Is Netflix STILL Worth It?



    WatchMojo.com22 일 전

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  2. Gaming Alpha 101

    Gaming Alpha 1012 일 전

    Only for Disnenchantment.

  3. astrothunder

    astrothunder2 일 전

    Netflix is by far the best streaming service. Not even close

  4. Maha Hamdi

    Maha Hamdi3 일 전

    i and my friend have an account, many shows and movies aren't available on Netflix in my country though they're supposed to be on Netflix and now there are Amazon, Disney, HBO, hulu,... i think I'm gonna go back to piracy

  5. Bailey Henderson

    Bailey Henderson3 일 전

    Disney is wanting to save theaters and cable we need balanced industries if we let bisness supremacy get too bad we won't have a public system only private

  6. Michael Emery

    Michael Emery3 일 전

    On user experience, you forgot to mention the obnoxious auto-play previews that have you scrambling for the volume control every time the menu is up.

  7. Aleksandr Barsov

    Aleksandr Barsov3 일 전

    Hi...😁👍like end registration👍😎👍☁️☀️☁️🌈💐💐💐💐💐

  8. Father Vlogs

    Father Vlogs3 일 전

    Did watch mojo just pronounce Hulu as hooloo?

  9. Father Vlogs

    Father Vlogs3 일 전

    I think I actually enjoy 5% of their content

  10. Tim Dillon

    Tim Dillon3 일 전

    in Canada its starting to suck

  11. specter2205

    specter22054 일 전

    Blockbuster would have died without Netflix.

  12. Matthew Family

    Matthew Family4 일 전

    I still like netflix but I'll check out disney +

  13. Aesir Woden

    Aesir Woden6 일 전

    Nope... it sure IS NOT worth it, nor has it EVER been worth a sub... garbage they stack their line up with more, NOT better programming. TRASH site, with TRASH content. You're wasting your money.

  14. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar9 일 전

    Don’t watch the video the answer is yes because I’m on the platform

  15. Dpain Mhrzn

    Dpain Mhrzn9 일 전

    The Irishman is there. Marriage story is coming soon. Dark as a series is really underrated. So yes with some little issues here and there Netflix is still worth it .

  16. The walking dead Seasons 9 and 10

    The walking dead Seasons 9 and 1012 일 전

    Yes Netflix is still worth it

  17. The Golden Child

    The Golden Child13 일 전

    I only have Netflix cuz of stranger things

  18. Vin#S#RACE

    Vin#S#RACE13 일 전

    Netflix is so bad that every time I watch a movie it has to change the pictures to try to fool me that new movies are on I've pretty much seen every movie I want to on it and the rest are in foreign languages I think I'd rather read a book and due to the picture changing it takes forever to find the movie that you haven't watched

  19. Sanu Kumar

    Sanu Kumar14 일 전

    Who got netflix ad 😝😛😛

  20. Remco F. Gerritsen

    Remco F. Gerritsen15 일 전

    YES Netflix is still worth it. Don't need to say more! PS: Go watch The Good Place, it's the PERFECT! I also love stand up comedy, so I am fine with it.

  21. janez priimkovic

    janez priimkovic13 일 전

    no its not, i canceled it 4 months ago, resubbed 2 weeks ago watched s2 of disenchantment,the king, final space s2, and thats about it, i'm better of by simply pirating shit

  22. Marion Hinzman

    Marion Hinzman16 일 전

    I want to say that the Redbox and then DVD kiosk machines I want made rental stores obsolete. I think that the rental machines definitely had a big part of it but I also think that the other half would be online streaming services. Crackle was the one I remember using before ever getting Netflix.

  23. Marion Hinzman

    Marion Hinzman16 일 전

    The layout of every app on Apple TV is just stupid. I have the Apple TV three and Netflix on Apple TV three is just stupid. Hulu is better on Apple TV three.

  24. Rasagnya Adithi

    Rasagnya Adithi16 일 전

    Also, they release entire season's episodes once, unlike the recently launched platforms

  25. karavian edit

    karavian edit17 일 전

    Who got a netflix ad?

  26. Ilya Byk

    Ilya Byk17 일 전

    Is there porn on Netflix?

  27. Lil’ Budd Light

    Lil’ Budd Light17 일 전

    I ditched Netflix after several days of realizing I would scroll for much more time looking for something to watch than I spent time watching something( usually reruns).

  28. The Wandering Aristotle

    The Wandering Aristotle17 일 전

    DisneyPlus still hasn't opened the classic 🦊 library.

  29. Noah - WatchMojo

    Noah - WatchMojo17 일 전

    The Wandering Aristotle when will i be allowed to watch ALIEN on disney+?? the people want to know!!

  30. The Wandering Aristotle

    The Wandering Aristotle17 일 전

    Is watchmojo still worth it?

  31. The Wandering Aristotle

    The Wandering Aristotle17 일 전

    Netflix - I'm still the king. Don't fuck with me.

  32. Drudley

    Drudley18 일 전

    Silly question.

  33. dodgers doon1130

    dodgers doon113019 일 전

    I haven't had Netflix in like 4 months, it's not worth it yet

  34. janez priimkovic

    janez priimkovic13 일 전

    its not

  35. black screen media

    black screen media19 일 전

    Anyone else notice they forgot to bring up how Netflix options are a all commercial free Hulu upcharges you to not have commercials

  36. Martin Horsky

    Martin Horsky19 일 전

    For me Netflix remains the best, thanks to Narcos, DC shows (except Legends of tommorow, that sucked), Marvel shows, although they arent gonna last there for too long, and all the NSFW animated shows

  37. Smok Biggarton

    Smok Biggarton19 일 전

    Now the battle begins...Welcome to the Streaming Wars

  38. Renate Roberts

    Renate Roberts19 일 전

    Why can't Netflix and Disney plus combine together

  39. Damarcus Harper

    Damarcus Harper17 일 전

    Because disney is more pg content Netflix isn't

  40. Heart2016 Sim

    Heart2016 Sim19 일 전

    To save you 7 minutes... It's not

  41. jonn mace

    jonn mace19 일 전

    Hulu is better. Netflix sucks!

  42. Lorenzo Mendoza

    Lorenzo Mendoza19 일 전

    You can't compete with Netflix.

  43. elmer flood

    elmer flood19 일 전

    One more price increase and I am long gone

  44. brett eger

    brett eger20 일 전

    Supernatural isnt on Netflix anymore