iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!


  1. Madalyn Miles

    Madalyn Miles8 시간 전

    And here I am with my crappy iPhone 5 😂

  2. Merijn Jochems

    Merijn Jochems11 시간 전

    ey lamp

  3. ram r

    ram r12 시간 전

    Yeah but compare this to the oneplus 7 and the oneplus 7 wins by miles for the same price.

  4. Lujain Eletr

    Lujain Eletr12 시간 전

    I’m upgrading from 5s to XR and I’m confused some youtubers say it’s bad and some it’s fine and some it’s good so I wanna know should I buy it because when I was going to buy it I saw the “trade in” price instead of the real price which is 250$ difference and my dad added 250$ more to buy it to me so I don’t think he’ll add 250$, so is it worth it or not?

  5. Jahid Sarkar

    Jahid Sarkar12 시간 전

    You changed my point of view...I thought it is the worst apple ever made....but now I wanna get it..👍👍

  6. Dolphinasd Gaming

    Dolphinasd Gaming19 시간 전

    I’m good with my iPhone SE. it’s still fast for everyday use.

  7. Pkboss

    Pkboss21 시간 전

    *At price of this XR oneplus launched a fully fledged Flaghsip Oneplus 7 Proo* 😂😂😂

  8. Δrca Baran

    Δrca Baran일 전

    Watching this on a XR... half a year later.

  9. thymmai syiem

    thymmai syiem일 전

    My android phone has no 3d touch, so i downloaded "X Launcher New" launcher from play store... BOOM!!! Now my phone has 3d touch now.

  10. thymmai syiem

    thymmai syiem일 전

    I'm using Samsung galaxy c9 pro (please don't laugh). Marques, please throw me 1 XR please 😁

  11. Dylan Jackson

    Dylan Jackson일 전

    i t s r e a l l y f i n e

  12. Accidentally Genius

    Accidentally Genius일 전


  13. Hendrix Rlst

    Hendrix Rlst일 전

    Should i get the X or the Xr

  14. TY

    TY2 일 전

    i always found 3d touch to be extremely annoying. i just got my XR and so far i’m in love with it

  15. TradJay

    TradJay2 일 전

    Upgrade to Samsung s8+ to nothing (Got broken screen was all green) to IPhone XR 64 Gigabytes white

  16. Ellie E.

    Ellie E.2 일 전

    Lol I just bought this today.... upgraded from an android and IM ABSOLUTELY SHOOK! great phone!

  17. Erick Aldana

    Erick Aldana일 전

    What color did you get

  18. AmiDoesStuff

    AmiDoesStuff2 일 전

    Upgraded from the 6 to a XR. best decision ever.


    DARINBOMY2 일 전

    I have not seen anyone using this phone.

  20. Cameron Schmit

    Cameron Schmit2 일 전

    that 3d touch is a deal-breaker for me. Iphones let you pressure touch on the keyboard to move the cursor around. You don't have to try and peck at the word you misspelled a paragraph ago.

  21. this is chris

    this is chris2 일 전


  22. gamers roadbusters 360

    gamers roadbusters 3602 일 전

    I got this phone 2 days ago. Upgraded from the Samsung J7 prime.

  23. Joshua Marinn

    Joshua Marinn3 일 전

    Just got the xr 2 mouths ago

  24. Nicole Horlacher

    Nicole Horlacher3 일 전

    i still have an iphone se😭 but i’m saving up for this phone!

  25. 80KG_Awesomeness

    80KG_Awesomeness16 시간 전

    same here

  26. Justice 2017

    Justice 20173 일 전

    I have the X and I’ve always used True Tone and when I take it off my eyes don’t like regular mode it looks blue

  27. JessePlayz

    JessePlayz3 일 전

    Definitely get a case if your getting the XR because it’s glass is really slippery and you don’t want to drop a crack this beast

  28. JessePlayz

    JessePlayz3 일 전

    Upgraded from 16 gb iPhone SE to iPhone XR 128 gb. Amazing phone would definitely recommend it

  29. Garden Tradd

    Garden Tradd3 일 전

    Just upgraded from the 6s to the Xr! They couldn’t tempt me with 7, 8, X, etc... Didn’t HAVE to have the new bells and whistles. Then they offered a slightly larger phone that wasn’t plus/stupid big, the longest battery life, and COLOR?! I’m in, the coral is dreamy. Was comparing it to my co-workers Xs and he was having a little bit of buyer’s remorse. Would have easily taken the option to save the money.

  30. Preying Mantra

    Preying Mantra4 일 전

    2:41 a lear case!!

