iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!


  1. David Huang

    David Huang17 분 전

    If you need a phone to text, email, internet browse and do basic smartphone things, this is fine.

  2. Hao Huynh

    Hao Huynh5 시간 전

    I had an s8 plus with 1440p screen amoled so it will take a while to get used to it.

  3. Mr_Rendulic 123

    Mr_Rendulic 1236 시간 전

    Dont know should i get for christmas a iphone xr, note 9 or samsung 10e. Do samsung phones lag after 2 years?

  4. Gacah Døødle

    Gacah Døødle14 시간 전

    Which on should I get yellow or blue

  5. Desert King Enterprises

    Desert King Enterprises15 시간 전

    XR is the version of iPhone 8 Plus, shape like 10

  6. Molestable Greek

    Molestable Greek21 시간 전

    Markass Brownlee

  7. Abdul Aden

    Abdul Aden일 전

    Ip67 and ip68 there is no freaking difference plus apple doesn’t cover any water damage so again these ratings are honest to god meaningless

  8. Lily Donlon

    Lily Donlon일 전

    I recently got the iPhone XR and I love it ❤️



    I am watching this with an huwei p20 lite and im upgrading to the xr real soon... Btw my phone is trash, i hate android, i got it as a gift and had to use it because my other phone broke. Fuck...

  10. JoJo !

    JoJo !20 시간 전

    You should be thankful someone gifted you a phone. You sound ungrateful.

  11. sabbottart

    sabbottart일 전

    It can't photograph an object? That's the deal breaker right there.

  12. Vincent Jackson

    Vincent Jackson일 전

    Great presentation! I’ll keep my iPhone 8 Plus. The XR seems like a downgrade. What do you think?

  13. Zion Israel

    Zion Israel일 전

    I just purchased XR

  14. Nije A

    Nije A일 전

    Kindly slow in loading apps from my view

  15. visionary noah

    visionary noah일 전

    watching from an iPhone 4 can anyone pitch in money $20 a person cashapp $visionarynoah thank you i barely could watch this video

  16. Miguel Corral

    Miguel Corral일 전

    I´m upgrading from an iPhone 7 so this is a big improvement for me. And it´s really worth the $750.

  17. Abrar Soudagar

    Abrar Soudagar일 전

    Lets just accept it. Bezels are hideous so is XR

  18. pastoes

    pastoes2 일 전

    love how this guy almost has more subscribers than apple itself

  19. Mave ToSubstance

    Mave ToSubstance2 일 전

    ahhhhw thats hot really nice video btw

  20. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez2 일 전

    I watched this video on my XR and it worked fine guys

  21. Anthony V.G.S

    Anthony V.G.S2 일 전

    The red is a nice colour to go with the smartphone, and reminds me of a (fruit...) apple since the type of phone is an Apple and the colour is red!

  22. Jaz

    Jaz2 일 전

    And here i am with an iphone 5s :)

  23. GLitched

    GLitched2 일 전

    Lol im watching this on an iPhone se



    My dad bought this for me yesterday, it costs more than $1000 here in the philippines,

  25. 25ACP CJ

    25ACP CJ2 일 전

    Watching on iPhone XR Where is my iPhone XR gang ?

  26. Roshan Lungeli Magar

    Roshan Lungeli Magar2 일 전

    I m coming again and again to hear the intro music of this particular review video😂🤣

  27. Barock Dobama

    Barock Dobama2 일 전

    Let's be clear here, this guy obviously gets sponsored by apple. Reviews samsung and just points out all the negatives and minor flaws the whole video. Reviews iPhones and talks about how he likes the color for 3 minutes. Not the best channel to get honest reviews on androids.

  28. Thorgrim_Grudgebearer

    Thorgrim_Grudgebearer17 시간 전

    Android lover saltyyyy

  29. Niz Tube

    Niz Tube2 일 전

    Reading all of ur comments in iphone 6😂

  30. Edgar Gil

    Edgar Gil3 일 전

    Who’s else is watching this video with an iPhone 4 🤔😂

  31. midniteryder

    midniteryder3 일 전

    Now i upgraded from iphone 7+ to xs max, but i still had have my 7+, is it worth upgrading to xr?

