Is Coffee Good Or Bad For You? Hasan Investigates | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix


  1. Ethan

    Ethan9 시간 전

    we put coffee in every......Westeros...lmfao

  2. gula-gula getah sabah

    gula-gula getah sabah13 시간 전

    It seems to work with Dave Ghrol. So it must be alright FRESH POT!!!!

  3. Jeffry Syam

    Jeffry Syam일 전


  4. Phamily Phun

    Phamily Phun일 전

    I see you haven’t found the science of underpaid interns.

  5. Johnny Shields

    Johnny Shields2 일 전

    Netflix knows the truth about global warming but the lizards are suppressing it, jeffery epstein didnt kill hisself.

  6. chloe kruger

    chloe kruger3 일 전

    I hate the way his says coffee lmao

  7. Shalaya Kipp

    Shalaya Kipp4 일 전

    Hasan, I think you missed the whole peer-review process.

  8. Florance Kallon

    Florance Kallon6 일 전


  9. Florance Kallon

    Florance Kallon6 일 전


  10. Ronda Romero

    Ronda Romero7 일 전

    Well prepare for kidney stones. If you drink that much coffee most likely you'll have them when you're older. After you pass that first one let me know how you feel then. Like most our mothers told us "everything in moderation", that might be best, huh?

  11. J House

    J House8 일 전

    damnit Hasan... I came here for your scientifically, empirically researched answer!!! Still, I have gratitude for all other insights...

  12. Kaylen Dinesh Moodley

    Kaylen Dinesh Moodley8 일 전

    Imagine if he hits a zen mode after 100th cup like Fry from Futurama xD

  13. Himalaya

    Himalaya8 일 전

    Only coffee know🤣 is she is bad or good for you. Thats like your X.😂

  14. seokjinism cult

    seokjinism cult8 일 전

    i want him on a nescafé commercial

  15. seokjinism cult

    seokjinism cult8 일 전

    anything in excess is bad, ever since i started drinking a cup (or two max) of milk coffee everyday I haven't been able to get rid of that habit, I feel lethargic without it and get headaches. Ironically I began drinking it to get rid of sleepiness and headaches in the first place. I guess it does create an unhealthy dependency and i'm stuck in a vicious cycle.

  16. Juhi Rana

    Juhi Rana9 일 전

    This entire episode was: Hasan: "oh, I need more coffee" Me: yes Hasan, now me too 💔 Tempting coffee addicts like no other!

  17. Sheena Janson

    Sheena Janson9 일 전

    why the actual hell did I read coffee as college

  18. B Naylor

    B Naylor10 일 전

    Wake up people, any news story about how good coffee is for you is sponsored by Starbucks.

  19. B Naylor

    B Naylor10 일 전

    The sound is weird.

  20. Leo Wong

    Leo Wong10 일 전

    Then why Coffee in America is sucks man

  21. Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar12 일 전

    Welcome to Hasan Ruins Everything!

  22. One For All

    One For All12 일 전

    Man this guy can be a comedian 😂

  23. Alexander Larsson

    Alexander Larsson12 일 전


  24. Nanda Kumar

    Nanda Kumar12 일 전

    Good for you .., talking about it you are making money

  25. Lanita Grice

    Lanita Grice12 일 전

    Watching this at 10:30pm and by minute 6 I'm about to go make a pot of coffee - I don't care what the answer is, I just want some coffee!!!

  26. gito and mito

    gito and mito13 일 전

    Hmm chain lover anyone ?

  27. Arslan Tahir

    Arslan Tahir14 일 전

    Barely drank any coffee in the whole video... Whack!!

  28. mahesh134

    mahesh13414 일 전

    How did he even fall asleep, in the middle, with that much coffee?

  29. mahesh134

    mahesh13414 일 전

    Those ears though

  30. Mohammed Mohewer

    Mohammed Mohewer14 일 전


  31. grindelwalduniverse

    grindelwalduniverse14 일 전

    so... is coffee good or bad for you?

