iPhone XR Review: No Need to Panic!


  1. Henry Chinaski

    Henry Chinaski2 시간 전

    "Mark Ass Brown Lee"- Will Smith

  2. Reece Krautkramer

    Reece Krautkramer3 시간 전

    Love the logic cd

  3. Stealth

    Stealth4 시간 전

    I have an iPhone XR I’m using it right now and honestly there feels like no difference. The price is honestly worth it so don’t complain until you try it

  4. ThatOneRandom Ginger

    ThatOneRandom Ginger11 시간 전

    Im still on my 5th generation iPod..

  5. Kevin O'Riordan

    Kevin O'Riordan12 시간 전

    Haha, couldn't plug DeBrand because of how shite a skin looks on the XR.


    SHOTGUN TUBE14 시간 전

    I need subscribers

  7. Kok Koka

    Kok Koka15 시간 전

    Yeah no need to buy......

  8. Don’t Mind Me

    Don’t Mind Me17 시간 전

    Marcas Brown

  9. SemiSolid Snake

    SemiSolid Snake일 전

    Marker Brownie

  10. bombastic styles

    bombastic styles일 전

    alright but how does the snapchat camera look on the xr cause if it ain't good then I'm not getting it

  11. Neimann Smith

    Neimann Smith일 전

    What's the intro music?

  12. Oliver Tchernack

    Oliver Tchernack일 전

    I just bought iPhone Xr for christmas and im comming from iphone 5s. Man I cant wait for unbox it. Everyone is talking about bad resolution and Im like wtf are those people talking about? Its fcking heaven to have this iphone :D Better this res than big web on 4 inches display on 5s :D

  13. John Freese

    John Freese일 전

    I’m also on a 5s

  14. ATMaui

    ATMaui일 전

    Dude it’s great right?? I just got one on cyber Monday and it’s so fast and the camera is amazing and the battery is legit legendary

  15. 袁辛亦

    袁辛亦일 전

    It’s ok,just enjoy it.

  16. mhyoung357

    mhyoung357일 전

    Thanks for the video.

  17. Taylor & An

    Taylor & An일 전

    I really hope next year apple decides to cut costs, and make a cheaper but still good quality iPhone for around 200-400

  18. Bobby

    Bobby일 전

    I love the coral one

  19. Cooking With Magy

    Cooking With Magy일 전

    So lovely XR but for me love iPhone X, XS...

  20. 심승욱

    심승욱일 전

    Your vidoes are so clear Nice to see

  21. MagicianBoss GT

    MagicianBoss GT일 전

    Nah bro i got XS Max Ur gonna say ur from where From abudhabi Okay no offense

  22. Crispy Muffins

    Crispy Muffins일 전

    I swear I would not even have considerd apple if my brother did not want, I am sincerly afraid for his well being at school with a phone not as popular as apple, but other then that apple can suck my balls.

  23. Rahma Harthy

    Rahma Harthy일 전

    Am I the only one who noticed the panic! At the disco reference?????

  24. TheVividKiWi

    TheVividKiWi일 전

    4:17 - Gotta love the incredible true story album from Logic

  25. christopher garcia

    christopher garcia일 전

    So which iPhone should I get

  26. Cameron Taylor

    Cameron Taylor일 전

    should i get the Iphone XR or XS

  27. Boots Chanel

    Boots Chanel2 일 전

    Still rocking the iPhone 6 Plus 100% working and only paid 199$

  28. random person scrolling the comments

    random person scrolling the comments2 일 전

    I dont care that its a LCD I just dont like how thicc the bezzels are Just minimize the bezzels and dont curve the display and i would buy it

  29. Sydnee Chesley

    Sydnee Chesley2 일 전

    So it’s basically an iPhone 8 but with a bigger screen and more colors?

  30. Roberto Cardenas

    Roberto Cardenas2 일 전

    Man dis dude loves muse don’t he....

  31. Roberto Cardenas

    Roberto Cardenas2 일 전

    The magnificent muse

  32. Re- NAH

    Re- NAH2 일 전

    yeah, we're i live the starting price is $1300... and i plan on spending $1500 for either the white or red 128GB... this helps alot... thanks :)

  33. ICan'tThinkOfAName

    ICan'tThinkOfAName2 일 전

    to be honest, I'm too poor for this.

  34. Randy Oblack

    Randy Oblack2 일 전

    New iphoen is very looking bad 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  35. ivanna zoe

    ivanna zoe2 일 전

    i love my xr but i really do miss the 3d touch :(

  36. Fudge Dredd

    Fudge Dredd2 일 전

    Color is pretty much irrelavant. Everyone puts a case on it.

  37. Ly Phan

    Ly Phan2 일 전

    The blue one is gorgeous that's all.