  31. LanceAriel Channel

    LanceAriel Channel4 일 전

    My beautiful gf will have her iphone soon,💓

  32. Brad Bozarth

    Brad Bozarth4 일 전

    I just got the XR In Red

  33. Ryan Baird

    Ryan Baird4 일 전

    There is so many androids with better cameras than iPhone... we just don't buy them because girls don't like Androids😂



    Why youre defending this bullshit

  35. Shreyansh Kumar

    Shreyansh Kumar4 일 전

    Guys i have $700. Which one should i get IPhone x IPhone xr S10 S10e Or some other phone

  36. Tinashe Viriri

    Tinashe Viriri3 일 전

    Xr definitely

  37. Trickshot Master

    Trickshot Master5 일 전

    Just got a blue one today

  38. Ayan

    Ayan5 일 전

    S8 gang

  39. Nosuman Risuman

    Nosuman Risuman5 일 전

    Seems a better deal than the X. In terms of cost.

  40. CharlieHolms64 Official

    CharlieHolms64 Official5 일 전

    How much does it cost rn??

  41. Roshan Akther

    Roshan Akther5 일 전

    About camera 06.39😇

  42. Ruby C

    Ruby C5 일 전

    I have completely stopped myself from watching all these phone reviews after I got my OP 6 last year, was really happy with it, didn't think of getting a new phone until some scum stole it from me. I'm literally without any smartphone rn, all this new phones being released is really overwhelming, don't really know which one to get now.

  43. sowmya

    sowmya5 일 전

    Upgrade from SE to X ... what do u say?


    DARINBOMY2 일 전

    Buy s10plus camera is amazing

  45. Lopa Mudra

    Lopa Mudra5 일 전


  46. Willem Sætrevik

    Willem Sætrevik5 일 전

    1:43 The chair is the same colour than the phone lol

  47. Almighty Supreme

    Almighty Supreme6 일 전

    I need 3D touch

  48. Oticz

    Oticz6 일 전

    Wait is this the guy will smith mentioned in KOreporter rewind

  49. Red Kings

    Red Kings2 일 전

    Yup markass brownie

  50. Funes

    Funes6 일 전

    Watching this on s10e 😴

  51. Khalil Linden

    Khalil Linden6 일 전

    I'm watching this on my new Red iPhone XR

  52. Andy Wang

    Andy Wang6 일 전

    Why there are so many people watching this video and buying xr after S10e is already out and many other great phone with less money

  53. s.chandra mohan reddy

    s.chandra mohan reddy6 일 전

    Didn't review about dual sim special feature in iphone XR

  54. NRstudio MusicX

    NRstudio MusicX6 일 전

    I have a iPhone 7 plus and um planning on going for a upgrade but i don’t to what to get....XR or XS Max.?🤔

  55. Ultra Instinct Boi

    Ultra Instinct Boi5 일 전

    NRstudio MusicX same I also have a 7+ I prefer the xr but it’s up to you

  56. Fatih Aydin

    Fatih Aydin6 일 전

    Iphone XC

  57. QWERTY J

    QWERTY J7 일 전

    I’ve seen this video with my xr red

  58. Alibeth

    Alibeth7 일 전

    I just got the blue XR. I love it but I miss the 3D Touch. I used it a lot.

  59. Brandi Sisk

    Brandi Sisk7 일 전

    Got my iPhone XR in blue 3 weeks ago and I love it! I came from an iPhone 6

  60. Brandon Cain

    Brandon Cain7 일 전

    That Logic album cover around 1:00 ayeee

  61. Ryeric1

    Ryeric17 일 전

    I understand OLED displays are better, but Apple's IPS LCD screens aren't that bad.

  62. Mohit Garg

    Mohit Garg7 일 전

    Upgraded from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 to iPhone XR. iOS really is more beautiful AND the Camera is awesome!

  63. Rani Elrayes

    Rani Elrayes7 일 전

    I'm getting the red iPhone XR soon and I'm so excited. It's gonna be a good upgrade from my iPhone 8 which is already out of storage.

  64. Oticz

    Oticz6 일 전

    Rani Elrayes you spoilt fuck

  65. Gabriel De Leon

    Gabriel De Leon8 일 전

    Copyrighted and Demonetized videoooo... YEY

  66. Mort Nadeem

    Mort Nadeem8 일 전

    Hi Marques! I’ve noticed that my 256gb XR has a brighter and richer colored screen compared to my friends’ lower storage XRs. Is there any real reason for this?

  67. Jimmy Vien

    Jimmy Vien6 일 전

    That shouldn’t be possible. Maybe you/your friends have different display settings like True Tone enabled/disabled etc etc that could change how the display looks?