  32. thecreatorj

    thecreatorj3 일 전

    I’ve had iPhones since the iPhone 4 and I just recently went to the XR from my 8+ because I couldn’t really justify dropped 250$ on a down payment compared to just 70$ for the XR with how little the differences are in my daily use and all I can say is I love it

  33. Coconut

    Coconut3 일 전


  34. Gabby Schiller

    Gabby Schiller3 일 전

    I can’t wait to get my XR my 5s has officially died so I’m excited to get a phone again!😂

  35. Marsha Finesse Eating Good

    Marsha Finesse Eating Good3 일 전

    Great review

  36. 23JWilk

    23JWilk3 일 전

    great video:)

  37. Glitter Slime

    Glitter Slime3 일 전

    This phone is great if you’re upgrading from a device without 3D Touch like the iPhone SE or the 6 but once you get use to 3D Touch from using a Apple device with 3D Touch I wouldn’t be able to switch 😴

  38. Julissa Carrero

    Julissa Carrero3 일 전


  39. Julissa Carrero

    Julissa Carrero3 일 전

    I’m watching on a iPhone 8 plus

  40. Aidid Rashed Efat

    Aidid Rashed Efat4 일 전

    Apple is an extraordinary company that values quality over features. Apple likes to provide a quality product instead of a phone full of useless features.

  41. JonnieJaded

    JonnieJaded4 일 전

    You can manual focus in portrait mode by tapping & holding the screen.

  42. Mr.J

    Mr.J4 일 전

    You can swipe down at bottom and lower the top.

  43. Murak68

    Murak684 일 전

    Well spoken and presented video; thank you!

  44. Midnight Nineties

    Midnight Nineties4 일 전

    xr is bullshit. Apple is shady for putting this out. What a ripoff. Horrible screen quality and sound.

  45. Radovakos

    Radovakos4 일 전

    I bought the XR for 2 months now , and I am very happy with it , Its good size , good screen , is really fast , I can keep 2 sim cards , is very beutiful to look at it . Is just the best

  46. victor rosario

    victor rosario4 일 전

    God damn, I think it's time for me to upgrade my iPhone 3GS.

  47. Bbygabrie

    Bbygabrie4 일 전

    I’m getting mine tomorrow:))

  48. Cyka CheekiBreeki

    Cyka CheekiBreeki4 일 전

    Think about it. You can get Android phones which are more powerful, better build and look like a 2019 phone for less.

  49. tommy brockman

    tommy brockman5 일 전

    But if it’s so close to the 8 is it really an upgrade from it then? Lol

  50. Amber Luna

    Amber Luna5 일 전

    I have the 8 plus so I have about a year till I can upgrade🤷🏽‍♀️

  51. Cyka CheekiBreeki

    Cyka CheekiBreeki4 일 전

    *till apple slows it down.

  52. Kehinde Ogunseitan

    Kehinde Ogunseitan5 일 전

    1:47 THE Phone colour matched with the chair. (CHEESY BUT TRUE).

  53. yeehaw

    yeehaw5 일 전

    The only thing putting me off spending so much on this phone is the lack of home button, idk I just love the home button and feel I’d be lost without it, but I want the upgrade :(

  54. Genesis Contreras

    Genesis Contreras5 일 전

    I'm watching this in my iPhone 6s who else?

  55. Graeme Sorrell

    Graeme Sorrell5 일 전

    I chose this over the XS/XS Max. No regrets. It’s better balanced in the hand.

  56. Cyka CheekiBreeki

    Cyka CheekiBreeki4 일 전

    But it looks like it came from 2016. And that's bad since the XS looks outdated.

  57. Jarrett

    Jarrett5 일 전

    Bro I freaked when I saw The Incredible True Story vinyl that's so dope. My favorite Logic album and I'm a huge fan of Logic even got a tattoo. Also your cameras and lighting is absolutely stunning, great graphics too. I stumbled upon it just looking for more information before buying an XR. Subbed 👏

  58. Telluride

    Telluride6 일 전


  59. zantiagoshock

    zantiagoshock6 일 전

    I got the iPhone 5c

  60. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim6 일 전

    Im upgrading to an iphone xr from a blackberry soooo.....noone can tell me that its a bad phone

  61. Cyka CheekiBreeki

    Cyka CheekiBreeki4 일 전



    CASH ZALO6 일 전


  63. Colin Gordon

    Colin Gordon6 일 전

    I have a 7 plus! Is it worth upgrading to the 10 XR?

  64. nabeel atheeq

    nabeel atheeq6 일 전

    Does XR support 4g?

  65. Liam Hollingworth

    Liam Hollingworth6 일 전

    drop off u nwo shill

  66. Satyam Pradhan

    Satyam Pradhan6 일 전

    I downgraded from a X to a XR. Due to its sheer perfect size and I kind prefer the LCD to the OLED display.

  67. Kerim Grozny

    Kerim Grozny6 일 전

    Apple is the most stupid company ever existed.

  68. Osvaldo T

    Osvaldo T6 일 전

    Almost everything is down graded but the only thing to worry about is the vessel 🤔🤭😂

  69. Oedrey Canonizado

    Oedrey Canonizado6 일 전

    I just got the xr! I got blue. It’s such a good phone coming from a person who used a galaxy note 4 for like 3 years

  70. BlueAriel

    BlueAriel7 일 전

    *I’m to broke to buy one so I just watch people have them*

  71. T immy

    T immy7 일 전

    I Think The Camera For 10S is more better than IPhone XR Because IPhone XR has a greenier screen that doesn’t attract much people from using the camera mode but both of them still looks great as long as they keep the 3D Touch.