  38. Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar2 일 전

    Just buy Samsung 👍

  39. István Mező

    István Mező2 일 전

    You protecting the display density that iPhone 8 had the same. Is it really a good thing? saying that nobody was complaining about that screen several years ago, so why do you complain about it now ???? I dont know... maybe because several years have passed and smartphones have much better PPI for lot less than USD 750 +

  40. The average Guy

    The average Guy2 일 전

    Is it just me or MKB’s hair is tilted?

  41. Cha Mak

    Cha Mak2 일 전

    Thanks for posting a review with so much insight and easy to understand. It was very helpful. And you're super cute too so it was easy too watch 😀

  42. Moi As

    Moi As2 일 전

    Thinking about getting this one. Actually, thinking about switching from android so that this can be my first iPhone...

  43. Claudio Zamudio

    Claudio Zamudio2 일 전

    I just got this phone and damm I’m actually impressed

  44. Ryan Wagner

    Ryan Wagner2 일 전

    Your thumbs are soooo long

  45. shsleo

    shsleo3 일 전

    I think for people that is going to upgrade from iPhone 7 like me, the bezel will not be that big of a deal

  46. Adriann Fierro

    Adriann Fierro3 일 전

    iPhone Xspensive 🙄

  47. Keisya Cleine

    Keisya Cleine2 일 전


  48. Skeet Gielen

    Skeet Gielen3 일 전

    Ur thumbs r long.

  49. Owen Tseng

    Owen Tseng3 일 전

    XR is pretty good for its price I definitely think it's worth it

  50. Relavance

    Relavance3 일 전

    I just got the iPhone XR and I love it 🥰 way better than the XS max and cheaper

  51. addicted to you.

    addicted to you.3 일 전

    Iphone Xr is budget phone, people who are saying xr and x are the same are fucking stupid. I paid 1190 euro for the x 6 months ago, xr is like 700 euro? Use your brains people.

  52. T

    T3 일 전

    I’ve never seen your videos but they’re so aesthetically appealing, I’ll definitely watch more!

  53. TheDoujinArtist

    TheDoujinArtist3 일 전

    Have fun replacing the back glass the cheap way if your a clumsy bum who breaks glass like all the time.

  54. Charles Robinson

    Charles Robinson3 일 전

    Proud with my xr

  55. Tjocee

    Tjocee3 일 전

    Thanks for keeping it real and letting us know it’s a bit more slippery... no other video I’ve watched has mentioned it. 👍🏼👍🏼

  56. Deepinder Singh

    Deepinder Singh3 일 전

    i just got the iphine 8 ?

  57. Nomad

    Nomad3 일 전

    4:00 so u re basically telling us that it s ok to get stuck to such a bad resolution from 2012 just because i8 has the same resolution, and it s also ok to pay more than someone who would pay for an s9+ or p20 pro to have such a bad resolutioncompared to XR, even a 200$ phone have more, s9+ and p20pro have 1440p... what are we talking about???

  58. Nomad

    Nomad3 일 전

    But you know what else has a bigger pixel density than Iphone XR? Samsung Galaxy S4. Welcome to 2013 Apple! So why it's that expensive if it has such cheap materials, hmm i wounder why...

  59. Billy Horton

    Billy Horton3 일 전

    I love I love my black XR amazing phone.

  60. Lexxlr8 PS4

    Lexxlr8 PS43 일 전

    I like the logic cover art in there

  61. Bendew

    Bendew3 일 전

    Watching on iPhone XR

  62. Salsa Trouble

    Salsa Trouble3 일 전

    Everyone's talking about the phone but... WHAT ABOUT THAT FUCKING MUSE ALBUM EWWWWW

  63. Mr P

    Mr P4 일 전

    apple made a huge mistake on the x, xs & xs max. they should have build on the xr with the oled or 1080p screen. haptic touch seems promising. they should have also work on the single lens camera than the dual. majority does not give a damn about stainless steel construction.imo 6.1 screen is the sweet spot. tim crook just not the one to lead apple to their glory days. nonetheless, se is not gonna happen.

  64. Pen Apple

    Pen Apple4 일 전

    I’m using an XR to watch this video 🤔

  65. TheBrown_Husky

    TheBrown_Husky4 일 전

    OMG he sounds a little white

  66. boLTzxSh4d0w

    boLTzxSh4d0w4 일 전

    Asking this for my birthday I need it it seems like a amazing phone

  67. Wilt Chamberlain

    Wilt Chamberlain4 일 전

    Just got the XR today and I miss 3D touch already 😭

  68. Aisha Ali

    Aisha Ali4 일 전

    Wow ur rich

  69. Le Pourek

    Le Pourek4 일 전

    i love the fact that you see things crearly as they are and not their paper version that everyone keeps bothing about. i got an xs and planning to get the xr for my woman. you helped me quite a lot..

