 전

    She reminds me of Hermione Granger

  104. Shruti Ghosh

    Shruti Ghosh22 일 전

    I know!!!!!!!! :D

  105. Yael Broudo

    Yael Broudo24 일 전

    she's sooo freakin good!!!!!!!