  72. Ntc Call

    Ntc Call7 일 전

    fuck iPhone coz when instal any applications want charge iTunes . really fucking phone . ~~~°•

  73. It’s Kams

    It’s Kams7 일 전

    I literally just got the yellow xr and I love it. I’ve wanted this phone for a really long time.

  74. akshay.dubai

    akshay.dubai7 일 전

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its rewind time if i could control rewind i like fortnite and Marques browlee

  75. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim6 일 전

    Ahhhhh, thats hot, thats hot

  76. J Dizzle

    J Dizzle7 일 전

    upgraded from an SE to an XR today! It’s awesome!

  77. Xtramicticol Playz

    Xtramicticol Playz7 일 전

    Really: this is what you wanted

  78. Drawde

    Drawde7 일 전

    I’m gonna upgrade from a 5S so I think it’s definitely worth it 😂

  79. Ife J

    Ife J8 일 전

    Can you give one of these out? Please 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

  80. Necmo Gamer

    Necmo Gamer8 일 전

    Upgraded from a note 9 to xr. The liquid retina display focking amazing

  81. the annoying guardian

    the annoying guardian8 일 전

    cant wait till i get one

  82. echo gameing52

    echo gameing528 일 전

    So this is my first iPhone still if I’m stay with apple but it a good phone but it does get hot fairly fast

  83. Jody Engelhard

    Jody Engelhard8 일 전

    I own 7, and dad owns XR the displays are close though.

  84. only cinema

    only cinema8 일 전

    Any person can he give me i phone

  85. Zeinab Bazzi

    Zeinab Bazzi8 일 전

    I don’t get the whole thing about 3D touch tbh

  86. Hexy

    Hexy8 일 전

    I have an 8+ going to an XR. I’m mainly going for the Internals because the display for me is fine, and I don’t have LTE so I’m good

  87. TIDE

    TIDE8 일 전

    Is this what you wanted?

  88. Nader_Hany11

    Nader_Hany119 일 전

    I’m still happy with my 6s 😉

  89. VOID SNiP3z

    VOID SNiP3z9 일 전

    I’ve been using an iPhone 6 since launch in 2014 so every downside of the XR is an good thing for me because I didn’t even have what ever that downside was on my iPhone 6. So that being said, I’m in love with my XR (Product Red)

  90. Emmett Ace

    Emmett Ace9 일 전

    Still using a 7+ currently. Thinking this might be the one for me. Don’t really want to spend $1k or more for a phone anymore.

  91. Lester Molester

    Lester Molester9 일 전

    Is this phone better than the iPhone SE ?

  92. TB 12

    TB 129 일 전

    My iPhone 6 still is doing me right 😆

  93. Aj Madrigal

    Aj Madrigal9 일 전

    It should be called the iPhone Xc

  94. Imran Ahmed

    Imran Ahmed9 일 전

    the bezels are very annoying. Sold my Xr and got a note 9

  95. Davion B

    Davion B9 일 전

    I have the XR from the 6 and I love it tbh

  96. Johnryan Lanorio

    Johnryan Lanorio10 일 전

    This is an in your face video for that unboxing guy. 😅🤙🏼✌🏼

  97. DARIS

    DARIS10 일 전

    Looks like 8

  98. Mike Dancy

    Mike Dancy10 일 전

    iPhone Xr is the iphone 5c of the new generation..

  99. Falco Lombardi

    Falco Lombardi9 일 전

    Mike Dancy its actually pretty good. I just picked one up today.

  100. Kevin Roa

    Kevin Roa10 일 전

    I bought one yesterday. Seems like a good upgrade to me. Thanks for the review.

  101. Ben Renouf

    Ben Renouf10 일 전

    1:53 the'res TITS in the frame... ;)

  102. Kabira Riderite

    Kabira Riderite10 일 전

    Yellow is better

  103. Erick Coffee

    Erick Coffee10 일 전

    I hAve the 7 Plus but I can’t upgrade till May :(

  104. Đatt person Herë

    Đatt person Herë11 일 전

    I’ll stick with my iPhone 8+

  105. Chris0652

    Chris065211 일 전

    Your camera is soooo good



    want a small iphone? GET AN SE

  107. Jared Liwag

    Jared Liwag11 일 전


  108. Etem Ozdemir

    Etem Ozdemir11 일 전

    Hi! I know your busy but I wanna know that 8PLUS OR XR which is better. I wanna buy one of them for my WIFE for VALENTİNE S DAY. It will be the first time to step in APPLE world for her. I want her to be pleasured with apple. Which should i buy. PLEASE HELP...