  70. Bowser

    Bowser4 일 전

    Getting mines Monday I got approved

  71. Mr. Creepz

    Mr. Creepz4 일 전

    I have a $200 phone that's better than this.

  72. Liquid.Dips-kun

    Liquid.Dips-kun4 일 전

    I'm literally fine with HD resolution and phone with LCD screen. The real problem for me is just GHOST TOUCH 😂

  73. 어치ツJay

    어치ツJay4 일 전

    Marques, I have a question. How do you screenshot basically? If my mom bought this... because my phone was too old..

  74. Swisscheeseoo7

    Swisscheeseoo74 일 전

    I like the blue 100%

  75. hifaz

    hifaz4 일 전

    iPhone x rubbish

  76. Kernal

    Kernal5 일 전

    I’m watching with mine right now😂😂

  77. حنين صرمة

    حنين صرمة5 일 전

    Just had mine today shade red

  78. assew weasa

    assew weasa5 일 전

    This guy again

  79. aigerim rakhatbekova

    aigerim rakhatbekova5 일 전

    Samsung note 9 or Iphone XR? Im confused🤔

  80. IMadeYouReadThis

    IMadeYouReadThis5 일 전

    Can’t afford these and don’t really like the iPhone X, I’m getting a iPhone 6s Plus

  81. - backwoods

    - backwoods5 일 전

    IMadeYouReadThis 6s is hella old tho lol

  82. Chihuahuaization Amelie

    Chihuahuaization Amelie5 일 전

    So it wouldn’t be good for eBay seller listings?

  83. Muhammed HASSAN

    Muhammed HASSAN5 일 전

    Man I have been watching you since 2017 my friend recommended your channel man you good 👍🏿

  84. s k

    s k5 일 전

    Rail color shows rails... blue color shows blue chair

  85. Dail 2606

    Dail 26065 일 전

    Just x? No z? Apple is so dum

  86. Ervin Fowlkes

    Ervin Fowlkes5 일 전

    You are very easy to lisen to and understand. It's a great gift.

  87. Rachel D

    Rachel D5 일 전

    Im coming from a Samsung Galaxy s9 plus cause i made the mistake of switching to Samsung

  88. Ali Shareef

    Ali Shareef5 일 전

    Galaxy note 9 ad before this 😂

  89. Valhalla

    Valhalla5 일 전

    I buy this phone xr ., well i can say after use ., there is no reaaon to buy it... nothing. You can get same or better for less money. And this phone tech are behind. I feel like shit., this phone is waste of money.

  90. Luis Bartolo

    Luis Bartolo5 일 전

    Is the iPhone 7 Plus better than the IPhone XR??

  91. OCOD OG

    OCOD OG5 일 전

    Garbage ass apple

  92. Al'wiz Lilkay Classicboy

    Al'wiz Lilkay Classicboy6 일 전

    IPhone xr it's over price, $843

  93. Brandon Tuck

    Brandon Tuck6 일 전

    Bro how come the new iPhone cost less the x itself or the x max

  94. Zimzimma

    Zimzimma5 일 전

    Brandon Tuck it’s not as good as the X. It was meant to be a “budget phone” apple brought out

  95. Pusheen VIII

    Pusheen VIII6 일 전

    It's like the iPhone version of the old MacBook Pro. The battery is superb, the screen is less "screeny" but is usable, and the mass majority of people will probably buy it.

  96. Edgar Ramirez A little bit of Everything.

    Edgar Ramirez A little bit of Everything.6 일 전

    I have the iPhone 7 plus is it worth it to upgrade it for this ?

  97. Baris Unalmis

    Baris Unalmis3 일 전

    Probs not

  98. Normal Person

    Normal Person6 일 전

    Ugh no the front it so easy to crack wtf dropped it from not even 2. Feet in the air n it cracked.

  99. Genji Shimada

    Genji Shimada6 일 전

    If I upgrade from a seven will I be happy? Or should I go for the XS?

  100. ReviewDay

    ReviewDay6 일 전


  101. Julian Asistio

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  102. Dis Tang

    Dis Tang6 일 전

    Who’s watching on an xr

  103. khagen bhattarai

    khagen bhattarai6 일 전

    flop phone of the year

  104. Dan C

    Dan C6 일 전

    Do you prefer Iphone Xr as your daily driver?

  105. monte379

    monte3796 일 전

    How much of an improvement would you say this is from the iPhone 6? I want to upgrade but it sounds weird that it can even hit 1080p! Maybe i'm hearing it wrong but does that mean I can't even watch KOreporter in 1080p when I can on my iPhone 6?

  106. Iam Ozair

    Iam Ozair6 일 전

    Lovely Phone. Gonna Buy it in RED

  107. Sello Tape

    Sello Tape7 일 전

    This guy listens to muse Nice

  108. Max Lockett

    Max Lockett7 일 전

    I have a blue XR it’s nice af