  68. Tony Johansson

    Tony Johansson8 일 전

    Always levelheaded rewiews 😀👍

  69. Javier Avila

    Javier Avila8 일 전

    Why would one panic ? It’s just a phone.

  70. No You

    No You9 일 전


  71. CoolDudeRox Go browns

    CoolDudeRox Go browns9 일 전

    I have an iPhone 6s currently but I just ordered the iPhone Xr... I cant wait!!!

  72. Jimmy Vien

    Jimmy Vien6 일 전

    Romeo Garay I also got the Red XR around December!

  73. Romeo Garay

    Romeo Garay6 일 전

    CoolDudeRox Go browns I had a 6s as well and just got my XR today in Product(RED)... loving it so far!!

  74. Libby Z.G.

    Libby Z.G.9 일 전

    This is the greatest review thank u

  75. Natural Titanium

    Natural Titanium9 일 전

    MKBHD my problem with this phone's screen is in fact that resolution. I mean by that, you always want the right things for your money. And actually, even a 300$ phone has better resolution. Here, you can not even watch a KOreporter video in full resolution for 750 bucks! Man, otherwise it'll have been an almost perfect iPhone (from my point of view), even if I generally never buy iPhones

  76. mahmoud mokhles

    mahmoud mokhles9 일 전

    just curious if these specs were on an android phone what would you say ,of course you are gonna say its useless garbage

  77. ben ordonez

    ben ordonez9 일 전

    Watching on XR

  78. thetruereality

    thetruereality9 일 전

    4:11 people did complain about that my friend.

  79. Jared’s Little Vault

    Jared’s Little Vault9 일 전

    I'm considering upgrading from the iPhone 7 (not the plus, but the actual iPhone 7) to the XR.

  80. Jared’s Little Vault

    Jared’s Little Vault7 일 전

    Kristian Colonna I mean, if there's going to be a new XR than in that case I would buy it.

  81. Kristian Colonna

    Kristian Colonna7 일 전

    +Jared’s Little Vault the new xr is still gonna be 750. And you get one more year of support dual cameras etc

  82. Jared’s Little Vault

    Jared’s Little Vault7 일 전

    Kristian Colonna The new models are probably going to be more than a 1,000 dollars. I prefer buying an XR instead.

  83. Kristian Colonna

    Kristian Colonna7 일 전

    I'd say wait till september to the new one.

  84. ErrorAlerted

    ErrorAlerted9 일 전

    Watching this on my XR

  85. Animesh Jain

    Animesh Jain9 일 전

    Hey Marques. I have the iPhone 6s. Should I buy XR as an upgrade. Thanks

  86. Animesh Jain

    Animesh Jain6 일 전

    Romeo Garay Thanks Romeo. Will look forward in getting it.

  87. Romeo Garay

    Romeo Garay6 일 전

    Animesh Jain dude go for it, just got my XR today in Product(RED) and I’m loving it. I had a 6s as well, I sent it to Apple for their trade in program and I will get a refund for $200

  88. DrSlope

    DrSlope8 일 전

    No! Wait fot the new iPhones upcoming this year ! And prices of iPhoneXS will go a bit down

  89. Mega t

    Mega t9 일 전

    10 november is my birthday

  90. Shamari R

    Shamari R10 일 전

    What camera do u use to record KOreporter vids

  91. Oscar Castellanos

    Oscar Castellanos10 일 전

    Upgraded from a 6s for 4 years and I’m so blown away by this device

  92. Insert Name

    Insert Name10 일 전

    Upgrading from s5 to xr. Binging xr videos to know what to expect in 2 days

  93. Milani Jordan

    Milani Jordan10 일 전

    Updated from my first phone android to iPhones me X-R !!!!!!!!!

  94. Nostalgia

    Nostalgia10 일 전

    Do people really watch movies on their phone?

  95. criptan Studios

    criptan Studios10 일 전

    Excellent review

  96. Bryan adams

    Bryan adams10 일 전

    I’m still on the iPhone 6s Plus lol


    IVX BUDDHA11 일 전

    I still have my iPhone 6s and next week getting the iPhone XR in black my favorite color!! So excited! I have had my iPhone 6s since it came out!


    SKD DINESH7 일 전

    And Y U Don't Like iPhone xr Red colour ?!


