Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!


  1. Pokimane

    Pokimane9 일 전

    Thank you all so much for watching

  2. Jed Renzo Amon

    Jed Renzo Amon2 일 전

    Yow poki ugh earlier i got a text from u that i won an i phone xsmax is it true or just a chain message

  3. xx LLAMAZ YT xx

    xx LLAMAZ YT xx4 일 전

    Team francais on est la

  4. Ahmad_ Gamez

    Ahmad_ Gamez4 일 전

    At least you are arabian like me

  5. Oppaii

    Oppaii15 분 전

    i thought she was japanese

  6. LS_Blue180

    LS_Blue18053 분 전

    says eran instead of iran

  7. Ashley W

    Ashley W시간 전

    French what?😂

  8. Robloxsloth _XD

    Robloxsloth _XD시간 전

    Holy shit......!? You can speak that language wow..??

  9. Ziad Gladiator

    Ziad Gladiator2 시간 전

    Poki i am from morocco in marrakech :3

  10. fast flip

    fast flip3 시간 전

    you're to cute to be adopted

  11. benjamin Greenman

    benjamin Greenman3 시간 전

    Poki you was right all along :( now i have a few clones. 😭

  12. Spencer Nestor

    Spencer Nestor4 시간 전

    I did not go to school today

  13. Ishant Sharma

    Ishant Sharma4 시간 전

    Her mother deserves a like

  14. Jazone

    Jazone4 시간 전

    Didn’t know she spoke French so fluently

  15. Mohammad Badih

    Mohammad Badih8 시간 전

    Are to you Arabian

  16. MarkJarvGaming

    MarkJarvGaming10 시간 전

    She doesent even see french omg

  17. MarkJarvGaming

    MarkJarvGaming10 시간 전

    Nani she speaks french tooo like me nani

  18. Fortnite-king

    Fortnite-king10 시간 전

    Love u pokimane 👌❤

  19. Robert Alexandru

    Robert Alexandru10 시간 전

    Scarra knows more about Europe then Poki , despite she being from a country that is basically a neighbour of Europe and has long historic ties to it. Also on the northern coast of Africa Spain has 2 cities there(Ceuta and Melilla) , how are you surprised that you some spanish dna in you ?

  20. VOID

    VOID12 시간 전

    Also I'm 100% European but dats irrelevent

  21. VOID

    VOID12 시간 전

    No ur adopted deal with it.

  22. Fritzer

    Fritzer12 시간 전

    She's a fake asian lol. She even does her eye makeup to look asian and surrounds herself with them. Yikes.

  23. mister_aranha_ 3D

    mister_aranha_ 3D14 시간 전

    I'm portuguese

  24. Datboi Gangsta'gerrin'

    Datboi Gangsta'gerrin'14 시간 전

    pokimane can say the N-word even though she isn't black.

  25. Benzaiii

    Benzaiii14 시간 전

    Vive le français

  26. Quinton Jackson

    Quinton Jackson14 시간 전

    8:02. I was right all along


    OOF NOODLES14 시간 전

    Poki:I'm so exited -talks more :so fricken type -calls mom :ok now let's see the results -starts to monolog :ok now seriously let's see the results

  28. Jason Barr

    Jason Barr15 시간 전

    You have a gorgeous smile to

  29. Jason Barr

    Jason Barr15 시간 전

    You are so gorgeous

  30. Logan Cummings

    Logan Cummings15 시간 전

    Why are you speaking French?

  31. Black Ops 4

    Black Ops 415 시간 전

    Confirmed she's asian

  32. Loïc Leblond

    Loïc Leblond15 시간 전

    Tu parles français

  33. Revenges Boy

    Revenges Boy16 시간 전

    *30 years later* Poki you was right all along :o

  34. Good Vibes

    Good Vibes16 시간 전

    I thought you were 100% MONGOLOID AZTEC MEXICAN FROM ASIA

  35. Xd Tee Vee

    Xd Tee Vee16 시간 전

    So Poki is African American!?

  36. Silvia Lopez

    Silvia Lopez16 시간 전

    Your cute

  37. The Divch

    The Divch16 시간 전

    i subes because she Pronounced iran correctly

  38. shirley elliott

    shirley elliott16 시간 전

    9:50 I want to say it it’s a good joke

  39. YoungAznBoi

    YoungAznBoi17 시간 전

    Wait if she african does she have the n word pass ? 🤨🤨

  40. Elyas 1707

    Elyas 170717 시간 전

    1,2,3 viva Algérie🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  41. Tiffany Clark

    Tiffany Clark17 시간 전

    Are you adopted

  42. Yvng Nova

    Yvng Nova17 시간 전

    For my Portuguese people Oi Como Vai

  43. SALTY BOY07

    SALTY BOY0717 시간 전

    omg im also a american morrcon swedish yeah basiclly im messed up but im 50% morrocan

  44. GPerception

    GPerception17 시간 전

    Starts at 6:41 thank me later

  45. Zak Mead

    Zak Mead17 시간 전

    0:56 If with the infinity stones u clapped not snapped she would’ve killed so many people *bass intensifies*

  46. Maximilian Xu

    Maximilian Xu17 시간 전

    I new to pokis content and I didnt know she speaks french and is from maroko.I want to make a DNA test too now

  47. Unknown Boy

    Unknown Boy18 시간 전

    Happy birthday

  48. Icecreamlxver

    Icecreamlxver18 시간 전

    Omg she can speak French

  49. Hera Prod HD

    Hera Prod HD20 시간 전

    Pokimane is a baby, is a adolescente Because she is so cute And I like pokimane by french fan

  50. Tonisha Austin

    Tonisha Austin20 시간 전

    You are cute

  51. Classic Gaming1

    Classic Gaming120 시간 전

    I’m from Morocco 🇲🇦

  52. darkspace001 gaming

    darkspace001 gaming20 시간 전

    wait so pokimane is black......

