iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro - Apple Didn't Tell You Everything


  1. Jonathan Morrison

    Jonathan Morrison5 개월 전

    Giving away the iPhone 11 to random strangers! koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-AbuDm0C4vt0.html

  2. Laura Corbett

    Laura Corbett22 일 전

    Jonathan Morrison I want the IPhone 11 I'm gonna save my money for it

  3. Anon 5

    Anon 53 개월 전


  4. florenzia senna

    florenzia senna3 개월 전

    YES YES 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 iPhone 11 Pro Max LOVING THE #LUMIY LAMP OMGS!!!

  5. Louis King

    Louis King4 개월 전

    @Life with Sasha i got iphones fpd sale contact 5304970753

  6. Lil Bean

    Lil Bean23 시간 전

    I’m getting my pro max tmrw so excited 🥳

  7. Devin Caudle

    Devin Caudle일 전

    “All the megapickles”

  8. Allura Sonoroul

    Allura Sonoroul8 일 전

    At 1:52 *_M E G A P I C K L E S_*

  9. Thisaccountwilldiein1 _robloxplayer

    Thisaccountwilldiein1 _robloxplayer13 일 전

    1:51 mega pickels

  10. Thisaccountwilldiein1 _robloxplayer

    Thisaccountwilldiein1 _robloxplayer13 일 전

    1:50 mega pickels

  11. danemar batingana

    danemar batingana15 일 전

    Slofies ❤️

  12. Carbon Gaming

    Carbon Gaming15 일 전


  13. Pewd Forever

    Pewd Forever16 일 전

    Omg yasss queeeen slofies!!!!!!!! YASSS SISTER!!!!!

  14. Ruzify

    Ruzify16 일 전

    Got a iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb for 1800 AUD. Not sure if that’s a good price on the phone here in Australia but yeah the phone expensive as

  15. Nicolas Quiñonez

    Nicolas Quiñonez17 일 전

    Slo fies

  16. Robert Galdino

    Robert Galdino18 일 전

    I’m waiting for the new iPony since then.

  17. ACFM hd

    ACFM hd18 일 전

    I love the Geico commercial with the interracial couple. white man with a black female. Yeah thats normal lol

  18. Techkid720

    Techkid72018 일 전

    I am so glad that they didn’t get close to iPhone XIII S. LOL

  19. Isabella Clarke

    Isabella Clarke18 일 전

    slowf... 🤮

  20. Hannah R.

    Hannah R.18 일 전

    1:51 all the megapickles

  21. I hope you Pooped today

    I hope you Pooped today18 일 전

    Mega pickles

  22. Siham Hersi

    Siham Hersi19 일 전


  23. Prashanth Kumar

    Prashanth Kumar19 일 전


  24. Dedric There

    Dedric There20 일 전

    What a nerd.

  25. Kris Hardy

    Kris Hardy21 일 전

    I can’t believe nobody picked up him saying mega-pickle 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. some1sgottabU

    some1sgottabU24 일 전

    Wait so you're telling me I can airdrop my way into my crushes' messages if she's 15ft. away with an Iphone??

  27. Frank Parent

    Frank Parent25 일 전

    Tim APplE

  28. pinky1900's

    pinky1900's26 일 전

    I have the 11 and love it. I tried the Note 10 for 4 months and couldn’t do it. I hated my battery life. It had a great camera but horrible battery. My Note would get me through a shift at work but I had to be careful what I did. Now the 11 gets me through a day with 60% left and I don’t have to worry about not having a charger. I can finish a 16 hr double with 10% too. Amazing battery and camera. Should have just went with the 11 in the first place.

  29. Izzy Beach

    Izzy Beach26 일 전

    1:51 "all the mega-pickles" i want a pickle 😂

  30. Rutvik Patel

    Rutvik Patel27 일 전

    1:52 megapickles

  31. fizzah khan

    fizzah khan28 일 전


  32. Sarah Jayne

    Sarah Jayne28 일 전

    “Megapickles” 😂👌🏼

  33. Collier Kuhlman

    Collier Kuhlman29 일 전


  34. Kobe #24

    Kobe #2429 일 전

    I’m upgrading from my 6s to a 11 , can’t wait.

  35. Hvalchips

    Hvalchips29 일 전


  36. Jayden The Beast

    Jayden The Beast개월 전


  37. Daniel Paiva

    Daniel Paiva개월 전

    According to Netflix app on my XR, I have access to Dolby Vision content. Some titles appear with the Dolby Vision logo beside (only available on the premium plan). Ofc it isn’t as good as an OLED, but a good thing Netflix recognizes the good quality display on the z XR.

  38. Dr.gam1ng D

    Dr.gam1ng D개월 전

    No offense but I wanna wait For a triple SELFIE cam

  39. Mohammed Akhil

    Mohammed Akhil개월 전

    just one question bro...does wide lens portrait work on iphone 11?

  40. Shashank Hegde

    Shashank Hegde개월 전

    Better to buy iPhone X's than iPhone 11

  41. vishal mn

    vishal mn개월 전

    Dope vedio bruh

  42. milan subotic

    milan subotic개월 전

    1:52 'all the megapickles' I LOVE IT!!!!!

  43. Cuebix

    Cuebix개월 전

    The only thing that can beat this phone is the software that Apple desire to use to slow it down overtime.

  44. Nero DMC

    Nero DMC개월 전

    No one: Mr. Morisson : megapickels Me :oh

  45. Dylan Hill

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  46. Shiv

    Shiv개월 전

    "slofie" "Megapickle" You're welcome

  47. Jay Snip

    Jay Snip개월 전

    Dude battery on the 11 is pathetic

  48. Yung Glyph

    Yung Glyph개월 전


  49. Shaun McInnis

    Shaun McInnis개월 전

    Do you guys understand that portrait and landscape are the same quality photos? It’s less megapixels because part of the photo is cropped off but the qualtry is the same.. dang

  50. JAVELAUD Christophe

    JAVELAUD Christophe개월 전

    *It is a very nice upgrade from the X.•ᴥ•>**allmy.tips/i-MaxPro?43** The color is attractive and it feels good in the hand. It works very well so far. The battery life is also impressive.*

  51. midest eu

    midest eu개월 전


  52. Trixie

    Trixie개월 전

    Whenever I'm curious about a tech product I'm interested in, I immediately go to tldtoday and hope there's a video on it. 🔥

  53. Carson Sander

    Carson Sander개월 전

    He said mega pickles at 1:52 lol

  54. komorebi

    komorebi개월 전

    its not 699, its 979 dollars :(

  55. Msjjangful

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  56. I am Hem

    I am Hem개월 전

    I love my Gold 11Pro

  57. Grey Shows Gaming

    Grey Shows Gaming개월 전


  58. Because I BURN E

    Because I BURN E개월 전


  59. Monkey Potter

    Monkey Potter개월 전

    I have to iPhone 11 Pro

  60. Random-shiz

    Random-shiz개월 전

    The thing that makes lean more to the pro is the frosted back so it won’t scratch as easy or leave finger prints I like my phones to look good I regretted buying the jet black iPhone 7 but I kept a skin on it to keep it from scratching

  61. Kangriad 75

    Kangriad 75개월 전

    Here’s a gap; screen resolution!

  62. Henry

    Henry개월 전


  63. Siew Yong Li

    Siew Yong Li개월 전


  64. St4tiK

    St4tiK개월 전

    3:58 lmao