  32. Morgan VS The Internet

    Morgan VS The Internet14 일 전

    I fucking hate coffee but it’s the fastest way to get caffeine

  33. InstantChildBirth

    InstantChildBirth15 일 전

    they def sped up the video

  34. Ebby C

    Ebby C15 일 전

    I don't know which was funnier, Hasan, or the editing for this video😊.

  35. jolietamichal

    jolietamichal15 일 전

    I don't care what he's talking about. I'm just enjoying the sight of coffee.☕

  36. Zavier Kaiserian

    Zavier Kaiserian15 일 전

    "I am eighty percent hazelnut." You look it, too.

  37. jess3791

    jess379115 일 전

    That mic quality though

  38. Musawi

    Musawi15 일 전

    Drinking dense coffee in sleepy head may create hallucination. I've got twice.

  39. Jay Shah

    Jay Shah15 일 전

    I think Edgar wright directed this

  40. Ms So

    Ms So15 일 전

    I love coffee... And it makes me have to pee all day... But its so hard to give up.

  41. 1UpsForLife

    1UpsForLife15 일 전

    tl;dw: scientific papers about coffee's health benefits/detriments can be contradictory because scientists are pressured to come out with more papers more often, lowering the quality of their research overall.

  42. anavan7

    anavan715 일 전

    I like mine plain.

  43. DeeNe Stuff

    DeeNe Stuff16 일 전

    Hasan is soooooooooo cute

  44. hegmonster

    hegmonster16 일 전

    (whispers 'I love you')

  45. ammar Saboh

    ammar Saboh16 일 전

    I'm 80% hazelnut

  46. Romi

    Romi17 일 전

    Hassan’s comments are funnier and entertaining than the video itself sometimes

  47. Reem K

    Reem K17 일 전

    "I'm 80% hazelnut"

  48. Saad Shamsi

    Saad Shamsi17 일 전

    Hey @hasan, where can I pick up one of those dope Patriot act mugs?

  49. Deborah viner

    Deborah viner18 일 전

    doesn't matter i love coffee and am not giving it up until i have to .... the appocolypse maybe

  50. Afreen Alam

    Afreen Alam19 일 전

    He moves his hands so much because he used to be in the debate club! I do it a lot too hahaha

  51. Subha403

    Subha40319 일 전

    why does he give me Robert Downey Jr vibes ??

  52. Lauren

    Lauren20 일 전

    Hasan, you forgot the sock coffee filter

  53. Andrew Skipsey

    Andrew Skipsey21 일 전

    Hasan's personal favourite: the working poor.

  54. Subha

    Subha21 일 전


  55. mukund p

    mukund p21 일 전

    The problem isn't just the science, but also how the scientific results are misunderstood and reported by click/view crazy websites/news.

  56. Ishan Karma

    Ishan Karma21 일 전

    I'm not going to buy those "Patriot act" mugs!


    PANACHE21 일 전

    Tiolet are in U shape because size matters. If we make them a loop we have to make big loops and u will fall in it. Its easy for penis when you peeeee.

  58. The Insane Times

    The Insane Times22 일 전

    tea> coffee..

  59. Lord Scion

    Lord Scion22 일 전

    All the unnecessary transitions are really annoying, I wish they would just get to the point.

  60. Alejandra Reyes

    Alejandra Reyes22 일 전

    Interesting but misleading view of academia/research, unless it only considers quantitative and exact sciences, sciences - social scientist/scholar/professor/researcher writing, also urban planner, critical thinker, affordable housing advocate, etc. Academia and universities increasingly for profit agendas are the root cause of our need to publish to, quite literally, survive in academia. Yet, particularly white male egos in ivy league/type universities, who just want promotion and recognition also partly to blame. As you might expect, women of color in academia, exactly opposite side of the same coin - we publish less, earn less...

  61. mismamari

    mismamari22 일 전

    That pour-over montage is 👌🏻👌🏻 👌🏻 ! Hasan should do a mini-ep with Adam Conover of Adam Ruins Everything--they can clearly ruin more things together. 😂