    SKD DINESH7 일 전

    Give me Your iPhone 6s ☹️😅

  100. Dan T

    Dan T11 일 전

    This phone is an absolute must for myself in short 3-D touch that was implemented first in the 6S actually makes me feel nauseous so since the release of the 6S I actually haven’t been able to upgrade anything higher than the SE! When I found out this phone did not have 3-D touch I immediately went out to buy it and I’ve had no problem since so for me this is a straight upgrade from the SE and you can imagine how happy I am! But anybody suffering with motion sickness or any kind of unwell feeling from an iPhone I strongly recommend trying one without 3D Touch after much investigation that is definitely what was causing my problem 👌

  101. Dass D

    Dass D11 일 전

    Until display Notch and camera Bump are gone i wouldnt go for an upgrade😩

  102. Typical Jamzs

    Typical Jamzs11 일 전

    Just upgraded from iphone 6 yo XR

  103. BrownTing K

    BrownTing K12 일 전

    I’m getting this phone in yellow 😍

  104. Art Hoe

    Art Hoe11 일 전

    BrownTing K same!! Mine is in the mail

  105. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick12 일 전

    hey im wanting to get a razor phone 2 and my mom wants to get an iphone so would it be good to get both?

  106. Zes

    Zes12 일 전

    wrg, no need to panic no matter what, no panicx etc for suchx, anyx, do things not panic things

  107. Rei Mici

    Rei Mici12 일 전


  108. Mohammad Shokry

    Mohammad Shokry12 일 전

    What. If im new to iphone, would you recommend the XR or should I go for the XS?

  109. Mr. Beso

    Mr. Beso12 일 전

    iPhone 8 at least has a 3-D touch

  110. Space Potato

    Space Potato13 일 전

    Just bought my iphone XR this week. Like if you have one.

  111. unkindhornat 774

    unkindhornat 77410 일 전

    Space Potato same

  112. Vasu Bamzai

    Vasu Bamzai13 일 전

    No 1080p? Cool! I’m watching this video on 360p(default) and its still fucking clear to me.

  113. Ryan Longo

    Ryan Longo13 일 전

    i actually liked my XR. i thought i would give it a try because i broke my GS8 and needed a new phone; but i actually prefer the samsung phones over the iphones. however...after few months with the samsung phone, i always say "i miss having a iphone"

  114. Jeremy Minter

    Jeremy Minter12 일 전

    Ryan Longo those were my thoughts exactly had a s9 then switched to the Xr great phone

  115. bookbearerplus

    bookbearerplus13 일 전

    Easily understood. Thanks.

  116. stamatis parthenis

    stamatis parthenis13 일 전

    what about X vs XR, ofc we know that xr is gonna be worse than xs

  117. Anonymous

    Anonymous13 일 전

    Does nobody know that 3D touch is extremely useful when you're typing? Lmao Literally nobody knows this feature.

  118. dariusss

    dariusss10 일 전

    You can just long press the space bar on the xr

  119. Anonymous

    Anonymous11 일 전

    @Art Hoe It's basically a fancy name for a pressure sensitive layer in the displays of iPhone 7, 8, X and Xs (Also their "Plus" versions) It has some useful features like the one I mentioned, but it does a little more than just that. If you have any of those iPhone models I mentioned, press hard on one of the apps on the home screen and a small menu will pop up. Then try it with different things like web links, photos on instagram etc. I find it most useful when typing though, because you can swipe across the keyboard to move the cursor, you can highlight text, copy & past etc. Just makes it a lot quicker.

  120. Art Hoe

    Art Hoe11 일 전

    What is the 3D Touch?

  121. BluelimpPIMP

    BluelimpPIMP12 일 전


  122. philp87

    philp8713 일 전

    You really looked like Solomon Kalou

  123. Yonatan Surujon

    Yonatan Surujon13 일 전

    i really love how you are so like.. calm and stuff...

  124. Sealion Brian

    Sealion Brian14 일 전

    I had the Samsung s8 plus and I miss it already. It’s must faster on mobile hotspot compared to iPhone XR takes longer time to load updates compared to Samsung. I wish I was notified. By the reviews from KOreporter but it seems like not too many people use mobile hotspot like me. I always have to reconnect to to find my WiFi connection on my laptop when my personal hotspot is already on in my X-r. XR Sucks!!!!! Samsung way better!!!! Faster stronger processor.

  125. UnAquatic Worm

    UnAquatic Worm14 일 전

    I got the XR today and I got the white and it looks very nice I recommend the white more than the others. This is just my opinion

  126. Nelson Ortiz

    Nelson Ortiz14 일 전

    Awesome video bro! :)

  127. Aiden Tapiz

    Aiden Tapiz14 일 전

    My brother went from an iPhone 6s to a red XR

  128. Aiden Tapiz

    Aiden Tapiz11 일 전

    K.A Faye it’s nice but I really love the blue

  129. K.A Faye

    K.A Faye11 일 전

    Aiden Tapiz the red looks so good irl eh?!