  53. 77 Clan

    77 Clan21 시간 전

    Poki u was right all along :O

  54. Ferresmash

    Ferresmash21 시간 전

    I unsubbed, I only follow asians

  55. Matt Capizzi

    Matt Capizzi22 시간 전

    Your mother is incredible!



    South African people can speak french and thats a fact

  57. Ivan Moreno

    Ivan Moreno23 시간 전

    Imagine 5 pokis walking together

  58. Luis Martinez Colom

    Luis Martinez Colom일 전

    Omg I’m spanish

  59. MR Gaming

    MR Gaming일 전

    She french

  60. Blossom

    Blossom일 전

    Im also an arab but from the middle east and im half asian bcuz my mum is from the Philippines Love u poki

  61. Zombiefied

    Zombiefied일 전

    only watch cause has pokemons

  62. SUSAN0024K

    SUSAN0024K일 전

    Hii Imane Why do u talk french with your mom and not arabic?

  63. Brooks Lang

    Brooks Lang일 전


  64. AA_ Iroquois

    AA_ Iroquois일 전

    You're just female Drift0r. (Or Drift0r is just male you?🤔)

  65. Hazardous Blader

    Hazardous Blader일 전

    What's the n word means

  66. soulshot

    soulshot일 전

    poke u was right all along

  67. Hazardous Blader

    Hazardous Blader일 전

    You are really cute pokimane!😍😍😍

  68. BruceDaGamer

    BruceDaGamer일 전

    i rlly thought those DNA test were gonna say she’s Japenese

  69. Wetosi

    Wetosi일 전

    Wtf? Is Poki nibba???

  70. Kuhhcow dragon

    Kuhhcow dragon일 전

    I talk arabic

  71. Kuhhcow dragon

    Kuhhcow dragon일 전

    Do you talk arabic or berber

  72. Porkybees

    Porkybees일 전

    Kamuka nya si kyline alcantara

  73. tina cooper

    tina cooper일 전

    im doing my french homework lmao

  74. Onofre Grande

    Onofre Grande일 전

    BISH where??...... Pokimane 2019

  75. (Billion) Thanakorn Yang

    (Billion) Thanakorn Yang일 전

    Im chinese

  76. Louie Egan

    Louie Egan일 전

    Polo can say the n word

  77. (Billion) Thanakorn Yang

    (Billion) Thanakorn Yang일 전

    Im asian

  78. Mr. PotatoHead

    Mr. PotatoHead일 전

    Are you French Canadian

  79. jellyDart

    jellyDart일 전

    Pokimane is a cute egg. Saved you a whole mins.

  80. Khor Crazy

    Khor Crazy일 전

    Confirmed your Asian

  81. Khor Crazy

    Khor Crazy일 전

    Less subs than Lachlan but gets more views Just proves your better

  82. Both Both

    Both Both일 전

    poki gets uglier but thiccer

  83. Murdu

    Murdu일 전

    both of my parents took a dna test and they both are 100% finnish... so i'm 100% finnish too lol

  84. Yodi Ardianto

    Yodi Ardianto일 전

    now i want to take a test too

  85. christopher hampton

    christopher hampton일 전

    I love you pokimane

  86. Pulsar GD

    Pulsar GD일 전

    pokimane:sardinniaa i dont know how to say that me: srysly?

  87. adam makled

    adam makled일 전

    Poki you're so cute

  88. itsMakzLele

    itsMakzLele일 전

    we knew u were everything.

  89. SEKER CE

    SEKER CE일 전

    She's so cute when she's talking in French Omg 😍😍😍 Ly poki

  90. RioT DOOMraider

    RioT DOOMraider일 전

    I love u poki

  91. Boundless Atilier

    Boundless Atilier일 전

    What's Kendrick Lamar's DNA?

  92. Worst Gengu

    Worst Gengu일 전

    Arabian ? I dont think so :c

  93. David Kanyaru

    David Kanyaru일 전

    OMD I am African

  94. Ortho Mart

    Ortho Mart일 전

    The Spanish/Portuguese is likely due to berbers (morroccans) colonizing Spain and Portugal for a couple hundred years in the 1300s or so

  95. Space Bro

    Space Bro일 전

    Dun dun dun DUN

  96. BUCK2TH

    BUCK2TH일 전

    Didnt see that coming

  97. Jacob Noh

    Jacob Noh일 전

    r u korean?

  98. JB Alob

    JB Alob일 전

    @6:21 look at that arm

  99. Lucid boat

    Lucid boat일 전

    So does polo get a n pass

  100. ghost craft

    ghost craft일 전

    Waiiiit so pokis black? She can say the n word we’re doomed

  101. IBECOOLGUY Tahirou

    IBECOOLGUY Tahirou일 전

    You’re French

  102. Matin Tat

    Matin Tat일 전

    Im iranian 😁

  103. Marfy

    Marfy일 전

    I just want some Poki ASMR